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    I am an outgoing married male who loves everything to do with peeing. I take golden showers with my partner but also enjoy watching both sexes peeing. This all started when I was a teenager at the time it was just females but now it's both. I enjoy pissing on my self in the bath and drinking it. I have pissed in our local woods a couple of times and enjoy the thrill of maybe being caught it's such a turn on 🍆 I do get easily aroused watching peeing videos when I'm out hoping that people will see. Can't wait to watching more videos here 😉

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    The pleasure of releasing when you've been holding it for a long time and the warmth as it trickles down your legs.
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    When my partner and I first pissed over each other. I was lying naked very erect as her piss started to spray in my mouth and then down to my 🍆 I then returned the favour and pissed up into her wet pussy.

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  1. I think Padme was too kind to have killed Jabba but she could have teased him slowly by peeing on him getting him excited then allowing some one else to kill him whilst he was watching Padme 🍆
  2. Lately during work I have been sprinkling the rooms when I have been in the room by myself. I get such an adrenaline rush as I know somebody could walk in but it feels so good.
  3. Good morning and welcome. Its great here.
  4. I had an amazing pee yesterday. I always lie in the bath before my shower and spray myself. This pee lasted for ages and managed to drink loads of it 💦💦 such a warm feeling trickling down you
  5. Wow what amazing parents. So refreshing lying in your own piss i love it
  6. My partner and i love doing it. We have water absorbent sheers down so it saves the bed. I love the feeling of just waking up and going 💦💦💦
  7. Im not sure if this helps but i use a waterproof sheet as both my partner and i enjoy peeing in the bed. It is our major turn on so would always be smelly and wet otherwise. We have a few of them so always swap them over.
  8. I always pee in a urinal. I enjoy watching the pee spraying on the urinal plus I also like watching others pee too.
  9. Hi this site is great. Enjoy yourselves 💦💦
  10. Hey yeah i regularly fill up a cup and drink it. I enjoy the taste too but the first piss of the day is always strong. Im not a massive fan of cold pee either I would much prefer it fresh and warm.
  11. Great videos love the noise when going in the water
  12. That sounds a great time. I too get so aroused by pissing on myself 👍
  13. Ive only had 4 I was not Mr Popular when I was younger lol
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