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    Hello, i am straight male who is interested about pee holding and desperation. I also love to see girls desperate and end up wetting themselwes, i will occasionally wet myself too and really enjoying about it.. Would be nice to make new friends and chat everything about peeing.
    Just to mention i have same username in omorashi.org site and i have been there since 2010, now joining up here.

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    desperation, full time wetting accident
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  1. Hello i think i should share this story with you guys, so this happened to me couple of months ago. Okay, i was at work in friday as usual and while having a break i had a nice chatter with my workmates and someone propose that we should go out and have a few drinks in this friday eve. I have nothing better to do so i decided to agree with that, we decided to meet at the bar around 7 pm and have a few drinks. I arrived in the bar around 10 mins earlier and there was couple of my workmates already so i join with them and ordered pint of beer. While i was drinking my beer the end of our
  2. Closest thing to this what ever happened to me happened in my working place a few months ago, i was in need of relief and headed to our toilet facilities. As i stepped in the facility i immediately saw a cleaner there just mopping the floor as usual, she was employee of a local cleaning company but i didnt know her exactly jus a familiar face i see time to time. She is around 25-30 years of age and quite nice looking lady, but well thats not the case here just a sidenote. I was in need so i just entered in the toilet and put shut the door behind me and let it flow, i was holding it for a
  3. Nothing special to brag about but had a little nice walk in the fresh winter air, i was walking about 6 km and thats my usual and almost everyday routine if the weather is nice enough. Took a pic for nice sunrise at the time and that got me thinking about these times and i really think that we have to enjoy these little things now and then specially when the world is like it is now. Never have too much of a sun in our minds and hearts.
  4. Oh memories, i would bet my whole months salary on that every guy who is born before 1990 s have eyeballing those post sell catalogues and those women nickers pages specially in their teens. Nowadays internet has took that joy out of us.haha😅
  5. I agree completely, if you think the world in a perspective of a young female it can be harsh. I think it is much much easier to us mens accept to our bodys and i think it is more socially acceptable to be a little out of shape, but there is so much pressure towards young females what should they look like. Actually that was the reason why i did this post in a first place, as i have heard it from so very different womens mouth. Basically they speak often how they should atleast lose a little bit of weight or they think their but is too big, legs too thick and so on. All of them are beauti
  6. That is the question what pop up in my mind now and then, as i have being told here i have lost a lot of weight about 8-10 years ago and nowadays my weight is around 90 kg with a scale couple of less or more time to time. I am about 187 cm in height and i am considering myself quite pleased with my figure right now, but still there is a days i watch myself in the mirror and can only seeing my bad sides. When i go and scale myself and if i noticed i have gained couple of kilos specially after holiday season and i know that i lose them easily when come back to my normal life and normal diet.
  7. willinglywet

    22M :)

    Hi, and welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. No luck this time but hey we can always use our imagination.😆
  9. I personally like doing holding myself and wet myself, also i love seeing women desperate and finally peeing herself as she cant hold it any longer. I would love to have company while doing my holding and challenging me to my hold, and maybe holding against me.
  10. Hello, and welcome to the community Lamepeeidiot. Well nobody have too much friends i guess but like gldenwetgoose mentioned while you start browsing and sharing stuff you eventually get knowing people better in the community. I am sure you will get friends to share your enthusiasm here, and again welcome to the community.
  11. Hi, for a starters i have to tell all of you guys that i have met a girl online and we chatted to the first time in 2 weeks ago. I found her in chat room which was specially dedicated for kink/fetish stuff in general and you could find people in there which got lot of different kinks atleast to say. So the girl i got to know and chat with her is about my age, she is actually 2 years older than me and we had a connection right away when we started to chat with eacother. I mean the chatter is really easy and effortless in both sides, now i had to tell you guys that she isnt specially intere
  12. Hello, i wasnt sure where it would be the right place to post these pics so i decided to post them here. No pee included at the moment but it is highly possible that later on these will not be this dry anymore, but anyways here goes.
  13. Oh no..i was too afraid of santa tonight i guess..🤣
  14. Today i got some free time to enjoy myself for a while and i ended up to cumming in my boxers..
  15. Answer to your question is a yes, i do this occasionally and really enjoy about it. Basically i do it when i am in a naughty mood and have a good opponity to do it properly without any rush, i often wear diaper for just in case while making myself super desperate specially while in public.
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