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  1. Yep, all this was inside me. Here’s the link for anyone who wants to see how I filled this vase up 👀😏 https://www.erome.com/a/w2kox4gA
  2. Hi and welcome to the site! Glad you want to share stories and experiences, it makes it all more fun!
  3. Figured I’d share a flaccid one as well, here it is, my non-hard penis.
  4. I’ve peed in the dishwasher once, I would love to be able to do it more. The door opens all the way down so no matter what anatomy you’ve got, it’s perfect.
  5. Welcome! sounds like you have fun, would love to hear more!
  6. Wow! That sounds like an incredible experience. Can’t wait to hear and see what other wild stuff you get up to lol
  7. Welcome! It’s amazing that you view peeing in that way, I very much believe it is a sharing of warmth so you will love this site 😁
  8. After for me, it’s usually a cleanliness and health thing
  9. There was still more that didn’t make it into the video, It just took a little longer to come out plus I didn’t want to overflow the bottle 😁
  10. A new nude piss video from me, if you like looking at my pissing dick, you’ll love this one 😁
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