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  1. www.pornhub.com , www.erome.com and www.eroprofile.com are all good options in my experience, although we will allow video links from anywhere as long as the site is not full of lots of intrusive popups/redirects etc.
  2. Great spot! Congrats on making the 15,000th topic! Nice observation you made on the chat as well that 30k members is around the same populations as British Virgin Isles and San Marino. One step closer to our world domination?! (Overtaking Liechtenstein next? 😎) When you consider that only a relatively small amount of people who visit the site actually register, that's pretty good going. In fact I just checked our analytics and in the last 2 years alone over a million different people have visited this site.. So when you also consider that a large amount of pee fans out there have never heard of this site, it just shows there really are a lot of us out there... 🌍
  3. Admin


    Hi gen, there are a couple of threads on onlyfans here where people have discussed it. But as for the promotion part, take a look at this if you haven't already. 🙂
  4. I understand your concerns but I'm not a fan of the word homophobic being thrown around for what is quite simply a business decision, and not remotely to do with sexual orientation. It's not that men won't ever be able to participate in this, but I can assure you there is a significantly higher demand for paid clips of women than men (much higher than 75/25). I am not saying there's no interest in male clips of course, and we have a section where guys can share their own clips already. But clearly one of the goals of this project is to raise more money for the site, so there would be no logic to excluding 50% of the population on a whim. But it's not as simple as 'just let everyone participate' - there are lots of other variables; cost of hosting clips, verifying participants, managing payments & payouts to name just a couple... so we are looking for a small number of people to partner with initially, and so it makes most sense to partner with people whose clips we think will be most in demand. In terms of videos featuring both men and women, it would become too complex to be splitting payments for the same video to multiple people (regardless of gender). It would be up to participants in the video to sort compensation out between themselves. Although the site will be exclusively for pee videos, so other than golden showers, I can't really envision what those videos would be anyway. We're not talking about professionally produced porn videos here. Again, if/when things are up and running we will definitely look into expanding to paid male content as well, but I already know that there would be many men happy to create amateur clips to sell, which is why it was important to see the levels of female interest first (as that I wasn't so sure of). As for the site's structure, indeed the majority of our users are straight men who come here for only female content, but regardless of someone's orientation I feel it makes sense to have a separate category so it's easier for everyone to find what they want. I'm not sure what advantage there would be of mixing both together. I appreciate you voicing your feedback though. Even though it may not be the answer you were hoping for, I can promise you that we do want to be an inclusive site for all.
  5. I agree PM's are more visible, but on the 'chatbox' popup in the bottom corner, there will be a number in a red circle if you have unread private live chats. So you will still see the notification if you've been offline. (As you correctly pointed out, private live chats is a gold feature only though). Obviously with the main live chatroom you won't get notifications (apart from the sound), as I can't imagine people would want to be notified of every message ever, just the ones live while you're here.
  6. Pretty much everything you said already exists @Mr. Whizz 🙂 https://peefans.com/leaderboard Not only does it show most points earned each day/week/month/year, you can customise the date range, awards ARE sent out to the winner, and you can view most liked posts etc. For quick access to this, you just press 'show more' underneath the leaderboard on home page.
  7. PeeFans has a new advertising partner, and they are offering PeeFans members from the US + UK a variety of free items. Here's how it works: They have an Amazon store. If you buy one of their items and leave a positive review, they will refund you the full price of the item (via paypal / cashapp etc). This may sound 'too good to be true', but it's actually common practice for amazon stores to offer free items to get reviews and more visibility for their listings. Which is great for you, as it essentially means you can get some free products. To get started, simply join their facebook group for all the details (not linked to peefans or adult content in any way): https://www.facebook.com/groups/973378389535285/ This is a sponsored post and the group/store is not a part of PeeFans. If you have any questions, please join the facebook group and ask, and they'll be happy to help. Some of the items available:
  8. When this site first started, one of the ways we grew was uploading pee videos to popular tube sites that had a note on them with the link to PeeFans. The logic of course being that if someone is watching a pee video, there's a high chance they'd be interested in joining our community. I don't have time to do that these days, and am looking for someone to take on this role (which would likely take a few hours per week in total, and can obviously be done whenever you want). Depending on the amount of time you were willing to spend on this, we would either offer free gold membership here, or an agreed fee. It would not be a huge amount, but you would be helping PeeFans out a lot, and making the forum more active. Not only that, it's quite enjoyable, as you are finding suitable pee videos, compiling them together, adding a link to the video, and uploading them. Here's what we're looking for: Someone who knows how to download videos. Someone who knows how to edit videos and add multiple clips together, cut parts out, add titles at the beginning/end, and watermarks. (can be done in almost any editing software, even free ones, but you must know how / be able to learn quickly). Someone who has at least a few hours a week to devote to this, and is happy to join lots of different adult sites (and even find new ones) to share these videos to. If you are at all interested, please send me (admin) a message, or reply below. Thanks.
  9. Hi shadowpiss, not in gold membership, but as you may have seen we have a FREE section for that: https://peefans.com/forum/35-men-peeing-pictures-videos-stories/ For all the gold benefits, check this out: https://peefans.com/gold Thanks.
  10. Admin


    Oops, good spot. Just googled for sneakypee news and saw an article with yesterday's date... shame it's 4 years ago. 😂 Here's an update from this year! If it's only been a week, my guess is it will return, just some tech issues.
  11. Admin


    Nope. Update from the admin here: http://wwwsneakypee.blogspot.com/?zx=f8d412d0db3a32d4 Will be back to normal very soon it seems. 🙂
  12. To all the guys still reading... unfortunately fellas I just don't think there's the same level of interest for paid videos of guys peeing at this point. HOWEVER... If you know of anyone who may be interested in this opportunity, for example a model you're subscribed to on another site (like onlyfans/clips4sale etc) and you refer them, you will get a free giftcard when this new section gets built! How It Works: 1. Ask them if they'd be interested in making more sales & reaching new fans (with no real extra work?) 2. If yes, send them a link to this thread so they can see the details. 3. Just ask them to mention your forum username on the very last question... if they do, you will get a giftcard to spend on any videos of your choosing once everything is setup! Remember, it's fine if they are already selling clips elsewhere, and it's also fine if they're not. The key thing is they're happy to create pee videos.
  13. In a recent thread, we were discussing the popularity of OnlyFans, and how it is clearly not in favour of most pee content (leading to it getting removed or hidden away). However, given we already have a platform here where thousands of pee fans visit every day, I am considering an area of the site that would allow female creators to create and sell their own pee videos. Perhaps a little similar to OnlyFans, but the key thing is it would be geared specifically towards pee content, and give both creators and fans much more transparency. For those who don't like this idea, it will be a separate area from the forum so will not interfere in any way (in fact it will actually eliminate the need for clip selling posts on the forums). Not only that, I believe the new area will lead to an increase in new people finding and using the forum (both men and women). For those who do like this idea, I think there are a few more key benefits: For viewers: All pee creators in one place, so you can easily find them, and discover the pee videos you really want. Ability to engage with creators. Everything much more open and straightforward, as unlike the other sites, it will be very very pee-friendly! 😉 For women joining the programme: PeeFans already has a platform with thousands of people who are interested in your videos, and we will even help promote them on your behalf! This means you do not have to constantly be promoting and selling them yourself, and can likely sell far more than would be possible in other places. This means more fans, and more money! If you enjoy creating pee videos, this could be an incredible (and very lucrative) opportunity. Unlike OnlyFans and most other adult sites, pee content would be the norm, rather than a taboo topic you're not allowed to publicly post. You handle the videos, and we handle everything else for you - the secure payment processing, the file hosting and downloads, etc. (And there would then be a revenue split between us, with PeeFans' cut going towards helping the site's running costs). In other words... I think it could be a positive for everyone involved. However, this is still just an idea, right now. I am looking to hear from some female creators (who either are making/selling videos already, or who would be open to the idea of getting paid to make pee videos). If that is you, please complete this short survey: https://forms.gle/RfNinDn1KS3cpdq3A It should take no more than 5 minutes, and will help determine whether this idea is feasible. If it is, I'll be contacting people who submitted the form to be part of the initial launch. Thank you.
  14. Admin


    Hey Gen, welcome to the site. We don't allow self-promotion of links/usernames here (just to avoid the forum becoming filled with ads), however you are very welcome to share a clip of yours in the 'pee videos' section that has your onlyfans watermark. That way members will still find your page. 🙂 Also, just so you (and everyone) knows... I'm considering an area of this site (separate from the forum, so would not interfere) that's essentially 'OnlyFans for Pee' (OnlyPeeFans...?). OnlyFans is clearly not in favour of most pee content, so a site that gives both creators and fans more transparency of what clips are available, could be beneficial for everyone. (As right now even figuring out who has pee videos seems like a challenge). Would be curious who would be interested in this? (either as a creator or a viewer?)
  15. You already can. There's a feature called private messages. Click on anyone's profile and there will be a 'message' button. Or press the envelope icon in the top right corner of every page. As gldenwetgoose said, LIVE chat between members (facebook style) is a gold feature, as is unlimited inbox space. But sending private messages to others users is something everyone can do for free (once they've made a couple of non-spammy posts to prove they're a real person, which you already have). Feel free to send me a message to test it out. Enjoy!

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