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  1. That’s a good one I usually sit on the countertop legs spread and piss into the sink that way I’ll have to try this one!
  2. Ohhh I love this one deffo a new one for me to try! 😍
  3. Exactly what I want! Someone who would enjoy me pissing where I want as much as I would enjoy them!
  4. Ive never been with a homosexual woman, every girl I’ve been with has been a case of friends getting closer than normal! I enjoy sex with women but I can’t ever see myself in a relationship with one. But yes the moments shared with a woman are greater than those with a man, especially in my case with oral. On somewhat of a higher level. At least from my experiences anyway
  5. Oh sorry completely missed out the reply to that! No It’s not limited to guys at all, I quite enjoy female company too if you get what I mean! Although I wouldn’t say I’m bi I would say explorative?
  6. Only ever been with people who humoured my kinks and not really been into it themselves so I’ve done most things but not the same as with someone who loves it as much as me! So technically not a bucket list more like a re do!
  7. Meet up with a guy and go out for a meal, pissing under the table with each other. stay in a hotel room and destroy it together. have a guy fill me up with his piss (ass and pussy) golden shower give and receive be with someone that enjoys it as much as me and let’s me go wherever and whenever I want!
  8. Ok so starting to need to go again, but curious is this the right thread to post pics of me peeing? Or would I be better posting them in pee pictures?
  9. Didn’t manage to hold all the way to work ended up pissing all over the bus! I released a little onto the seat to buy me some time but it didn’t do much, Cos of the morning traffic we were going really slow so I had no option but to piss all over the seat and floor! Thank god no one was sat next to me or I would have had to let it all go in the seat but pissing all over the dirty bus floor was such a relief. I times it so I was just finishing as I got to my stop so could make an easy escape! Now starting all over again, I have a home visit this afternoon at work so thinking if I can keep holdi
  10. Ready for work just about to leave and I’m at about a 7 I wonder if I can make it to work or if I’ll have to make a stop off on the way!
  11. I more than enjoyed it yesterday! Working today tho currently holding whilst getting ready! Although they won’t be in the house I’ll be doing some naughty pees in and around work today so I’ll keep the thread updated!
  12. Ok so lying in bed last night wriggling and squirming before I went to bed I was absolutely desperate to go again, I’d already destroyed 2 rooms in the house with my piss surely I couldn’t do it again? I never use a toilet if I can help it maybe I should go outside? But it was late and I was already in bed, i promised myself earlier I wasn’t leaving the house. I wanted to just piss right off the bed onto the carpet but I thought no i can be more adventurous than that! So I got up out of bed, completely naked walked to the top of the stairs and turned around. I spread my legs wide and bent over
  13. Could have done with some suggestions today! Been posting my naughty pees in the live thread today!
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