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  1. Water mostly. I've been trying to be pretty health conscious about that the past couple years. I drink about 2 liters a night. Besides water I'll sometimes have juice. No real preference with what kind of juice, just whatever I have a taste for when I'm out shopping. Soda I very rarely have around the house anymore. So soda almost never contributes to my bladder filling up anymore. Beer is also a big player, I typically go out and have about 6-8 pints once or twice a week. I usually can finish those, hold for a bit then release them all at once.
  2. Massive 3 minute pee I took last week https://thisvid.com/videos/massive-endless-toilet-pee-3-minutes2/
  3. If I'm at home drinking water I get pretty full around 3 liters of water and it starts becoming difficult to hold. I don't like breaking the seal too early but sometimes have to. If I'm out drinking a lot at the bar then I've found I can hold a bit longer, since having a nice buzz kinda dulls the pain of holding so much.
  4. So last night, Thursday night, I was out to a bar I often hit after a hard day at work and had a few drinks. After about an hour I felt the need to pee so I got up and headed for the bathrooms. Walked in and heard somebody else going in one of the stalls. I walked up to a urinal and whipped out and lasted probably a good 40-50 seconds I'd say. The whole time this guy in the nearby stall is still going, and it wasn't some light peeing either, it was splashing down in the toilet pretty loud. I finished my pee and stopped to wash my hands, taking a bit longer than usual just to see if I would hea
  5. That's really impressive about your cousin peeing that much.
  6. Filled this up with pee when I woke up today 🙂
  7. I have but not very often I'm hard when peeing in the morning. Double stream sometimes.
  8. I've never measured capacity yet but my best is 2-3 minutes steady stream. So I imagine close to if not 2 liters. But can't say for sure
  9. Just took this long piss after holding most of today at work. Felt so good letting all this out https://www.erome.com/a/zDG0F9sU
  10. I'll hopefully get it recorded if I can manage another 3 minute one. The old video I took wasn't good quality. And I think you showed your 2.43 one to me before.
  11. Oh yeah felt incredible hehe. Lost the original video sadly. I had it up on here a long time ago. If I can pull it off again and get it on video I'll be happy lol.
  12. Been a while. But here's a new close up one for you all.
  13. 3 minutes is my best. Happened a long time ago I was rushing home after a concert and had to go so bad it wouldn't stop hehe
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