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    When it comes to pee, I am mainly into watching other men pee. I especially enjoy seeing outdoor pee scenes.

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    Watching other guys pee outside

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  1. Out of all the ones you posted so far, this one is my favorite. Love seeing guys pee outside. A line of guys standing up and peeing outside while also exposing their butts…that’s hot!
  2. I have no sex life. Looking at pictures, watching videos, or reading stories of other men peeing is something I do during a lot of my masturbation sessions though.
  3. I feel bad for whoever has to clean that garage corner up, but that sounds hot.
  4. I'm gonna have to answer no to the non-hypothetical questions. As for the hypothetical cruise, I would piss off the balcony because that sounds like fun to me! On the hypothetical farm, I would probably either piss on a tree or on the wall of a barn. Not sure about the hypothetical carnival. If I didn't have to go too badly, I would probably wait for a restroom to become available. If there were no restrooms available and I had to go really bad, I would probably try to find a secluded wooded area and piss on a tree. If I knew there would be no consequences for urinating outside at this c
  5. I've never seen anyone pee outside where I live. I live in a small suburb of a small city.
  6. I find the toilet boring, but I don't hate it. I use the toilet all the time at home because I don't live in a place where I can pee outside without getting caught. At public restrooms, I use the urinal instead of the toilet. If there were no consequences for peeing outside in public places, I would be doing that more.
  7. I'm more into watching other guys pee than myself peeing, but my favorite part is the release. Love seeing the piss flow out of a guy's cock and I really like it when it is done outside and lands on a tree or a wall or a bush. I do get some enjoyment feeling and seeing the piss flow from my own cock, though.
  8. Welcome to the forum! Peeing outside is a big part of my interest in pee as well. Hope you enjoy it here!
  9. I’ve peed in my bathroom sink before, but it is not something I do a lot.
  10. I don’t pee outside often. It’s been years since I have last peed outside. If I lived in a place where I could pee outside without getting caught, I would do it very often; preferably on a bush or tree.
  11. Favorite: Trough urinal Fantasy: Peeing outside on a bush or tree. I technically peed on a tree before, but that was when I was really young and I don't remember much about it. I don't live in a place where I can easily do this without the risk of getting caught, so that's why I put it in fantasy.
  12. I don’t enjoy every pee either. Sometimes I will enjoy a pee though, such as when I pissed in a urinal for the first time in months since the pandemic started .
  13. Welcome to the forum. 🙂
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