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    When it comes to pee, I am mainly into watching other men pee. I especially enjoy seeing outdoor pee scenes. Outside of this fetish, my interests include TV, Movies, and Video Games.

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  1. Me, @embruh, and @Pratum_Vulpes peeing on a wall or a tree together.
  2. Very nice! I agree that the urine stains on the wall and the sound of your piss hitting the wall are indeed lovely.
  3. Awesome video! Love peeing on a tree content, whether it be videos or pictures. I like that you included the audio too.
  4. Some observations I have made recently about my outdoor pees: -I have been getting better at it, didn't even need the distraction technique at all the last couple times. -The "high" I get while peeing outside really only happens when I'm horny. When I pee in the yard when I'm not horny, I don't feel that "high". Later on when I am horny though, I will think back to the outdoor pee I just had and get aroused thinking about it. Not being horny while peeing in the yard does make it easier to go though. -While watching other guys pee outside is still the biggest part of my pee fe
  5. I wished I had pissed outside during college. So many trees I could have watered… Alas, I only used a toilet or urinal during college.
  6. I pee alone in my backyard sometimes, mostly on grass or wildflowers. I haven’t been caught so far.
  7. Last outdoor pee I had was when I pissed on the grass in my backyard a few days ago.
  8. I’ve never peed outside at a park, but if I had the choice I would piss on a bush, flowerbed/planter or a planted area. Would also pee on a tree if available. I like pissing on greenery.
  9. Great piss. I like to pee in my backyard sometimes, but there is always a risk of the next door neighbors seeing. I avoid doing it if they are outside on their porch or yard, but there is always the risk that they could pull the curtains back and look out their windows.
  10. I'm much more likely to tell a long term partner, but even then I would be hesitant about doing so. I just don't see a reason for me to tell a one off hookup about my fetish unless we were hooking up for fetish reasons.
  11. I recently started peeing in my backyard sometimes when I’m home alone, which isn’t often.
  12. Since that post, I have gone back to identifying as gay and if I were to take the poll today, I would choose gay male. I was going through a tumultuous time where I was questioning my sexuality again and mistakenly thought I was bi because of my porn habits, but in the end I realized I wasn’t really bi.
  13. Pissed in the backyard again. I was on my way home from work and my mom wasn’t home yet, so I went over to my pee area, did my distraction technique again and released a good yellow stream onto the grass. I had just put my cock away and re did my fly when my mom pulled into the driveway. She didn’t catch me peeing, but she was surprised to see me coming from the backyard. I told her I was just out for a walk, which is mostly true since I have to walk from the bus stop to get home and rather than going inside the house I just kept on walking to the backyard. So, I didn’t get caught, but I
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