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  1. I was recently in New York and although I was not near any of those stations, I definitely smelled piss at quite a few stations. I'm from nowhere near New York and was fascinated; its rather hot to me that you (and obviously others) obviously see peeing in the subway as a valid option. I found the subway stations to be quite crowded everywhere though -- when wanting to pee, what are typically some good spots to do it at stations? Are certain spots more routine than others?
  2. Wonderful story -- it must have truly been a sight to behold! Such spontaneous happenings are always exciting. Glad you were able to burn it into your memory! I know exactly the type of trains you are talking about. I was in London very recently in fact. Was this in the London Underground or one of the overground stations? I'm curious, while she was on the platform, was she facing away or towards you all? Did she attempt to pee down the gap or did she just do it on the platform floor?
  3. Nice story! I was able to understand your writing just fine and enjoyed it a lot!
  4. I really enjoyed this story! Very unique, and your language that you used while writing was beautiful. It had a whimsical and sweet feeling. Very intriguing character!
  5. Thank you all so much for your inputs! I think I have a pretty good idea how to approach the next part. I always appreciate your thoughts.
  6. Nice work! I really enjoy how the girls have to problem peeing wherever is convenient for them -- it's obvious that have done it many times!
  7. I think you will like the next installment 😇 --- Also, for those who have been reading the series and have an opinion, I wanted to get your thoughts: The next part features the inclusion of a new male character. I'm curious, are people interested in seeing the girls genuinely enjoy their time with a guy or do people like seeing the girls take advantage of guys?
  8. The elevator! Sure the toilet is nearby, but resorts have so many floors that one can easily empty their bladder during the ride. Nice and convenient!
  9. Interestingly, I had not thought of that before! The Nina and Katie series and this one (which was supposed to be a one-off) are written in different ways so I never thought about combining them, but you are right the girls would probably be good friends with one another. Maybe in the future!
  10. It all kind of falls under the umbrella of bratty/entitled/malicious behavior and I've noticed people who like naughty peeing tend to like other sorts of misbehavior. I try to add bits and pieces of things so there is "something for everyone" and I always enjoy knowing what stood out to people. Thank you! I am glad you liked it! I always enjoy when my stories stimulate the naughty imaginations of people🤭
  11. Thank you for reading it despite its length! I am glad you liked it. Yes, the girls have a way of showing their gratitude... Whether for pleasure or just for their wallets, they'll gladly use guys and toss them aside without a second thought! I am honored you joined to comment! Thank you so much, I really enjoy reading comments about my stories! Yes, both of them are brats but Nina and Katie seem to have subtle differences. Katie in general has a irreverent attitude towards everything while Nina is one of those who seems to be a well-behaved bookish girl until you reali
  12. This story is a direct continuation of Part 4 with my characters Nina and Katie. This story begins in media res as a flashback at first. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and criticism -- you all have been very welcoming and accepting of my stories. You encourage me to continue writing! This story contains content that may be objectionable to some, namely themes of pee vandalism, property damage, and general malice towards property and people. There is a little bit of vomiting too but it is quick and out of drunkenness. All characters and events are works of fiction... but ass
  13. I think you will like the next part a lot then! It will be up shortly 😁
  14. I'm glad you are liking them! Please let me know what you like about them too! I'm always curious to know 😊
  15. "You alright? You've been doing a little pee-pee dance for a while now." - "Is it that obvious? You've been here before, yeah? Do you know where the toilets are?" "The only free ones are next door." - "Fuck, I don't want to walk that far! ... ... ... Hey, I saw we passed some elevators just now, right?"
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