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  1. That's an impressive milestone - well done, and thanks for all your contributions here. 😄
  2. Yes, as Sweets and Steve said, the rules recently change to fix the problem you are describing @Peefreak99- maybe they will crop up very occasionally, but if they do you can simply report them. I think multiple chats would just decrease the activity. Plus, the fetish chat would probably feel like a spammy sex chat room, and it would mean the clean chat can never move on to the topic of pee. In my view, having one chat works best, as then normal topics can be discussed, but then if pee naturally comes up, it's of course a topic we all enjoy discussing. Feels odd to have a chat on a pee site where it can't be discussed. I've definitely seen a lot of good chats in the chatbox since the rules changed, so I don't think any changes are needed for now. As for the timezone, I recommend you initiate conversations in the chat, there is never any time of day where nobody else is online, it is just a case of getting the chat going. Most people always wait for others to do that though.
  3. Welcome to the community Yames, great to have you on board. Glad to see you've already filled out your profile - I'm sure we all look forward to chatting with you around the forum. 🙂
  4. Since this thread was made, the member map has been introduced, so people can add their locations (being as vague/specific as they like - I recommend no more specific than your city at the absolute maximum). https://peefans.com/membermap/ US and UK dominating as expected, although this only shows members who have added their marker, so of course there are over 23,000 others members registered here too.
  5. Welcome to the forum! 🙂 You can find the forum rules here: https://peefans.com/topic/7910-site-rules/ - nothing too unusual, but thanks for checking first! As for posting your art, I'm sure we'd all love to see it, so please do feel free to share as much as you would like! 😄 If it's pee related art then by all means make a new topic in 'pee pictures' section which can act as a gallery for your work. If it's not pee related, there's also a 'sex and porn' section for other erotic pictures.
  6. I have set it so that if you dismiss the message once, it stays dismissed permanently. I will put my faith in people that enough users will be willing to view the ads (or upgrade to gold) to make the site sustainable.
  7. Admin

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to the forum! 😄
  8. The pee sections (aside from the male section) are female sections. The reason male peeing has its own section, is that most people are specifically looking for either male or female content (and then if anyone wants both, they have both options). If you're a straight male, you probably don't want every other post to be a naked guy, so it's helpful that they're divided. However, if you're a gay male for example, does that mean you can't post your photos in the mens section and have to post it in a separate gay section? The idea just doesn't make sense in practice. Why create all this division and confusion unnecessarily? We tried segregating the site into more niche sections before, and the conclusion was that having core sections where everyone posts is better. Right now it's very simple: pictures go in the pictures section, videos in the video section etc. What it sounds like Sweets is proposing is not a female section (since the pictures/videos section are female sections already), but instead a 'members own photos/videos' section. Again though, we had this before and it wasn't really used. Most women here don't want to have their own images/videos in the spotlight so much, and those that do can simply create a thread in the pictures or videos section and make it clear its their own images/videos. For example, instead of 'girl peeing on the carpet', you'd call it 'me peeing on the carpet'. Having experimented with different variations in the past, this seems like the best setup, so we won't be making any changes for now. One of the main criteria for a new section is whether a sub-category of content is overflowing a certain section (for example, if general chat was flooded with sports topics, a sport section would perhaps be needed.) In my experience with forums though, over complicating the amount of sections is bad. Often a new thread would do the job (for example if an LGBTQ member wanted to make a thread to connect with other LGBTQ members, but I think we should leave that up to people rather than making threads on their behalf they may not even want).
  9. As someone who typically uses ad blocker myself, I can definitely relate to what you're saying. There is one important point to bring up here though: ALL of the adverts on PeeFans are self-hosted images. The ad is hosted on our server in a simple .jpg or .png format. There is no external code to other sites which could be modified/hijacked. The ad images are served in the same way as every other image on this site is served. Another very important point is we have absolutely no popunders, popups or any 'hidden' ads. The ads are always in the same spots, and are quite clearly ads. They don't move or obstruct the main content. Additionally, the vast majority of ads promote gold membership or other forum-related things, and so the links are to other pages on peefans. Any other ads we do include here will always be from trusted partner sites. We never just add a code that provides unknown ads; we manually select sites and then work closely with those sites. Again, this is not something we do often, and we do screen the sites. You could argue those sites could get hacked yes, but you could argue that about this site or any site. The ads are very easily not clicked if you are concerned about visiting other websites, and the ads themselves will always be simple .jpg or .png images with a standard hyperlink (all hosted on our server). The upshot of all this is that the ads themselves are perfectly safe, and always will be. They are also relatively unintrusive to the main content, and I would hope they're a small price to pay to ensure the site can support itself. I am sure most people are happy seeing 1-2 .jpg banners on each page if it means they get access to the site completely for free. Alternatively, gold membership at £7.50 per month to remove them completely is something I believe most members could afford if they wanted to. If a member simply doesn't want ads but has no interest in all the other gold benefits (or can't afford £7.50 per month), by all means contact me and for a very small one-time fee we can remove ads on your account permanently.
  10. We are certainly very welcoming of any members of the LGBTTQQIAAP community, but segregating them is not really what PeeFans is about. Personally I'd much rather everyone use the same sections together than divide us into groups unnecessarily. We want one united community all sharing together.
  11. 400+ videos uploaded in the last month. We're currently in the process of adding custom thumbnails to each one along with tags, so it's extremely easy to find the videos you want in the gallery. Lots of exciting updates to gold membership planned, plus all the current benefits you can find out about here: https://peefans.com/gold (including video gallery access, custom themes, unlimited inbox space & sending private attachments, all ads removed, custom title/rank and lots more!) If you like this site and want it to continue, please consider supporting us, and unlocking all of these features today. Simply send me a private message or apply using the link above.
  12. Welcome to the community! 🙂
  13. At the very beginning of every new topic in this section (starting from today), please include a very brief summary of the type(s) of peeing/activities in the story. For example, is it a story involving wetting, peeing in a toilet, peeing outside, golden showers, pee drinking, both male and female peeing, etc? Feel free to include this information in italics right at the start of the topic, and then you can then get into the story as normal. This will make finding / reading stories a better experience for everyone. It is essentially a note to people on whether this story is going to have things they are turned on (or off) by. It means people can find the right stories for them. 🙂 If you forget, please contact a moderator to edit the post for you if you no longer can. Stories may get deleted if no effort is being made to follow this rule. This only applies to stories posted from today onward. Do not worry about stories you have already submitted. Thank you for your cooperation. An example of what I am referring to is below. This is a story of Sarah's adventures on a day out with her friend, which includes lesbian golden showers, naughty public peeing, and pantie wetting. Once upon a time Sarah.... (and on with the story)
  14. Just to add to what Sophie said, popular upload locations are www.erome.com , www.eroprofile.com or www.pornhub.com You can then simply share the link here.
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