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  1. I agree this definitely won't stop minors accessing porn. In fact, the plan seems very poorly thought through in many ways. As far as I can tell, if you are not in the UK (or not browsing from a UK IP address) you will not be affected whatsoever. (However I imagine many other European countries are likely to implement similar things in the future if this implementation goes reasonably well). However, for users who are in the UK, PeeFans will unfortunately have to comply or risk being severely fined or blocked by ISPs. It looks like there will be one main system that all the main porn sites use, where you verify yourself once either using a personal document, or by purchasing a specific card in a store so no data is linked to you when verifying, and you can then access all porn sites that are using this system. Whilst not ideal, it sounds as secure as it can be and relatively painless, so I will try to get us on board with that. So in theory, you could buy a card at almost any shop (if you can prove you're over 18), enter the code online, and then can continue as usual with sites like pornhub and peefans etc. I would like to stress again that whilst I support stopping young children accessing such explicit content, I am not in favour of this ineffective additional verification for users in this way, but we will simply have to implement it for UK users in some form (from July onward). Of course, as mentioned already, VPNs are extremely cheap and would bypass this restriction, as you would no longer be accessing the site from a UK IP address. I'll work to get the best solution possible, but if you're in the UK please be aware we'll have to add something.
  2. Would you be willing to post them here in the stories section? I bet they'd get a lot more deserved attention that way.
  3. It has been disabled. I think it definitely worked better for scrolling down pages, and certainly saved bandwidth, but I realise that many members aren't starting at the top and going down, so it isn't really effective. Should be back to normal now. The other speed changes seem to still be working my side though. Please could someone confirm if things are running smoothly for them? (aside from the picture loading - which is now back to normal),
  4. I can see the intention, but I fail to see how this will work in practice. Having a database of everyone who accesses porn doesn't sound great either. I think it's much more designed for the large tube sites, but technically PeeFans would be included, so I'll do some research and see how we can ensure there are no issues. @will64makes a good point though - government rules are making VPNs increasingly appealing.
  5. Admin


    Hey, welcome to PeeFans! I'm sure you'll definitely find that here. Hope you have fun!
  6. I went on to look at the threads. I tried to sign in but apparently need to verify my email (as I never really used my account), but the email is not coming through and there's no option to change your email address without first verifying it... so I gave up. I still managed to see the thread you posted Steve. I agree it's better to let egwalrus just rant to himself, no need to start all that up again. We all know what to think of him already. It did make me laugh that he was suggesting buying advertising space instead though. I have tried contacting peesearch about that before multiple times, but I think it's fair to say they are not actively moderating their messages right now... I was also surprised that someone else criticised the post for sharing links to another pee site - is that really against the rules (I couldn't see it in their rules)? I understand the two sites serve similar purposes, but I see no reason not to give people options since we're all united by wanting to chat with other pee enthusiasts. We certainly don't have any rules forbidding talking about other pee sites here (in fact we have an entire section dedicated to it), and so I imagine that was just one member oddly taking offence, as most responses seemed to agree with Steve and welcome additional options.
  7. Welcome to the forum @astrozombie699 - I hope you enjoy it here, and feel free to message me if I can ever help at all.
  8. Feel free to use this very simple banner anywhere that's appropriate
  9. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6364577/Young-women-relieve-mens-URINAL-big-day-races.html Finally the Daily Mail reporting on something worthwhile.
  10. It depends on how sexual they appear. If it's blatant porn then yes. Many others do not. I'm suggesting people follow the youtube rules, but if they still take it down for someone reason, it will likely still bring in a few new visitors. Not sure if you've understood what this thread is about though... The aim is getting pee fans from youtube to this site (i.e. people looking for pee videos but looking in the wrong place right now). I'm not suggesting youtube should be the place to host pee videos we all want to watch as it's not designed for serious adult content. However I can assure you from a promotional perspective, it is a good idea.
  11. We'd all like more pee fans here on the site, right? I'm personally looking to invest some money into promoting the forum to try and help with that, but the best way for us to grow is if YOU can spare a few minutes to spread the link to PeeFans in relevant places. Unsure where? The best method is simply: 1. Register for a free youtube account (30 seconds) 2. Pick a pee video from your computer that doesn't contain nudity + add text like 'peefans.com' or some similar message to the start & end of it using any free video editing software (likely some on your computer already). 3. Upload to youtube and title it. Then post. Of course, feel free to get creative with other ways of sharing the site too. Thanks a lot.
  12. Whilst I would of course love you to stay, I will not try to change your mind if you have made a decision that you think is best for you. But a few points come to mind from your post... I really don't think active watersports participation is needed at all to still enjoy discussing the topics, sharing in other people's experiences, or even creating fantasy stories and roleplays etc. Talking about real experiences is (literally) just one small section of the site. Many people are in the same boat as you. It is genuinely not frowned upon. If someone isn't replying to your PM's then perhaps they don't want that, but I assure you it is very much allowed and encouraged, and that the vast majority of people would be very happy to chat via PMs. However, this is an adult site of course, so I'll admit purely discussing non-pee/sex related topics isn't why people come here - that doesn't mean it doesn't happen though. It's just finding the right people who share similar interests, which usually means reaching out to more people and finding out about them. A lot of people don't post much on the forum but would be happy to privately chat I'm sure. There will undoubtedly be people who want to reveal as little as possible about their real selves for privacy reasons, but out of 20,000+ people there are a wide variety of reasons why people use this site. I have honestly never got this sense, and fear you may be reading too much into it. Nobody has ever complained about your posts to staff. You have nothing to apologize for. People may have told you that you need to take the initiative to start the friendships, but I don't think anyone was ever frustrated by you wanting to get to know them. This is most troubling of all for me. Like @steve25805 said this is something we're very clear on in the rules, so I'm really sorry you experienced this. Do you have a link to the thread in question? I understand people may have thought they were trying to 'help' you by warning you etc, but this is not what the forum is about and had a moderator seen this the posts would have been deleted and the members warned. I really hope you don't let a few comments by others put you off though - for every one person who complained there were likely many who read it and enjoyed what you shared. Unfortunately in life often the people with the negative views shout the loudest. I am surprised by this. I'll admit I don't get chance to browse the pee sections that often these days, but in my mind this site has always been predominantly naughty peeing and public/outdoor type stuff, with extra niches thrown in here and there. Either way, it's all welcome. I would like for you to give posting another chance, and continue to reach out to new people (although friendships tend to happen spontaneously, the more people you talk to the more likely). But if you really aren't having the experience you want here, I understand. But you will be missed.
  13. Just to be really clear as well, you can go back to old conversation threads with people and reply to them and that doesn't count as a 'new conversation'. So I feel it's unlikely many people would need to speak to more than 5 new people they've never private messaged before in a single day. Hope this all makes some sense. Let me know if any issues. Thanks all.
  14. @Blackinksoul30as a gesture of goodwill, I have extended this to 5 new conversations per day for non-gold members. (Still unlimited messages/replies too). If you still really feel this is holding you back a lot let me know, but it's also important we have some sort of limit to stop private message spam, which is much harder to moderate (I'm in no way implying you would be spamming, but unfortunately the system can't always differentiate between you and a spammer). Hopefully 5 is a good number.
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