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  1. Hello everyone! Sorry ive been gone for so long. Ive had a lot to do but finally the story continues! I'm so happy, that people are enjoying my wild imagination! Thank you som much! This story contains nonchalant pissing, public peeing, peeing while fucking, piss drinking, Lesbian, piss play, shemale, transgender sex. Chapter 4 Erik woke up the next morning alone in his bed. Pictures of last night flashing before his eyes. If every night was like this in Jiyu, he might never leave. He looked at his phone, it was almost 10am. Still waking up, he left his bed and started to lazily wal
  2. Hello there! Welcome, this is the 3rd Chapter in my Jiyū Series. This Chapter focuses more on dialog and introducing the scene, but there are still a lot of juicy parts to this chapter. The IUU (The International Urination Union), which consist of Lavatria, Kaymala, Pisuaria and Jiyu, It's a small group of countries created by BeneathMyWillow, Ms. Tito and Vassal. I’m open to changing the name if you guys have a better Idea. If you like this story you’ll definitely like theirs too. Have a nice day : ) Erik dragged his heavy luggage into the hostel. The Lobby was small but very cozy. On ei
  3. First of all, I am very happy about the positive comments I got on the first chapter of this series. Thank you so much. If you somehow missed the first chapter it is linked here. Without further ado let’s get back to the story. This story contains nonchalant peeing, wetting, public peeing, peeing while fucking, Bukkake, Piss drinking and Piss play. Chapter 2 The outside hit Erik like a heatwave. He could definitely tell why Jiyūan people were naked all the time. The Jiyūan Airport was very small. The plane landed on the runway and let the passengers out with a staircase. Walking do
  4. Hello! This is my first story on this site and my first language isn't English, so please don't be too harsh. This story is highly inspired by BeneathMyWillow's Kaymala stories, Ms. Tito's Pisuaria stories and Vassal's Lavatria stories. I hope you guys don't mind me adding another island to the mix. Even though I can't deny, that I base these stories heavily on some of them, Jiyū will have it's own set of rules and laws. I really hope you enjoy this story! This story contains nonchalant peeing, wetting, public peeing, peeing while fucking, Bukkake, Piss drinking, Lesbian and Piss play. Fi
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