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  1. Part One was probably my favorite story on the site, and this one is even better, I love your writing and I hope to see this continued even further!🥰
  2. If you open the menu (usually in the top right corner) you can enable desktop site, on firefox it's the topmost option and in chrome it's at the bottom. I only discovered it because of this very issue, and it's pretty much all I use it for. 🙂
  3. Are these stories deleted completely or do you have them privately? Cause they sound right up my alley, I feel like I even remember reading the one with the icebox. I'm also a huge fan of rann's stories as well as darkguy, so if they're anything like that I'd love to read them.
  4. Best series on the site, no doubt 😍 edit: suggestion: they pee in strangers hotel rooms
  5. Elaborating on posting links, I would be posting them with accurate descriptions and make sure they're working, etc, so I'm just checking for interest. I'll happily share them if that's the case 🙂
  6. I had already been into stories about naughty peeing for a while and I stumbled upon a story on here and decided to look for more on here after reading one. After reading stories on here as a guest for a while I made an account.
  7. I am a 19 year old guy from Sweden who has been on here reading stories and posts for quite some time, I don't really know why I haven't started posting sooner. I am really into naughty peeing in public where you're not supposed to or have the risk of being caught. Both watching ladies doing it and doing it myself, though doing it myself is kind of hard since I am 200cm (or about 6'7") and therefore kind of easy to spot. Getting to watch a lady doing so live would be a dream come true. I have some personal stories about peeing and boatload of bookmarks with links to naughty peeing videos.
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