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  1. Not exactly bad aim but nice to see guys like this whose piss is naturally messy. Mine was like this before circumcision so I'm used to getting it on the floor https://thisvid.com/videos/urinal-uncut/
  2. Good to see, there's a reason we call it relieving yourself. Doesn't matter how close a toilet is, when you've actually got to go the most comfortable thing to do is just piss. Walking anywhere is a nuisance
  3. Yeah I have found llama better than mistral for this by far. If I ask I give it nearly no direction at first it will usually creat situations it would otherwise not like me to request even. Have also found that saying "the story would be funnier if ..." Gets me a response easier than just asking for an adjustment that it might shut down.
  4. https://thisvid.com/videos/spy-piss-493/ Mine sometimes does something like this, where the two streams will meet
  5. I keep wondering what these guys are lined up for, if it's a toilet then why aren't more people joining him. And if it's a changing room, then why?? They are already in a space where people would get naked If anyone has any idea let me know
  6. Well as I said they sometimes have to choose between waiting or making a mess. So we often see people using the overflowing urinals to avoid waiting even though it means their piss just flows down the walls onto the floor. And then other will piss in the corner or in the drain as it is the same as using the overflowing urinals. I get splashes on my legs and feet from the guys pissing next to me often as they are just whipping it out and pissing as quickly as possible. Not to mention the friends who'll piss in the same urinal as each other when there's only one available and oft
  7. I get what you mean, unfortunately I didn't get circumcised until last year but before then if I ever pissed in a toilet it would go everywhere, probably part of the reason I don't care anymore. Even urinals would be very messy if the weren't at the ideal angle, pissing outside was the only way I could guarantee I wouldn't make a mess. Now it's often very accurate but as a result I no longer really aim, I tend to go hands free and if it's off at first it readjusts from the force of the piss. Although there are still times where it sprays like before, especially as you said if I try point
  8. That's like how I piss of I have to use a stall, but door stays open Main concern is getting cock out and pissing, no matter where it goes Surprised that he would walk forward at the end though, I also stand back to piss and I don't see the need to walk forward to finish
  9. My stepdad and my uncles are the same, any time I'm in the shed or garage I just pee in the corner like they do. Most of them never told me to do it, once it was the norm for my family I didn't think to check.
  10. My stepdad and my uncles are the same, any time I'm in the shed or garage I just pee in the corner like they do. Most of them never told me to do it, once it was the norm for my family I didn't think to check.
  11. This is the mentality at my uni, since they get cleaned regularly and everyone is very busy no one thinks twice about the mess they make. Most people keep talking to those around them and don't even look down to consider their aim so there's a lot of splashing and missing. The urinals also often get blocked so people end up having to overflow them, or pee on the wall or drains anyway so a few misses don't matter.
  12. Also love seeing this, I have started to get into the who cares where it goes mindset now and pee standing back, hands free while using my phone. Usually it will still hit the target for the majority of the piss but often ends up some other places too, someone will clean it anyway so who cares.
  13. Hahaha I had an awkward experience with this last year, I was peeing at a urinal and I got a bit of a semi right as the stream split and it ended up shooting 90 degrees to the right and hitting the leg of the guy next to me. He looked to the side very quickly but didn't say anything to me so maybe he noticed how hard it would be for me to fix the situation.
  14. https://thisvid.com/videos/pool-party-guy-pissing-in-the-sink/ This is exactly what it's like peeing anywhere in a locker room, people will notice but no one cares
  15. Good to see some like minded people here, a parking garage like a lot of places is really just a big urinal, it's a place you have to be sometimes while you need to pee and doesn't have toilets.
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