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  1. A place for the latest news/updates on gold membership. πŸ™‚ Confused what this is all about? Please click here for more info on what gold membership actually is. Before we get to the news, here's a reminder... If you've followed the short instructions sent and paid for either 3 months or 12 months of gold membership, please allow me some time to upgrade your account. I will do this as soon as I am online, which is regularly, but unfortunately can take a day or so (usually much faster). Once I have performed this upgrade, you will instantly be able to do/access the following: Access to PeeFans Amateur Video Gallery (click here) Access to NEW & Exclusive Spywareonya Pee Videos in Full HD (click here) Access to The Gold Member Lounge (click here) (There's handy links directly to all three of these on the main page of PeeFans). Also.... You no longer see any adverts, banners, or messages about upgrading etc - the forum is tidy again! You can change how the forum looks - press the 'Theme' button on the bottom of any page of PeeFans! You can edit and delete your posts at any time - the 72 hour limit is removed! You can access the old archive section, featuring many extra downloadable pee pics, vids, stories & more! Unlimited Private Conversations! Gold Coloured Username & Gold Member Rank! (or this can be disabled if you would prefer, please just ask) Change Your Forum Username & Title In Your Account Settings! Priority support - you will be heard first! PeeFans Will Continue To Run & Improve! This site would not exist without you. Seriously: thank you! + Lots more forum perks and updates happening all the time! SIGN UP HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY BECOME A GOLD MEMBER YET
  2. Hello all. I'm pleased to announce we have just added another moderator the PeeFans staff team. Welcome aboard to @gldenwetgoose ! Congratulations on the role, and thank you for agreeing to help the forum. This is great news for everyone on PeeFans, as it means we will have another person to help keep the site running smoothly and spam-free. For those wanting a refresher, you can view the full staff team here: https://peefans.com/staff/ Whilst there are now 4 moderators to spot issues, please report any rule-breaking posts so we can deal with them faster (even if you're not 100% sure if it's ok or not). Thank you.
  3. All members have been upgraded to a new chat system, where you can see who's online in the chat right now (i.e. very recently opened it) and where you can access the chat with a little popup in the corner of your screen on every page. Hopefully this makes it more accessible. The navigation also now has a little red bubble with the number of people recently active in the chat. Gold members have been upgraded to live messenger as well. This is private Facebook-style real-time chats, and often much more convenient than private messages back and forth. Gold members can currently only message other gold members and staff, but this will soon be expanded if the trial is popular. Please bear with me as there may be some small bugs initially, but overall the chatting process should be improved. Sound can be disabled if you have no interest in chat. πŸ™‚ Enjoy.
  4. We'd all like more pee fans here on the site, right? I'm personally looking to invest some money into promoting the forum to try and help with that, but the best way for us to grow is if YOU can spare a few minutes to spread the link to PeeFans in relevant places. Unsure where? The best method is simply: 1. Register for a free youtube account (30 seconds) 2. Pick a pee video from your computer that doesn't contain nudity + add text like 'peefans.com' or some similar message to the start & end of it using any free video editing software (likely some on your computer already). 3. Upload to youtube and title it. Then post. Of course, feel free to get creative with other ways of sharing the site too. πŸ™‚ Thanks a lot.
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, tinklers and hissers, boys and girls, please put your hands together for the 2019 Golden Streams Awards ceremony! Throughout December you have nominated and voted for our wonderful members in a number of categories. And of course with every award, comes a trophy! I am pleased to present you the Golden Stream Awards trophy! I think it will look fantastic on the mantelpiece, show it to your friends, impress your gran at the next family gathering!
  6. Yes, the emoji appearance has changed slightly. We'll get used to it don't worry. We're just trialling these anyway, as now after clicking on the emoji button once, in theory the emojis should then load faster every time you click it in future. (In fact on a powerful computer I am getting them all almost instantly now). It had been pointed out before the emoji button was quite slow to load, so hopefully this will help... However, on most devices it is probably easier not to use the button anyway - you can instead simply use the emojis on your device, e.g. the emoji button on phone keyboards, or often right clicking in the textbox on a laptop will have an 'emoji' option in the dropdown list. It will still work the same. However, what you won't get on your device's keyboard, is the 'extra' emojis we have on top of the standard emojis. These are our peeing smileys, like this: ... I thought now might be a good time to see if anyone had any smileys they think should be added to the list - especially anything pee-related? The reason behind all this emoji business is I am tying to optimise the site's loading speeds wherever possible. A few very minor adjustments have been made, but I really wanted to pose the question to all of you: Does the site load at a reasonable speed for you? Obviously certain parts of the site are very image heavy, so inevitably a bit slower, but generally speaking do you notice any slowness relative to other sites you visit? As always, any feedback is really appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I am currently in the process of removing all existing tags on threads - we used to have a system where you could input tags of your choosing but it was widely misused due to there being no standardisation or guidelines, so it was removed. That's why some threads have little black bubbles next to them with random words, but no recent threads do. In the feedback survey it was highlighted though that in the fictional stories section, tags next to topics would be helpful, as until you actually read a story, you may not know what type of peeing is involved just from the title. And of course, we all have different interests and things we do and don't want to read. As of today, the fictional stories section now has the option to select a pre-defined tag from one of the core categories: Naughty (so if you don't want any sort of piss vandalism/damage or wild peeing in unusual places, avoid threads with this tag) Public Wetting Toilet Golden Shower Pee Drinking Includes Male Pee (any male only stories should go in the male section, but if it has both male + female peeing please use this tag). @[email protected]@Scot_Lover - if you happen to be browsing an old story, feel free to add the relevant tag(s). For everyone else (without moderator permissions), please tag your own stories appropriately when posting new content in the fictional pee stories section, not only to make peefans more organised and enjoyable for everyone, but to help more people find your work. You can use multiple tags, though if the story is 95% golden showers, it is fine to just tag it as golden showers. Once this has been in use for a while, it will also be worth clicking on the tag bubbles - for example, you could click on 'Public' and then get a list of all stories that have been tagged as involving public peeing. Let me know if you have any questions or issues. Would also be happy to hear feedback on whether more categories are needed, but I feel most pee stories could be categorised using those. Of course, the tag system is just an extra aid - you can always include a note before your story begins with any other details you want people to be aware of before reading. Thank you.
  8. A few changes you may have already noticed. Introductions and Forum News/Ideas/Help are back at the top of the site. The feedback survey we did really highlighted how it's the community that is key here, so I think having these as the first sections of the site makes the most sense. It barely adds any scrolling for those who are only interested in the pictures/videos/stories etc, and may also prompt some extra introductions or suggestions. The Wet Zone remains the same, filled with all the pee-focused sections. Next, we now have 'The World Outside of Pee' category for both the 'sex & porn' chat and 'general/clean' chat. However, the previous sub-forums are gone. Interviews is now just mixed in with general chat; you are still very welcome to make interview threads, but having it under introductions was confusing. Likewise, the dating/personal ads/marketplace section has been just merged into general chat, as the section was barely used, and wasn't an aspect of the site we wanted to build upon. Instead, having one big general area will cover anything and everything you want to share with the community that doesn't fit anywhere else (so you can still make a thread to try and buy/sell something if you wish, and ironically it will likely get more attention now it's mixed in the general area). Executive Lounge is now Gold Lounge, which is being divided up. For gold members, I'll post an update there shortly explaining the sub-sections. This is basically just a way of organising everything better. I know some people will be thinking 'why change it if it ain't broken?', but I believe the new/current format is the best option for now. It's also not really that different, so hopefully no real confusion anyway. I hope this all makes sense, but let me know if you have any questions. And if you do dislike it, well as long-time forum members will know, it will inevitably get updated again at some point! πŸ˜‰ Thanks.
  9. It may look like a rainbow has just thrown up over this section, currently titled 'PeeFans News, Ideas & Help'. Whilst this section is basically for 'anything directly related to this site', that is quite a broad range of topics. So, we now have something called 'prefixes' when posting a new thread here, meaning you must choose what sub-category it falls into. This should hopefully keep things more organised. It also means when viewing threads you can click on a prefix - such as 'Official News' - and just see all the threads related to that (same for new ideas etc). I have manually updated recently posted threads with prefixes, but older threads wont' have them. All new threads will require a prefix. Just so we are all clear on what each category means: Official News - Only posted by me for site changes, updates and things you're best of reading to avoid missing out on the latest PeeFans developments. Please read. Tutorial - Again posted by me with details on using the site or certain functionality. Feedback / Idea - Select this if you have a suggestion that could improve the site, or something you dislike / would like to be considered for change etc. Site Error / Bug - If something isn't working right, you're getting error messages or something seems a little wrong with the site, report it with this. Site Question / Help - Confused about how something works or where something is? If searching doesn't answer your question, ask the community here or PM me. Member Updates - For your own personal updates that are related to PeeFans, or news about another member (that you have permission to post). Quite often these threads are better off in General Chat though. If you're not sure what prefix to pick, please just guess which of those best relates, or more likely the thread is better of posted in a different section. Thank you.
  10. Unfortunately, the recent site downtime was due to the server being overloaded by bots. Whilst it is possible this was not intended to be malicious (and was simply an overload of genuine bots), there is also a very real possibility that this was an attack to prevent the site from being accessible. We are up and running normally now, but this is not the first time this has happened. As a result, I am looking into more advanced dedicated hosting options, with improved firewalls and server monitoring etc. The problem is all of this brings extra recurring costs, raising our monthly and yearly bills significantly. I appreciate many of you already help make this site possible by being gold members, but if you have not upgraded yet, there has never been a better time to do so in terms of helping this site. Alternatively, if you can donate in other ways, any help at all can help us get the necessary protection, so please send me a message. We will not be censored. Please help us grow stronger and win this fight.
  11. When a user is currently online (or at least very very recently online) you'll notice that their avatar will now have a green glow around it when viewing a thread, or a little green dot next to their name when viewing a private message. Personally I think it's helpful to be able to see when someone is online without actually checking the online list. For example, you might notice that green glow and decide you want to drop them a quick message - which you can also do right from the thread you're viewing by clicking the envelope button underneath their avatar. The aim is to make things just slightly easier and sleeker. In fact, I am pretty sure we used to have an online status indicator, but it must have got disabled somewhere down the line. However, if this is a change people aren't happy with, please let me know below. It doesn't have to stay! πŸ™‚
  12. Apologies to anyone who experienced problems with the site today. Due to a technical issue, PeeFans was not correctly loading for anyone who was logged out of the site. If you stay logged in to PeeFans, you likely never noticed a problem, but to anyone else this has hopefully now been fully resolved. Please let me know if you experience any further issues. Thanks.
  13. Thank you to everyone who responded to the survey. All entrants who listed their username will have a chance of winning free gold membership in the upcoming prize draw next week. Whilst the survey was done for the sole purpose of improving PeeFans, I thought I would publicly provide a summary of the responses. Section One Q1. What is your main reason for visiting for visiting PeeFans? The overwhelming consensus was 'the community / chatting with like-minded people'. This was not surprising, as I have always felt our biggest differentiator was that this isn't just a porn site, but a group of people sharing things together. Many answers highlighted pictures and (even more so) videos, but I was surprised to see stories being just as equally mentioned. My personal view is that in terms of pictures and videos we probably already have a good balance and don't need to change much, but that we could perhaps do more to encourage stories, as there are very few sites to find that kind of thing. This links in well with the new interactive story plans I have, launching this week. Q2. How happy are you with the way PeeFans is right now? Not a single vote from the 119 participants that was unhappy or very unhappy. I suppose it's obvious that anyone who still visits the site is likely to be quite happy with it, but I was still very pleased with these results - especially as 'very happy' was by far the most popular option. If your happiness with the site ever changes, please message me, as I always want to hear any concerns and feedback. Q3. What is PeeFans missing that would make you visit more often? The most popular answer (by far) was a variation of not sure / nothing. Other answers included (with my comments in italics): More female members + more content/participation - This was recently discussed in detail on the forum. We will be externally advertising PeeFans over the coming weeks, which is something we have not done much of. This will hopefully bring more pee fans to the site and make the site more active. I have already mentioned wanting to encourage more stories, and there were other comments of wanting to see more of certain things, such as hentai or male peeing. However, generally speaking the amount of content posted is determined by members, so all I can really do is ask that all of you share as much as you can, as this will prompt others to do the same. For those asking for more (naughty) pee videos in particular, the gold gallery is getting a huge update this week. A section for pee art like paintings, drawings etc. - This can already be posted in the Pictures section (in fact some already have). If there are enough threads made with this kind of content, it will get its own section, so start by just making a thread with any pee art you find/make. Better chat / private chatrooms - If more people start using the current live chat, I am happy to invest in a chat system with more features. Ultimately though this again comes down to user-driven action, as I think most people just want more people to use the chat rather than any fancy extras. When more people take the imitative to start chats, it encourages others to join in. I am not so sure about private live chat though, as we already have PM's (which can be group messages as well), and ideally want to keep most of this site as an open community rather than lots of mini groups. Emphasis on dating/hookups - We have a subsection for personal ads & dating, but unfortunately we are unlikely to expand beyond this. My personal opinion is that if you are looking to meet someone, then just talking to them around the site and then PM'ing is a better route than a dating platform, simply because the male:female ratio is so skewed. There are already dating sites available, and so I think our focus should continue to be community-driven rather than dating-driven. Way to pay for gold that minimizes my connection to the purchase - Already possible. Please PM me. Upgrading to gold is already very secure and will not in any way link you to any adult sites. Safe for work mode - Honestly I'm not sure how this would work - I suppose in sections where there is typically just text it could kind of work, but given the nature of the site I think this would be very difficult. Gold members can switch to a theme like the plain blue and white one which certainly look much more natural, and as there are no ads there will be no peeing pictures on the screen except for any in user posts. Scat content / ability to privately send video files / public video gallery / member video uploads - I have linked these together as the answer to them all is that it's unlikely to happen as we we have to pay for storage and bandwidth space, and it would sadly be too difficult to fund all of these things if they were free - that's why the video gallery is for paying gold members. Due to having limited amounts of space, that's also why pee content takes the priority, as that's the reason we're all here (and there are other sites for other fetishes that are solely dedicated to them - although you can still talk about other fetishes in the sex section though). Q4. What else would you like to see changed or added to PeeFans? The most popular answer (by far) was a variation of not sure / nothing. Other answers included (with my comments in italics): Competitions/events - We have always done these and will continue to do them, such as the current games running and forum awards etc. People are welcome to run their own mini challenges at any time though. If you have a bigger idea, you can reach out to me if you need some help setting something up. More general sections - Certainly open to this, but it would only happen if the general section was becoming full with certain types of threads. For example, if lots of sports threads popped up, we'll have a sport section, but right now there is no need. Just to be really clear though: if there is anything you want to talk about, just make a new thread in the general area. There's no real limit. By all means make 5 threads on different tv shows - it's completely fine even though there isn't a specific tv section (yet). Remove quote button - I think we need the button, but people need to stop quoting the whole post when it contains images. Instead you can partially select just the text you are trying to reply to. Dislike button / don't like certain content - Most social sites don't use this simply as it promotes negativity and turns things into a good/bad competition, which we don't want here. If something is really bad, report it. If you just don't like it much, simply ignore it. You can even ignore all of a user's post if you don't like their content. Not every post needs a reaction though, and I see no benefits of people disliking content other than it causing unnecessary offence. Gallery for pictures - Already available to gold members in the clubs section. Used to be freely accessible to everyone but wasn't used much. More ads, free gold membership - Unfortunately ads alone wouldn't be enough to fund the site, but I think the current balance is good. It means that those who want all the extra features of gold can get them if they help support the site, but those that don't aren't bombarded with ads. Knowing members gender without going to profile - Possible, but specifically not set this way to ensure women aren't singled out hugely and spammed. It's only a click to visit their profile and actually learn a bit more about them. Partnership with pee producers - Making our own content and partnering with other pee sites is already planned for the future. Stop duplication of photos in pictures section - This was a bug from the forum software change years ago. It doesn't affect new posts. Not much we can do about it without manually deleting the old duplicates which would be a huge job sadly. If you are experiencing this on new posts please let me know. Weekly awards / member of the month etc - The system already automatically gives out awards for those that receive highest reputation each day, and you can see the weekly leaderboard on site homepage. I think the annual awards work best for other categories as would become a bit much otherwise. Better way to categorize videos - I agree videos section could be organised better. I think this comes down to naming threads in the best way possible though, and reporting videos posted in wrong threads. Stop unsolicted Pms - Already in place. Simply report the message and it will be dealt with. Or, ignore the user so they can't PM you again. Pin posts to your profile - In your 'About Me' section, you are very welcome to post links to some of your favourite threads/posts etc. Story summaries/tags - I fully agree with this. When posting a story, it would be ideal if authors could use the first few sentences just to summarise what type of peeing is featured in the story (e.g. wetting or public peeing etc) so people know before reading whether they'll be into it. Again, this is unfortunately not something I can control, but I very much approve of the idea. Lots of sub menus to get back to home on mobile - This shouldn't be the case, but you can also just click the logo at top of every page to return home. The layout changes - It hasn't changed in a while. What you described sounds like you are viewing the site on different devices. Due to the different screen size, things like the chat will appear in different places (e.g. on the side if on a widescreen display, but underneath if on a mobile device as there wouldn't be room otherwise). More profile customisation - Sure, what fields would you like added? Member map - Added; see navigation bar. Section for people looking for dates/friends - Already exists, personal ads subsection. Pee game - working on something like this as we speak, but very early stages. If I missed anything that you feel isn't covered above, please let me know. Upshot: I will try to promote the site more, which should bring more female members and more content, but ultimately it is up to you guys how much actually gets posted. Just because there isn't a specific section for something, doesn't mean it can't be posted in a new thread, so get creative and share whatever you want. Several of the things suggested are already doable/possible, so please contact me if ever unsure on how something works or where it is.
  14. One of the comments on the feedback survey was about how long quotes can make pages particularly long and difficult to read, especially in the Pictures section. Whilst there has always been the option to highlight specific parts of a post and just quote that, clearly this was not always used. I have now set it to that only the first few lines of a quote will display, but with an option of 'read more' to open the quote in full. Hopefully this will work better, but let me know if you run into any issues with this. Thanks.
  15. Just a quick update to let you know that the search bar on your PM inbox has now been improved. There's a little wheel icon next to the search bar when viewing PM's, which lets you select whether to search by username, conversation title, inside messages etc. So for example, you could decide to search for just conversations with a certain member. Not exactly brand new functionality, just far more efficient, as you'll hopefully find out if you ever want to search for anything. Hope it helps.
  16. A member map was recently requested to get an idea where members are from, since peefans has members from all over the globe. This has now been added, and is accessible for logged in members in the navigation bar. Please note that if you fill in a location in your profile (a new 'location' field was just added) it will synchronise with the map. As this feature is new it will take a while for people to notice it and add their locations, but hopefully over time we can fill the map up. I strongly recommend you to not be TOO specific with your location for privacy reasons. Some may want to put the city they're from, some may just want to put the country. You don't have to put anything at all. It's your choice. The map also shows a night time shadow, so you can get an idea of timezones too. I can see some people have already added locations which is great, but if you haven't yet, then it's a useful way to see which members are close to you. Whilst there are no plans for any official PeeFans meetups (as I imagine most people would not feel comfortable with that), if any groups did want to arrange anything then this feature would certainly aid the process. Thanks.
  17. PeeFans has just launched a quick survey to get your opinions on the site, so we can continue to improve it. If you complete the survey, you will receive 5 tickets into the prize draw for 3 months free gold membership. So not only are you helping to make the sο»Ώite better, you might win a prize too. It shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes to fill in. So... Click here to have your say! Thanks πŸ™‚
  18. As long-time PeeFans members will know, we have run a variety of challenges and competitions over the years. Last year, it was The PeeFans Cup, which Spywareonya won. This year, she has decided to take a break from participating, and take over as the lead host of this year's event. Starting on Monday, you will see a variety of different mini games and challenges posted in a brand new OlympEEc section of the forum. Some will be pee-related, some will be completely random. Either way, you can join in with whichever ones you want to. Just like last last year, you will compete for tickets. The person with the most tickets at the end will be crowned the winner and receive their own custom user title, and forum bragging rights.πŸ˜‰ However, just like last year each ticket will also give you 1 entry into a lottery for the grand prize... 3 months free gold membership. The more tickets you have earned, the higher your chance of winning (but in theory someone with just 1 ticket could still win, so don't be disheartened if you're late to join in). For example last year it was Sophie who won the lottery, and this year it could be you! Anyone with a ticket is eligible to win (so even if you're already a gold member, you can get your membership extended for free). For anyone wondering what gold membership gives you: click here. There is still time to register as a gold member right now so you don't have to rely on potentially winning the lottery. (And if you do win the lottery as well, then you'll just have even longer to enjoy all the benefits of gold!) I will now pass the baton over to Spywareonya who will be running the competitions, so please check back to this section shortly when she posts the first challenges. Good luck to everyone, and feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  19. A few nice stats I just noticed and wanted to share with you all... Last month was the highest ever total of posts submitted to PeeFans in a single month. Not only was it the most active month in this site's 5 year history, but we had over 500 brand new pee fans join the site too... Thanks for everyone's contributions, and for making this place such a welcoming community. People may say forums are dead... but we're just getting started! πŸ˜‰
  20. VIP membership has been used on this site to give thanks to active members who have been here a while and made particularly significant contributions to the community. This isn't always in terms of sheer volume of posts, but a multitude of different contributing factors. VIP status is our small way of saying thanks. VIP's usernames are in a special colour to mark their status, and these members also get unlimited private message storage, and most forum adverts removed. A brand new feature exclusively for VIPs is that if you use the code VIP when applying for gold membership, you'll get 10% off. Of course, It is much more about the achievement of winning the award than these extras. However, it has been a while since we last updated the VIPs, and so I felt it was time to freshen things up... So firstly, congratulations to the previous 13 VIPs who have continued their status: @Abdulapple @zzyzx52 @b2939 @[email protected]@wetwulf @likesToLick @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Please note: moderators and gold members are not technically classed as being VIPs, as these two user groups already have more privileges and features on their account. Of course their contributions are hugely valued too! So for example, nopjans, Alfresco, and spywareonya were already all given VIP status, and their names would be in purple if it weren't for the fact it's already in gold! At some point I'll try to figure out a gold-purple username hybrid. It's also worth pointing out that there are many members who add huge amounts of value to this site, but to keep VIP prestigious it will be handed out quite rarely. So just because you don't have the purple username yet, please do not think your contributions here are not extremely appreciated by us all. Today though, I am pleased to announce two brand new VIP members. Please join me in congratulating.... @Riley and @speedy3471 Congratulations to you both, and thank you for all your great contributions! Very deserved. More VIP's coming soon. Feel free to PM if you'd like to nominate anyone, as I often miss great contributions. Thanks.

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