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    Hello, i am straight male who is interested about pee holding and desperation. I also love to see girls desperate and end up wetting themselwes, i will occasionally wet myself too and really enjoying about it.. Would be nice to make new friends and chat everything about peeing.
    Just to mention i have same username in omorashi.org site and i have been there since 2010, now joining up here.

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    desperation, full time wetting accident
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    Hard to name one over another..

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  1. Yesterday i was spending night out with girl i recently met and we have seen eachother 5 times for now. So long story short.. So we visited a couple of pubs and enjoyed our time and love to chat with eachother, so i could say the night was a success for that part. After the night her friend came to pick us up and drive us to the home and before we left the pub we both used the bathroom to ease up the drove back to our homes. The drive wasnt that long maybe 45-60 minutes max but in the halfway i feel the need to pee again quite badly.( Maybe the beers what i consumed in those pubs was affe
  2. Here is link to the 3 short clips with me teasing myself and en up cumming in my undies. https://www.erome.com/a/nrl8wEd3
  3. Today one of my school time friends visited me and we spend a really fun night and have a few drinks in the way aswell, and maybe it was the alcohol which speak but we ended up discussing about fetishes. I have known her since middle school and we are totally comfortable to talk anything about life in general but this time fetishes.. She started it about telling me that she is really ticklish and her girlfriend tend to take advantage on that and like to tickle her while she need to pee quite badly. She told me that she had peed herself multible times while her girlfriend is teasing her an
  4. I have to admit that a whole time i have been in to this pee fetish i have also been interested about diapers too. Lately, i mean a few last months i have used diapers occasionally and get more comfortable with those and have to admit i am get more and more confident about wearing them. Personally i think diapers are perfect for public holding and such a thrill on those adventures as you can leak and have an accident in public while no one will notice! I was a bit shy at first to test diapers for public and my biggest fear was that i was getting caught for wearing them, so i started my jo
  5. I would propably pee in puplic but having an accident in puplic could be a thrilling experience.
  6. So beautifull..Thanks for sharing!
  7. Yesterday i was feeling quite naughty and horny so i decided to have a little fun with myself, i mean why not? I got an idea for the incident which happened me few days ago and decided to use massager through my underpants to tease myself just a little bit.. This was something i have never tryied before so it was basically open ground for me..so lets give it a go then. I wasnt decided to make it to the end but as i started playing it felt so good that i just couldnt stop myself and i totally came forcefully in my pants! It felt so good as i havent got enough time to that for a week, the o
  8. Last week end i was spending the night with my cousin and his wife alongside his wifes siter also,(lets call her Sofia, just a fake name but feels easier to refer someone by name) so quite a small group because of the covid situation. We had no special plans we just spend the time along with a few drinks, movies and nice chatter. As the night go on we get a little bit tipsy for the drinks and more relaxed by the time, i was sitting at the sofa with Sofia and we had a good time chatting all kinds of things about life in general and laughing to each other stories. I have met Sofia couple of
  9. Pad time again, so no need to hurry in the toilet. Few leaks allowed..
  10. 100x100https://t1.erome.com/407/1Dl7zf0m/thumbs/lNLFnvC1.jpg[/img] 100x100https://t1.erome.com/407/1Dl7zf0m/thumbs/x8kX09BQ.jpg[/img] 100x100https://t1.erome.com/407/1Dl7zf0m/thumbs/dUciJEns.jpg[/img] 100x100https://t1.erome.com/407/1Dl7zf0m/thumbs/X2gWirHZ.jpg[/img] Today i was up to holding again after some time and decided to fill up myself and do a little holding for a long time.. Here are 4 clips of my holding and how it ended..the clips are in random order but i have marked in the clips which one is witch. Hope you will enjoy.
  11. I have a salary witch balances around 35000-40000 euros per year living in Europe and working in a metal factory.
  12. Definately gone..i hope the insurance guys have enough common sense to see that if that machine is fixed it will cost a lot more than buy a new one.
  13. willinglywet


    I dont know if this is a reason to start a new topic or anything but here it goes anyway. I havent been active in here for a while, i would love to be, believe me. In the past few months i have had my hands full of work and other stuff in the side off it, so i havent being too active in here. I wish i could promise that will change but as anyone knows that life can throw challenges to all of us and time is limited. But all i want to say is i will be part of this community and will participate as much i have opportunity to. Well, maybe thats it..lets keep going on guys.
  14. It is finally spring out here and i can happily announce that the driving season has officially started for myself. Couple of days ago i decided that now it is about time to take my f-body out of the carage since the weather was so nice and the roads are mostly dry and the snow has melted away, okay there is still snow in some places but not on the roads anyways. It was such a nice feeling to cruise around while the sun is shining after more than half a year since i parked my classic in the carage for the winter. I was almost forget to how sweet sound that v8 makes and how great it is to
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