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  1. Challenge? Since my last post, I've had my bedwetting reduced. Although it's such a nice feeling of freedom, laziness and cheekiness. Actually I only pee in bed once a weeks. At evening, while watching Netflix, before go to sleep. As a result i gush in the evening in the bed, I pee in it again at night while I sleep. I have to leave the bed completely open the next day that it is dry in the evening. How do you solve the problem with such wet beds? Or do you not care if it no longer dries properly? If my bed isn't dry in the night, I would automatically gush in it again at night an
  2. How my Bedwetting started My first experience with purposely peeing in bed was on vacation with my family. It was in the morning, I felt that I had to gush alot. But I heard Dad was in the shower and so i was waiting. After a few minutes, I asked Mom how long it would take.Then She asked me what's going on. I told her that I have to pee urgently and can't hold it much longer. Mom: Just let it go in bed. I asked if I could really do that. Mom: Don't worry, it's just a little pee. So I stay in bed lying on my stomach and start pissing. You could hear the hiss (which I've c
  3. I think disrespectful depends on the person, everyone has their limits elsewhere. For me it would be okay if someone pees on the carpet in my room, for others it's not okay. But I also did things that were naughty and bold. Elevators, stairwells, on the train on the seat, in the changing room on the carpet. At house parties I occasionally use the rooms to piss. I will not be innocent
  4. It's really addicting I started about 1 year ago when I pissed in bed once a month but now I empty my bladder in the mattress 3 times a week. My mattress also has no protection because I find that uncomfortable. Fortunately, my parents don't forbid me to do it. I don't know if I can ever stop doing it. It's so practical, comfortable and awesome to feel. If you watch a series in the evening but don't want to get up and just piss in bed. You could also piss off the bed on the carpet, which I do occasionally, but it's such a nice feeling in bed, warm and moist. If I peed in bed
  5. Hello, i read this site for a while and now want to write also here. My name is Lena and i am "teen". I have red hair, I'm slim except for my curvy ass and my 32C breast. I love dirty pissing, inside and outside. For a while now I've also started wetting my bed on purpose, it is total addictive. I still live with my parents, my sister too, but they are open minded about pissing. Kinky greetings Lena
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