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  1. About 6,000. We're often close to that, but last month we must have had just enough extra posts to take us a little higher than normal.
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    Welcome to PeeFans, @mcdky!
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    New here

    Welcome to PeeFans, @Misspy - really great to see you have already settled in so well here. I look forward to chatting with you around the forum.
  4. A few nice stats I just noticed and wanted to share with you all... Last month was the highest ever total of posts submitted to PeeFans in a single month. Not only was it the most active month in this site's 5 year history, but we had over 500 brand new pee fans join the site too... Thanks for everyone's contributions, and for making this place such a welcoming community. People may say forums are dead... but we're just getting started!
  5. The picture on this page: https://peefans.com/gold ? I believe it's Lia Lor, though I don't think she still does adult shoots. It's from a site that (as far as I know) is no longer active, Belladonna Experience. There's now a thread here on Peefans with the full pictures from that collection (including the image you mentioned):
  6. An old collection, but since there's hopefully something for everyone here, I figured it was definitely worth sharing as there's some reals gems here that I wouldn't want getting lost... Enjoy!
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