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  1. In college, our dorms were ancient; dark, kind of damp, low ceilings, and two people in one cramped room. There was a sink in the room, but the bathrooms were communal by floor (and floors were separated by sex). Those sinks saw a LOT of pee, both from guys and girls. Honestly, I'm not sure what they expected...
  2. Thank you Alfresco! I'm glad you said that actually because there have been many times when I am thinking while writing, "am I just making things long-winded for no reason? Am I boring people with this extra stuff?" I personally like to know the little details and implications, but I've wondered if I should just have them pee and be done with it, since that's obviously the whole reason we are here!
  3. Google Drive or a free Dropbox account stay up as long as you have it there, I believe
  4. @Spectacle Thank you so much for taking the time to give feedback! I really want to write things people will enjoy so I like knowing what gets people going as they read about Nina and Katie's mischief. For example, though I might not be able to guarantee it for the next installment, I will make note of why you enjoyed the first installment so much! I had to also laugh about what you said about the elevators -- in the incomplete draft of the next installment, that's exactly what they were faced with in the morning 😛. But yes, thank you for your kind input and encouragement. I have the personali
  5. Loving your stories, Lemon. I'm a big fan of pee vandalism!
  6. rann


    Oh? I would love to have an idea! 😆
  7. Apologies in advance for no photo or video, but this was just sort of something that happened. Do any of you guys do this? I work in a metropolitan area and it is a bit of a drive to my apartment. Sometimes near the end of my work day I kind of feel the need to pee but the desire to go home ASAP tends to win out and I instead end up with a somewhat uncomfortable ride home. I even have to park in a parking garage which tempts me without fail but the risk is simply too great -- it's a very professional area and I am too scared to get caught no matter how much I would like to relieve
  8. rann


    I've mentioned my high school ex a few times in the past -- essentially, her personality and [bad] habits tend to serve as the basis for my fictional stories. At any rate, Morgan and I would pee down the side of cars all the time, but we never overtly vandalized any of them. ...except for one time, what she did pretty much qualified. We had just finished peeing on this sort of maroon colored SUV: I was zipping back up, and Morgan was, as usual, simply dropping the tissues she had used to wipe with into the puddle she just made. After pulling up her shorts however, she just sort of nonchal
  9. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5e1b582047f5f She sucks him off and proceeds to spit it on the bus floor!
  10. Sounds like you made the most of your stay! Especially love how you did these with intention, particularly the stairs and elevator. You could have just as easily used the toilet in your room! 😉
  11. I love girls like Abby. I enjoyed reading your story and the thrill she had in pleasuring herself with what was once a beautiful, sleek vehicle. Looking forward to future installments!
  12. That's what I like to see! Looks like it was fairly yellow too so I hope the ball pit smelled like pee for them!
  13. Actually friends, I wanted to ask -- I know that I am quite slow at writing between installments (I apologize for this) but I would like to know what things specifically did you enjoy about this segment. You all probably have a good idea about what I like by now, but I am curious what you guys are liking so that I can continue doing it or make a few tweaks here or there as I write. Thank you as always for reading! 🙏
  14. Well in the case of our friends, after we went back to our hotel Morgan texted to tell them that we left something for them in front of their door. Apparently as soon as they opened the door, they could see (and smell!) what we did which ticked them off a bit but mostly had them laughing at our audacity. Naturally Morgan and I were dying of laughter at their response. As for the cleaning crew... well they had no way of proving who did it, did they? We didn't have anything against them, we were just having fun. I hope they had fun cleaning up after us though 😇
  15. Thank you all very much! I am the type of person who hates what they have written pretty much immediately after writing it so I am very happy you like it. @p1ssputz those are some wonderful ideas. I love how we can pool (!) ideas about naughty peeing. I'll keep a look out if you are inspired to write some stories as well!!
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