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  1. I'm really struggling with the 'if you can't say anything nice don't say anything' concept, in that I pretty much know I shouldn't complain because it wouldn't be helpful (and could be downright rude) to other members... But I'm really frustrated at the moment with the chatbox. To add a bit of context, as some will know I've just had to deal with my father's death and the aftermath of travelling overseas alone to deal with the situation. During that time I felt very alone, and PF was actually a great source of comfort. I was able to keep my laptop or phone online for much of the time which I can't normally. There were a lot of times when it wasn't about the site images and stories - but just the social aspect of members chatting about normality and personal messages which got me through. I also found myself almost overdosing on the site which has probably compounded my issues. So, back to chatbox - firstly I'm disappointed that so few people regularly use it. I know there are 25000 members and maybe 25-50 who contribute in any form to the forum, but far fewer seem to chat. There's a timezone issue where people are most active. Then as in this week, somebody engages in conversation, asks a direct question and then doesn't come back to acknowledge my reply at all despite still being online. I find that frustrating. Now finally, I don't want to be derogatory or criticise anyone else's fetish - but I've noticed that on the occasions when people are on chat, maybe having a normal world conversation, another member or two start off a fairly specific conversation and everybody else just vanishes. I do know a couple of members who have commented that it's something that bugs them too. Recently (and maybe it's because everybody is off on Christmas holidays) the people who have the normal world conversations don't seem to be joining anymore. But, I'm happy to accept it's me that's at odds here and why shouldn't they chat in that way? So - I'm not sure there are any easy answers - I'm not even sure there's a real problem other than me being a bit lonely. It could easily be me unrealistically wanting too much or even wanting something that's against the PF ethos. I know chat is there for all and of course we are a peeing centric site - is there something which can be improved, can we create a culture where more people do congregate to chat? What do other people think?
  2. How do I delete my peefans.com account and profile, and leave for good?
  3. Is it at all possible to remove the resizing of images when they are embedded in the chat box, or at least make it larger? At the moment any image over 500px in any dimension gets resized to 500px at it's largest and it's not very enjoyable when I am sharing a photo with someone. It would be fine if clicking the image then displayed the full size or something. Even a 1000px limit would be okay, but I find 500px just too small, everything is the size of a postage stamp.
  4. Hello Admin Could u Help Me Out With this update It Is Continue Reading U Can Read From Where U Left Of IN Long Stories Thank u
  5. Cryptocurrency is an attractive idea for adult sites and its users. Firstly, it provides anonymity and discretion - there's no reference to an unknown site on your statement, and the transaction can't be linked to you in the same way as a 'normal' credit card / bank payment. But additionally, it facilitates instant worldwide payments with virtually no fees, which means any money exchanged isn't being eaten into by a middle man. Even though it is normally bitcoin making the headlines, there are stablecoins that allow all of the above but without the price volatility. The real question is, would many people here be interested in cryptocurrency being a payment option here? Not just for things like gold membership, but for other things like a pee video marketplace to buy/sell files and so on. I have created the poll to get an indication of how viable this would be. There's an option for people who already have used crypto before and may even have some already. But also an option for those who have no real idea about it, but would be open to using it if the instructions were clearly explained of how to pay with cryptocurrency. Thanks.
  6. HI. I think the local time display of individual member pins on the member map are not showing the correct local time. For instance, I looked at some UK pins at 15:30 UK time today, and they showed local time as 10:30. I checked in North America and the local time displayed also appeared to be wrong. It's not really important, to be honest, but I thought you might like to know!
  7. Why don't we include Personal chat where we chat with members which other people can't see pls include Suggestion
  8. I'm not sure if you have changed anything but the site is overall feeling more responsive and snappy. At least on my tablet I had to wait a couple of seconds for things to load before I could do anything but now it's pretty much instant. So if you have changed anything, thank you
  9. I figure that maybe there could be some expansion to the leaderboard, like have a daily winner leaderboard, then have a records leaderboard. Like "Most Liked topic of the day/ of all time" "Most Liked post in one day" "Most Liked Post of all time" "Most Posts in a day" "Most Points earned in a day/week/month/year". You could also do like some kind of reward or achievement system for earning these things that you could attach to your profile page, similar to Steam badges and achievements. There could also be an adjusted real time counter that says who has the most points for a day/week/month/year that is better integrated I don't really know. Its just a thought that would add more non-porn things to do
  10. Hiiii! So the built in emojis are very topical for us and have that retro-internet vibe--could we possibly add more of them? I exclusively come here on desktop, and there are SO many instances that a 'water drops' or 'heart eyes' emoji would let me express myself so much better than words could, lol, Or am I maybe missing a way to put them in? Thanks in advance. With love, a shameless millenial
  11. Hey everyone! I just wanted to say sorry if I don't contribute enough in discussions, I've been going through some stuff and sometimes feel unmotivated. I wanted to say thank you to everyone who makes this space welcome and safe for us women and for treating us as equals. I've found this to be a rare place in this community that actually recognises women as people too and not just objects of their fantasy. So thank you 😘
  12. My idea is to make site chat usable anywhere. I think it would be easier and simpler to read and chat instead of going back to home page everytime I want to check if my interlocutor answered. What do you think about it?
  13. I have a little bit of a personal niggle.... but there's every chance it's just me being a miserable old git, so this is a very open question and I'm completely open to any answer:- It seems increasingly to be a thing that (newcomers?) are using this site as a means to hook up via third party channels like snapchat, kid or whatever others. Many people are posting within their intro posts, commenting on existing posts and some blatantly in chatbox. Now clearly in going to a third party site they step away from the administrated, organised, safe environment of this community. But also it niggles me that Admin go to a hell of a lot of work, a lot of members furnish a lot of content and put effort into making this an awesome community - and to use this forum as a means to exchange details and go elsewhere feels a bit off - like taking your own picnic into a restaurant. I've seen many occasions where people have been reminded this isn't a dating site. Should there also be some discouragement for the sharing of other app addresses (as there is for selling services etc) to encourage stronger communicate and support within this community?
  14. How about we add a global map that user users could drop a marker/pin to mark exact spot where the peed/pissed. The map could be it's own thing like the Live Chat. Also user could make the marker/pin anonymous if they want and add details/descriptions or a picture if they even wanted to. Theres an app I use its called Fishbrain it's for marking fishing spots. I'm thinking we could do the exact same but for pissing spots. Ive been personally looking on the internet for something like this and I would love to have it in this community. Thank you🙂
  15. Please use this thread to report ANY times you cannot access the site, or it is particularly slow loading. (starting from now) I have made some tweaks and am hoping they help, but all feedback would be very appreciated, even if just to say that things have been running smoothly. 🙂 The more info/reports I have, the more chance it can be resolved quickly. Thanks.
  16. Greetings to you @Admin and to those who keep this wonderful site going! At the risk of being "Donny Downer" here, a suggestion I'd like to make is for a thumbs down emoji for when a crude or rude or offensive comment or an inappropriate post is made. Last week this happened to one of our most valuable ladies here, who I will not mention. The male making the comment was very off-base and several of us stood up for her. After we gave him a piece of our minds, he finally apologized to her for the comment. In my standing up for her, I posted these two thumbs down that are included. Food for thought. Thanks! or
  17. I've one story with 2 courses of action - depending on what people choose - that I could put into the story section; but I've many more poems dealing with pee. Would it be a good idea to put some of those into the story section?
  18. I think I just had a good idea for this site, but I can’t be certain. 🤪 its a bit like a women’s only section at the gym, a place they can feel more comfortable and not be prayed upon by every single male. Maybe their own chat room or gallery that isn’t so explicit. At first this may sound like segregation but there is method in my madness because if you have this female friendly section it may encourage more women to join and then later when they’re comfortable to do so, participate in other sections as well. What do you think admin?
  19. If this is on peefan's already and I missed it, I am very sorry. I like to write longer stories on peefan's and occasionally I run into the problem where I have written a lot and need to go somewhere and have to finish writing later. Currently, I either copy and paste my writing into a word document and then paste it back into peefan's when I get back or I just try and finish it really quickly before leaving. My idea would be a way to just save the post privately so we wouldn't have to worry about loosing our progress if we have to do something. Sorry, if this is a weird idea!
  20. Just a thought - and I'm not sure it's a good idea so please feel free to tell me no... Every now and then the site seems to attract some very prolific new members. It could be those peddling commercial videos, it could be a member with one particular kink who delights in posting about their one thing far and wide across the site (often in the wrong categories, eg male pee outside the men peeing section). Would it work to have an initial daily post limit, say 10 comments / posts per day until either a certain time (1st week?) has elapsed or until a certain level of feedback has been received? In a similar manner to the chat restriction arrangement.
  21. hi, just wondering if there is a spot on this site for members who want to share videos or pics with other members who may request them to do different pee activities for each other. this is something id really like to try.
  22. We currently have a discord server but it's currently only for gold members and given that a few people have mentioned this ( by non gold memebers) I have been in discussion with @Admin regarding general members having access to it. I suggested creating a poll to ganer the general member's opinion on it. So, he has given me permission to post this. Admin is still consdiering this and hasn't decided what he wants to do so nothing is changing currently but if enough people want one then it may change. I can't promise though since ultimately it's up to admin, but I know that he wants the best for this place and does listen to members. I appreciate that gamers will know discord and that it's primarily used for that, and this idea could appeal to the gamers here. But discord isn't only limited to gamers it is also being used by pornsites both pee and non pee related (I am a member of several servers). As an example of non pee related there is an official pornhub discord server which is very succesful it has around 100,000 members and it's growing. For people who don't know what a discord server is, it allows for voice and video streaming of computer games or other content, as well as faster group chats with different "channels" for different topics. Bots can also be added to the server to help with moderation and also to enhance the user experince by being able to listen to music within the server, play text based games etc. For more information regarding Discord please either see here: https://discordapp.com/ or post in this thread with any questions or concerns you may have. So, please vote in the poll to let us know if you would use it.
  23. I'm a straight male. But, I would like to voice out for LGBTTQQIAAP community who are interested in our favorite kink (pee plays). This effort of us to create a dedicated forum will make them feel welcomed in our community. They can share their experiences, fictional stories, photos, videos, ideas, thoughts and etc. I hope our community members agree to this idea. Thank you.
  24. So, today I was greeted with an overlay about turning off my adblocker, or purchasing a gold membership. First, let me make it clear that I understand the site's need to earn money to maintain itself. That aside however, here's the reality of the situation with Adblock Blocker: I don't visit sites that use it to block my access to otherwise "free" content, especially when it's used to sell premium content. I started using adblockers as a means to protect myself from malicious code executions, and links to malicious sites. This is never going to change for me. It is far too easy for a site to host an ad that can do damage, often behind the scenes, sometimes even without the target website's knowledge. So, my adblocker stays, regardless of the content, or how long I've been around. With the current usage of the function, I can bypass it, but if I'll be required to do that repeatedly, I'll be less inclined to visit the site. If the Adblock Blocker is used to deny access to the site as a whole, at any point, you can easily assume I won't be around anymore, because as I stated, I don't visit sites that go down that path of "pay up, or lower your security options". I personally live on a fixed income, and couldn't afford a premium membership here, even if I had reason to purchase one. I would have a hard time believing I'm the only one in that situation. I certainly do know of users who don't buy one strictly on principle, and that's fine too, but we shouldn't have to also lower our internet guard just to view content. As a conclusion to my feedback, I'm going to add that while there will undoubtedly be users here that overlook the usage of Adblock Blocker, I can almost guarantee it will turn away more than a few, especially if at any point, the ads you host on site become compromised, or the sites they lead to do. No site is safe from that prospect, even the most popular sites out there have to deal with it (probably more than the average, due to high-volume traffic). So, use it or don't, that's up to you, it's your site, but this is where I stand, and my position on the matter will not change.
  25. Doubtless there are more, given the rapidly growing number of emojis, but there are times when what you want to say is more "hug" than "heart".

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