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    When it comes to pee, I am mainly into watching other men pee. I especially enjoy seeing outdoor pee scenes. Outside of this fetish, my interests include TV, Movies, and Video Games.

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  1. This game looks right up my alley. I’ll have to check it out.
  2. I prefer to pee on something. When I do my backyard pees, I like aiming at the wildflowers. I will often move my dick around mid stream, so I can try and pee on as many different ones as I can. During the winter, I like aiming at the snow.
  3. I guess my biggest fantasy would have to be seeing another guy pee on a tree for me, him knowing that it turns me on. I've also fantasized about pissing inside another man's ass. I occasionally fantasize about myself finding a secluded spot and letting my piss flow on a tree or a bush. One of my more recent fantasies is me putting my dick in another man's ass and keeping it in there while he pees on a wall.
  4. The backyard pees I have done were all "unnecessary." It was just me wanting to have some fun. I literally walked past the toilet to go pee outside.
  5. Spring has sprung in my backyard. The grass is growing and the wildflowers are blooming. I walked over to one of the areas where I usually do my backyard pees and saw an area where the grass and wildflowers were particularly high and decided it was a good place to have a piss. I whipped out my cock and gave the grass and flowers in front of me a good watering with my pale yellow piss. I moved my dick around so I could hit different flowers. The grass was so high up I felt like I was peeing on a bush. Once I had finished peeing, I put my dick away and admired my work. It's a nice, sunny
  6. Gay man here. It's difficult for me to describe why other guys pissing outside turns me on, so I'm sorry if my response seems ramble-y and all over the place. There's just something so...bold about it. Like wow, this guy is bold enough to just stand up, walk over, whip it out and piss out in the open. Also, gives me the vibe that the guy is pretty confident in himself. I know I feel more confident in myself after I have one of my outdoor pees (before the guilt sets in anyway...). There's also a sense of naughtiness too because of how frowned upon peeing outside is nowadays (most likely w
  7. This was hot! Nice stream, nice choice of location, and a nice cock too.
  8. I think it might ease some of the angst I sometimes feel over this fetish. Would also pee outside more often. When it comes to my enjoyment of peeing outside, the removal of the "naughtiness" of it would be a positive rather than a negative. It's still fun and freeing without the naughtiness. When it comes to my enjoyment of watching other guys pee outside, I think the removal of the taboo would make it more likely that a potential partner would say "yes" if I asked if I could watch them pee. I don't think it not being naughty anymore would cause me to completely loose interest. It would
  9. I don't usually plan it, though occasionally if I know in advance that the opportunity may present itself I will hold until then. I do my naughty pees in my backyard and I do go out of my way to do it. I literally walk right past my bathroom just to do one of my backyard pees.
  10. Was able to do two of my pees in the backyard today. The backyard was mostly covered in a thin layer of snow and ice. Taking into consideration what I did last time, I walked up to a patch of snow and ice on the ground, unzipped, whipped out my cock and did the first of today's backyard pees. It was a clear stream, so the snow didn't turn yellow this time. It was still fun to see the snow and ice melt though. I did my second backyard pee on a different patch near some bricks. I aimed for the snow and ice, but did piss a little on the brick in front of me. I had to go more this time and
  11. Peed in my backyard twice today. It’s fun to melt the snow and ice with my piss.
  12. Family and friends? Sure. Landscapers and construction workers? Fine with me. Random dudes? Nope. The idea of an uninvited person doing it creeps me out.
  13. Welcome back, @pop-a-squat! I hope you are feeling better.
  14. For the indoor concert, I would use the alley. For the outdoor wedding, I would use the trees and bushes. I wouldn't want to miss an opportunity to pee on a tree or a bush. Not sure about the theme park, just somewhere discrete I guess. For the cabin, I would open the window if the weather wasn't too bad, so I could pee on the snow. Otherwise, I guess I would just find a secluded corner in the cabin.
  15. Pissed on some snow and ice today. It was hard to find a spot in the yard that would both obscure me from view and not leave footprints, but I managed. I loved seeing the snow turn yellow and the ice melt.
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