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  1. Some comments on this Reddit post you might enjoy https://old.reddit.com/r/mildlyinfuriating/comments/1dad1a3/repairman_drenched_my_toilet_seat_in_urine/
  2. Stopped by here again after doing some shopping, was only around half past 9 so played things a little safer and was pissing a little ways away from the door. Had my cock out and was full stream when I heard the door open - immediately I spun around, cut off the flow, and slipped my dick back into my pants while walking away. Pretending to be on my phone I turned around and watched a woman wheel a garbage bin into the dumpster area, she was maybe 25-30, brown hair, dressed in the theatre's uniform. She didn't comment on me being there, and I left while she emptied the bin, exchanging hell
  3. This article about a streamer who ran someone over quotes a Redditor who says her streams involve peeing in alleys - from what I can tell from the Reddit thread, at 5:36:56 in this video she takes a pregnancy test in an alley. Unfortunately the video is currently blocked on YouTube, due to music copyright violation. If anyone knows of a mirror of this video, sees the peeing portion clipped elsewhere, or can access the YouTube video in your country, please share what you can! I found this clip: But it is heavily censored, not sure if there's better out there or if this is wh
  4. Had to go on the drive home tonight and couldn't resist leaving a mess in a nearby park for the joggers and dog walkers to see tomorrow morning.
  5. Used to live downtown, and pissed off my 4th floor balcony a couple times. My apartment faced some houses, most of them being rented out to university students (which I also was at the time). It was nice being able to just spray with abandon rather than having to control things at the toilet.
  6. Pulled off in front of the mailboxes in a residential area to relieve myself this evening, stood facing them with my cock out acting like I was getting mail. (Pic of puddle attached.) Drove off but had to go again - broke the seal with the first piss - and found another set of mailboxes a bit further up, but in a more exposed area with a little more traffic. Went behind the mailboxes this time for more cover and voided the rest of my bladder, but got caught tucking things away and zipping up by a car passing by as I stepped out from behind the mailboxes. As I drove away I saw the car that caug
  7. https://globalnews.ca/news/4248211/public-washrooms-winnipeg-business-owner-public-urination/amp/ News story discussing frequent urination in front of businesses, as well as mentioning a woman who started to pee in a secluded staircase of a bookstore before being caught and escorted out. Sadly no photos/videos of any of the events, just the locations.
  8. Walking home this evening I was bursting for a piss, so I walked off the sidewalk a bit and went to the back door of the local movie theater, by the dumpsters. I was surprised to find the door open a crack - some of my piss may have splashed inside as I thoroughly hosed down the doorway. I just wish a cute theater employee would have walked out to put some trash away while I was standing there...
  9. Have you ever just whipped it out or popped a squat while other people are around? Lately I can't seem to get this off my mind, and I want to hear your experiences with it (either as the pee-er, or witnessing it). I'm especially enthralled by the thought of doing it in front of the opposite sex, and with friends or colleagues who you've no sexual connection with. Some examples of what I'm imagining are: - Walking in the city at night with a friend, and just peeing against the streetlight while you wait for the light to change. - Relieving yourself into a bottle while sitting bes
  10. At the one hot tub party I've been to, almost everyone went inside to use the washroom (or perhaps peed in the pool, but at least a few people went inside). One guy did go out to the lawn to pee into the bushes, but that was seen as kind of weird, considering how easy it was to go in to the washroom.
  11. I always wipe, at least if I have toilet paper available. I usually pee through my foreskin so definitely need to wipe, and even if I retract my foreskin to pee there's usually a bit that's run under the glans or some still left in the tubes to blot out. There may be people who can pee and leave no trace on their skin, if so lucky them!
  12. Since I'm 5'6" I can't comfortably do this, and never even thought of it being an option for casual relief while brushing teeth or whatever. Damn.
  13. Unfortunately it's kept in your pants or underwear, one of the most humid environments on your body and right by your anus which expels tiny particles of feces if you ever fart. So your penis is held in this ideal environment for bacteria all day, unless you're a nudist. (Which I don't mean to be a lecture or anything, if you still don't want to wash your hands that's fine. Just want to clarify that in case you are actually concerned about cleanliness and just don't realize this, as many people don't.)
  14. Great stories, sounds like you're making the most of your situation! Also absolutely love the pics, your pussy is gorgeous, and seeing your piss running down it is the cherry on top. One of the hottest threads I've seen in a long time.
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