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  1. Please have more courage and do it, we need more vandal girls, unfortunately when it comes to naughty peeing, there is much more content of men than of women. Maybe start from something little, like pissing on toilet paper in a public bathroom for example, and then as you get more brave, you do bravier things.
  2. These ones are great ideas. Please pop a squat do some of these.
  3. Pissing in a public bathroom floor never gets boring, so it's a nice excuse to do it more. Some advices I have to make things naughtier: 1- Aim to the toilet paper, so the next ones who will use the toilet won't be able to clean themselves (Imagine someone has to poop and can't clean themselves because you pissed on the toilet paper 😂😂) 2- Throw the toilet paper on the floor.
  4. Piss in/on: 1- Public bathroom floor. 2- Stranger's car hood, door or tire. 3- Hotel room. 4- Restaurant/bar floor. 5- Stranger's bike. A funny idea that a member of this forum had was pissing on a helmet that was on a bike. 6- Public changing room, if you feel brave enough on clothes and you put them back. 7- In a store, wherever you want. For example, in a furniture store you could piss on a sofa or on a bed. These are just some of the ideas, hope you can try many of them😉
  5. This is the same reason why I enjoy so much piss vandalism. Too bad there are few videos where girls do pee vandalism.
  6. Oh, one thing about public bathroom floor pissing. When you wipe, throw the toilet paper on the floor obviously😂😛
  7. I think we could have a very good and funny conversation 😂 I just have to reach the minimum contents amount. I totally agree, that's definitely the best thing about naughty pissing.
  8. What do you mean for naughty? Because for some people, it is everywhere but a toilet, but for people like me, naughty is only a place where the piss will bother other people in any way (like pissing in toilet floor, on a random car, in hotel floor and so on). If you're asking, I assume that your interpretation is the second, since the people that have the first interpretation don't have much problems to find places to pee. In that case, like I said earlier, you can piss in a public toilet floor, on a random car (on the tire, on the door's handle, or even inside), in hotels, in public vehicles
  9. If for naughty you mean a piss that damages other people property, or more in general involves pissing in a way that will bother other people, obviously not, the whole point and the fun of naughty pissing is damaging and bothering other people, cleaning ruins all the fun.
  10. A very simple solution: Don't piss on anything that's yours. Public stairs, elevators, in buses, restaurants, public toilets (obviously on the floor), on random cars, trains, changing rooms... There are so many places.
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