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  1. I don't often pee in condoms. I usually pee in my clothes, or in the laundry basket, in the garden... But last night I was masturbating with a condom on my dick, I was too lazy to go to the toilet to ejaculate, I wanted to lie down in bed and I felt like I wanted to pee. I still went to the bathroom so that I wouldn't pee all over the bed. Only a few times I peed in condoms and none of them broke. I didn't have such surprises during sex either
  2. After a hard day, she doesn't want to get up... 😁 What do you think, is she beautiful?
  3. My wife's panties. they were in the dirty laundry basket, they have a fantastic smell of horny pussy
  4. My wife's ass. I love to lick it anytime!
  5. My wonderful wife. She sent me these pictures when I was away on a delegation, to masturbate thinking about her. I love her so much... she fucks so well. The pictures are cropped to protect her identity.
  6. Banzai

    Men's butt

    Lovely ass. I would like to stick my tongue in it
  7. Banzai


    This morning my wife was very eager for sex. She started masturbating and sent me to see too...
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