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  1. I read this story of yours years ago, and never could find it again, or any other parts of it. Thank you so much for resharing it with us! I have to ask, were there ever any more parts written?
  2. I'll take a shot at this, and this is going to be a hot take, with little editing - She groggily looked over at her clock, which read "6:24", when she felt the pressure in her bladder. Fumbling for her phone, she checked her alarm when she remembered that it was her day off. Smiling to herself, she closed her eyes and released her morning piss into her bedding, and taking care of her other building need. She came quickly, thinking of how much she loved laundry day.
  3. Those short form stories are awesome, but for me, trying to get a concept out in only 3-5 lines is the hardest thing, without resorting to poetry. Excellent work there, and if it helps people get into writing, all the better.
  4. You definitely should write a sequel. We are all waiting with baited breath. Part 1 was amazing, and 2 was just starting, that I can hardly wait for more. Thank you for the time and effort these things take, we all appreciate it, even if we aren't sociable enough to say it half the time.
  5. I wasn’t usually in the store during the day, but I was in training today for my new position. I was moving from the floor crew to loss prevention. It paid marginally better, was a day position, and I wasn’t going to spend my weekends waxing and buffing the entire store. We were on a break from the class, and the energy drinks I had to keep me up while I was flipping my schedule were running straight through me. Someone was in the family restroom, and the men’s room was closed for cleaning. Disclaimer: This story was inspired by one of YellowKitty's videos, specifically Check it ou
  6. Has anyone here ever played Trials in Tainted Space? And yes, I'm 100% sure that the name (which spells TITS) is intentional. It is a sci fi game that has you boldly cumming where no one has came before and trying to earn money and fame in the process. The idea here seems to be similar, except that he is willing to explore literally every fetish except water sports and scat. The lead writer on that project set the overall story, with contributing writers penning individual scenes, that they integrate into the whole story. He did another setting that was similar, but fantasy, which was a little
  7. Thanks for writing, it was a great story, and I look forward to reading more from you.
  8. Wonderful story. I was afraid you had stopped writing.
  9. I remember reading this story back in the day. Still one of my favorites of your early work.
  10. It is a little early, hopefully, my haste in editing didn't let through too many typos and errors. Thanksgiving weekend 3 Now, I have to warn you, this next part does contain brother/sister, not just cousin incest. Ironically, where I live (the US), all of this is legal, depending on the state. There are some backwards ass states in the south. I remember having a particularly sexy dream, where a gorgeous blonde woman and a handsome dark haired man were taking turns licking my pussy. Apparently in my dream world there had been some argument about who ate pussy better. I’v
  11. That is what I have done so far. I don't expect to have the third part finished till December.
  12. Thanksgiving Weekend 2 Hey, this is Ashley again. I hear you want to know how I spent the rest of my Thanksgiving break. I didn't film any more during the week, not having the time(or the privacy mostly) to edit. Filming itself was impractical for several reasons, and I kinda didn't want to upload a porn clip from my Aunt Carla's house, mostly out of paranoia. I was not, however, a 'good girl'. Not that my family (outside of my cousins, but that is getting ahead of myself) knew otherwise. In front of the family, I did my best to be the model of perfection. This allowed me to have
  13. I have the second part edited, and will try to post it tommorow. Hopefully, there won't be as many stupid grammatical errors.
  14. This is the first part of a story I started last year around thanksgiving, but by the time I had finished it, it was almost Christmas. Let me know if you love it and/or hate it in the comments. So, first off, my name is Ashley, I'm a sophomore in college, and twenty years old. I have strawberry blonde hair, that is a little longer than shoulder length, nice firm C cup breasts, an ass I think is too skinny, but it hasn't ever stopped anyone from staring when I wear the right shorts. I have long runners legs, from years in high school doing cross country. I wasn't quite good enough t
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