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  1. Admin

    Hey There, Peefans!

    Welcome to the site, Michael! I look forward to chatting with you around the forum. Enjoy!
  2. Admin

    True or False?

    Haha, no objections from me!
  3. Looks great, good idea!
  4. @spywareonya I know you'd mentioned about some minigames if you won as the prize would be of no use to you. Please feel free to run these extra competitions if you want to (and other people still want to join in) as it sounds like a fun idea, and I'm sure you can think of another prize instead.
  5. Hello all! Firstly, thanks everyone for participating in our month-long event, 'The PeeFans Cup'. I hope you enjoyed the variety of events, and some great stuff was posted (both pee related and not). This section has now moved to the forum archive, so gold members can still view all of the threads at any time. However, we now have 2 big announcements to make, both the cup winner and the raffle winner. Firstly, the official champion of the PeeFans cup, which is the person who earned the most tickets throughout the event. Congratulations to... @spywareonya Probably not a huge shock to many given how many individual events she won, and I'm sure we can all agree a very worthy winner of the first ever PeeFans Cup. However, do not feel disheartened, as there is still another announcement to make: the raffle winner. This person will receive 6 months free gold membership (worth £60). All of the tickets won were assigned a number, and one number was picked out using a random generator. This means as long as you had 1 ticket (which a huge amount of people did) you have a chance of winning the prize. The more tickets, the better your odds! I can now reveal that the winning ticket... Belonged to... @Sophie Congratulations, gold membership has been added for the next 6 months! So there we have our two winners, both very deserving. However, please remember this was just a bit of fun, which I hope all of you had! Congratulations to Sophie and Spywareonya, but also anyone who won a ticket or event. If all this talk of gold membership has got you intrigued, remember you can easily upgrade at any time: Thanks.
  6. Admin

    20,000 Members

    For anyone interested in these stats, we need 124 more posts to beat the best month in 2018 so far (and become the second busiest month since the site's creation). Very doable with over 24 hours left of September - you all know what to do
  7. Admin

    Hello Everyone!

    I think that's a great attitude to have - welcome to the site, I hope you'll enjoy it here.
  8. Admin

    Very new here

    Hi Tim, welcome to PeeFans!
  9. Admin

    Hi everybody!

    Welcome to the site, great to have you on board! I hope you enjoy it here.
  10. Admin

    Hi Folks

    Welcome to PeeFans! Yes, there's lots more areas you can access now you're registered, so I think you'll have a much easier time finding the sort of thing you want - there's certainly plenty of experiences and descriptions to enjoy.
  11. Admin

    New here. Hi everyone

    Welcome to the site Bunny! Great you've met someone who shares the kink. There's lots of us on the forum into naughty peeing, so I'm sure you'll have a great time here and fit in very well!
  12. I don't believe so, but feel free to make any threads you like in the general chat area.
  13. Admin

    New member here!

    Welcome to PeeFans, great to have you here, I hope you enjoy the site!
  14. Admin


    Welcome to PeeFans!
  15. Thanks everyone for the kind words and feedback. Well we have the video links section: https://peefans.com/forum/5-pee-videos/ But in terms of actual videos hosted on PeeFans, the old paid gallery and new amateur video gallery have all been combined into one main thing, which are all part of gold membership: Sorry about that, but it seemed what the vast majority wanted anyway was more of a focus on the community/forum aspect instead.