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  1. expererg

    Art of Pee

    You will probably like pictures from Aeric Meredith Goujon. Actual sites has only new pics, but if you search the web, you'll find very good oldies Here for example : https://scoptophilia.blogspot.com/2010/06/aeric-meredih-goujon-bodyspring.html?zx=9109b20c0becbd94 Not only pee art but some are truly beautiful. A few examples :
  2. In the train : https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b3b208de7b72
  3. Awesome finds, thanks ! These are SO hot !
  4. expererg

    Things that annoy you about pee porn

    I tend to agree with most that has been previously said, especially by Steve. Fake, staged, exaggerated desperation, stop-starts, stupid added musics are turn-offs, no arguing here. One thing I really dislike, is when the action is supposed to take place somewhere, and that somewhere is important (public place, like a public stair, a hotel room carpet, etc) and the video never gives you any clue where the girl exactly is. When you get a super close-up of the girl peeing all video-long, you don't even know where it's happening, and the video pretends it's a super-naughty-extra-outdoor-public-highly-risky-whatever scene... Some are obviously that way to hide a fake, others are just missing what would make them super naughty. It's exactly the same when a naughty video shows the girl pissing, but never the result of her puddle on whatever she did it... One other thing that annoys me regularly, is that in most if not almost every naughty piss video, where the point is exactly to piss on something (toilet floor, carpet, plant, car, etc.), there is always one or several guy(s) that believe they're super smart by commenting something like "what a waste, it shall all have been in my mouth". Well, with all due respect, NO ! The point is exactly the opposite, and it adds nothing particularly useful with these comments, apart meaning "my fetish is better, yours is lame". When I see videos where a girl pees in the toilet, I don't comment "it would have been naughtier on the floor"... If you want to see girls pissing in men's mouths, there are countless all around Internet. It's not just a grumble here. If people making pissing videos believe by reading the comments that for every naughty pissing video they make, they would have been better having made one with a golden shower, we will have less and less naughty public peeing where this already is not the easiest category of videos to find. So please, be considerate with other's fetishes : wetting, golden shower, natural peeing, front, rear view, naughty, etc, all of theses categories are not exactly the same, and it's great if all can exist and coexist without battling for whichever is best.
  5. This is so hot and naughty ! Did all of it went on the floor, or was there cum or piss on the seat too ?
  6. Oh this one looks hot, could you tell us some more about it ? This is so exciting
  7. Oh, I meant, have your made him come and have the cum drip (on some carpet, on a chair, etc.) ?
  8. Have you made him cum in naughty outdoor places then ? I'm sure you must have one or two good stories about you making him cum in some very inappropriate places !
  9. No nice naughty creampie in public places, ever ? Too bad, that's one of the things that turns me on a lot, almost as much as naughty pee !
  10. Did you ? Some creampie on the seat ? Please tell us more !
  11. http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Handjob-in-WC You can't clearly see, but I'm quite sure there is some on the floor
  12. Agreed, I expected a nice creampie on the train seat... A bit disappointed but nice anyway Did anyone ever did that among members ? That's hot.
  13. Got a Master's degree 15 years ago. In psychology and ergonomics. Hence the ExperErg (which initially stands for Expert in Ergonomics, my actual title)
  14. expererg

    Where would you see me pee?

    Hey, don't apologize, what you're giving to all of us on this forum is already super, and is real gifts that are appreciated. But as you already understood about me, the "vandalistic naughty piss" is what turns on me the most, so, no harm in asking (again) As far as I'm concerned, anything that relates to that kind of feeling will be powerfully arousing, if by any chance you get the occasion. I don't want to be insistent about it, I know you got my feeling, but I like your generosity for all here on this forum.
  15. expererg

    Where would you see me pee?

    If I may add, quoting you from the first pages of this very thread : If you find an elevator and/or a train without damned CCTV they seem to put everywhere in your country, please flood it properly ! That is the most arousing naughty pee you could offer, at least for people like me, and I believe I'm not the only one here !