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  1. Im entering a public toilet with the intention to spray everywhere. Stay tuneddd
  2. Every chance given🙈
  3. Into river Thames after a night out this weekend 😭 Very central and with people walking past, I was wearing a skirt and a thong tho so it was discreet and hottest thing is the guy I was with did it after standing guard for me ❤️
  4. I usually piss in the dress up cubicles, love the feeling someone bare footed will stand in my piss thinking it’s water 😝
  5. I’m a female and I have gotten away with this by them thinking i was squirting super hard, which I was usually but there was one time I was being fingered in a guy’s living room and I released like 5 steams of piss on the couch where his family lounges 😭 He had no idea that I was also desperate (and carefree) due to the amount of wine I had during dinner (always makes me piss like crazy) so he just put his shirt on it to soak some of it up.
  6. I had to use a squat toilet once again and as you know I don’t bother making a mess, however this mess was a huge one because the toilet and the bit in front of it was wet from some other lady and frankly, I didn’t want to step in that so naturally I pissed on the tiles and a bit on the door, it almost leaked. To my misfortune I had to witness a woman exclaiming disgust as I left because pretty much the cubicle was drenched. :/ I mean, if she didn’t like it that much she shouldn’t have gotten in but she did, so too bad. 😝
  7. I thought hotel bathrooms were only for showering, brushing teeth and going for number 2?
  8. Pissing directly into someone’s mouth and them drinking and swallowing it, licking me clean until I cum and then just leaving.
  9. Same here. Anytime I face the door, considering Im in a low squat I end up pissing on the tiles and even reach the door rather than the hole 😂
  10. Not a train but an international bus. Happened yesterday, I was visiting a neighboring country to buy some things and it was like a 4 hour ride. It was getting dark already, I didn’t really feel like using public toilets and I was getting frustrated because honestly I prefer cars or planes. Anyways, I felt the urge to piss and there were very few people in the bus and most of them were asleep anyway. No one was behind me and it was dark plus I doubt there were cameras so I finally had the opportunity to soak a seat. I was wearing leggings but I didn’t want to wet them, however I didn
  11. https://www.reddit.com/r/SydneySweeneyGW/s/XIsMzKGTxl I don’t think anyone has better than hers right now
  12. I love it. It turns me on so much but no one knows, especially when they piss on a property/object. I was with a guy friend and we were walking to the bar, I was walking and talking and he didn’t even say anything he just stopped and started pissing on a restaurant sign, you know the ones where they write offers etc. I think he wanted to aim for the corner but was desperate and drunk so pissed on it, eyes closed so I don’t think he even bothered to aim properly and his piss was sliding on the sidewalk too plus it was a busy street 😭 I watched from where I was because I didn’t want pe
  13. Last pee was during my morning shower which is not too interesting, however last night… I was drunk and it was like 3-4 am so I went to the balcony for a cigarette and realized I really really really needed a piss but I didn’t really want to put out my cig, so I just squatted with legs open wide and started pissing on the floor of the balcony near the metal fence and as it was quiet and dark I could hear the hissing and then I heard it dripping down on the balcony below me which is bigger. But the lights were off so I assume no one heard it. I don’t know if I pissed on anything but even if I
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