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  1. Interesting idea, thanks for the suggestion Riley. I'm familiar with cryptocurrency, but had never thought about embedding a mining code on the site. I doubt it would make much, but you're right perhaps it could help. My concerns would be: Does it impact the user much? Presumably it will require more of their CPU and potentially make their device / browsing experience slower? Is it even legal/possible to force all users to be mining whilst browsing a site? Would they have to 'opt-in', or do anything to set it up? Certainly not dismissing anything, and it's really great to hear new ideas (especially when they could have such a positive impact on this site succeeding). I'm just not entirely sure how it works so would be keen to know more to see if it's viable. As answered above though, the idea of anyone finding out you'd donated to this site is quite simply impossible, since the payment is in no way linked to PeeFans, and instead via a secure third party. If you are willing/able to help out, please just drop me a message and I'll explain. But I can assure you with full certainly there'd be no connection between you and donating to this site.
  2. I'm sorry but I disagree with all parts of that sentence. Purchasing something online (like gold membership) has absolutely no bearing on your credit rating. The only exception would be is if you don't have the money for it, and got yourself into debt you can't pay off (same with any purchase on a credit card). Use a debit/bank card and that issue is avoided anyway. The payment is completely anonymous and not traceable to PeeFans - there is absolutely NO way anyone could find out. It is 100% not linked to this site or your account. Bad effects? I can understand some people not wanting to pay for porn, but there are no bad effects I can think of (aside from those associated with watching it). The only difference is when you pay you support content creators you like, meaning more gets created. If nobody paid, you'd have no porn, or sites like this. PeeFans is not really selling porn anyway - this thread is about donating to support the community (and keep the forums alive). Likewise, the 'gold membership' we have on the site includes a vast range of things like forum features and additional account benefits; it's not a typical porn subscription. If you have any questions about any of this please let me know, but I just wanted to clarify as your worries are simply not possible.
  3. Admin

    No more Tumblr

    Is there anything either of you can pinpoint specifically about what made Tumblr so great for this kind of content? I'm just trying to think how we can introduce something vaguely similar here.
  4. Admin

    A brief introduction

    Hi dltq, welcome to PeeFans! I'm sure you'll find plenty of all of that here... enjoy!
  5. Admin

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the site!
  6. Admin

    I wish more people used chat.

    Yes, unfortunately most people won't chat unless they see someone else chatting, but of course someone has to take the leap and ask something interesting or get a topic rolling. Credit to those who do try. The 'chat hour' message was added, and it worked for one or two nights but then I think the novelty wore off. I'll look into improving the live chat though - perhaps a better design and more features will help. Ultimately it still needs people to take the initiative though, so I think often it just needs someone to share something interesting. There's the full screen chat by clicking the chatbox page in the navigation. https://peefans.com/chatbox/
  7. Admin

    Great Pee Quote

    Here's a video of Asa herself taking a pee outside while we're at it: https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph59ea61b8556d6 Since most people pee in the shower anyway, I think it's definitely the best place to try and introduce some golden showers with a partner. What can start out as a bit of a joke can quickly become something much more fun, or you can at least 'test the waters'.
  8. Admin

    No more Tumblr

    Wow, a surprising choice from Tumblr. A very sincere thank you for telling your followers about this site, and of course we would all love it if you were able to spend more time here yourself Autumn. Is there any way PeeFans can better accommodate you, your followers and the blog? We could potentially even look into setting up a similar blog for you hosted here on PeeFans, although I'm not sure if that would be of interest to you since there'd be nothing to reblog (it would all have to be uploaded content)? I'm just trying to think of the best way to help - we'll certainly do whatever we can.
  9. There will be a lot added to the gallery over Christmas, but in the meantime, Spywareonya's latest video is being posted today... and she's pissing all over a public picnic table! Gold members, go check out the video gallery. Non-gold members: there's still time to claim your space. Click here.
  10. Admin

    Back (in black) right now

    Great to see you back, Potatoman! We're here to help if we can at all, even if just to supply you with plenty of pee content to distract you. Looking forward to seeing you back on the forums.
  11. Admin

    Saying Goodbye

    Brutus, that is one of the most powerful posts I've ever read here, and I am truly sorry to see you go. I of course completely understand though, and genuinely wish you the best of luck in overcoming this. I am certain that with the attitude you have, you can. I doubt you will read this, but if you ever do, stay strong, and know that you will be severely missed.
  12. Admin

    Important Update

    For a variety of reasons, the decision has been made to cap gold membership (and the pee video gallery) at 100 members. If you're already an existing gold member, this is especially good news, as work is going to be focused on building the the best resource for pee fans you can imagine. I have some exciting plans for the upcoming year, as well as all of the video gallery updates and forum features/perks you'd expect. If you're already gold, simply continue enjoying your membership and rest assured good things are on the way, and you're part of a club that just got even more exclusive. We'll also be introducing more short-term payments in 2019, so if you're a little tight on money it won't be such a big payout at once. If you're not yet a gold member, there are still spaces, but you need to apply. This an extremely easy and quick process, and can be done here: https://peefans.com/gold - once the spaces are filled, a waiting list will be created, but spaces will only become available if a current gold member doesn't renew. I'm hoping that gold membership will become so great that nobody even considers this. I do not say this to be over dramatic or to drive sales (if we were solely money focused, introducing a limit would make no sense; other reasons are at play). I say this because several people have expressed interest but not upgraded, and I don't want people seriously interested to miss out. Even if you don't care about gold membership in the slightest, this affects all PeeFans users. Gold membership, especially once we have reached the optimum 100 members, will ensure that PeeFans is 100% self sustaining, meaning the site can continue to run for hopefully many, many years to come. Since we're rapidly approaching 100, you'll also stop hearing me going on about it then (and instead my main focus will be on improving the gold experience and the site in general). Good times. Thanks for reading. CLAIM YOUR SPACE NOW BEFORE THEY'RE GONE - https://peefans.com/gold
  13. You no longer need to post 'Gold' here to upgrade. Simply visit: https://peefans.com/gold And fill in the very short form!
  14. For those who were interested in videos (especially in terms of a well organised system and proper video gallery), you'll hopefully like the new version of The Video Gallery (available to all gold members). If you're not yet gold but interested in knowing more, just drop me a message.
  15. As we approach the new year, all our annual costs will reoccur. If you wish to see PeeFans live through 2019, and continue to grow/improve, please consider donating or becoming a gold member.