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    Hello, i am straight male who is interested about pee holding and desperation. I also love to see girls desperate and end up wetting themselwes, i will occasionally wet myself too and really enjoying about it.. Would be nice to make new friends and chat everything about peeing.
    Just to mention i have same username in omorashi.org site and i have been there since 2010.

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    desperation, full time wetting accident, pee holding.
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    Maybe it still upfront waiting..

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  1. Speaking for myself i like do wettings many different outfits sometimes just my underwear but little tight pale coloured pants are propably my favorite ones. Feeling and seeing them getting soaked is just amazing.
  2. Thanks for asking, no special story about profile pic. I just took it with the western comic book, something about that is funny. Yes i am big car freak but i like to hike in the woods and spending time outside in the nature very much, maybe that can be seen as hobby aswel. Time jump, hehe thats a though one but i am interested in era of 1970-1980. Something about that era fascinates me much so maybe i would take a trip to the seventies. Another interesting one would be to travel to the America by the frontier and wild west era mid 1800 and see what that really was like.
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum, new people always are very welcome. Have fun time!
  4. Hello and welcome here, hope you have fun!
  5. Hi, and welcome. New people are always welcome, have fun!
  6. Hi, welcome. Have a great time here!
  7. Hi and welcome to the site. Hope you will have fun up here.
  8. Tough questions, let me think. I would choose one girl who i know in rl and offcourse cant tell her name here but about celebrities i would choose Morena Baccarin. (Falled in her in Gotham tv-show) So many great movies i can think of, but may you already know i am car freak so i would say vanishing point.
  9. Lately i have been thinking that it could be fun to have a pee holding contest with a cam model, i have heard stories that some guys had make cam girls hold and wet themselves. Many cam models are willing to make that and can even enjoy it but for my perspective it would be more equal if you participate for the contest too and but yourself at the risk of wet yourself in front of her. I think thats much more fun, what you guys think about that? I know that can be a little gray area.
  10. Here is my contribution, flacid one for a change.
  11. I have been on this site over 2 years now, more or less actively at the times but nonethless part of this great community. So i decided to join in that you can ask me anything and get to know better who is this perv.😁 So feel free and shoot.
  12. I have been propably mentioned this earlier already but the time i have spent here, although i havent been active all the time though. I have found that people around here tend to have manners and are quite polite to eachother and thats very heartwarming indeed. From my experiences from many other sites hasnt been as good as here, in some sites people tend to be very agressive and rude even. I mean they can be in your face within a second asking and making some stupid statements while they even havent to try to know you at all first. Had to admit that i am ashamed of my home coyntry chat/
  13. Dirtiest? Maybe not but one of my biggest fantasies definately is that i am controlled by a girl. She would tell how much and when i drink and make me so desperate and eventually make me piss myself, this could be done online maybe with webcams. Oh that would be a dream come true for me.
  14. That sounds familiar, i have occasionally dreams where i start peeing and waking up with wet undies. Not wet from pee, wet from cum. It is little bit embarrising sometimes... Sometimes i woke up just before i am gonna cum but hard as i can be. hehe.
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