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    3 minute pee after holding all night at a rock concert.

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  1. 30-45 seconds is my usual duration when I'm not trying to hold a while.
  2. I've got a big bladder, that video was definitely pushing the limits though lol. Haven't measured capacity yet but I've made a couple major size puddles before. No pics of my own but size wise I reckon somewhere around this big, when I'm full to my limit.
  3. Dull pain at first in my lower stomach, usually not progressing to real uncomfortable pains for a good couple hours. Pain just keeps building from there and then it becomes bad enough that I gotta really try to hold back from leaking. Usually after that the sweating really starts if I continue to hold, and pressure just keeps getting worse down below. Once sweating happens I'm like minutes from losing it in my pants heheh.
  4. 3 minutes. A most incredible feat of mine. A pee that definitely shocked me, and I don't think I could ever pull off again. 2 minutes is typically my limit, even that is quite painful though. But 5 years ago at a rock concert I found myself needing to pee super bad mid-show. I had been drinking a whole bunch of soda and quite a few tall beer cans that night, I guess never realizing how bad I had to pee halfway through the show, because it was a wild time lol. Though it was painful, I didn't want to leave to go use the bathroom, so I forced myself to hold it until the concert was over. Fin
  5. Me peeing for a whole minute and a half! Enjoy ❤️ https://www.erome.com/a/LkLi3p5A
  6. Having a quick pee break this morning at work. 😉
  7. Little over 3 minutes. Managed to get it recorded and still have the video lying around someplace. Had just got home from a rock concert a couple years back. Had been holding for an insane time, rushed for the toilet and let loose and it was incredible.
  8. In my teen years I was at a restaurant with my family. I remember we had all met up for lunch and I hadn't gone at all that day yet. So I got up from the table and went to the restroom. Both 2 urinals were being used at the time so I had to use one of the toilets. So I began going. Wound up being full to the limit, minutes long before finishing. I remember becoming really scared closer towards the end cuz by that point the whole toilet bowl was foam and my stream was still coming strong, and I thought what if I can't stop? lol. Ending: I finished and went back to rejoin my family.
  9. Had to go very VERY bad this morning! So decided to make a big mess in my toilet 🙂❤️
  10. Hey all its nice to meet ya. I'm brand new here, thought I'd share some some pics of some of my pees. Can go loads at a time if I try, I mean A LOT. Will try and get some videos up here soon. For now here's some photos of my sweet relief.

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