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  1. I have but not very often I'm hard when peeing in the morning. Double stream sometimes.
  2. I've never measured capacity yet but my best is 2-3 minutes steady stream. So I imagine close to if not 2 liters. But can't say for sure
  3. Just took this long piss after holding most of today at work. Felt so good letting all this out https://www.erome.com/a/zDG0F9sU
  4. I'll hopefully get it recorded if I can manage another 3 minute one. The old video I took wasn't good quality. And I think you showed your 2.43 one to me before.
  5. Oh yeah felt incredible hehe. Lost the original video sadly. I had it up on here a long time ago. If I can pull it off again and get it on video I'll be happy lol.
  6. Been a while. But here's a new close up one for you all.
  7. 3 minutes is my best. Happened a long time ago I was rushing home after a concert and had to go so bad it wouldn't stop hehe
  8. Had a very nice long hold and had to go sooooo much this morning! Enjoy https://www.erome.com/a/rC6NZ3P8
  9. Hey all I've been away a while but am gonna start coming back and recording some new long pees for you guys. I'll be using this topic to post anything new from now on instead of creating separate topics. Here's a couple gifs I made in the past. Enjoy! ❤️
  10. Filmed this quick pee on break at work. 🙂
  11. Usually undo my belt and pull it out but depends. If I'm wearing a tucked in shirt I'll just unzip.
  12. Had a nice pee at the gym tonight, had been drinking a lot of water throughout my workout which lasted about an hour. Went and let loose in the locker room after.
  13. Once. Filled a 1 liter mug I've had on hand for a while now. Haven't done anymore peeing in it since, maybe again sometime lol.
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