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  1. Not too sure, but please let me know if it happens again. Looks like it was just a temporary glitch (hopefully).
  2. Sorry for the slow response. Were you talking about the live chat (chatbox/chatroom in the corner of the site), or your private one to one messages (accessible from the speech bubbles button at top of site)? Glad it's all working now, but let me know if any other issues.
  3. I have re-enabled it for you. Glad you're enjoying the site! 🙂
  4. A huge thank you for all your hard work as a moderator Steve, you have helped the forum so much, right from the very beginning. Sorry to lose you from the mod team, but glad you'll still be here as a poster!
  5. I agree that members shouldn't post links in the videos section where you have to be friends with someone on thisvid to see it - the whole idea of the videos link section is anyone can view those videos. So feel free to report any posts that have those limitations, and we can delete those specific video posts. But as others have pointed out, it's the uploader who privates the video, not ThisVid. ThisVid in my experience has been a good hosting platform. So I'm in favour of banning video links that aren't publicly visible (e.g. you have to be 'friends' with the uploader first to see
  6. Sounds like you need to ask Vodafone to turn off the block on adult sites.
  7. Please could you add a message in the subreddit's 'About' section stating "Not connected to peefans.com" @Wetcecil Of course you are welcome to make your own pee subreddit, but if you are going to use the name peefans please make it clear this is not related or affiliated to this website in any way. My personal view is the same as @Peelover56 - I feel like this detracts from the forum and /r/pee, as it seems like it's for the exact same type of content, and so is just splitting attention to a different place. I think subreddits for more niche elements of pee can be great, but
  8. The paste / paste as plain text option is a browser option, not a forum option. So as far as I know that's not possible. And if we restricted the editor to plain text only, it would mean people couldn't use different colours/fonts etc. I'll have a look soon if there's a workaround but I'm not sure there will be (other than pasting as plain text). As a moderator, if you see it with any stories / long blocks of text posted like that, feel free to cut the message and re-paste it as plain text.
  9. Agreed, although I'm not sure this is possible to fix. As you pointed out, pasting in plain text is always the best way to go so that there's no colour properties attached, and then the system can change the colour accordingly.
  10. Exactly, I am trialling removing the status updates. The main reason is that it's difficult to moderate them - and so new users who don't really understand the community rules yet can easily post on people's profiles (especially the women here) and it goes unnoticed. The other reason was simply that I didn't think many people really used them at all. After all, if you wanted to share something with everyone, you'd probably do it on the forums or live chat. And if you wanted to share something with someone in particular, you'd probably PM them. Very happy to turn statuses back o
  11. You're welcome to go through and do this. If you report the broken links and duplicate photos, we'll delete them. 🙂 There should be a new feature within the next couple of months that will hopefully address this.
  12. If you would like your account deleted, please reply below. Please be aware that requests made anywhere else, such as via private message or email, may not be seen - this is the one and only place to request deletion from now on. Deletion requests will typically be processed once per week, and are done so at the administrator's discretion. Before you request deletion, please consider simply turning off all email notifications, and logging out of the site. This will achieve a similar effect, but will mean that if you do ever wish to return, you have the option. I cannot stress
  13. Sounds like a great idea, and there are quite a few 'print on demand' websites that could be used to make this once it's all put together. I've moved this thread to the Pee Talk section though. Partially because it's not a site question, but also because it will likely get wider visibility here. 🙂
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