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  1. Morning dentist appointments mean a lot of held morning coffee. Which I released on the back of the building on the way out. I never stand too close to the wall anyway but it was crucial here as the stream was so strong. Got the last two spurts pretty high up there.
  2. I did really have to go and purposely held during a chat with someone to go here in public. There was definitely some coffee being released.
  3. I don’t want to skirt the rules too bad here so maybe but also maybe not 😏
  4. Decided to piss on a building at the park in broad daylight on my lunch break after getting a little encouragement from a friend on here! Hopefully they won’t mind me sharing.
  5. Saw this on Reddit a few days ago and thought the idea might be appreciated here!
  6. Was passing through a big office complex that’s always a bit of a maze and couldn’t be bothered to find a bathroom. Out of convenience I ducked into the first unlocked meeting room I found and left a puddle cooling on the carpet in the corner. I then continued on to my destination feeling much more comfortable.
  7. The is the best strategy. Small spurts throughout the room dry easily and are also pretty undetectable. And if you want to make a big puddle just move a piece of furniture, have fun, and move it back. Also works for hidden spots like behind large items too.
  8. Totally spontaneous piss off an overpass onto a highway. Full bladder, surprisingly short waist high concrete barrier and lights in the distance were all contributing factors.
  9. Like many of you I have a favourite parking garage that is conveniently central to a lot of my daily errands. Just for fun I’ve pissed in each of the stairwells numerous times. At this point it just depends on which one is closest to where I’ve parked. This one might be my favourite stairwell because of the waist high window which allows me to see cars driving and people walking around while enjoying the the sun on my big cock.
  10. Left an interview recently and discovered this carpeted stairway a few blocks away and decided this was as good a spot as any for a pee. I went back for a follow-up a few weeks later and discovered the door to the stairs now had a lock on it. I guess they didn’t appreciate my behaviour from the first time. There was no time to find a new sneaky spot since I had been counting on going here. So I just pissed on the locked door and went on my way.
  11. I’m usually over-the-top nice and friendly to the front desk person during the whole check-in procedure, knowing that in a few minutes time I’ll be emptying my bladder carelessly over whatever I please in the room.
  12. Several years ago, when I was in my mid 20s I had a girlfriend who was very open minded and into almost anything. I have quite a few fond memories of her but this one ranks among the hottest. The setting is a dirt parking lot at a wooded conservation area bordered on three sides by thick coniferous trees and trail heads and on the fourth by a busy arterial road on the other side of a ditch connecting the city with a bedroom community about 15 mins away. During the rush hours the amount of traffic was considerable, heading into the city in the morning and out at night. It was dusk and app
  13. Without the slightest hesitation!
  14. Was absolutely bursting with coffee and water when I found this empty classroom to relieve myself in. There were technical issues with the video but I got a few shots of the aftermath. It was a decent strong yellow color and I left a puddle on the carpet that is a bit hard to see as well as marking three chairs/desk combinations in the back.
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