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  1. Private messages you sent or received within the last 24 hours have likely been lost due to a technical error. I recently made a post explaining how due to coronavirus, gold membership rates had dropped, and asked if anyone was able to either donate or upgrade to help support the site. One person came forward (who was already a gold member!) and a huge thank you to them... however the lack of interest meant we downgraded our backup settings slightly since we cannot afford the 'best' any more. This means that when this most recent error happened, we had to reset things 24 hours. Pms sent in the last 24 hours cannot be recovered, so please re-send if it was important. Due to current funding, we are unfortunately scaling the backup back further, so if this happens again please expect a month of posts or private messages to be lost. So please be prepared for that if we are unable to raise the funds we need. Once we have a few more gold members / people donating (any amount is appreciated), we will re-upgrade it again. If you are able to help at all, please just drop me a message or upgrade to gold. Thank you.
  2. We have no connection to peesearch or their owners. They're two separate sites just based on the same theme. The main forums of PeeFans will always be free for as long as we can continue to run. We have added additional 'paid' features. These are not forced at all, but they just provide many extra benefits for those willing to help the site. In an ideal world everything would be free, but as sites grow so do their running costs. It has to be funded somehow.
  3. Yes you're right, fully connected. More details here:
  4. Hello all, we had a freak technical glitch happen earlier that corrupted parts of the site. If it weren't for the fact that we'd recently upgraded our backup technology, the site would have been rendered totally unusable due to a database issue. It is thanks to gold members that we were able to upgrade to this technology a little while back, meaning the site should now be running as normal. A huge thank you to gold members, as nobody would even be seeing this site right now if it weren't for them. HOWEVER... Due to coronavirus implications, I know many gold members have had to cancel their subscriptions which is totally understandable. But when the money coming in to the site drops, we cannot invest into things such as the advanced backup technology. If we downgrade and a similar glitch happens in the future, unfortunately it may not be fixable. (Gold members, you would be refunded in this case, or offered exclusive access to a new private community). The reason for this post is simply to ask the following: if you believe this site is worth £5 a month to you, please consider upgrading to gold membership. My point is simply that gold membership is not just about getting all the extra features (full list here), it quite literally ensures PeeFans can continue running. I'm sorry for the bleakness of this post, but I know there are some people who would be sad if this site was gone and would be happy to support it with £5 a month, but perhaps were not aware of how important gold contributions really are to the survival of this site. If you do want to keep us running, please click here: https://peefans.com/gold (payment is discreet and secure, and with no reference to peefans on any statement) Thanks.
  5. Hey @Adyguy6970 sorry for the confusion. @lovestoseepee is exactly correct. This used to be a feature available to everyone, but since attachments are the biggest site cost, a while back I decided to limit attachments in conversations to gold/staff only. All members can obviously added attachments to their public posts. And also, all members can still send images in private messages, you just have to import it from a URL. So if you are trying to 'upload' a new image, you'd have to upload it to somewhere like imgur.com and then link to it. For the privacy and convenience of uploading directly to peefans, you'd need to be a gold member. Gold members also get all other PM limits removed, so they can send unlimited pm's, get unlimited storage space, and even have private live chats. 🙂
  6. Hm, just had a look at the chat and when I click an image it does open it in a box at a larger size. And all the photos loaded for me too, although perhaps the refresh issue is just for the person posting the picture? Do you know if it's specifically gifs or all images that problem happens? Glad to hear the main functionality is working well though! 🙂
  7. Seems to all be running smooth now! 🙂
  8. Thanks! Seems to be running better for me today personally, but we'll see whether any of this actually sticks long-term. 😛 Fingers crossed!
  9. A couple of tweaks made, let's see how the sites manages tonight when it gets busy again. As always, any updates/reports would be very helpful as otherwise I'll likely miss any issues. Thanks. 🙂
  10. Thanks. The updates are helpful. I believe it is simply a case of heavy server usage. ~200 people online at once, many of which opening pages full of images, some streaming videos, live chats etc I will see what I can do.
  11. Admin

    Hi everyone

    Welcome 😄
  12. The 'open in popup' option is only available from the chat at the bottom of the homepage. Here are the ways to access chat: > Scroll to bottom of homepage and there's a bigger version of it > Press 'chat' button in navigation and it will open a page with nothing but chat on it > Open 'live chat' in corner of any page of peefans for a condensed version of chat whilst browsing sitre > Scroll to bottom of homepage, press the three horizontal lines in corner, press 'open in popup' and you'll have a popup that you can resize to suit your needs (you could have it full screen if you want). The fourth and final option on this list is the one you're referring to. You just need to open the popup from the main chat on the homepage, rather than the mini chat in the corner.
  13. Please use this thread to report ANY times you cannot access the site, or it is particularly slow loading. (starting from now) I have made some tweaks and am hoping they help, but all feedback would be very appreciated, even if just to say that things have been running smoothly. 🙂 The more info/reports I have, the more chance it can be resolved quickly. Thanks.
  14. Could someone with mac/safari test the chat now? @Rewdnashould be better hopefully. Added a few other little tweaks too (basically the ideas mentioned above ^^ )
  15. Updating it to fix safari issues. Give me 15 mins. @Sophie

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