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    I'm a bottom who loves it when dudes piss together or go outside

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    The male bonding and masculinity in the act
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    Pissing at a trough urinal in Europe

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  1. Always come back to this classic! Love the way you describe his pissing so casually yet so detailed!
  2. I keep reading about these group pisses some of you guys have taken, and it has me wondering What's the largest amount of guys you've ever pissed with? Where did it happen, what was it like? For me it was probably during my freshman year of college when some guys and I took a piss along the treeline. I tried getting closer to one of the guys there when we peed but he thought it was weird 😭
  3. Love that! More dads should be open like yours about pissing with their sons. Raising them right. No shame, just letting it loose together as a family.
  4. Hey, new user here! Do any guys here have any stories about pissing with their dad?
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