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  1. This story is a direct continuation of Part 1 with my characters Nina and Katie. This time, a new character is introduced so this part is somewhat an introductory one, but hopefully still a fun read. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and criticism -- you all have been very welcoming and accepting of my stories! This story contains content that may be objectionable to some, namely themes of pee vandalism and malice. All characters and events are works of fiction. Thank you! Pee Vandalism with Nina and Katie - Vacation (2)  --------------------- The sun was out, the sky was clear, and and Katie was in a great mood as she stretched out her arms to bask in the warm Parisian summer. The young blonde and her dark-haired friend had arrived at the luxurious Hôtel Plaza Athénée's Signature Eiffel Suite the day before, quickly succumbing to fatigue as sleep beckoned in the middle of the day. After all, neither girl had spent any part of their overnight flight sleeping and had instead exhausted themselves making the most of their Business Class seats. Nina had done a bit of a better job at this than Katie -- the brunette had treated her seat and its adjacent cabin wall to the contents of her bladder shortly before landing, but Katie instead found herself having to make alternative arrangements upon exiting the plane. The blonde, dressed in her sharp business attire at the time, had thus opted to engage in a different sort of business next to one of the baggage carousels at the far end of the hall. After unzipping her pencil skirt, shimmying up the fabric to expose her pantyless nethers, and crouching down while Nina stood guard, Katie promptly emptied her bladder directly onto the airport's polished floor. Had she taken the time to observe the results of her deed, she would have found that the glossy tiles had caused her urine to cascade across the floor in a telltale yellow hue. However, having addressed her need in such an unceremonious fashion, the blonde simply shook herself off and walked away without so much as a glance at what she did. Nevertheless, the two girls had managed to sleep all the way through the night and were excited for their first day of experiencing Paris. As Katie stood in front of the Hôtel Plaza Athénée wearing a pair of stylish denim shorts and a black camisole, she soaked in the sun; each and every part of her lithe body felt relaxed and ready to take on the day. This was in sharp contrast to Nina, who had now caught up with her friend and could be seen dragging herself out of the hotel's entrance -- compared to Katie, the bookish looking girl looked like a miserable zombie. Wearing a plain white T-shirt and a turquoise pleated skirt, Nina didn't seem as enthusiastic about the morning as Katie and instead looked down, grumbling to her friend. Whatever Nina's plight may have been however, Katie obviously found it humorous as she let out a loud laugh before grabbing her friend's hand to lead her away. -- Across the street, Michael turned his head in wonder. He could have sworn he'd just heard someone speak English -- among the snooty French, this was a rarity. As a language exchange student, Michael had been failing miserably and still could not manage to put together even the simplest of sentences in French. Thus, without French friends who could be patient with him, the prospect of making new English-speaking friends was too exciting to pass up! He was relatively sure that the blonde girl in front of the Hôtel Plaza Athénée had said something to her friend about "a good spot". Being familiar with the best tourist spots in Paris, perhaps he could help them out? The possibilities danced in the boy's mind as he crossed the street and wandered towards the side of the hotel building. Although Michael had seen the girls go in this direction, there was no trace of them anywhere. Hesitantly walking the length of the building, Michael decided to round the corner to the back of the building to be sure, perplexed at where th- "Hey, what the FUCK!" A shout rang out, followed by a different yet equally indignant voice dripping with condescension. "Yeah! Can't you see I'm trying to take a piss here?" ... It took a moment for Michael to process the scene. The blonde girl from earlier was standing there glaring at him... while her raven-haired friend was... "Huh?" It was all the boy could manage to utter. Sure enough, the dark-haired one was squatted atop a pallet of the hotel's newspapers awaiting their morning delivery. Given the height of the pallet, she was close to eye level and apparently nude from the waist down. And well... just as she had so rudely intoned, the beginnings of a stream began to patter out from between her legs, dribbling noisily across the papers. Michael blinked, dumbstruck. As he tore away his eyes from the apparently shameless girl in front of him, he saw that the blonde was holding a turquoise skirt that must have belonged to the her friend. By now however, the blonde was looking somewhat less tense and her expression softened. As she realized that their visitor wouldn't be alerting the authorities any time soon, Katie relaxed. She was having fun watching the shock of Nina's brazen outdoor relief paralyze the boy so. "She really had to go, huh?" Katie provoked with an amused smile. Nina too, despite being in the middle of her morning piss, quickly assessed the boy to not be a threat. Making eye contact with the flustered boy, rather than stopping and apologizing, the brunette instead smirked and decided to show him exactly what she had planned to do as soon as she had spotted the pallet of papers. In an instant, Nina was peeing forcefully over the papers and made a show of bouncing her hips around so as to mark everything on the pallet. The brunette giggled as she pissed noisily on one bundle of papers, then moved onto another, and another, purposely sullying each and every newspaper on the pallet. Indeed, it wasn't long before Nina was squatting over soggy yellow mounds of unreadable pulp, but this did not seem to bother her. If anything, the damage she was causing was only further arousing her, as the girl gripped her ass cheeks and moaned in ecstasy as she pissed over the newspaper remains until she expelled every last drop from her bladder on top of them. Michael watched, wide-eyed, as the girl hopped off the pallet with a contented little sigh, almost as if she hadn't ruined an entire day's worth of newspapers. And ruined they were indeed -- not only was every paper on the pallet stained a deep amber color, but a strong telltale smell of urine permeated the area. Yet, the fact that the papers were destroyed, her callous use of strangers' property as a toilet in public, and the unabashed nature by which she freely committed her self-serving act of vandalism did not appear to weigh on the girl in the slightest. In fact, she yet stood there with her genitalia completely uncovered, pleased with her handiwork. It was as if the girls were looking at him expectantly, and after what felt like an eternity, Michael finally uttered out a feeble, "why?" This sent the girls into a fit of laughter as they ignored him completely. "Oh man, I needed that!" Nina exclaimed as she retrieved her skirt from Katie and began to slip it on. "I'll say!" Katie quipped back. "I can't believe you even managed to hold it that long! Fuck, it was like you unleashed a fire hose there!" "God, yes!" Nina replied, laughing. "These shitty little papers didn't stand a chance!" As if to punctuate her statement, the brunette lifted her skirt to show her bare ass and gave it a playful little spank. "I should've just gone in the elevator when you did!" "Huh? ...elevator?" The boy's timid voice interrupted their laughter. "That's right!" Katie swooped in, seizing the ability to make the boy even more uncomfortable. With a wicked grin, she began to recount her morning. As it happened, the girls had discussed prior to check-in that they did not want to sully their pristine Signature Eiffel Suite. Yet. Although the girls had every intention of smashing up the beautiful crystal furniture, tearing up the luxurious down pillows, and causing all sorts of liquid damage to the contents of their expensive suite room, they decided that it would be best to keep their beautiful accommodation pristine until it is time to check-out. This arrangement wasn't too difficult for Katie, as she treated her own apartment in much the same way -- not a single drop of urine had ever seen the inside of her apartment, as the blonde much preferred to instead use the stairwells, elevators, laundry machines, mail room, doormats, and even sometimes the front doors of her neighbors' around her complex. The puppy-like Nina on the other hand was a different story. Nina had the propensity to forget and, in fact, Katie's morning had started when she caught the raven haired girl with her leg raised, threatening to christen a sofa cushion with her first relief since the airplane. Just as the mischievous girl had begun to urinate however, Katie had yelled out to stop her. Thankfully, the blonde had intervened just in time as Nina was able to quickly clamp off the beginning of her stream, only dribbling a few golden droplets onto the carpet below. Since only a small amount of pee was spilled, Katie was certain that housekeeping would find no evidence of naughty fluids being spilled on their precious carpet. While Nina apologized to her friend, Katie decided that she might as well get out of bed and begin the day as well. As she slid out of bed, the blonde walked to the magnificent marble bathroom offered by the suite and showered. Forgoing a bra, she slipped on the black camisole she would be wearing that day and picked out a shiny back thong with a pair of denim shorts to wear out -- a little racy, but perfect for the summer heat. However, instead of putting them on, she beckoned to Nina and handed them to her instead. The bottomless blonde then confidently strode out of the bathroom, passing the toilet on her way out, and made her way to the front door. Nina, understanding, followed her friend as she opened the door to step out into the hallway. Despite her semi-nude state, there was no danger in being caught as the Signature Eiffel Suite was the only room on the eighth floor -- the top floor of the establishment. Even so, Nina couldn't help but feel a little anxious as Katie went over to the elevators to summon one -- it would be quite hard to explain why the blonde was walking around with her bare ass on display. Thankfully, as expected, the doors to the elevator opened with no one else inside. As Katie stepped in, Nina grinned -- she, on the other hand, knew exactly why. It was something the girls had done many, many times in the past. Heck, she had done it after parking at the airport garage back home. Whether it was the airport, a parking garage, or even a mall, the girls were no stranger to holding the "Door Close" button, attaining their relief, and giggling to each other about the unfortunate individuals who would board the elevator after them. This time however, the elevator they were standing in stood out -- it was by far the most elegant looking elevator they had ever set foot in. Although it wasn't very large, it had a springy plush carpet, walls lined in velvet, and a pleasant citrus scent to it, indicating that it was well taken care of. Needless to say, although noticed by her, none of this mattered to Katie. The blonde merely stood in the center of the elevator and stretched, her freshly showered ass still glistening with beads of water. Without skipping a beat, Nina held the door closed. There was no fanfare. No mischievous giggle of anticipation. The blonde didn't even adjust her stance or decide to squat down. As she stood there, naked from the waist down, Katie simply began peeing straight down on the floor of the elevator. In fact, she even yawned while doing so. She had simply summoned the elevator, stepped in, and was now pissing away on top of the beautiful plush carpet. Nina laughed as she watched Katie's pee spread over the carpet, saturating and doubtlessly staining the fabric with disrespectful shades of yellow. Her laugh must have prompted the blonde to offer up more entertainment, as Katie, without stopping her stream, soon shifted her position to engage in something the girls also often liked to do when treating public elevators as toilets. Katie had adjusted her position so she was now messily directing her stream over the elevator buttons. Despite Nina's yelp as her friend's pee stream splashed her hand holding the "Door Close" button on the panel, she couldn't help but laugh as Katie's pee began to obviously damage the controls. One by one, the lights on the buttons flickered and went out. Katie let out a contented grin -- if she was lucky, she had just caused the buttons to stop working. Even if it was just that she had shorted out the lights in the buttons, Katie felt satisfied that her morning relief could cause such damage -- especially considering that others would surely try to use the buttons that she had so callously pissed over. Enjoying herself, Katie then adopted a high squat and leaned forward to direct her stream onto the wall behind her. Instead of the metallic pattering heard from the elevator buttons, a softer, yet equally naughty sound filled the elevator as Katie urinated on the wall. She had just about ruined everything she could aboard the little elevator, so the content blonde simply continued to piss over the wall until she had nothing left. With her stream waning, Nina watched as the girl in front of her shot out short little bursts of piss until she didn't have anything more to splatter the velvet with. By the time she was finished, the blonde was beaming at the way the soaked velvet dripped onto the saturated carpet. "Ahh~!" Katie sighed happily as Nina grinned back at her. The formerly pleasant elevator now held the humid scent of morning piss. As the girls proceeded to exit the elevator, the sodden carpet squelched under their feet. This, along with the telltale streaks running down from the wall and control panel certainly suggested that naughty behavior had taken place here. Yet the perpetrators themselves didn't give a second thought to the vandalism they had just committed. Katie, now grinning from ear to ear at her selfish behavior that morning, took her clothes back from Nina and got dressed in the hallway. Then, without skipping a beat, Katie called the adjacent elevator, stepped in, and enjoyed a clean, comfortable ride down to the lobby. By the time the blonde had finished her story, Michael's mouth was hanging open. His first inclination was to dismiss the story as made-up. However, as he glanced at the useless pallet of newspapers next to him, he knew deep down that the girl must be telling the truth. Even though it was a disrespectful, vile thing to do, he had no doubt that the blonde had summoned an elevator just pee in it as her personal toilet, with no regard for the poor workers who would have to clean up after her. "So yeah! Nina pissing just now? She hadn't gone since our flight here!" Katie went on, laughing. "Hey good thing these newspapers were here to soak it all up!" Nina quipped, playfully sticking out her tongue. "Yeah right!" Katie retorted. "The newspapers weren't enough! Your piss is still dripping off the pallet!" Pleased with her accomplishment, Nina simply held up her middle finger and once again lifted her skirt to flash her friend, showing that she was quite unapologetic for her handiwork. Eventually, Michael couldn't take it anymore. Watching the girls joke about the damage they caused to other people's property -- it was wrong! "Don't- Don't you feel bad?!" the boy finally uttered. Like a couple of calm tigresses, the girls stopped and turned their gazes towards the boy. "You ruined those papers! And the elevator!" Michael found himself saying. "You did it for no reason!" The girls quietly waited for the boy to calm down, only to provoke him further. "Nope!" Katie shrugged, smirking. "Doesn't bother me one bit! I had fun doing it. Not my problem." Nina grinned in response and added, "hell yeah! I piss wherever I want, and if there's collateral damage, even better!" Michael simply stood there, at a loss for words. The two minxes in front of them were acting like public urination, nudity, and vandalism were no big deal. "Besiiiides!" Katie grinned impishly. "Pissing in public is so fucking naughty wouldn't you say? I mean, god, watching Nina turned me on!" Michael ventured a hesitant glance to the blonde's chest, and sure enough, her nipples were visible beneath the fabric of her camisole, hardened by her friend's depraved behavior. He quickly averted his eyes in hopes that he escaped her notice, but she merely gave a self satisfied smirk instead. "Heh, see? You can't say you didn't enjoy that!" Katie prodded. Then her expression softened as she spoke again. "But hey, glad ya did! Me and Nina are just visiting here but if you no any good places, maaaaybe you could show us?" Here Michael was torn -- on one hand, it sounded like he was about to get his wish of making some English-speaking friends. On the other... well, these two were undoubtedly trouble. They were both breathtakingly beautiful girls that no one would suspect to do such filthy things -- Beautiful girls that obviously had no problem baring their genitals in public places. In view of others. Two girls dripping with temptation. He wanted to see more -- Michael couldn't bring himself to say no. And just like that, Katie was slapping him on the back, welcoming him to the group. As he excitedly began to talk about his love for Paris, Michael began to feel a little better -- whatever these girls were, they were going to be a lot of fun.
  2. ...when you get turned on just by entering a stairwell and considering the possibilities it invites 😈
  3. Yes! Sometimes I like keeping certain details ambiguous for exactly the reason you stated. As for the protagonist, well, I like to think that they're love for history left them so dumbfounded as to what the girl was about to do that they weren't thinking straight; they could barely even fathom the idea of pissing on history until the girl was busy doing it ;) I don't think the protagonist would tattle however -- I have a feeling that they are the sort to try and get some answers themselves, say, by observing further and/or confronting the girl On another note, I am very happy you enjoyed it. Your stories were some of the ones that inspired me to try writing in the first place so I am kind of star-struck that you liked my writing.
  4. This one is a little different from the over-the-top Nina and Katie series. I am sorry, but I took a short break from it after I lost my work in a hard drive failure. Rest assured, those two girls will be coming back. For now, I was inspired to write something different. I hope you like it! (This story takes place at a fictional setting in a real-world country, and asserts no opinions regarding it or its people. --- (This story takes place at a fictional setting in a real-world country, and asserts no opinions regarding it or its people.) With my journey at an end, I cannot help but marvel at all that I have experienced over the last couple months. As I sit here waiting for my flight back home, I sift through my previous entries in this journal to consolidate all that I have learned about the history of Morocco. Weeks of cultural immersion have painted my understanding of the country and its anthropology. Yet, all the culture... all the architecture... the majesty of it all gets far eclipsed by what I witnessed on a mere tourist excursion to the desert. Joining a tour group is not the purest form of exploring a country's history, as such activities quite often exaggerate facts to impress tourists into buying trinkets and souvenirs. Still, I had opted to join one towards the end of my trip simply to take a step back in an attempt to view the country as an outsider one last time before my departure. Somewhat disappointingly, the excursion met my expectations of a stereotypical tour marketed to those from Western countries; within the small developing country of Morocco, I found myself inside a loud tour bus full of English-speaking Americans and Europeans complaining about the bumpy drive through the sweltering desert. Although I had been excited to see the historically preserved desert palace that the tour had promised to showcase, I was beginning to wonder if it would even be worth it. When the bus finally reached its destination, it was quite a relief to finally stretch my legs. The drive had been nearly 3 hours to the remote desert palace, and since we had all been careful to keep hydrated in the arid climate, I opted to use the restroom aboard the bus before stepping out to explore. Tourists aside, the actual guide for our trip was quite kind and allowed us to spend our time exploring the area however we wanted, just as long as we met at the front gate at 1:30 pm. I have to admit, the "palace" was a lot smaller than I had expected. Although the entrance hall was certainly a sight to see, most of the stone walls were either crumbling or collapsed altogether. Somewhat irritatingly, the rooms that did appear to be better preserved were roped off to disallow any visitors from entering. Given the damaged architecture across most of the palace, the elements had entered unobstructed and proceeded to sweep sand and debris all over the insides of most of the building. Certainly the palace must have once been a grand spectacle, but the local government clearly had not funded the preservation efforts properly. Still, I was one of the few that tried to make the most of it. Although most decided to just sulk in the few scraps of shade offered by the front gate, I explored the accessible areas of the palace carefully and tried to imagine what life may have been like when it wasn't a dusty cluster of ruins. The 50C heat was killer however, and I found myself running back to the bus numerous times to relieve myself simply due to the amount of water I gulped down to stay hydrated. After returning from one such diversion, someone caught my eye through one of the many holes in the palace exterior. I had seen her earlier on the bus -- inside the palace was a girl examining one of the pillars in the hall. The slender girl had to have been no older than her late twenties, and wore her dirty-blonde hair tied back into a single braid. Like most of the tour group, she had dressed herself for the heat and was sporting a small cami crop tank and a pair of athletic shorts, minimizing the amount of fabric covering her skin to stay cool. Cosmetics aside, I was quite excited--! She was the first person apart from myself who I had seen to take any sort of interest in the architecture and I hastened to catch up with her so that I could hear her thoughts. Alas, whatever she may have been pondering must have been brief as she quickly resumed meandering through the hallway, carefully eyeing the walls up and down. Just as I neared her however, I suddenly saw the girl stop and furtively glance at her surroundings. Then, to my surprise, I watched as she gingerly stepped over the rope forbidding entry to the restricted portion of the palace. Shocked at the girl's audacity, I stood there dumbfounded as her figure disappeared around a corner. Certainly the area had to be roped off for a reason -- her mere presence could cause damage to fragile historical structures! I calmed myself, however. Perhaps she was simply passionate; her curiosity couldn't bear not to intrude upon the sanctity of the preserved chambers. What she was doing was wrong, but I would be lying if I didn't share in her curiosity. I didn't want to startle her however, and quietly stepped into the restricted area with only the intent to watch what she would be doing -- I could probably ask her about her experiences later. "Surely a peek wouldn't hurt," I thought to myself as I peered around the corner. My first impression was that the room was quite a bit smaller than I had thought -- and as a result I quickly shrunk back behind the wall. The girl had been standing only a couple feet away from me and I cursed myself at my lack of caution. As I quietly regained composure to once again slowly peek into the room, my second impression of the room truly allowed me to admire its magnificence; in stark contrast to the rest of the palace, this room glistened with ancient beauty. The intricate, blue and white geometric tiles that were so prevalent during the time period adorned the floor with dazzling splendor. The stone walls too appeared polished and uneroded, artfully complimenting the colors of the floor. So moved was I by the unexpected spectacle that I caught myself thanking fortune over and over for the privilege of being able to witness it. I then directed my attention to the girl and imagined how she must be feeling similarly humbled to stand amidst such majesty. However, she was standing with her back to me, and as I looked at her figure, I couldn't help but notice that her outfit was decidedly immodest by Moroccan standards -- or even the standards held by middle-aged women in Western countries. Not only did her nearly skintight tank expose a large portion of her midriff, her shorts were rather tiny as well and somewhat prominently bared the base of her buttocks in plain view. Distracted by my mind wandering, I then had to stifle a gasp. For reasons that I could not yet comprehend, the girl had begun to slide down her shorts. Her tight, shapely posterior was accentuated by a tiny pink t-string wedged between her cheeks, and after stretching for a moment, the girl tugged it off as well. To me, the implications were staggering -- here this girl stood in a religiously conservative country, within a sacred undisturbed chamber celebrating such culture, and she had the gall to casually expose her genitals as if in mockery of the room's sanctity. And yet, it hadn't even dawned on me why she had decided to stand semi-nude until I saw the pose she adopted: the girl arched her back slightly and shifted into a high squat. She was going to urinate here of all places! Alarm bells rang in my head, and as if to confirm my panicked conclusion, I watched as her nethers suddenly jet forth a spray of urine that messily splattered onto the tile below. However, the sound must have startled the girl as she had quickly clamped off the start of her relief to freeze up like a statue. As she stood there in silence, I noticed her glance down to look at what she had just done -- although she must have been drinking copious amounts of water like everyone else on the tour, her pee was a deep yellow color which, sadly, stood out when sprayed over the intricately tiled floor. Confronted with the repercussions of her brazen behavior, it was at this point where I had hoped that she would reconsider relieving herself over the historic structures, but alas she truly didn't seem to care. The girl let out a sigh of relief and slinked over to a nearby wall to lean her back against it. As she stretched with both arms up in the air, she merely opened her legs a bit and began to piss again, hands-free. It was a relentless beam of dehydrated urine that was spraying across the floor. I watched, heartbroken, as the unsightly (and slightly acrid) yellow washed over the former splendor of the chamber. It was clear to me now. The girl didn't care about the palace or its history. She didn't care enough to dress in a manner that would be respectful of the locals. She didn't care that she was exhibiting sexuality and depravity in a religiously conservative country. She was a spoiled brat who didn't care to make the short walk to the tour bus to properly relieve herself; she had purposely decided to piss over and vandalize a restricted historic room because it offered her privacy and was convenient to her. No other reason. No other concern for what she was destroying. She wanted to pee, so she had decided to pee. Anything else wasn't her problem. As if to qualify my sullen thoughts, the girl's stream somehow strengthened in intensity as she slid down the wall, still hands-free, into a squat. She didn't even attempt to direct the flow of her urine with her hands -- she simply didn't care where her pee was going, and indeed, it was going all over the room. Her yellow piss puddle had unrepentantly spread over the entirety of the floor, and much of her pee had also splashed onto the walls as she had moved about. It didn't help either that she swayed her hips from side to side while relieving herself, splattering her piss every which way. When her stream finally slowed to a trickle, the room was already beginning to reek of fresh urine due to the desert heat. As the girl stood up and dusted herself off, I swear that she must have caught a glimpse of my figure as she turned around and proceeded to once again arch her back in a high squat as if to moon me. Then, as if to add a couple more insults to injury, she squeezed out two more short squirts of pee onto the already thoroughly defiled floor and let out a self-satisfied "Ahhh!" I was furious at her pleasure. She had zero respect for what she had just irreparably damaged, and was sighing in gleeful contentment after thoroughly relieving herself all over it. Seething, I quickly escaped to exit the restricted area and walked back to the front gates of the palace as the tour guide had requested. When the girl finally emerged from the palace to join the group, I fumed inwardly as I noticed her bright pink t-string unabashedly visible above the waist of her shorts, no doubt the result of hastily clothing herself after leaving her impromptu toilet. As the tour guide began talking about the palace, I tried to calm myself by taking my mind off the bratty girl, but my efforts came to a screeching halt as the guide began to discuss the preciousness of the restricted areas in the palace; the historic, intricate tiled designs were created without any sort of varnish to protect the porous materials from which they were made. Since these were desert structures, when the palace had first been built, they had not accounted for moisture damage. Nevertheless, the Moroccan government would be allotting funds to apply glaze to these tiled artworks for preservation purposes "sometime next year," the guide proudly smiled. And in the meantime, I thought to myself, the girl's selfish disregard for the rules would have one of the tiled rooms irrevocably damaged as her pee soaked into the porous tiles to permanently stain them. "She probably wasn't even listening to a word he said," I thought bitterly. However, I was wrong. Just as the guide had finished that last sentence, I happened to glance over to her. For the briefest of moments, I thought I caught a flash of a mischievous smile as she took another sip of water from her bottle. But perhaps more tellingly, I caught a glimpse of her shirt showcasing her true thoughts on the matter. Straining the cloth stretched over them, her nipples were quite prominently erect.
  5. I was on a plane today and kept thinking about it! It really was risky I thought! I couldn't really see any evidence when we began to deplane though to be fair, I was not able to get a good look either because I couldn't hang back when I had a connecting flight to make. With the way she was sprinkling and assuming there were sufficient gaps between her escapades, I think it would evaporate reasonably quickly -- at least far more so than a puddle caused by a steady stream. Hahaha... it makes you wonder. I was thinking about it though and it certainly wasn't her peeing out of drunkenness -- if that were the case, she'd have probably just let loose. The way she was peeing though was really careful and must have required control, so I have the feeling that it was to some degree deliberate.
  6. I travel very frequently and I actually used an airplane as the setting for one of my over-the-top fictional stories that I shared on this forum. However, last week I was able to catch a glimpse of some real-world airplane naughtiness. I really couldn't believe it -- I honestly haven't ever caught a stranger in the act, even in areas more suited for the purpose such as alleyways. I was really surprised and couldn't believe my luck. I was flying Economy class in one of the planes that has a 3-4-3 configuration, meaning that there are three seats, an aisle, 4 seats, an aisle, and three more seats. Some airplanes have started to adopt this configuration for Economy class because it allows them to seat more passengers, but as you can imagine, it makes things more cramped. Since the novelty of flying has worn off for me, I usually opt for an aisle seat in one of the three-seat clusters rather than a window one because I appreciate the extra breathing room and general ease if I have to get out of my seat. At the window seat to my left was a slim, beautiful blonde who must have been in her early-twenties. She was friendly, but fairly reserved. This changed when her friend, a dirty-blonde haired girl with a bit of a rounder face came to sit in the middle seat. The two excitedly talked and giggled to each other the entire flight -- it turned out that they had recently graduated college and were on their way to Madrid as a graduation present. Now, the flight we were on was a trans-atlantic flight with about an 8.5 hour duration -- you know, the sort where they just kind of hand you a flimsy pillow and a square of fabric to use as a blanket and wish you "good luck". From the get-go, both girls weren't exactly reticent in their choices when the drink cart would come around. Naturally they ordered alcoholic beverages (don't worry, they never once were unruly or noisy) but I specifically remember the slim blonde by the window asking the flight attendant for two glasses of water. I remember because the attendant laughed and lightheartedly said something along the lines such as "Woah, two? Alrighty, but you aren't allowed drive tonight, okay?" Now, in all honesty, I wasn't thinking about pee or anything, but eventually the cabin lights were turned off for the overnight portion of the flight and I had to get up to use the lavatory for the second time that flight. As I found my way through the darkness and re-seated myself, I realized something strange -- I was always prepared for it since I was by the aisle, but it occurred to me that neither girl had asked me once during the flight to move so they could get out to use the lavatory. There was really no other way to leave their seats except to ask me to move. At this point, I was somewhat curious. I have a sizeable bladder capacity, and it is possible that both girls' somehow put mine to shame, but they had also been drinking non-stop whereas I had been ordering the usual amount provided by the drink service. Still, it was the middle of the "night" and I was in that weird half-asleep fugue where one can't fully fall asleep during a flight so I didn't give it much more thought. For that reason, it was sheer dumb luck when I happened to see what happened maybe 20 minutes later in the flight. I don't know what cued me in on it -- I didn't hear anything given the volume of the turbines -- but something made me turn to look towards the window and happened to notice what was taking place. The slim blonde was seated in a way that kind of had her curled up into a ball -- her knees were drawn up and her feet were on her seat's cushion. It couldn't be called a squat since there was no room, and the way her head was resting on her knees (as she faced the window) didn't make her stance look out of place in the slightest. It was a little difficult to see (presumably intentionally) as she had bunched up her little blanket to lie across her lap, but from the way her skin was showing, it appeared that she had slid her leggings down (along with her underwear probably) enough to expose her genitals, and had them held to the side with a free hand. Keep in mind, it was dark in the cabin so I couldn't see all of this in great detail and I actually couldn't even make out her pussy (she was a pro!) from the way she was angled in her seat, but when I looked down, I could easily see what was transpiring -- in fact, when I had happened to look towards her, she had already started. Although nothing could be heard, I could see little droplets falling onto the carpet below her, as well as a bit on the plane's cabin wall. There wasn't an overt stream or anything, but it was clear that the blonde was peeing, and had taken great lengths to do so undetected. She went for quite a while too, as I suspect that she was opting to leisurely "sprinkle" so as to avoid a noisy stream, and I have to say, I quite enjoyed watching the little droplets of her pee glisten in the air as they fell onto the floor. By the time she was done (and this went on quite a while!) I couldn't easily see any telltale signs of her deed in the dark, but I could just make out glints of her piss still running down the white cabin wall in some places below the window. I was honestly stunned as I watched her sigh in relief and pull her leggings back up. Was it really that much of a hassle to get up to go to the lavatory? We weren't even seated far from it! Or perhaps she simply didn't care -- it was more convenient for her to nonchalantly pull her bottoms to the side and piss over the airplane's floor whenever the urge struck. In fact, in retrospect, I am certain that she did this multiple times during the flight because I could swear that I could smell a hint of drying alcohol-laden pee. The technique she used was honestly pretty clever. She obviously didn't have room to squat down in front of her chair (not to mention that it would be completely obvious) but she couldn't slouch forward in her chair either. Given the cramped Economy class space, her knees would have prevented her from sliding forward and she would have ended up with a soggy seat cushion. It made me wonder if she did this often. By the end of the flight, as it turned out, the girl in the middle seat did not get up once either. As she was seated next to me, I doubt she could have pulled off what the other girl had done without me noticing, but you never know. At the very least, I could not see any signs of sneaky peeing, as even her seat appeared to be dry when she finally got up. Perhaps she was going to make a mad dash to the airport toilets after deplaning, or, at the urging of her naughty friend, pee in a secluded corner and be on her way. Alas, I never had the chance to find out, as we were bound for different destinations. As the girls disembarked to no-doubt make the most of their graduation present, I had to catch a connecting flight to Geneva. Still, I have to say, my trip was made far more enjoyable because of the impromptu naughtiness I witnessed that night.
  7. I wanted to resurrect this thread since I thought it was such a good idea 😋 1. Watching a girl vandalize the heck out of a stranger's property by pissing all over it -- either their car, their house, etc... 2. Shortly after high school, my friends and I rented out a hotel at a nearby city. Among them was my girlfriend, who was definitely a bad-girl who would show up stoned to class, cheat her way through school, and get black-out drunk every weekend. The hotel was paid for by one of our parents and while the others went to sleep, my girl and I stood out on the balcony talking for a long time. It being a sixth-floor balcony not facing anything important, we soon got handsy and she was soon topless and rubbing up against me. We had sex, but for some reason continued to conversation we were having earlier on the balcony, this time both of us standing naked. As she continued to talk to me, she nonchalantly squatted down and began pissing a jet across the floor. Yes, it is important to pee after sex, but she had never done this before and her nonchalance made me wonder (at the time) how often she peed like that (a lot). 3. Girls peeing where they shouldn't, especially if they have no regrets about what they just did. 4. It was a lesbian porn where one girl stood over another and peed into her mouth. 5. Probably Aubrey Plaza 6. On the door of our neighboring hotel room from the same story above (it was done on a dare, and yes, the girl did it right after me) 7. Aside from the above, I would pee all the time on cars. This would be because 90% of the time, any time we would leave a party or a restaurant, my girl would have to piss. I guess it became a habit. When she would pee, I would pee, and she would usually choose to pee either between cars or on cars (by resting her cheeks on a door and pissing backwards). I guess took this as a chance to pee on other people's property too. It definitely was not out of necessity most of the time. 8. I don't think I have... 9. Lately I've liked Adriana Chechik's stuff where she pees in parking lots and trash cans 10. Sadly no!
  8. Thanks friends!! As usual, your words encourage me to work harder to keep making stories you enjoy. Yes, the over-the-topness makes it more fun for me to write 😋 I hope my continued installments will not disappoint. By the way, this story will get a continuation (at some point) -- is it preferred that I post it as another post in this thread or as a separate thread? It's only a loose continuation setting-wise, but it is technically a continuation. Does anyone have any particularly strong opinions on how I should post it?
  9. This story is a continuation of the stories with my characters Nina and Katie. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and criticism -- you all have been very welcoming and accepting of my stories! This story contains content that may be objectionable to some, namely themes of vandalism, theft, and malice. All characters and events are works of fiction. Thank you! Pee Vandalism with Nina and Katie - Vacation  --------------------- The PA system chimed overhead, signaling the closure of a nearby gate. Starting today, the girls were treating themselves to a vacation -- over the past few weeks, the duo had worked extra hard ransacking their workplaces and breaking into cars to accrue quite a large sum of money. Eager to blow their ill-gotten rewards, Nina and Katie had splurged on Business Class tickets to Paris. For the next two weeks, they only thing on their mind would be utter relaxation... which would naturally include relaxing their bladders too at others' expense. The two little puddles cooling off in the back seat of their Uber driver's car would suggest that the girls were even less reticent in their habits than usual, relieving themselves whenever opportunity allowed it. Still, since Nina and Katie were about to ride in a crowded flight alongside the sort of passengers who would purchase Business Class seats, they had to be good girls for now. One look at Katie suggested this much, and Katie had been such a good girl today -- the skirt she was wearing even fully covered her pussy for a change! As her classy black pencil skirt hugged the curves of her posterior, the white blouse she wore covered the rest of her body, even obscuring the ample cleavage produced by the sheer black bra beneath her clothes. Of course, a girl like Katie would never run around without panties and would certainly not take an opportunity to empty herself over the floor of the elevator at the other end of the terminal -- it was a pity that no one could check to prove otherwise. The raven-haired Nina also looked sharp, though such an appearance was closer to her usual attire. As the quieter, more understated counterpart to Katie's presence, Nina was setting a good example by wearing underwear under her pleated navy skirt. Though the pearly white thong she was wearing was crotchless, no one would find out about that little detail. Surely an innocent mistake, much like the fact that she had neglected to wear a bra -- it's not as if she wanted to be seen with her nipples poking at her blouse's fabric or anything. The PA chimed once again overhead. "Phew! It's about time!" Katie grinned as she noted that their flight was finally preparing for boarding. Since this was a night time flight, the passengers lining up at the gate looked tired and weary. Nina and Katie on the other hand, were quickly welcomed aboard the Business cabin, bypassing the need to wait entirely. "Wow..." Nina murmured as she stepped into the aircraft to take in her surroundings. The Business Class cabin was designed in a standard 1-2-1 layout with private pods housing lie-flat capable seats for its clientele. Towards the back of the cabin, the Economy class could be seen until the large fabric curtain separating the cabins would be drawn on departure. The girls had been assigned the rear-most pods in the cabin and were unfortunately placed on the opposite ends of the aisle. Katie noted this with a momentary dismayed expression, but winked at Nina across the aisle and whispered, "let's share our stories later!" Nina nodded, understanding what her friend meant, and took her seat. Almost as soon as she did so, she was approached by a flight attendant offering her champagne for a light "pre-takeoff" refresher. Nina heartily accepted a glass, which was actually quite generous in its sizing, and the corner of her mouth upturned ever so slightly to give the faintest hint of a smirk -- her friend across the aisle who was now speaking with a different flight attendant, was accepting the same offer. It didn't take long for the flight to get underway and the two girls enjoyed the abundant five-course meal that had been so generously served to them. Nina and Katie in particular had kept the attendants busy by having them constantly run to the galley to fetch them more drinks. Even as the cabin lights throughout the plane began to dim as a suggestion to passengers to sleep, the girls relentlessly kept calling the attendants. It was a limitless supply. As glass after glass was brought to her, Katie could feel her pussy tingle in naughty anticipation. After having been so "good" today, the blonde's body was begging her to be bad. She had worked so hard to relish in the immaculate comfort offered by the cabin that cost thousands of dollars to ride -- she wanted to defile it. Nothing would bring her more pleasure. Instead of being thankful for the privilege of flying Business Class, Katie wanted to be naughtier than ever. Katie shuffled in her seat, knowing that she would have to release some of her bladder's pressure soon. Still, she wanted to test the waters first and instead of pattering over the floor, she decided to be more discrete about it. Donning a blanket to cover herself, she reached below to first unzip her pencil skirt slightly to loosen it and proceeded to bunch it up around her waist. Katie's bare sun-kissed ass was now directly on her seat, allowing her to feel liberated in some ways. She then scooted forward slightly to hang her pussy over the edge of the seat. For a moment, Katie couldn't help but glance under her blanket at her engorged, shaven pussy aimed towards the floor and playfully allowed just a couple drops to dribble onto the carpet below. "Not yet!" she giggled to herself. She still had to be "good" as she tested what she would be able to get away with -- she will have the chance to be naughty later. Thus, for now, Katie figured that she should urinate as a proper lady should by depositing it into porcelain. Deftly, Katie swiped the large porcelain mug (that had recently been filled with coffee) off her tray and held it between her legs. Chuckling at her behavior, she then slowly relaxed her bladder to allow a thin stream of pee to start pouring into the cup. The sound was inaudible over the aircraft's engines, and nobody could make out the faint hiss as Katie began to pee with more force, quickly filling up the mug. Instantly, Katie clamped off her stream to dribble the remaining drops into the vessel before placing it back on her tray. Nobody was the wiser. Katie smiled, pleased with herself for being so discrete. The sky was now completely dark outside her window as night had fallen and Katie figured it would be a good time to stretch out and yawn. As she did so, the blonde slid her left hand between her legs, rubbing herself to reward her restraint. Feeling playful, she picked up the mug as she continued to stretch, and quite deliberately poured its contents out onto the carpeted aisle. "Oops!" she chuckled, watching as her piss briefly washed over the carpet before getting absorbed. Close examination showed signs of a stain, but nothing too noticeable. Perfect. Grinning, she began to get comfy as she grew more confident in the damage that she would be able to cause. Pleased at having a chance to act like a brat, Katie wasted no time in calling over the attendant to order more drinks, eager to play some more. Before long, she had filled up the mug once again alongside two large champagne glasses. As she scooted forward to flick her pussy dry, out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the Economy cabin through the edge of the curtain separating them. She smirked. She was enjoying acting like a spoiled bitch looking down on the Economy Class passengers. Picking up a champagne glass filled with her amber pee, she flicked her wrist and splashed it against the curtain. That's what she thought about the people beneath her. She repeated the act with her mug, watching as yellow droplets glistened through the air to collide with the fabric, staining it with her urine. The fabric curtain must have been cheaply made, as her piss had quickly saturated it and was now messily dripping down to the carpet. Picking up the last champagne glass, she gave the curtain one more dousing for good measure and promptly threw the glass receptacle at the floor to shatter it. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry! It just slipped and..." Katie immediately began apologizing after calling an attendant, skillfully lying to cover up her act. In truth of course, Katie was thrilled at the chance to break something aboard the plane and felt that her flight was shaping up nicely. Acutely aware that her bladder still had not attained emptiness, Katie instead decided to wait for herself to refill -- she wanted to try something else next. --- Meanwhile, Nina was pushing the boundaries in her own way on her side of the cabin. She too was gleefully having fun at the expense of the Economy Class, and the meek girl had begun to show her true colors. She had already slipped past the divider curtain twice to carefully take the easy-to-reach carryon bags from Economy passengers as they slept. By now, she had a little hoard of small travel bags, a purse, and (somehow) a larger suitcase with wheels. Nina quietly squirmed around as she occupied herself with the belongings she had stolen. Her bladder was dangerously close to capacity, but she still felt that she could hold out for a few minutes. Sifting through the bags, Nina pocketed any valuables that interested her and damaged the belongings she felt would be fun to break. She did not particularly care that many of the objects in front of her were likely important to their owners -- she was merely enjoying herself out of simple malice. For this reason, it was only when Nina got bored that she decided that it was time to empty the contents of her bladder. The tiny Nina was certain that nobody would see her crouched in her pod. With so many toilets in front of her, which should she pick first? Opting to start small, Nina first opened up a small leather purse. Although it had contained a good amount of money, the rest of its items were boring -- pictures, entry papers, and a few books. "Meh," Nina thought as she squat down and held the purse open between her legs. Her crotchless thong made it easy for her to relieve herself, as no fabric stood between her pussy and the purse. There was no slow dribble or any sort of prelude -- just simple nonchalance. Without hesitation, Nina began pissing, her urine audibly hissing and splashing the contents inside. Just another toilet to her. After just a few seconds, Nina pushed the purse aside and squat down over a travel bag to once again urinate with no discretion and no regard for what she was doing. The next bag she opened however held a shiny new iPhone, a Nintendo 3DS, and a watch. Squatting over it, she this time positioned herself lower so as to hit the electronics more directly with her stream and once again began forcefully peeing again with perfect nonchalance no different than if she were at the lavatory. Cutting off the stream, Nina glanced inside, satisfied that the devices no longer displayed their standby lights on account of having been damaged by her urine. With a shrug, she pushed aside the bag to this time open the large suitcase and completely opened its front. She had been hoping that it would be packed with clothes and was pleased to find an expensive tuxedo placed atop a stack of bridesmaid dresses. Instead of squatting, this time Nina crawled on top of the case and sat down on the clothes. Her back was arched and her legs were spread -- her pussy was pressed directly against the clothes. Nina couldn't help but let out a small moan as she finally allowed her bladder release, this time intending to empty herself over the clothes. There was only a faint hiss as her piss shot into the stack of fabric beneath her, instantly soaking each layer until the clothing was hopelessly stained. After a moment, listening closely, Nina could hear a change in the pitch of her pee striking the suitcase contents and realized that it was now pooling at the bottom of the case. This was of no concern to Nina of course, but knowing that she was so thoroughly saturating the cloth beneath her brought a smile to her face. Once she finished, she shook herself over the open case to dribble any last drops of pee into it and wiped herself with the Tuxedo. All of the bags around her -- all belongings of others -- stood saturated with Nina's urine, used as nothing more than convenient toilets for her relief. The girl didn't simply disrespect the passengers' luggage -- she showed no more regard for them as she would for a urinal. Their loss had brought her pleasure and relief, and Nina would do it again in a heartbeat. As Nina swiftly snuck back to the Economy Cabin to return the bags, she fantasized about how the passengers must feel once they realized that someone had pissed on their belongings. Her mind aglow, she was already planning what to vandalize next. --- "Psst!" Katie jumped as she saw Nina emerge from the Economy Cabin curtain behind her. "What the fuck are you doing over there?!" Katie whispered angrily. "Oh nothing," Nina answered coyly. "I've just been busy... as have you!" she chuckled. Nina knew the curtain had felt a little damp and knew her friend well enough to know that she must have been pissing on it somehow. Katie simply laughed. "Yeah! I think it's starting to smell back there a little bit. But anyways, it looks like they don't care too much if we sneak over there, huh?" Nina shook her head and handed Katie a small booklet before scurrying off to her seat. Perplexed, Katie opened the book and laughed. Nina had handed her a passport that was obviously taken from somebody's bag -- and she had apparently spent time scribbling in it. "TOILET PAPER," read the inside front cover in pen ink, and Nina had taken the liberty of drawing cutesy animals across the pages. Her masterpiece appeared to be an adorable looking cartoon dog that she had drawn lifting its leg, and it would almost be a cute picture if it weren't for the added vulgarity; Nina had drawn a large penis between the dog's legs and it was clearly peeing a dotted line in an arc... directly onto the passport bearer's face. The dog was something that Nina had adopted as a calling-card of sorts, and would make it a point to key its visage into the paint job of any car that she would pee over back home. Clearly, Nina was enjoying being her destructive, remorseless self, so Katie was given an idea... By now, Katie's bladder was full once again, making its presence known for the second time that flight. However, she couldn't let go just yet as what she had in mind would require her to get out of her chair. Katie clumsily propped herself up in her seat so as to smooth her pencil skirt back to the way it should be. As she stood up, she almost doubled over in pain from her bulging bladder, but Katie managed to hold on to every last drop as she shuffled out of her pod. Since Nina was able to get back there, Katie reasoned, everyone must be asleep in the Economy cabin. As she grinned slighly at the sight of the soggy piss-stained curtain, she quickly snuck behind it to stand in the Economy Class. "Cattle Class," Katie thought to herself as she prepared to show them exactly what she thought of their cabin. Emboldened by her previous actions, Katie unzipped and removed her pencil skirt completely, holding it in her hands. Almost immediately after, she dropped down to a low squat. She was wearing nothing below her waist, and her pussy was in plain view to anyone who might be looking in her direction. It was also in plain view of the floor. Without hesitation, she began peeing. It was a lazy, drawn-out stream to minimize the noise, yet somehow her lack of hurry made her deed even more disrespectful. "Hmph, at least the bathrooms onboard this plane were spacious," Katie thought as her stream hissed gently. The substantially thinner Economy Class carpet barely even put up a fight to absorb Katie's piss and her yellow puddle soon began spreading across the carpet in all directions. The gentle trickling sound of her pee striking the soggy carpet, although quiet, still made the unmistakable sound of naughty behavior as she continued to patter against it in the dark, with little sign of abatement. "Ahh!" Katie sighed in ecstasy as she treated the peons' cabin as her personal toilet, gleefully peeing in their space for her own convenience. Perhaps however, she must have sighed a bit too loudly as she looked in front of her to see a teenage boy waking up to the sound of her pissing. "Ugh, brat," Katie thought to herself as she prepared to make a hasty exit but noted that the boy was fixated. A quick glance to his parents confirmed that they were still asleep, and Katie let out a coy smile. Katie had always been a natural at manipulating others, and she could tell the boy was more interested in the sight of a half-naked girl than ratting her out. Katie put a finger to her mouth, playfully opening her legs to give him a better look. All the while of course, she was still pissing all over the floor. And while she had taken care to aim her pee properly to account for the cramped Economy aisle, Katie now saw a chance and decided to take it. At the boy's feet lay a Nintendo Switch, still powered on and paused mid-game. Very carefully, Katie tilted her hips and pushed a little harder to inch her stream closer to the boy's feet. Still, the boy was fixated. Then Katie cut off her flow. Urine was now coating the aisle and the smell of fresh pee could now be detected. Katie's gaze never moved from the boy's eyes and, letting out a cutesy giggle for what she was about to do, Katie once again put her finger to her mouth. Immediately, the unmistakable hiss of peeing filled the cabin. This time, she was pissing hard and fast... all over the Nintendo Switch on the floor. The boy's eyes widened and he opened his mouth to protest, but no words emerged as he sat in shock watching what the beautiful bottomless girl in front of him was doing to his prized possession. Katie had every intention of destroying the device and it did not take long before it let out a small pop as its delicate electronics shorted out. Katie grinned, triumphantly splashing the boy's feet with her warm piss, feeling excited and horny from the damage she was causing both to the boy and the plane. As her stream waned, she once again clamped herself off and stood up with her nether regions glistening in drops of urine. With her hands on her hips, as if to make one final statement that her actions were completely deliberate, Katie unapologetically emptied her remaining pee onto the floor while standing. A complete mess! Turning around, Katie teasingly caressed her tight round ass in front of her spectator, spreading her cheeks to show off the beautiful body that was responsible for such a vile act. Contented, she quickly slipped her skirt back on and zipped it up as she stepped away from her enormous puddle. With exaggerated concern, Katie glanced back at the boy with a sympathetic expression, inwardly overjoyed at the fact that he looked about to burst into tears. She then dropped the act, shot an unrepentant smirk at him, and tugged her skirt down slightly to moon him. Giving her nicely accentuated posterior a nice spank, she let out a small laugh, flipped him off, and waltzed back to her seat with her ass mooning the Economy cabin until the curtain was behind her. She felt tremendously powerful, and took special pleasure in making use of of Nina's "toilet paper" as she ripped out a few pages to dry her pussy. --- After bouncing up and down in her seat for several minutes, Nina stood up with a jolt. She only had a matter of seconds before she would undoubtedly wet herself, and she had to use the bathroom now. If one did not know Nina, one could not be faulted for thinking this. Yet, to those who actually knew Nina, what she was about to do was equally surprising. Contrary to her usual behavior, she actually was making a beeline to the lavatory. Instead of scurrying towards the private facilities located at the front of the Business Class cabin however, Nina was aiming to use the one at the back of the Economy Cabin. Nina hurriedly ducked past the curtain separating the cabins and immediately stopped herself, dumbfounded. As soon as she entered, the smell of fresh urine hit her. "Oh... my... god..." Nina muttered to herself in awe, staring a veritable lake of piss cooling off in the middle of the floor. As the plane rumbled along, the urine had flowed across the floor in every direction, sometimes pooling at the base of carry-on baggage that had been stowed beneath passengers' seats. It covered almost the entire cabin and was making the place smell like a bathroom. As that thought flickered across her mind, Nina was reminded of her own urgent need to use the facilities and resumed her dash to the lavatory at the back of the cabin. With the privacy of the door locked behind her, Nina wriggled out of her blouse to stand topless in the tiny bathroom. Although she was shy by nature, Nina was a depraved little imp when she was horny and right now her nipples were fully erect. Carefully stowing her top in a cabinet, Nina stepped over to the toilet, ready to finally attain some relief. Since there was no way that she was going to let her tush touch the seat, she adopted a high squat over the bowl and relaxed. ...but not before closing the toilet lid. With the bowl covered, Nina was now loudly pissing over the hard plastic of the lid. She was peeing exactly the same as if she were using the toilet properly (which she never did) but coating the lid with her yellow piss in the process. With the force she was using, urine droplets ricocheted across the confined room and within seconds, the lid was awash with her pee, now cascading over the edges onto the floor. Already, the tiny lavatory was a mess and the characteristically humid odor of urine began to permeate the room. Nina pivoted around to maximize the spread of her stream, and watched as her pee soaked through the toilet paper roll to destroy its contents. She stood on her tiptoes to aim her pussy at the tiny sink, taking care to hose down the soaps, lotions, and paper towels carefully placed on the counter. She leaned back to rest her ass against the wall, letting her urine stain the paint and run down the wall. She made every effort to ruin everything in the room by pissing against it. Given the cramped nature of the lavatory, it did not take long at all for Nina to essentially coat the entire room with fresh pee, and she squat down to contemplate her next move. With her pussy mere inches from the ground as Nina sat in her squat, Nina nonchalantly continued to pee as she thought about how she could cause more damage. Noting that her piss was now pooling across the floor stretching from wall to wall however, Nina decided to leave the lavatory be. Her bladder was still more than half-full and she halted her stream so as not to waste any more urine on the ruined bathroom. As she gingerly tugged on her still-pristine blouse, she opened the door and grinned as she looked at the floor. A sizeable amount of urine had splashed out onto the carpet outside the lavatory. Oops. Nina didn't have anything in particular in mind, but knew immediately what she wanted to do once she saw it. She had not noticed it earlier, which made sense because it was intentionally tucked away behind most of the other seating, but Nina realized that she was looking at a seat reserved for use by flight staff. Given that it was an overnight flight, it stood to reason that the flight attendants would take turns napping in it; such was the case right now as Nina recognized the girl in the seat as one of the attendants who she had worn out with her repeated requests for additional beverages. Nina's heart pounded because she knew what she was about to do. With her tiny figure, she effortlessly slipped into the empty space behind the seat and now found herself shielded from view. Nina was about to pee, but this protection allowed her to be dirtier about it. Pulling up her shirt, the raven-haired girl bared her breasts for the second time that day, clearly embracing the sexual satisfaction that public urination gave her. Rubbing her pussy in horny anticipation, Nina got down on all fours and arched her back, savoring the sensation of her bladder's fullness. Then, she lifted a leg up and began to piss. Her aim was flawless, and she was now staining the back of the seat with urine. As she fondled her nipples with her hands, Nina held her pose as her sharp stream soaked into the fabric and ran down to the floor. Swaying her hips slightly, Nina spread her stream to pee along the width of the seat. She was a little puppy marking her spot, and making a mess was part of a game. Nina relished in the fact that she was damaging one of the few reprieves given to the flight attendants, and could not care less that her glee would greatly inconvenience them. So, as if to underscore this point, Nina decided to make the message clear. Still half-naked, Nina crawled out from behind the seat and surveyed her surroundings. The coast was clear, and the attendant was out like a light -- clearly exhausted. With a wicked grin on her face, Nina positioned herself astride the seat and slowly lifted her leg again. The distinct muted pattering of pee striking a hard surface could once again be heard, but this time Nina's aim was a little different. With flawless precision, Nina was pissing on the flight attendant's shoes. The brazen young girl pushed the envelope a little bit more by tilting her stream to momentarily pitter against the girl's legs and, for an instant, even the hem of her skirt, but there was no response. The attendant was clearly too tired to be woken up even in such an extraordinary manner and Nina took full advantage of the situation by relieving herself all over girl's feet. There was an unsightly stain now on the attendant's shoes, as well as on small parts of her uniform. Nina's pee now saturated the carpet at the girl's feet and the sound of her stream striking it made the unmistakable sound of liquid dribbling over liquid. Nina pissed until she had emptied every last drop of urine onto the attendant, and finally lowered her leg, content with her deed. Rather than showing gratitude, the sinful little girl had only went on to mark the attendant as her own by urinating on her. Nina covered herself up and straightened her clothes, confidently slinking back to her seat. She felt like she was on top of the world, and as she lay back against her comfortable plush Business Class pod, she fingered herself as she replayed in her mind what she had just done. --- Katie felt quite satisfied with what she had accomplished during the flight, and as she noticed Nina return to her seat after emerging from behind the divider curtain, she knew that the two of them must have hopelessly vandalized the Economy cabin by now. As such, after confirming with a quick glance at her watch, Katie saw no reason why she shouldn't add some damage to the Business Class too now that her flight would be ending soon. Naturally, Katie had been keeping herself hydrated to perform just such a deed. Given the private nature of the pods, Katie could not easily vandalize the belongings of others, but she saw no problem being naughty in her own pod. In fact, she had been wanting to express her opinions about the inflight magazine for some time so she wasted no time in standing over the pocket containing the reading materials and letting loose. As a thick stream of pee burst forth from her pussy, she watched in amazement as the leather pocket began to fill up with yellow urine. The reading materials were trashed of course, but the fact that it took a few minutes before Katie's piss began to soak through the bottom was a testament to its build quality. For good measure, Katie continued to pee until it was messily dripping down to the carpet. She then decided to finish off with some naughtiness that she had been planning from the moment she had seen it in her pod. Katie had noticed that if her seat was in its lie-flat mode, a small air vent was visible in the space normally occupied by the seat's back. It was clearly a means to service the cabin's comparatively more comfortable ambient temperature, but to Katie, it looked a lot more like a bathroom drain. The blonde was of course no stranger to peeing in floor drains as she had often done so in her gym's locker room back home. For this reason, Katie wasted no time in tugging off her skirt, and sitting in top of the vent. With her pussy pressing against the grating, there was nothing to stop the girl from causing major damage to the ventilation machinery and irreversibly contaminating the HEPA air filters used to keep the cabin's recycled atmosphere sanitary. Of course, none of this was Katie's concern. She needed to piss and she had found a toilet. If anything, the repercussions of her impending depravity only encouraged her. What also encouraged her then, was how loudly her pee began to hiss as she began to empty herself into the vent. As she pissed, the sound of her urine echoed through the ventilation ducts, and the thought of her damage spreading so deep into the complex machinery made Katie incredibly horny. She peed with all her might, forbidding even a single drop of precious urine from landing outside of the vent. As her hiss soon lessened in its intensity and her stream slowed to a trickle, Katie could hear sounds of liquid dripping from within the ventilation even after she had finished relieving herself into it. After about a minute, the naughty blonde heard the whirr of the ventilation fan stop and beamed triumphantly as she noticed that the vents in the cabin were no longer blowing air. Better yet, a humid scent began to spread throughout the entire plane as the HEPA filter no doubt stood saturated with urine. The ventilation system was ruined, all because Katie chose to piss in it. She repeated that thought over and over in her head as she lay back in her seat, ready for the flight to conclude. Sliding both hands beneath her clothing, Katie caressed her body, excited to share her exploits with Nina. --- On the other side of the aisle, Nina was engaging in some pleasurable behavior of her own -- in fact, Nina had planned on it. A close inspection of Nina's pod would have shown that the young girl had stripped off all her clothes and was completely nude under her blanket. At the moment, she was currently bucking her hips in ecstasy. Shameless as ever, Nina had packed a vibrator in her carry-on bag and was now thoroughly enjoying its sensation inside her pussy. She was all riled up from her wickedness throughout the flight and was letting off some much-needed steam. Unfortunately for the plane, Nina was a squirter and the side wall of her pod showed that she had been busy. Every time Nina had felt the urge to orgasm, she had aimed her pussy against the wall to cum all over it. Already the wall was glistening with Nina's cum running down to the carpet, and the naughty little minx was still at it. Nina thrust her vibrator in and out of her, thinking about what a spoiled bitch she had been during the flight, thinking about how she vandalized the plane completely for her enjoyment, and thinking about how she did all of this knowing that this trip was not paid by her, but rather the people who she had stolen money from -- -- -- Nina let out a small moan as she arched her back to squirt over the side of the wall. Once again, the girl's cum splashed against the hard surface, revealing numerous glistening streaks stretching to the floor. "Ahh!" she sighed, finally contented. Nina lay on her side, not even glancing at the wall that she had sprayed so many times. It was simply of no concern to her. In fact, Nina enjoyed thinking about the fact that someone would have to clean up after her and with that, she started peeing. Unmoved from her position after orgasming, Nina lay on her side as a solid stream shot out from behind her pussy onto the very wall that she had so stained in her pleasure. There was nothing fancy here and no special intent behind her action. Nina simply felt like emptying her bladder before the end of the flight, and it just so happened that there was a wall behind her to receive the brunt of her piss. Her powerful stream sprayed against the hard surface, adding a splash of yellow to the drying cum, and saturated the carpet below. Nina peed steadily until she had relieved herself completely and reached behind to wipe herself with her blanket. She never glanced once at the mess that she had just made. --- The girls were ecstatic as they hurriedly deplaned and rushed to blend into the crowds of tourists at Charles de Gaulle airport. The two had managed to escape scot-free and they were excitedly detailing their misdeeds with one another. "There is no fucking way they didn't know something was wrong -- the entire plane smelled like piss!" Nina exclaimed as she walked with her friend. "Well, yeah," Katie replied before turning to Nina with a smirk, "They didn't catch anyone in the act. What would they say? Ask the people responsible to please come forward? Best not to draw attention to it." Nina nodded in understanding. Indeed, it would have been real embarrassing for the airline to admit that it had a couple of serial pissers on board and that they could not catch them. She smiled. "I can't wait till we check into our hotel!" Nina replied cheerily and the two were just about to exit the terminal before they heard the PA chime overhead. "Attention passengers of flight 482, a problem has been discovered onboard the plane and the flight has been delayed indefinitely. Thank you for your understanding." The girls immediately burst into laughter, imagining the faces of the maintenance crew in the presence of their handiwork. Altogether, they had caused thousands of dollars of damage to the complex machine, destroyed numerous belongings of their fellow passengers, bullied the Economy Class passengers by treating their cabin like a public restroom, prompted a thorough cleaning from a team certified in handling bodily fluids, and doubtlessly ruined the vacations of many, many, people. All because the two girls enjoyed it. All because they did not have the slightest bit of respect for the property of others or the efforts of those that had to clean up after them. All because they held their convenience above all else, and everything else existed merely to be pissed on to provide them with a naughty, sexual thrill. This was going to be a great vacation.
  10. You know I love this stuff, steve25805 Love reading your stories!
  11. Thanks WantonLee! I'm always glad to see you enjoying my writing!! Responses like yours make me want to keep going
  12. This story is a continuation of the stories with my characters Nina and Katie. Thank you so much for your continued feedback and criticism -- you all have been very welcoming and accepting of my stories! Without further ado... This story contains content that may be objectionable to some, namely themes of vandalism, theft, and malicious intent. All characters and events are works of fiction. Thank you! Pee Vandalism with Nina and Katie - Stress Relief --------------------- "For fuck's sake, Nina! Make up your mind!" Katie squirmed around as her raven-haired friend calmly walked around, meandering between the designer lingerie and formalwear. "I thought we came out to make me feel better, but you're just pissing me off!" Nina turned to look at her blonde bestie and flashed an innocent smile. It was true after all -- Katie had been in a bad mood because her client last night insisted on watching her repair his leaky faucet; she had no opportunities for the naughtiness she so looked forward to during her jobs. To help lift her spirits, Nina decided to take her friend to the immense shopping mall downtown. "I think I'm juuust about done," Nina replied coyly to Katie who was now bouncing around. Since the department store they were in wasn't crowded in the least, Nina knew that Katie wouldn't hesitate to squat down on the carpet and relieve herself in plain sight if she reached her limit. After picking out one more dress from the shelf, Nina motioned to Katie with her head. "Okay, I'm ready!" Katie grumbled something inaudible as she hopped over to Nina. As she looked at the clothes Nina had chosen, she couldn't help but roll her eyes. "WHY did you pick so many? You know this store is hella expensive and I swear you just went and picked up the most expensive shit!" By now, Nina was grinning widely. "Yup!" she winked as she grabbed her friend by the arm and hastily led her -- not to checkout -- but to the fitting rooms. As she closed an empty stall's door behind them, Nina could see Katie's eyes start to light up as she began to put two and two together. "Well?" Nina asked with a smirk. "You have to piss right?" Nina knew her friend well. She knew that the best way to raise Katie's spirits was to let her fuck things up in her own kinky way. She knew that there was nothing that gave Katie more pleasure than to vandalize things at the expense of others for her own relief -- the more destructive, the better. The added bonus for such impish behavior in the mall of all places was the fact that someone would inevitably have to clean up after the girls... but this was of no concern to them. For the first time that day, Katie smiled. "Ninaaaa you're such a dirty bitch!" Katie laughed approvingly as she began to unzip her black sports jacket. Prepared as always, the athletic young blonde surprised her friend by revealing the fact that she was not wearing underwear. Beneath her jacket, she wore the shortest of skirts -- if it could even be called that as it displayed Katie's pussy in full view -- and nothing else. With her jacket open, Katie stood topless with her breasts out and no fabric to interrupt the urine that she so desperately wanted to release. Still, Katie controlled herself. "Whatcha get, then?" Katie asked as she hastily continued to bounce in place. "Seriously, check out the price tags on these!" Nina exclaimed as she held up the designer lingerie that she had picked out. "You'll like this one!" she quipped as she showed Katie a crotchless white thong that somehow just seemed to make the act they were about to commit more disrespectful. "Nice!" Katie grinned as she ripped off the tag and pulled it on. "As for the dresses..." Nina continued with a smirk, "just piss on em. I chose the most expensive ones they had!" Nina could see Katie's nipples hardening as her friend was no doubt imagining herself ruining such expensive merchandise with her pee. Horny at the thought as well, Nina began to strip her own clothing off to stand in front of Katie in the nude. Then, after carefully hanging her clothes and Katie's jacket on the door hanger, Nina also proceeded to don some of the lingerie that was about to be ruined -- more white articles of clothing made out of the finest textiles. Finally, Nina neatly laid the dresses out all over the carpet, in clear shot of Katie's shaven pussy. Altogether, hundreds of dollars of garments adorned the floor. Katie was now breathing heavily, clearly savoring the moments building up to her naughtiness. As the blonde yet struggled to prolong this anticipation, a few droplets of amber began to patter down onto the silken white gown directly beneath her. Nina provocatively knelt down in front of her friend, popping a nipple out of her bra and running her fingers over her covered pussy. "Pee." Nina murmured seductively. Katie let out a small moan as she squat down slightly and began to spray her warm urine all over the clothes on the floor -- including those worn by Nina. The stream soon became an audible hiss and she peed with enough force to send drops of yellow ricocheting across the stall. Nina found herself awash with ecstasy as Katie's warm piss danced across her body and the fine textiles beneath her. Her friend was quite intentionally swaying her hips from side to side to leave nothing in the room unsoaked. The walls were dripping with urine, the carpet beneath them began to squelch, the lighter colored garments were stained an unsightly yellow, ...and her friend was still peeing. Thoroughly enjoying every moment, Katie got down on her hands and knees while continuing to pee steadily. She arched her back and aimed her round little tush (which was nicely accentuated by her useless thong) towards the clothes that could still soak up some of her urine. Holding the sopping articles in her hands, she held them up to her peeing pussy to cause maximum damage, and continued to do so until her stream slowed to a small trickle before stopping completely. "Ahh!" Katie let out a satisfied sigh, showing no signs of remorse for having destroyed hundreds of dollars worth of clothing purely for her pleasure. Indeed, nothing in the small fitting room lay dry. The garments were a sopping mess, the carpet was saturated with her piss, and even the walls showed urine stains that may or may not clean off. Nina ran her hands through her hair -- she was covered in her friend's piss, and the experience only made her hornier. She snapped off her bra and panties by ripping through the delicate fabric, casually tossing them into the pile of soaking fabric. "Here, let me get you something to wipe with!" Nina giggled mischievously as she tore the fabric from one of the dresses to hand her friend. Katie laughed as she accepted the obviously wet piece of fabric and ran it across her pussy nonetheless. She then tore off the thong that had been so powerless to stop her urine, scrunched it up, and tossed it into the pile as well. "Well that felt DAMN good!" Katie exclaimed, obviously in much better spirits. "Let's get dressed and get out of here!" Since Katie wasn't quite as soaked as Nina, she quickly slipped on her skirt and covered her exposed skin with her jacket. She then stepped out of the stall, peered around, and snatched up a cute little sweater to bring back to Nina. "Here, dry yourself off with this." Nina did as she was told, dropped the sweater to the floor, and dressed herself to leave the scene of the crime. Now that Katie had set the mood, Nina now had to plot some naughtiness of her own... "Yep, I know that look," Katie smiled as she hurriedly left the store with her friend. "You need to take a piss now too. Don't worry, I think I know just the place!" Nina stood wide-eyed in front of the store her friend brought her to. "A bookstore?!" Nina gasped as her face began to redden. "Aw don't worry!" Katie chuckled, "I've pissed here before! The place is huge and there's no one ever around. Plus," Katie added with a mischievous smile, "the place has rows and rows of toilet paper for you to pick from!" This seemed to sell Nina on the idea. Not only was she too horny to actually care, the idea of defiling books of all things proved too tantalizing to handle. Plus, this was a perfect opportunity for her to use her new article of clothing. "Surprise!" Nina announced sweetly as she pulled out a white crotchless thong from her handbag. It was identical to the one Katie had worn earlier, but it clearly hadn't been worn. "You little minx!" Katie laughed in amusement. Nina had stolen it from the store -- an activity that neither girl was a stranger to -- and now she clearly intended to use it. "You saw the price!" Nina giggled as she quickly slipped into a corner of the bookstore. Katie had been right -- the store was practically empty and Nina had no problem staying out of sight as she tugged off the black panties that she wore under her own skirt and put on the thong. "The fresh air on my pussy feels nice," Nina whispered to Katie with a laugh. "Now let's see... what do I want to piss on?" Katie was excited. Since Nina was wearing a skirt, it wouldn't be hard to be discreet while peeing unhampered with underwear. As Nina set out to find a secluded area as far as possible from the checkout counter, Katie browsed around for books that would be fun to vandalize. Without paying any attention to the titles themselves, Katie walked around the aisles looking only at the prices. After some deliberation, the naughty little blonde picked out a large book with elegant gold-tipped pages. Plenty of absorbent material here. Nina settled on an aisle towards the back of the store that offered large bookshelves filled with heavy books that would hide her misdeeds. It was about time too -- Nina didn't have the same bladder control as her friend and was starting to feel the desperate urge to relieve herself. "Thanks!" she grinned as Katie came back to hand her the book. "This is perfect!" Slightly disappointed that stripping would prove difficult in the store, Katie instead opted to whip out her phone to make a video of her friend's naughty pee. Nina was now squirming a little bit, clearly intending to hold her bladder for as long as possible. Finally, Nina's little pee-pee dance seemed to become too much for the meek raven-haired girl to bear and Nina hastily put the book on the floor, pages open to soak up any liquids that may be dribbled against them. Then, to Katie's surprise, Nina pulled up her skirt to flash her ass and uncovered pussy, twirled around, and sat down on the book. "You wanted a show, right?" Nina giggled as she wriggled around to feel the pages crinkle beneath her ass cheeks. Clearly caught in the thrill of the act, Nina also pulled up her shirt to flash the camera her erect nipples. "Here it comes~!" Nina whispered in a sing-song voice. Katie watched her friend relax her muscles and began to see her start to dribble a golden stream of urine across the book's pages. Nina was intentionally peeing slowly, but Katie could still make out a soft hiss as Nina's pee began to slowly pool into the book's spine and spread across the pages. Getting bolder about the damage she was causing, Nina then adopted a squatting position and began to pee with more force. Though the sounds were still muffled, anyone in the aisle could clearly make out the telltale sounds of urine splattering against paper. Nina giggled to herself as she reached below her to flip through the pages. As she continued to pee with more force, she watched as her piss quickly saturated page after page before starting to pool around the soggy book into the carpet. Katie watched with glee as the book lay soaked in her friend's pee. But then, as she continued to watch her friend relieve herself, Katie gasped. Nina still had plenty of urine to spare, and was not intent on stopping at ruining just one book. Clearly horny from the vandalism she was committing, Nina stood up and aimed her pussy directly at the books sitting on the shelf in front of her. Unapologetically, Nina pissed strong and hard over the books, treating the entire shelf as if it were her own personal urinal. She swayed her hips from side to side to drench as many books as possible, watching as her urine pooled on the upper shelves only to drip down to the shelves below. She kept this up until her warm spray slowed, and emptied the last of her urine directly onto the carpet below her. Katie sat in awe. This girl was fearless. If anyone had come close to entering the aisle, the two of them would have been caught red-handed. Nina had just ruined an entire shelf of books, doubtlessly causing irreversible damage. Calmly, Nina walked over to one of the books on the shelf opposite to her and ripped out a page. Toilet paper indeed. Gleeful at the added insult to injury, Nina ended up tearing out pages from a couple different books to wipe her pussy with, then promptly dropped them over the sopping book that she had been sitting on. Katie whispered excitedly, "Fuck yeah, girl! Let's get out of here though -- this entire aisle smells like your piss!" As Nina quickly adjusted her clothes to cover herself back up, she accidentally stepped on the book that she had so thoroughly peed over. "What book was this, anyways?" Nina asked, amused at the squelching mess of papers beneath her feet. Katie laughed. "The Bible, you dirty bitch!" She took Nina's hand and began to lead her out of the store before she heard a voice from the counter. "Young ladies?" A kind voice inquired. "Is there anything I could help you two angels find today?" With her heart pounding, Katie quickly thanked the clerk and declined so that they could escape as quickly as possible. When the two girls finally felt far enough away to breathe easy, Katie couldn't help but feel giddy. "Angels, huh?" she giggled, watching Nina smirk. No angels would be caught dead engaging in the sinful lust the two girls had participated in that evening. The girls had ruined an immense amount of property -- they vandalized the belongings of others with their pee for pure pleasure and nothing else. Katie felt aroused at the thought of Nina's book still sitting in the aisle, covered with pee, and the fact that someone else would have to clean up after her horny little escapade. "Feel better, Katie?" Nina asked sweetly, herself feeling satisfied from their actions that day. "...yeah," replied Katie with a smile. "Can't wait to go back next time!"
  13. Thanks for the feedback, guys! I love reading all of it, even you guys' preferences :) I admit a lot of this writing is experimentation for me in terms of conveying stories. I will keep at it!
  14. This is incredible, steve! ...and I bet based on my own stories you probably aren't surprised that I liked this one so much hehe I really love their malice... can't wait to read part 2!

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