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    The embarrassment an accident can cause a girl to experience.
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    Going out drinking with my bestie a few years ago to see a couple of bands (I had the biggest crush on her). We got absolutely smashed and while walking back to her place she was really desperate to pee and nearly wet herself. Eventually we make it back and I ran past her to pee first hoping she'd lose it and soak herself. She busted into the bathroom just as I was putting my dick away and there we were in the bathroom together, she said she was too drunk and desperate to care if I saw her wee and pulled down her jeans and knickers right then and there and sat on the toilet. I just had to take out my phone and asked if she would let me take photos of her peeing knowing that I had a pee fetish, she actually agreed. I still have them and cherish that memory to this day.

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  1. Great stories, thanks a bunch for sharing. I actually have a trousers/skirt/dress splitting fetish and have often thought about a girl bending over or squatting down causing her tight jeans, trousers or pencil skirt/tight dress to completely split open along the whole crotch/arse seam then see her squat and wee through the split. 🙊🙈 P.S. I actually know to weaken seams to make clothes split convincingly if anyone's interested.
  2. I've actually always been curios to try this aswell, no one has ever truly indulged my pee curiosities and crossing streams is on my list. Hopefully it becomes a reality some day. 👍☺
  3. See for me actually watching a girl pee is incredibly arousing and such a massive turn on even more than sex, having sex afterwards would just be a way of releasing all the built up sexual desire and arousal from seeing a girl pee. Miyagi
  4. I could be persuaded to make short videos of me peeing outdoors, in a urinal/toilet or wetting myself for any straight girl on this site to enjoy, if they were willing to return the favour for me and possibly be interested in trying out some of my other lesser kinks :wink:. What sort of thing do you ladies like to see from a male pee vid? I'm open to ideas. Miyagi.
  5. Cool story, it seems got a good view of your friend peeing :cool:.
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