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  1. They should go to a museum after dark, all strip naked and ruin everything with their urine
  2. I don’t know how many of you have seen this but recently here in the states, a state governor tweeted about Amazon not allowing their workers to unionize or giving their drivers such strict schedules that they would not be given bathroom breaks. Amazon denied, saying “You don’t believe the whole peeing in bottles thing do you?” But there have been multiple drivers who have come forward both to news outlets and Reddit saying that they do in fact use bags, coffee cups, Gatorade bottles etc. in the back of their trucks to empty their bladders. In this article you will also find a picture of two u
  3. I took many more photos but unfortunately they wouldn’t upload. I tried peeing naked on all fours and it was great! As I was unloading my full morning bladder on the floor beneath me, I did get plenty of splatter in my thighs and my arms which was a fun feeling. After the initial pictures, I pushed harder and blasted out my urine full force and made a big puddle on the towel, even stretching a little bit up to where my hands were, but not quite. I will definitely try it again, and thanks to all who mentioned it!
  4. How about the dishwasher? I figured I’d try out something new and I was really excited for it. Was also a great feeling to spray it about hands free! (I do want to try some of the other requests as well as they seem very interesting but that will be at a later time.)
  5. Peeing while walking or running is hard for us guys. I have tried it even when I had to go really bad and it still wouldn’t come out. There was one time that was the most I had ever filled my bladder which was a lot and I did pee while running naked in the woods. It was so awesome to just spray it everywhere while exposed like that. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to repeat it but it sure was fun!
  6. I am a male and have tried a few different peeing positions. I don’t think I did a squat pee before but I have done kneeling and wall sitting, I did do sideways but it was harder than I thought. I will definitely try a squatting one next time I get the chance.
  7. Really nice video! I am definitely jealous of your piss freedom! That is definitely something I’d love to do given the opportunity. Impressive that you had so much to let out and the puddle you left everywhere. I do love the wild spray of pee too
  8. This story is different gravy. I love it! 😍
  9. I don’t have much piss freedom around my house but the bathroom floor is one of the only couple places in my house I can do a real naughty pee. I love seeing something like this. Nice work.
  10. Decided I’d hold my morning piss and add a little bit more then go out for a drive to my local park. I had been holding for hours because I really wanted to enjoy it when I finally let go. As I was driving, my need to go became worse and my bladder was starting to ache. When I got to the park, I clearly didn’t think it through that the trees didn’t offer as much cover because of no leaves. Last time I went to this particular park, I had so much cover that I could strip naked if I wanted to, but not so much this time around. I instead got behind a big tree, pulled my pants all the way down and
  11. I’VE FOUND EMMMMMM!!! I can’t believe this whole time I didn’t know who the real authors were. These are two outstanding stories. The only other one I haven’t found would be one called “Wet Conference Call.” If anyone knows where to find it let me know
  12. Just the regular r/pee
  13. It’s a shame my favorite stories from Reddit aren’t there anymore. I think it’s because the people who posted them either deleted their accounts or had their accounts + content removed. Specifically there was one from u/LadyHaleth about wetting work pants during a Zoom business conference and another was a group of stories about a beach house and women wetting and peeing in various states of nudity freely around one another all weekend. So hot
  14. You may not have hit your target, but it still turns me on seeing urine run on the seat and down your beautifully thick thighs. Great view and GIF as always. Messy streams are hot too!
  15. The leggings for sure! And I am LOVING all your gifs they are so hot. Definitely more standing piss ones please!
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