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  1. I know a lot of people don't like making a new thread for their idea/feedback, as perhaps it's just a minor change, or possibly something you don't even think is possible. So if you just have any random ideas/feedback you'd like to put out there for the year ahead, feel free to use this thread, even if you're just spitballing and have no idea if it would actually work. No guarantees we can make them happen, but it's always good to hear what you do and don't like about the site right now, and where there's possible room for changes/improvements and new features. Thank you!
  2. Administrators, how about this: BAN thisvid from being posted here. I'm sick of going there only to find I can't watch the video. I'm here to relieve (so to speak) my pee stress, not get more of it. If we see a nice video on thisvid, we can download it and post it somewhere else. Pornhub, sendspace, any of dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other options. Why let thisvid continue to play games with us? This seems to me the responsible thing to do.
  3. Any chance you could add a poling feature? Despite the fact that everyone with this interest feels welcome here, I can't help noticing that we seem have pretty distinct groups within our community. I'd like to know, for example, how many are mostly interested in holding/wetting or vandalism or sexual pee play, etc. Is it a lot of work to add this?
  4. Please use this thread to report ANY times you cannot access the site, or it is particularly slow loading. (starting from now) I have made some tweaks and am hoping they help, but all feedback would be very appreciated, even if just to say that things have been running smoothly. ๐Ÿ™‚ The more info/reports I have, the more chance it can be resolved quickly. Thanks.
  5. I was talking to the lovely people in the chatbox last night and I've seen it mentioned on a few forum posts, we discussed the idea of adding a hug rating to show sympathy and the like. With us being a community and somewhat of a family we have occasionally talked about more personal topics with people we consider friends. I have previously used the "love" rating but a dedicated hug rating would be ideal.
  6. Is it possible to start all topics with the latest entry, instead of the oldest?
  7. Hello Admin Could u Help Me Out With this update It Is Continue Reading U Can Read From Where U Left Of IN Long Stories Thank u
  8. As you've probably noticed, you can now change the site colours using the toggle item at the top of the site. The system will remember whether you select light mode or dark mode, so when you log back in, it should be the same unless you change it. However, the colour picker is based on a setting that is saved in your browser, and depending on your cookie settings (and whether you use incognito mode) may mean the site does not remember the colour you pick. So I thought it would be worthwhile seeing which colour options people prefer. The default started out as plain blue, t
  9. Hello everyone! We've just had a fairly large site update, which will mean a lot of good things, but inevitably may mean a few temporary bugs or problems. Please use this thread to report anything (no matter how minor) that isn't working properly - for example any errors you get, or anything that seems to be missing. Thanks for your patience!
  10. I'm really struggling with the 'if you can't say anything nice don't say anything' concept, in that I pretty much know I shouldn't complain because it wouldn't be helpful (and could be downright rude) to other members... But I'm really frustrated at the moment with the chatbox. To add a bit of context, as some will know I've just had to deal with my father's death and the aftermath of travelling overseas alone to deal with the situation. During that time I felt very alone, and PF was actually a great source of comfort. I was able to keep my laptop or phone online for much of the time
  11. Lately I feel like people are really rude to me or like I donโ€™t feel welcome here cuz I am a transsexual woman
  12. How do I delete my peefans.com account and profile, and leave for good?
  13. Is it at all possible to remove the resizing of images when they are embedded in the chat box, or at least make it larger? At the moment any image over 500px in any dimension gets resized to 500px at it's largest and it's not very enjoyable when I am sharing a photo with someone. It would be fine if clicking the image then displayed the full size or something. Even a 1000px limit would be okay, but I find 500px just too small, everything is the size of a postage stamp.
  14. HI. I think the local time display of individual member pins on the member map are not showing the correct local time. For instance, I looked at some UK pins at 15:30 UK time today, and they showed local time as 10:30. I checked in North America and the local time displayed also appeared to be wrong. It's not really important, to be honest, but I thought you might like to know!
  15. Why don't we include Personal chat where we chat with members which other people can't see pls include Suggestion
  16. I'm not sure if you have changed anything but the site is overall feeling more responsive and snappy. At least on my tablet I had to wait a couple of seconds for things to load before I could do anything but now it's pretty much instant. So if you have changed anything, thank you
  17. I figure that maybe there could be some expansion to the leaderboard, like have a daily winner leaderboard, then have a records leaderboard. Like "Most Liked topic of the day/ of all time" "Most Liked post in one day" "Most Liked Post of all time" "Most Posts in a day" "Most Points earned in a day/week/month/year". You could also do like some kind of reward or achievement system for earning these things that you could attach to your profile page, similar to Steam badges and achievements. There could also be an adjusted real time counter that says who has the most points for a day/week/mon
  18. Hiiii! So the built in emojis are very topical for us and have that retro-internet vibe--could we possibly add more of them? I exclusively come here on desktop, and there are SO many instances that a 'water drops' or 'heart eyes' emoji would let me express myself so much better than words could, lol, Or am I maybe missing a way to put them in? Thanks in advance. With love, a shameless millenial
  19. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say sorry if I don't contribute enough in discussions, I've been going through some stuff and sometimes feel unmotivated. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who makes this space welcome and safe for us women and for treating us as equals. I've found this to be a rare place in this community that actually recognises women as people too and not just objects of their fantasy. So thank you ๐Ÿ˜˜
  20. My idea is to make site chat usable anywhere. I think it would be easier and simpler to read and chat instead of going back to home page everytime I want to check if my interlocutor answered. What do you think about it?
  21. I have a little bit of a personal niggle.... but there's every chance it's just me being a miserable old git, so this is a very open question and I'm completely open to any answer:- It seems increasingly to be a thing that (newcomers?) are using this site as a means to hook up via third party channels like snapchat, kid or whatever others. Many people are posting within their intro posts, commenting on existing posts and some blatantly in chatbox. Now clearly in going to a third party site they step away from the administrated, organised, safe environment of this community. But al
  22. How about we add a global map that user users could drop a marker/pin to mark exact spot where the peed/pissed. The map could be it's own thing like the Live Chat. Also user could make the marker/pin anonymous if they want and add details/descriptions or a picture if they even wanted to. Theres an app I use its called Fishbrain it's for marking fishing spots. I'm thinking we could do the exact same but for pissing spots. Ive been personally looking on the internet for something like this and I would love to have it in this community. Thank you๐Ÿ™‚
  23. Greetings to you @Admin and to those who keep this wonderful site going! At the risk of being "Donny Downer" here, a suggestion I'd like to make is for a thumbs down emoji for when a crude or rude or offensive comment or an inappropriate post is made. Last week this happened to one of our most valuable ladies here, who I will not mention. The male making the comment was very off-base and several of us stood up for her. After we gave him a piece of our minds, he finally apologized to her for the comment. In my standing up for her, I posted these two thumbs down that are included.
  24. I've one story with 2 courses of action - depending on what people choose - that I could put into the story section; but I've many more poems dealing with pee. Would it be a good idea to put some of those into the story section?
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