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  1. How did you go in the back of the van? Did you use a bottle or did you just let the rest out into your pants while back there?
  2. I’m from Western PA, not much to go off of here lol
  3. Oh of course I have! That’s what I first thought of. They have a little trepidation about joining the fold after seeing the boss openly strip and pee in front of them it’s very hot
  4. I love all of @CON2H4 ideas especially the job interview one
  5. If you need ideas of where to continue with the story, I think I can help! For instance, you can discuss what it’s like for the workers to come home and deal with the clothes they’ve been peeing in all day. I mean they have to take them off at some point right? And since these people are really good friends you can expand on that too. Maybe they have to work together and come up with some creative ways and places to pee and wet while they work. Another idea would be to talk about some accidents, certain times where customers or goods may have unintentionally been peed on by the drive
  6. I’m loving this story! I definitely would like to see more as these workers will always have full bladders!
  7. Wow… just stunning! You have a great body and you look so hot and sexy
  8. I have joined as well, haven’t posted yet
  9. I had a great experience earlier today. It wasn’t a planned hold but I did do one, I had a few tall glasses of water and held it in for about 3 hours. I was at about a 5 or a 6, I could feel it sloshing around in me. I wanted to ease the pressure on my bladder a little bit, I did cross my legs and reach down to hold myself a little bit. Eventually I decided I’d let out a few drops. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and the fabric on the shorts is pretty thin. I let out a few drops and I could feel my underwear starting to warm up. A wet spot appeared on the crotch of my shorts that grew as I
  10. I mean if we’re talking about fun, I have gone outside the toilet and sprayed it around the shower or done it outside before when I was hard, I was also pretty full though lol
  11. If I’m too hard to control a stream, I just take a seat on the toilet and hold it down in there. No shame in that
  12. I primarily enjoy women peeing, especially thick, curvy and naked women in desperation and unleashing their full bladder. I also do not mind guys peeing as well. It threw me off at first after having this kink for some time how I was interested in both because I am straight but seeing a guy get desperate and pee does excite me because I imagine myself in their shoes. It’s just the pee that gets me turned on and while I prefer women, I don’t care who.
  13. This story contains M/F nudity and pissing, casual pissing, vandalism and sex. It also follows the Pee Chair story with the same characters that can be found here. This is my favorite story I’ve written to date. Enjoy! About a couple weeks after our famous pee chair game, we all really wanted to get together again and do another party and have it be even naughtier than before. Since I was the host of the last one, I had no problem hosting again. We spent time in my backyard and basement and we had stairs leading to the basement. We hung out, had drinks and played some drinking a
  14. They should go to a museum after dark, all strip naked and ruin everything with their urine
  15. I don’t know how many of you have seen this but recently here in the states, a state governor tweeted about Amazon not allowing their workers to unionize or giving their drivers such strict schedules that they would not be given bathroom breaks. Amazon denied, saying “You don’t believe the whole peeing in bottles thing do you?” But there have been multiple drivers who have come forward both to news outlets and Reddit saying that they do in fact use bags, coffee cups, Gatorade bottles etc. in the back of their trucks to empty their bladders. In this article you will also find a picture of two u
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