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    Hello, i am straight male who is interested about pee holding and desperation. I also love to see girls desperate and end up wetting themselwes, i will occasionally wet myself too and really enjoying about it.. Would be nice to make new friends and chat everything about peeing.
    Just to mention i have same username in omorashi.org site and i have been there since 2010, now joining up here.

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    desperation, full time wetting accident
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    Hard to name one over another..

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  1. Here is a couple complication of videos which i made few months ago while holding my pee absolute naked. I might have posted these earlier but i am not sure for that so if i put these up, maybe it doesnt make any harm? https://www.erome.com/a/OwWUQAsr and another one with 4 short clips.. https://www.erome.com/a/RWlI0e9l
  2. willinglywet


    Very nice indeed, absolute love it! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Have to agree this it is exatcly same for myself to.
  4. Yesterday i decided to go and hike as i am in vacation and i have enough time to do whatever i want for the very long time, so as i prepared for the hike i was thinking that why i shouldnt combine two nice things together and do a little holding adventure at the same time. So i put on my tena pants and coupled those with black loose pants to make sure they wasnt visible at all and black also in case of possible leakage, i didnt want anyone noticing that i have protection under my pants.( there is always a change to meet other people in the hiking route, you know.) I was already quite well
  5. My girl and i was on naughty mood today and she teased me in a very public area and after that she took pic of my now semi hard cock in the toilet of a supermarket. Quite naughty i would say..
  6. Just a moment a go i made my almost daily walk in the slow coyntry road with almost no traffic at all. I try to do 4-6 km walk every day if i only have a time and the weather is even near to bearable, today weather was nice 22 celcius and quite sunny out here. Not actually truly sporting in the meaning of the word but more like getting fresh air and watching the scenery.
  7. Have to agree with that, i have thought this similar thing in my mind for a while and i eventually came to a same conclusion as you.
  8. Now i have tested these and i am quite surprised how absordable they are, i got really desperate and leaked big few times before losing control completely and they took almost my full bladder without leaking. They eventually leaked little when i was completely empty.. I am impressed, here are couple of pics after me wetting it, i dont know if you can see but those are really bulky for all of my piss..
  9. Today i got package which i ordered in last week and what was in it? There was Tena pants made for men and now i am really curious test these out. I just put on first pair of them and had to admit they really feel kind of a natural and almost like a normal undies, offcourse little bit thicker for obvious reasons. Here is a pic too.
  10. Personally i like different aspects of peeing, like getting desperate and hold my pee until i cant anymore. I like to wet my pants with or without desperation and lately i have been really interested about diapers and wetting them and actually today i will get my first ever Tena pants to test.
  11. This is story i am really eager to share with you guys, so like i earlier mentioned i have met this girl who is quite openminded and willingly try things out. So she is aware of my interest about peeing stuff/wetting and accidents and she is curious about the stuff. She havent try it so far by herself but she is willing to test this out in some point. Okay, today it was nice, beatifull and warm day out here like 27 celsius or so. We got plans to go out in the park and have a nice picnic while the weather was so nice, so we packed our things and she told me to drink up quite a large amount
  12. She is fantastic! and hopefully she makes a own account to here but if not..well not a problem. She is quite carefull with her privateness. And cant really argue with that.
  13. Thanks..had to enjoy these special times..they are not too common by any means. Hopefully she will make her own account here in some time.
  14. I have met one girl and she is quite open minded person to be said..and that is a nice bonus indeed. Tonight we have had fun time together and now she is teasing me with a vibrating machine and she really like to edging me.. I cant tell how bad i want to come right now.. damn she is girl i like. She doesnt want to be active at here, atleas tfor now but she doesnt have anything against me keep posting up here and sharing my experiences with you guys. So i might post a few pics after myself being tortured enough by her.. She promised that she will make me cum in my pants and she is det
  15. Oh no...leaked massively for so long.. The pads are still doing a good job but they are so bulky right now. Here is a picture after my huge leaks, the wetness isnt super obvious but i can assure you i am wet right now.
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