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    The embarrassment an accident can cause a girl to experience.
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    Going on a night out for a few drinks with my best friend back in 2012. After stumbling back to her place later that night she let me watch her pee and take pictures on my phone becuase she knew how much it turned me on.

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  1. Miyagi


    Cool pic and nice choice of knickers too ;)
  2. I'm iterested in upgrading I just want to know which is best. I want access to the video gallery and I know you get access for life for $30 but whare the differences between the two different memberships. What do I actually get for what. Thanks.
    1. Admin


      The video gallery membership gives you access to the video gallery. The premium membership is explained here: http://watchgirlspeeing.com/threads/upgrade-your-account.3635/.
  3. Miyagi

    If you were a girl, would you ...?

    See for me actually watching a girl pee is incredibly arousing and such a massive turn on even more than sex, having sex afterwards would just be a way of releasing all the built up sexual desire and arousal from seeing a girl pee. Miyagi
  4. Miyagi

    If you were a girl, would you ...?

    I could be persuaded to make short videos of me peeing outdoors, in a urinal/toilet or wetting myself for any straight girl on this site to enjoy, if they were willing to return the favour for me and possibly be interested in trying out some of my other lesser kinks :wink:. What sort of thing do you ladies like to see from a male pee vid? I'm open to ideas. Miyagi.