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  1. This one was expected, a backup was in progress. It's finished now so all should be working as normal again. 🙂
  2. My recent post was in regards to a tiny number of posts that really seemed to take things to new extremes in terms of causing harm to others. I do not really see that anything has changed here, 'naughty peeing' is still allowed. To be clear, something like 'peeing on a hotel floor' is still completely fine to discuss - we are talking about a really small subset of very extreme illegal content. It has nothing to do with political correctness. Having an area dedicated to that really extreme illegal content would encourage the site to become a hub for it, which could bring a lot of unwanted
  3. Did you even read the post? Alfresco has answered perfectly already, but this has nothing to do with political correctness. Nothing has really changed - naughty peeing is very much allowed as always - we are simply clarifying our stance on the extreme illegal vandalism / distressing content that focuses on extreme harm/loss to unwilling participants. This applies to an incredibly minuscule amount of posts here, and your comment that peefans is not a place for naughty peeing is simply untrue.
  4. Good question. Definitely more relaxed when it comes to fictional stories, as long as it is mentioned at the start what type of thing is included. I would try to veer away from anything that is considered really evil / disturbing, but certainly we can be more relaxed if talking about a fictional story, as nobody is actually getting hurt. One final point: I realise there will be things that fall in a grey area. Please just try to use your best judgement. We're not trying to catch anyone out here.
  5. Hey everyone, you may have noticed a lot of talk here recently about extreme pee vandalism. Some people love the more 'extreme 'content, others have been deeply troubled by it. There are many thousands of us here, and it is understandable we all have different interests when it comes to pee. Firstly, I want to be clear that we absolutely allow 'naughty peeing' discussion - for example, peeing in public, on a carpet, seat etc. An issue only arises when the post is talking about physical damage / loss / distress to non-consenting people. For example, breaking into a stranger's
  6. Very deserving winners, a huge congratulations to you all! 🏆🥇🎉 We're lucky to have so many great members here... there are some brilliant posters who weren't even nominated, which just shows how the high the standard is, and how difficult it is to pick just one person. To every single one of you who has posted on PeeFans this year: thank you! It's obvious to say, but the site would be nothing without everyone who contributes, so please know that your posts truly are appreciated. Thank you to everyone who voted, and also to Sophie for organizing another great year of awards! I
  7. You can turn the snow off. 🙂 Press the toggle in the navigation bar (the one that lets you change the theme) and scroll down a little. There's a 'confetti' option, turn that to off. You can also change the colour/style of the site as well if you wanted.
  8. Thanks @PissOnMyParade, will send you a message now. 🙂
  9. Sorry for the delay - please check your emails 🙂
  10. Not too sure, but please let me know if it happens again. Looks like it was just a temporary glitch (hopefully).
  11. Sorry for the slow response. Were you talking about the live chat (chatbox/chatroom in the corner of the site), or your private one to one messages (accessible from the speech bubbles button at top of site)? Glad it's all working now, but let me know if any other issues.
  12. I have re-enabled it for you. Glad you're enjoying the site! 🙂
  13. A huge thank you for all your hard work as a moderator Steve, you have helped the forum so much, right from the very beginning. Sorry to lose you from the mod team, but glad you'll still be here as a poster!
  14. I agree that members shouldn't post links in the videos section where you have to be friends with someone on thisvid to see it - the whole idea of the videos link section is anyone can view those videos. So feel free to report any posts that have those limitations, and we can delete those specific video posts. But as others have pointed out, it's the uploader who privates the video, not ThisVid. ThisVid in my experience has been a good hosting platform. So I'm in favour of banning video links that aren't publicly visible (e.g. you have to be 'friends' with the uploader first to see
  15. Sounds like you need to ask Vodafone to turn off the block on adult sites.
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