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  1. Sounds like a great idea, and there are quite a few 'print on demand' websites that could be used to make this once it's all put together. I've moved this thread to the Pee Talk section though. Partially because it's not a site question, but also because it will likely get wider visibility here. 🙂
  2. https://www.thesun.co.uk/tv/14005238/holly-willoughby-blushes-pals-reveal-wet-herself-school/ Also, apparently this was for a prank, but:
  3. Hopefully fixed now, but let me know if you have any other errors. Thanks!
  4. ^ I will investigate. Has it been ok when logged in the past few days? Also, some unfortunate news regarding the marketplace for buying/sell files (like a peefans 'onlyfans') - due to issues with payment processors, this isn't possible at the moment. I am hopeful in the future it will be, and anyone who submitted an application will be first in line to be part of it. But for now, sadly, it will have to be paused.
  5. Probably needs to clear cache, as the chat was recently updated. You can now enable/disable the chatbox button in corner from dropdown menu when you click your name. The popups about being disconnected should now have stopped too. As for speed issues, unfortunately I didn't do anything there, but seems like it fixed itself. Perhaps was just high traffic. Thanks for keeping me updated on all of this everyone, it's really useful.
  6. Inbox has not changed at all, so you should see be able to use the 'sort by' button above the messages as shown on Sophie's screenshot. The default is to sort by most recent reply, but you can sort by other things (like conversation start date) if preferred. Any issues let us know 🙂
  7. Just made a change - could you guys try clearing your cache so it takes effect, and keep me updated. Unfortunately this may take a few back and forth changes like this to identify and fix the problem. But each time I can narrow things down further. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, at least one of the chats always works, so it's not that the chat becomes totally inaccessible.
  8. Have temporarily disabled the private one to one live chats, as I think it could be causing an issue where only one chat can be open at a time (either main or corner). Please let me know if you notice it at all over next couple of days, as if you do, we can at least rule out the private chats being an issue.
  9. Testing out a few different background options (available via toggle icon in the navigation). Personally, I'm quite liking the new 'Mountains' option for dark mode, and 'Geo Rainbow' option for light mode. Best viewed on desktop/large screen devices. If there's some old choices you preferred, let me know. Or, if there's any new ones you want keeping, make sure to let me know of that too! 🙂
  10. Thanks all. If anyone else has any strong preferences, feel free to vote in the poll still, I'll keep an eye on the results.
  11. Thanks for the reports, not really sure what would cause that to be honest, other than possibly the server being temporarily overwhelmed. There have been more people online recently. I haven't seen it happen at all in the past week, but please keep updating when you notice it -very useful to have the details & time log of when it happened.
  12. I see you have applied for gold membership already. Once you pay the invoice, your account will be upgraded shortly after. You'll then be able to change your name to whatever you want, via: https://peefans.com/settings/username/ 🙂 (you won't be able to do it yet though, as username changes are only for gold members). Welcome to the site. Any other questions, let us know.
  13. It has been increased to 3MB. I agree 2MB was too low, but I also think that almost any image over 3MB could be compressed without noticeable quality loss. Obviously the higher the file sizes, the higher the bandwidth costs and disk space costs for the site. However, it's not just about that. Having too many overly large images makes for a bad user experience too; it means slower page loads, and if not on wifi it uses much more data which can get expensive. Not only that, the slow loading speeds affect things like our search engine rankings. So I don't think much higher than
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