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  1. I don't know! Do many "straight" females get excited seeing guys pee?
  2. I've had some experience with the Tangueray Gin. The drink of choice for my lady and I is Tangueray and tonic water with a twist of lime. It does make for better tasting pee. The cranberry juice works well and we drink a lot of water. It not only dilutes the taste of the pee, it make you need to go more often.
  3. Good luck with Mike! The story was terrific! I can't wait to hear more. It's so interesting to get things from a ladies perspective.
  4. Thanks for the reply! I like the way you see things (no pun intended).
  5. Hi! You sound like you fit right in here!
  6. My wife loves to watch me pee. Back when I was active dating, I would be very intimate with a girl, having oral sex, then a few hours later we might be out somewhere walking in the park or along a trail and I would need to take a piss. I have never been shy, so I would pull it out and go. Most of the time the girl would turn away or keep walking a distance to give me some privacy (that's the last thing I wanted). I don't understand what that's all about. It's not like she's never seen my cock before, she had it in her mouth a couple of hours ago! When I ask them about it, the reply
  7. I would never do that to a lady unless she was ok with it. Even then, I would let her know before I let loose. That was rude and nasty!
  8. I seem to be in the minority with an uncircumcised cock, I have a couple of questions: How many out there are cut / uncut? If you are uncut, do you pull the foreskin back when you piss? What do the ladies think of an uncut cock?
  9. Found you through "Experience Project".
  10. CJim27


    Found you a couple of days ago and decided to sign up yesterday. I looked at some of the threads and figured out that this is reasonably legit. I've had a passion about peeing ever since I saw a beautiful young girl pulled over along side a busy highway squatting, dress pulled up and a strong stream of pee coming out of her pussy. I still can't get that picture out of my mind, even though it was probably 30 or so years ago. I'm 65 years old, married to a wonderful lady who luckily understands and shares (although somewhat reluctantly sometimes) my interest.
  11. I agree with you. Staged pissing does nothing for me. I prefer the candid stuff.
  12. Pissed in front of my gf. Seen my gf piss outside Seen other girls piss outside. Had my dick held while pissing. Got jacked off by a girl after pissing. Have been pissed on by a girl. Drank a girls pee as I was eating her. Pissed in a girls mouth. Pissed in a girls ass. I've been around a few years to do all of these things, and others.
  13. I get excited watching girls pee outside. Especially in public places like along side the road or in a parking lot. I have no problem having others see me pee, although I don't go out of the way to be seen.
  14. Googling around, I found you quite accidently. It appeals to my fetish of peeing.
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