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  1. PH deleted the video. It happened while I was watching it ! And Modelhub's purchases have been disabled for nearly two years now, it's not going to improve soon. And if PH deleted it, chances are MH will do it too. I know that the girl marsturbated while wearing a bodytype suit, probably creaming it a bit with her juices, then she tried a black dress and I guess he cummed on it, but can't tell, I didn't see that part. Hopefully @jonnno saved it and can upload it somewhere.
  2. Same couple as 2 posts before, this time she sucks him in a public library and he cums on a book. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph61e1a405670f1 If someone has saved the previous video in a fitting room, please share ! I have saved this one in case it gets deleted too.
  3. You're both right. Thanks @mrfox for clarifying that your partner is an adult. And thanks @gldenwetgoose to remind of the report button which I probably should simply have used. But I was quite disturbed and didn't think clearly there.
  4. Err, sorry to be on the side of SWK (for once, won't happen often), but this overall site is clearly intended to be talking about pee in a sexual context. You're talking about "do something exciting" with your little girl (you're talking about her plushie, so I guess she's really young). I'm quite disturbed by this post, I must admit, since it feels extremely close to a line that, IMHO, is one that shouldn't be crossed. I'd really appreciate if @Admin could at least have a look and have a say about it. I'm not a mod, so, I won't say more about it.
  5. It has unfortnately very quickly been deleted by PH who gets more and more touchy at being against anything that deviates a little too much, and more and more efficient at deleting it. Would you have saved it by luck and could send a link of a high-res version (even a temporary link by WeTranfer) ? That would be great. Thanks in advance. The name of the video was "Cumpublic Fuck in HMdressingroom, Cumshot". Another new amateur couple making great content, stopped right in its path (they had announced in the commentaries that they would make more). Hope it won't discourage them to do
  6. I am glad you enjoyed it! Can you please elaborate about what you are referring to in terms of "style of story"? As in scenario, the setting, the narration, the girl's attitude, etc? Thank you for your feedback. I love these stories. You write very well, with great attention to details that make all the naughtiness. The girl's attitude is so hot, and the details you give about peeing, spitting, crushing, soaking, every little detail makes all of it particularly exciting. If I may, here's an idea for an episode 3 of this extraordinarily sexy story (that's just an idea, if
  7. Hi everyone, hi admins and moderators, Recently, some topics on this forum have brought into light an issue that has been a subject of disagreeing for years : piss vandalism. Or, to which extent peeing in places, on objects etc. of unconsenting/unaware people or public degradation is acceptable or not. - Some of us will have morality take the upper hand, and find it not really acceptable. - Some of us will have their kink take the upper hand and, despite perfectly knowing that they are doing something socially and morally reprehensible, do it anyway because they decided that th
  8. Welcome here ! Would love to read more about your naughty pisses on train seat, fitting rooms carpets, elevators, stairwells or in rooms at house parties ! I'm sure quite a few members would love it too 😉
  9. Hi Lena, Would you tell more about your naughty pisses in all those places you mentionned (not in this thread, but in a dedicated one) ? I believe some people would love to read how it happened !
  10. Couple's Conspiracy, a great amateur couple, here intently cumming on clothes in a fitting room https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph61db8a3b7e1cf
  11. I'll try do give some directions (to official sites when there is) to those : Naughty pissing MVP: Candie Cane - beautiful, brazen, prolific. Truly amazing. Natural hairy puss a bonus for me. https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/35642/candiecane-of- Runner up MVP: Devil Sophie - also gorgeous and prolific. It’s hard to think of something she hasn’t peed on. https://www.mydirtyhobby.com/profil/90747872-SteffiBlond Dirtiest Diva: MnMTastySweet - has peed into hundreds of hotel couch cushions, unzipped mattress cushions and many other places not easily cleaned and sure to
  12. I agree with most of what is proposed here, although I find Nerdy Faery's systematic cleaning afterwards, to be seriously impeding her naughtiness level. She would be off that list for that reason, to me. As for MnmTastySweet, if you're not into BBW, it also can reduce the hotness (I personally haven't watched her vids, altough I can admit they're probably hot if BBW is your thing). I don't know about Lupee, where can you find her vids ? Could you, for those girls who have current websites available, give the links ? I know almost all of them, but it's probably not the case for
  13. Bienvenue sur ce forum ! Et sache qu'il y a d'autres "frenchies" ici, si besoin 😉 J'adore l'uro vandale également, donc ça nous fait deux points communs. N'hésite pas à évoquer sur ce forum les histoires avec ta copine surtout dans les transports en commun, voitures de location, cabines d'essayage, ça sera cool ! And I'll put it in english too, otherwise admin will have my head 😁 : Welcome to this forum, and please know there are other frenchies, that can help if needed. I also love piss vandalism, which makes us two things in common! Don't hesitate to share stories from your girlfriend p
  14. This is extrememy hot ! The furniture will dry but will probably keep stains of your GF's pee, glad you are having fun like this. Please share more if you have soiled more furniture, that's so naughty !
  15. Great cumming on a dress in a shop's dressing room, and in the comment, they say they put it back. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph61c0ab9663897
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