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  1. I'm pretty sure you'll love this : https://youtu.be/GMzKnemA2ok Maybe you did something like that before ?
  2. It is for this exact reason that some people find it arousing : having some pleasure at the expense of others, and the feeling that your own pleasure, however brief, supersedes any inconvenience for others to deal with. Moral dilemma and sex arousal regularly comes into contradiction with this kind of fetish. For some, the moral will overcome, while some others, the arousal will. For some people, the arousal comes directly from the knowledge that completely innocent people, that they don't even know, will suffer from the consequences of their actions. The pee fetish is clearly intertwined with
  3. That's super hot ! Do you stay on the seat, or do you leave once you've done in order not to get wet ? Have some other people sat just where you peed ?
  4. Wow, these look hot, would you elaborate a bit ? Pool table is quite rare, was it in a public place ? Thanks in advance for sharing !
  5. Why not try to take the animal out of the toilet ? If you're afraid or unconfortable to grab it directly, why not try with some toilet paper around your hand ? If it was that much an emergency for her to pee and you hadn't the time to do that, why not exceptionnally pee in the bath tub or shower, to give you time enough to grab the insect and put it outside ?
  6. It really depends on your country. Sure, Texas is probably not the most lenient country about this kind of vandalism (and law enforcement in general). Are you sure every building has CCTV ? Some probably do, older ones probably don't. You need maybe some recon at first if you're afraid of getting caught. Why not try with something not too dangerous at first, like peeing behind a car or in stairs in a car park ? CCTV doesn't cover everything there. Usually, there isn't in the stairs, particularly emergency stairs (in my country at least), you could start there. Peeing on concrete means no
  7. Have you already tried elevators or stairs in public (or private) buildings ? Easy enough to slip after someone entering a building, and then, you can call for the elevator, go to the upper floor and make a nice mess there. Then leave like nothing happened. You can also do it on the door mat of somebody that isn't at home. You can do the same with buildings with underground car parks and piss on a random car (on the side of the car, or more daring even if you want, on the bonnet). Are shops open in your country ? One of the best and naughtiest piss is in a dressing room, on the floor
  8. Did you do it sometimes ? Often ? Would love to read some of your vandalism histories like this !
  9. Count me in too. I would love to read your stories even about more than just pee.
  10. Would you share some of your stories, what you did with some of your boyfriends ? I wonder which part is fantasy, and which part is real 😄
  11. The "I do not care about the consequences of my actions" is definitely what's super hot. Too bad spywareonya isn't here anymore, you would have had wonderful conversations with her. If you search the forum for her posts, you'll probably find things you can relate to. Would you share some of the stories where you ruined things from someone (the one about the car of you ex for example), that would be great ?
  12. Unfortunately, Onlyfans "Acceptable Use Policy" is quite explicit now : Do not upload, post, display, or publish Content on OnlyFans that: [...] shows, promotes, advertises or refers to: [...] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...] [...] urine, scatological, or excrement-related material;
  13. Yes, I bought it on their OnlyFans. Was a bit disappointed though. At first she asked $70 for it. I bargained to $40, but the content is just that : they are in the dressing room the whole 15 minutes of the vid (you don't see them browsing through the shop or putting back the soiled T-shirt). The girl wanks the guy for 3 minutes and then blows him for 10 minutes. The she wanks him above the T-shirt put on the ground and he cums on it. But honestly, I felt no passion, no interest, even no real fun in the video. They do it like you would do some job because you're paid to but are not really inte
  14. Man, just imagine she does the exact same, with metal heels, on cars on the street or in a car park. https://girlsvscars.com/collections/destruction/products/marion-10-min-of-catwalk-on-cars @peeLIZZ You might like this one : https://www.xvideos.com/video923132/piss_on_deserted_fiat_tempra_backseat
  15. Did you get the chance to do it before ? Some of us share that and we would love to read any stories you might want to share about it. I loved your story where you peed in the seat at the restaurant !
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