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  1. For me it's always unzip, pull my dick through the fly on my briefs and let loose. Unless I'm wearing basketball shorts. Then I lift up the right leg hole on the shorts, but I still use the fly on my briefs. I use the index fingers of both hands underneath and have both thumbs on the top of my dick to aim into the urinal.
  2. Step up. Unzip my fly. Reach inside my pants fly to find the fly on my briefs. Pull my briefs fly apart and bring my dick through the opening. I use both hands to aim, both thumbs on the top of the shaft and my index fingers underneath for support. Then it's just aiming to avoid splashback. After I'm done I shake it a little before I tuck myself back in. If I'm wearing loose shorts with no fly I like to bring my dick out of the right leg hole.
  3. Not only would I let you aim me, but I'd let you unzip my fly and whip it out for me too.
  4. I also use both hands when digging inside my pants fly. I bring the briefs fly apart with both hands and pull my dick through. And then I use the fabric from the briefs to cover the zipper of the pants on each side to keep me protected a little bit.
  5. I've always used both hands when I pee. Both thumbs on the top of the shaft and both index figures underneath for support.
  6. This happened at a sold out hockey I was at, with like 16k people there. It was during the first intermission. I had to go pee pretty bad so I went to the men's room. 3 of the 4 walls were covered in urinals without dividers and all of them were full. With the line the way it was, you could definitely see some side profiles of guys peeing if you wanted to. When it was my turn I stepped up to the urinal and unzipped my jeans, standing slightly farther back than I usually did. I noticed on the right that he was watching what I was doing. I was struggling a bit to get it out through the briefs I
  7. I created an account specifically so I could tell you how I do it @Liketowatchhim First off, it doesn't hurt but it can be restrictive and sometime the fly is small on some briefs so it makes it harder to whip it out. I've always worn briefs and I wear jeans a lot too. So I have my process down pretty well. First when I step up to the urinal I unzip with my right hand. And then with both hands I fish around to find the fly on the briefs. Once I got it, I pull each side of the fabric apart and pull my penis through. I use each side of the briefs to cover the jeans zipper. Make it feel
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