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  1. Admin

    I wish more people used chat.

    As far as I know you can just 'delete' an item from your sentbox and that frees up space for sending more private messages. So in theory you could send an unlimited amount as long as you delete the ones you've sent (the other user should still receive it, you just won't be able to see a record of it). I just had a look at the stats for PeeFans and it doesn't seem like there's been less posts or registrations but I haven't been here much and fully appreciate sometimes it can just 'feel' quiet - rest assured it's temporary. It does happen here and there and then bounces back, especially once some promotion starts and we run some other competitions etc.I fully agree though that it's a shame there's so many pee fans who would like it here and make the forum a lot busier and fun, but simply don't know about us.
  2. Yes definitely, or you can always make a separate account for adult posts so it's not linked to your personal stuff at all. Posting images with a peefans.com watermark works the same as the video thing I mentioned, or directly PMing if done in a non-spammy way. You can even link to direct threads/pictures here as long as long as the sub allows it, and it's visible to guests (which most things here are). Thanks for your support.
  3. Admin

    Happee Birthday Kylenuttwo

    Happy birthday, @Kylenut2!
  4. Thanks for your help trying to get the word out - members telling other people about this site is THE best way to promote us. Honestly, right now nothing is being done to promote the site. We're not a business, I run this site myself (with the help of the mod team for managing posts on the forums) and so aside from members sharing the link, no promotion gets done unless I'm doing it. And I'll admit that recently I just haven't had much chance to do so. We still get new members through search engines and people just stumbling across us, but if it has felt slightly slower lately this may be why. The good news is, I have a list of things planned, including our first ever paid advertisement, which should hopefully attract some new faces. That said, I'm just one person. If anyone wanted to help, there is quite an effective method you can use: Download a pee video (that's not copyrighted) and at the beginning/end add a message saying 'For more pee videos, visit PeeFans.com' or something along those lines. You can then upload it for free to xvideos, pornhub and just about any other free porn site. People searching for pee videos on those sites then see the link, and some will come check out the forum. Many will come just for pics/vids, but you'll get a few who actually decide they want to stay and contribute as part of the community.
  5. Admin

    I wish more people used chat.

    Hey guys, sorry for my slow responses here, it has been a busy couple of weeks. Really appreciate all the suggestions and passion for that chat. So, to go through the things mentioned: More chatters This would make the biggest difference. More people posting, and also trying to start topics rather than just saying hi. I know that's not always easy but when the chat has taken off it has come from someone bringing something up. Unfortunately, there is little to be done for this other than more people deciding to add things more frequently. We get plenty of unique visitors every day who must be interested in pee - I guess all we can do is encourage people to join in. Sadly, likewise with the forum, the majority will always rather lurk and read. However, it's worth pointing out that I have been planning on doing some promotion for the site, which should bring in some new chatters. For a while now the site has been operating with ZERO promotion, so if it has felt like slightly less new faces finding us or posting, this may be why. The other reason simply may be more new topics are needed to prompt discussions, which I'll try and help with too, but is something anyone can do. The reason I say this is the stats don't show any decrease in members visiting, but show an increase in private messaging. Nothing wrong with this, but we want lots of public messages too. I can assure you though, although I've been a little more absent recently, the site is not dying, and I still have plenty of plans for the year ahead. Daily Topics Really like this idea, the only reason it hasn't yet been done is it needs someone who is here consistently every morning or evening to update the topic. I will look at giving the mod team power to add a notice above the chat with a daily topic, but @Blackinksoul30 would you be happy to help with this too? As not only will we need different daily questions/discussions but someone to draw a bit of attention to it and encourage others. Specific time for chatting I tried this recently not too long ago, but it probably wasn't well advertised enough. It can be difficult with the different timezones, but happy to trial a few different times and see what works best, and will make a more formal announcement about it so more people see. We'll definitely do this. Guests chatting It's not that I'm against trying this, but it's not my 'inexperience' that has stopped me. Here's why chat is currently for members only: We are a bigger site than poolchat and the other pee chatrooms mentioned, which opens us up to far more spam and vulnerability. We have multiple security systems in place when people register to prevent spam, but allowing literally anyone to post removes that. This means that on the HOMEPAGE of our site, we are letting just anyone say anything. Whether that's the russian bots we get spamming virus links and nonsense, someone rogue posting illegal images, or just general trolling. When it's a guest, we can't even ban them. It would need 24/7 moderation, as otherwise we could end up with literally anything plastered all over the chat (and therefore most other pages of PeeFans). That's not only a risk to all members, but a serious legal risk to the site itself. Full anonymity can be dangerous. We already have close to that as we each have our usernames, but when you take away accounts too, it can be surprising how quickly things turn a bit nasty. Imagine that someone with a bit of a grudge against you can make limitless guest posts, using whatever name they want. They could even use a variation of your own username and impersonate you. There's no control over it. The guest-thing may work well on other places, but it's different when it's just a chatroom site. Besides, 2prnot2p has regularly referred to the poolchat as being some extremely active place, but whenever I visit I see the 3 same names saying 'hi' 'hi' 'x has left the chat'. That's no disrespect to that site, I'm simply saying it's hardly a thriving example to try and model. Thinking guests will magically solve this problem is naive unfortunately. The reality is that signup to this website is extremely easy - like 30 seconds. If someone is not willing to go through that, are they really going to be a serious contributor here? We show almost all areas of the site to non-guests already; it's not like you can't see anything before joining. 95% of the site is viewable, including the chat, but we surely want people to join, so having the extra incentive that you can then post your own messages once signed up makes sense from all perspectives. Which brings me on to the point about it being bad business to restrict some features to members. Aside from the security issues mentioned, I am certain that having people register to your site is better business than giving all of the same feature to guests. @2prnot2pand anyone else who was calling for this idea, I'm not trying to dismiss it completely, just trying to explain that there is some logic behind the decision. I really appreciate everyone putting things forward. So... moving forwards Site promotion and updates will be done shortly. Daily topics will be introduced. We'll test some 'chat hour' times and I'll make announcements about it to encourage others to test the chat. I think I am also going to change the chatroom system. When we had a poll on this the votes were fairly even, but our current one is very basic. I think more features and a more premium feel could help. Leave this with me guys, and I'll see what I can do in the very near future (next couple of weeks). But for now, please just encourage others to chat and make interesting posts, as it's still possible to have some really great chats.
  6. Admin

    New holder

    Great to have you here too! Welcome.
  7. Admin

    I am so glad I found you :)

    A belated welcome to PeeFans - great to have you on board!
  8. Admin

    Problems with video links

    Hm, once you press the enter key it should automatically convert to a link as long as there's the HTTP:// or WWW. part at the start. If that's not working, above the textbox there's a little chain icon, click that and you can post the link that way. Let me know if any further issues. Testing: https://www.google.com edit: seems to be working for me.
  9. Admin

    PeeFans Podcast?

    Love the idea, and can actually imagine that proving quite popular. It can definitely be hosted here. I think the key would be if at least one of our female members is happy to be involved to make it more balanced, as actually hearing pee discussion and stories would be hot as well as interesting. Could also have quick updates on other pee-related news or updates from popular pee sites etc (e.g. the best new video releases and so on). Certainly potential here. Would be keen to hear other people's thoughts.
  10. Admin

    The Guide to Clubs (FAQ & Help)

    Yes, they got a little confusing and hard to organise. However, you can achieve the same effect of albums: simply create a new gallery for each album you want. For example, in the golden showers club, there's a tab for 'girls peeing on girls', 'guys peeing on girls' etc. So you can still divide the gallery images into different sections if you like. It's just with the albums inside of sections it added an extra layer of confusion, and meant the pictures generally became quite segregated by member, whereas hopefully this way allows a more community feel.
  11. Just a message to anyone who has created a club or thinking of making one - Remember to promote it! You are welcome to make one thread in the pee talk section letting people know what it's about so anyone interested can easily access it. If someone has posted about the particular theme of your club before in a separate post (e.g. if it's a Australian Pee Fans club and you know someone here's Australian, or it's a hentai pee club and you know someone here prefers hentai peeing) you can always reach out to them directly as long it's not in a spammy way. Otherwise, people will struggle to find it. However, the absolute BEST way to get people to your club? Fill it with content! Firstly, there is absolutely no use sending anyone to your club if it's completely empty. For example, you may wish to add 'forums' to it. These are the sections of your club where people can chat. It might just be one big forum section called 'chat', or you might break it down further, for example 'hentai competitions', 'hentai video links', etc. Hentai is just an example, it can be anything you can imagine - get creative You're the owner, you have the control, but also listen to what your club members are asking for. You may also want to add a 'gallery' to your club (or several) where people can directly submit images to it, in a much more visually appealing way than the Pictures section of the forum we have. Try out one of the galleries in the current popular clubs to see an example. Then, once you've added forums and galleries, add some of your own content to encourage others. Create some topics in the forums, and add some of your favourite images to the galleries to get the ball rolling. You're also welcome to link to it in the chatbox once in a while to help others find it. Recently active clubs show up in the sidebar on the homepage, so the more regularly you add to it, the more exposure it will get. Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions.
  12. Admin

    The Guide to Clubs (FAQ & Help)

    I've set it to open. Not 100% sure about the name change - by all means try it, but if not just let me know what you want it renamed to or if you'd prefer for it to be deleted and just start over.
  13. Admin

    Happy new year

    And to you, paul66!
  14. A huge congratulations to all the winners - very deserved! From the look of the polls, pretty much every single nominee had multiple votes each, which I think just shows how many great contributors we have here. There are some excellent posters who didn't even get nominated because the competition is so high, so a sincere thank you to everyone here for bringing this community to life. Really appreciate your kind words Sophie, and I completely agree with F.W that we couldn't ask for a better host. I know that a lot of time and organisation goes into running an event like this each year, so thank you from all of us!
  15. More original pee videos from our forum members - this time @nickie420wilsonhas sent some of her own piss videos for us to enjoy! These are being uploaded to the video gallery in the 24 hours, along with around 500 other videos (a few of which are already live) ! There's some other big plans for gold in 2019 too, including new features. Of course, spywareonya will no doubt have some brilliant pee treats for us as well. Gold members, check out The Lounge for more updates. Non-gold members, a few spots are still left. Click here to claim your space as they will run out shortly.