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    When it comes to pee, I am mainly into watching other men pee. I especially enjoy seeing outdoor pee scenes. Outside of this fetish, my interests include TV, Movies, and Video Games.

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  1. In my backyard. Been awhile since I had done one of my backyard pees, so I decided to go for it. I just stood on some bricks, whipped out my dick, and pissed on the grass in front of me.
  2. I think they know about my fetish, since we've all told each other our kinks at some point, but I don't tell them about my backyard pees because I know they don't share my fetish.
  3. It doesn't hurt for me, in fact it's my preferred way to pee. While seeing a guy pee naked is hot, and I have done that too on occasion, I love seeing a guy unzip, pull his dick through the fly and go like I do. The dick shaking is nice to see too. The whole process of unzipping, pulling the dick through the fly, aiming, pissing, shaking when finished, tucking it back in, and rezipping turns me on the most. Just seeing and hearing a guy unzip his fly is enough to get me excited, knowing what's to come. I hate it when pants don't come with a fly. Some of my summertime pajama shorts ar
  4. My preferred way to pee is standing up, though I do sometimes kneel in front of the toilet to pee (I usually do this if it's my first one or two pees after cumming). My favorite way to watch other guys pee is to see them stand up and aim their cocks using either one or both hands.
  5. I am a man who prefers to be the one peeing on someone than getting peed on. I'm not super into golden showers, but if another guy wanted me to piss on him, I would have no objection to doing so.
  6. Lots of nice butts in here! Glad to see that there's a thread for this.
  7. Love reading stories like this! Hope to see more stories from you in the future.
  8. Great stuff. Also just wanted to say that I really enjoy the male pee sightings that you've shared with us over the years.
  9. While a guy pissing outside is still considered naughty in my book, I will agree that a guy pissing outside is always hot!
  10. 1) I picture a potted plant being located in the living room. I mean I would probably seek out potted plants anywhere in the house, but since we can only pick two locations, I'm going with the living room because I feel like there is a good chance of finding a potted plant there. I would piss on the leaves of the plant and on the soil. Really give it a good watering. 2) I would pee on a wall in the dining room. I imagine the wall being a lighter color that way you can see the piss stain more easily. Like I would have a quick piss on the wall before sitting down to eat, or maybe after
  11. I'm a gay man and my take on this is that sure your fetish is being performed right next to you, but you're not allowed to actually watch and enjoy it for fear of getting beat up.
  12. Looks like there’s no urinals in the bathroom, only in the kitchen, so if I lived here I would be peeing in the kitchen more than in the bathroom.
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