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  1. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/straight-and-gay-guy-piss-together-32085982 This one has pretty much all the goodies! Talking while going, attempting to start, going together, going together in a toilet, hot but not “sexy”, just a casualish pee time between two desperate people. (Also, enjoy while you can, because it’s 2021 xtube!)
  2. 7:00 - usual wake up piss, took a little longer but nothing major. 11:00 - about 20 seconds, it was simply the case of - I have to go - and nothing else. 2:00 - same thing, except clearer stream, outside in my backyard which was pretty nice. 6:00 - took a lot of water for this one, since I wanted this one to be nice and long, and it was. 9:00 - right before the end of my day, was quick but felt good.
  3. (contains pee scenes) Ellie was sound asleep, but not for long. She woke to a discomforting feeling from down below, and instantly knew what she needed to do. Rising from her bed, she made the way into the bathroom, and to her destined seat and sat down. After moving her lower wear away from her private area, she took a quick glance and admiring at her neatly trimmed slit that would soon spurt out her relief. Now that she was situated, Ellie felt her liquid content coursing to her urethra opening, which then gave a slightly warm tingle as it opened. Her stream of urine started to c
  4. ( contains scenes of guys peeing ) * August 12, 2019 * Good old route 37! The perfect road to drive on on such a perfect day. Not to waste an opportunity like this, some guys decided to take a drive on this road to be in the moment. In the car was Jona, Harrison,Caden, and Al. Harrison was driving along the road, admiring the scenery, while Jona was in the passenger seat looking around as well. Caden was in the backseat to the right looking out at the river, and Al was opposite Caden in the back. In the middle was two cup holders showcasing two coke cans, each one belonging
  5. I can relate, one time I was coming back home from an appointment, and I had to go REAL bad! Ended up pulling over and pissed on the side of the road. Then I remember that things are easier when you can just take it out and go 😁
  6. Lol, the second you whipped it out you started going! You must’ve been pretty full, huh? 🙃
  7. https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/bursting-to-piss-38154941 Found this really nice video of a guy going outside. Looks like he needed it.
  8. (contains peeing and descriptive pee scenes) William and June strayed off the hiking trail they were walking on, and moved towards the trees, bark, and sticks laid on the sides. Their plan was to enjoy some “relief” they were needing to have. Now, any normal day, if someone would have to go at a time like this, they would either wait until they get to an actual facility, or they take a tree and let go there. The two have planned on doing something similar to the second one. Distorted walking lanes in the form of dirt, sticks, and tree bark were present all around June and William,
  9. not the longest or “best” leak I’ve taken, but I thought I might as well take a picture of it
  10. ( contains male and female pee scenes) Jake and Tracy were on the highway heading back to their house. Currently, there was some traffic, but it was moving along fairly well as of now. However, the two were desperate to take a leak sometime soon, hopefully when they arrive home, so they had to sit in the traffic for a bit longer before it cleared up. Now, a rush to the house took place, Jake pushing the pedal as much as he legally could. 3 minutes were taken out before the two arrived. After the car was parked on the driveway, Tracy instantly moved out of it and ran to the front do
  11. Felt like doing this again. Does it look good?
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