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    Piss on fences
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    I love to pee on stuff. Hope i can on you to one time😘

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    When it comes out of the pussy
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    When i got peed on by a stripper

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  1. Hsdvjg

    Hi im Tom

    Hi just wanted to introduce myself. im a male 20 yo and into piss. Im working out a lot two times a day so i dont have mutch time to find girls but im here if anyone wanna talk or just chill. Like to talk about the gym, pee or whatever. Dms are open
  2. Is it just me or do anyone else just get this big hard dick when a girl tries to hold your penis. Like if you are gonna pee and she holds it it gest hard as a rock and its so hard to pee. Same if she looks at me while im gonna pee on her. I just love when we pee together.
  3. Hsdvjg


    Helo im so into peeplay anyone else?👄😁
  4. Ilike to wake up my girlfriend by peeing in her face and body just making her wet all over👄💦
  5. I like that ide. I can pee your face wet of piss🥵🥵
  6. I like that you like to pee more places?🥵
  7. Anyone who just like to wake up and have a full bladder, and then pee right in the bed.
  8. I love this storry you like to pee yourself?😘
  9. When im really horny i like to go in the shower and sit down. Than i piss a hard stream right up. So i gret it in my face and hair and everywhere. Do anybody else like to golden shower themselves.😅
  10. When im in public bathrooms i like to piss everywhere. On everything in the room. It makes my cock hard as fuck🥵 any girls who like to do that or only men?
  11. Where is the hottest place you have ever peed. I mean public when people vould see you but you just cept going.🥵
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