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  1. We actually did have a personals/dating section for a while, but it just became spam infested with kiks, snapchats and catfishes. In the end it was scrapped as seemed to be attracting the wrong kind of people here. Plenty of people seem to have great one-to-one things here through private messages (we even have private live chats now for gold members), and a few people have spoken about meeting people from here in real life. So it can happen. But a dating section just gets filled with 100 threads from guys all saying they're looking for a girl to have piss fun with, it doesn't really achieve much more than that. Interacting with the community and getting to know members is what seems to actually lead to something more. 🙂
  2. Welcome! 🙂 Indeed we don't use the 'gallery' any more - instead, browse their forum posts and you'll find all of their content, including any images/videos they've posted. Everything is together under posts. If you are specifically looking for pictures, I'd recommend going to the Pictures section. Hope you enjoy the site.
  3. In the box where you write the story. It is just so that people have a brief idea of what the story is about (and whether it aligns with their interests) before reading it. 🙂
  4. Admin


    Great list. Will copy it here just in case the post is ever removed. r/2pee4you/ Sexy Sinna loves to pee, and this is her sub (dormant? But content) 2439 r/AsianPee/ The golden fluids of the mystical East 8824 r/bdsmpissfetish/ Doms and Subs and piss humiliation 920 r/BoysBedWetting/ These adult boys find it more comfortable to pee where they sleep 339 r/BurstingLeakyPee/ Holding and leaking for fun and pleasure 239 r/closed_legs_pee/ Girls peeing with their legs closed 371 r/desperation/ seems to be defunct now 1783 r/dirtypeepals/ You want to talk about pee, meet pee friends? Place an ad here 3835 r/drinkingpee/ It’s delicious and nutritious! 548 r/DrinkPee/ Why waste it when you can drink it? 282 r/FemalePeeDesperation/ GottaGoGottaGoGottaGo 991 r/fullbladder/ Please Hold 2565 r/furrypee/ Furry art with liquid gold, together at last 2824 r/gaypissingporn/ Guys + piss = sexual heaven 7063 r/GayWatersports/ Mostly men, very wet 26188 r/Girlpeeingdesperation/ Sometimes its fun to be desperate 2123 r/GirlsBedWetting/ Pissing the bed for fun and pleasure 4437 r/girlspee/ Girls that piss and get pissed on 3330 r/girlspeeing/ Girls peeing. Research purposes only. 1387 r/girlspeeingstandingup/ If guys can do it then girls can do it too 1344 r/GuysPeeGoneWild/ Like r/peegonewild but it's guys peeing everywhere. Which they do anyway, right girls? 5646 r/HD_Pee/ HD. It’s the future. Imagine seeing pee sex scenes and pics in HD! 2260 r/HumanToilets/ Why waste it? This probably contains scat as well, but I’ve not properly looked yet 1331 r/ladybonerspeegw/ Men peeing for the amusement of lady redditors 4852 r/Nonchalant_Pee/ Carefree girls casually pissing where they shouldn't, as if it's the most normal thing to do 13757 r/Omoshiroi/ A sub with an interest in urinating/wetting anime girls 7441 r/Pee/ How do girls pee? Come here and watch. 107038 r/PeeandSquirtGIFs/ Pee and squirt is back. In GIF form! 10920 r/peefarts/ ahhhhh oops pardon me vicar 3209 r/peegonewild/ Like r/GoneWild but there’s golden warmth 91325 r/peegonewildaudio/ Pee for your ears (Not pee in your ears. That’s a different sub) 1097 r/peehole/ That hole where pee comes out...can things go in as well? Let's see 8473 r/peeing/ Peeing is good. Find out why in this sub 8673 r/PeeInside/ Don't just pee over your lover, pee inside them 1828 r/PeeKitchen/ Pee as an ingredient in drinks and food. Who doesn't enjoy a Martini with a pee mixer at the end of a long day? 2496 r/PeePersonals/ Personal ads on a pee theme 4656 r/Piss_enema/ What if, like, we put the pee back in another hole? Lets see what happens 2091 r/Piss/ Funny or amusing piss pics and vids 19270 r/PissChallenges/ Make a challenge or accept a challenge. WITH PISS 464 r/pissdrinkingsluts/ What do sluts drink? There's an investigation going on in this sub UNMODERATED BANNED 4474 r/PissHaters/ They don't enjoy piss very much but they do it anyway 396 r/Pissing_Videos/ Do you like pissing? Do you like videos? Here’s your sub! 895 r/pissing/ Pure and simple, back to basics. Pissing. 16869 r/PissingAssholes/ Girls that are pissing but also showing their butt holes. There’s so much more to see! 9949 r/pissinghentai/ Watersports, in hentai form 4559 r/PissingLesbians/ They’re lesbians, and they piss. It’s that simple 1423 r/PissingPeeingPorn/ Pee Piss Pissing Peeing Watersports - free porn sex erotic - pics gifs videos full movies NSFW 9803 r/PissingPussy/ Some pussies that are pissing 834 r/PissingWhileFucking/ When you gotta go, just make it part of the fun 323 r/pissmarking/ That’s mine, and that’s mine, and that’s mine.. 82 r/PissyLoops/ PissyLoops isn’t pissing in breakfast cereal (that’s r/PeeKitchen). It’s video loops. Of pissing. 776 r/powerpiss/ Everyone loves a big fountain 4224 r/Public_Pee/ It's just more natural to go outside 6795 r/rule34pee/ Cartoon drawings (anime style mostly) who pee 9836 r/s3xk1tt3n93/ Pictures and videos from the Pornhub/reddit user named s3xk1tt3n93 🙂 651 r/SelfPiss/ Flexible girls peeing on themselves 10118 r/SidePee/ Girls lying on their side and peeing so the pee runs down their ass 422 r/sinkpissersgonewild/ “We fuck shit up” 150 r/Soaking_Panties/ Hey, lets pee with our underwear on! 21922 r/standingpee/ Ladies who pee while standing 120 r/tspee/ Trans and traps who pee for your enjoyment 8486 r/vipissy/ previews and clips from the commercial VIPISSY production company 5025 r/VipissyOfficial/ The official ViPissy.com reddit (according to their bio) 1261 r/watersports/ Pee + sex = watersports 73727 r/WetandpissyHD/ The official WetAndPissy.com reddit (according to their bio) 2589 r/wetfetish/ Why remove underwear to pee? 33650 r/wetleggings/ A quiet sub for contemplating the art of the wet legging 122 r/wettingpanties/ Girls peeing their panties, the wetter the better 3556 r/grouppee r/creampiepee r/urinalgirls r/girlsonthetoilet r/outhouse r/soaking_panties
  5. I know spy was very against the idea of sharing her videos on any other sites when the topic was last mentioned, although I do agree that would bring more people to peefans and consequently more people to view and like spy's posts. As for free videos of spy, there are definitely a few.There's one literally on the gold page for starters: https://peefans.com/gold and I'll link to another one below too. But just to be clear I believe spy is talking about likes to posts on the forums (both the text posts and original picture posts, none of which is behind any kind of paywall anyway). 🙂
  6. Thank you. And thank you to everyone who has upgraded. Despite the difficult times we're in, many people have stepped forward recently to support the site, and I truly am grateful. You'll notice that as a result, our server problems have been totally fixed, and everything is running smoothly once again. 🙂
  7. My thoughts have always been the same: It'd be great for you to be back, you bring so much to this community in so many different ways. However, you won the 'best member' awards and were pretty much always top of the likes chart etc. People definitely did (and still do) hugely appreciate everything you contribute. The 'problem' is that outside of our core group of members, most people never give reactions - not necessarily because they don't care, just they prefer to be a fly on the wall rather than a participant. But we have to accept everyone comes to this site for different reasons. One of the largest reasons of all is to see pictures of women peeing, and so this type of content will get more likes. I truly can understand your frustration here. You have poured so many hours into making friendships here, helping people and creating incredible original content. And so if a generic picture copied and posted gets more likes/appreciation, where's the fairness? But my answer is the like system is not a representation of fairness, as a large amount of members never even go outside of the pee sections. Truthfully, at first I did not fully understand the desire of yours. But now I really do. You put so much effort in, and it takes so little effort to hit like, why don't people just do it if it makes you happy? I genuinely do understand your perspective now - It is about being seen, and your efforts being acknowledged and appreciated. You want to be all or nothing here - fully committed or not here at all. But please just bear in mind that most people just don't see likes in the same way. Even me as the admin here, who should really be encouraging people with likes as much as possible, rarely leave likes. Not because I don't care, it's just not a priority for me. Sometimes I remember, but not always. There are a lot of great posts here, there's no way I'd have time to like them all. So, I truly do hope this post helps people realise how much the appreciation means to you, and I hope this acts as a catalyst for the likes system to be used more in general for everyone - with all members showing their appreciation for posts. And I also truly hope you feel our appreciation here and decide to stay. But as well as us trying to show our appreciation better, you will also need to accept that for most members here not liking something does NOT mean they disliked it, they just use the system in a very different way to you. I think to truly understand people's appreciation, reading the loving comments you've received is a much better reflection of peoples feelings than the number of likes.
  8. Moved to male peeing section @Peeweefun 🙂
  9. Full yellow rainbow is a great way to put it! A very warm welcome @Bruce And Morgan 🙂
  10. Moved to male peeing @Pissy91 🙂
  11. You are spot on. The general 'who is online' list shows any logged in user who has switched page on the site within the last 30 mins. This is because someone could still be online even if they havent switched page recently (I.e. writing a thread, reading a story etc). However this does mean there are some stale usernames too (but after 30 mins without switching page, they're marked as fully offline). However, the list SHOULD be in order, so you can see who is only very recently (and if you hover over their username, it should tell you exactly how many mins ago they were active). So the first half of the list will be the people actively browsing right this minute. (Of course, this only includes logged in users, the majority of people browsing the site are not logged in / registered). But as you correctly pointed out, there's a specific list of who is online in the chatbox. This was added to give a more accurate representation of the chat. Once again, the most active will be at the top of the list. And you also correctly pointed out that people only show in the chat list if they have had the chat window open very recently. I am not sure of the exact time, but we are talking a couple of minutes. (Now bear in mind they may have scrolled past chat or opened it accidentally, they may not be reading it, but the list is a much more accurate representation of who has been looking at the chat specifically). So the 'chat' online list should always be shorter, as there'll be plenty of people online who haven't opened/looked at the chat within the last few minutes. Hope that helps.
  12. Admin


    I think the site can be more fun when you join in, but no pressure of course. A belated welcome 🙂
  13. https://www.globalplayer.com/podcasts/episodes/7DrafMq/ Skip to 32:05 on the podcast for a short story.
  14. @steve25805 summed it up perfectly. Contributions to the site definitely aren't always financial. You should never feel guilty at all for not donating , especially when you are adding to it in terms of activity here. The recent pushes for new gold members have simply been because membership has (understandably) dropped due to coronavirus implications. The pushes are only aimed at people who wouldn't hugely notice the £5 a month (but get a lot out of the site), -I completely understand it's not an option for everyone though and that's no issue at all, you are definitely not being a drag in any way.
  15. Yeah, a few things have been temporarily disabled in order to try and fix an issue the site's currently having, they should hopefully be back soon. 🙂

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