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    Hey guys, the last time I updated my profile was almost 8 years ago! So yeah, the English back then wasn't perfect, so now is my chance to let you know better about me XD.

    I am all about peeing since I remember myself, and when I found this awesome forum, I knew I found a safe place to look for some good porn of my favorite fetish.
    I am a student in a small but very prestige university called Technion, there I (still) study for BSc in computer science, it is all fun and games, hell and desperation, muffin with sprinkles, I think I saw the end of me, cute cats and dogs. So it is always nice to know I can leave everything for a few minutes to let it go and flow and... glow? WTF is wrong with my penis!?

    Anyway, I love drawing, do magic tricks with cards, raise the army of my pineapples in my garden, stressing about the simple things in life like a weird human being and more.

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    Asian/Ebony peeing, Naughty peeing, peeing into weird stuff
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    Update! I am sadly STILL a fecking virgin... T_T

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  1. I am not into scat play, although I hold a lot of these in my collection, but I do have a reason to look for those: There are also great pissing scene there that I like to track down and watch them only. But in general I like seeing girl peeing and pooping, I think the poop add some more dimension to the view, but I hope not to see that in live as I am sure it will be stink as heck XD So in conclusion, poop is great as long as there is piss involve and it is even better when they just let it loose and not touching it, as it is disgustingly looking thing to play with poop. Wunsch
  2. I did love this production myself, I found some really big collections of those clips over some torrent trackers I have an account in, so I can supply you with a lot of clips from them. In sneakyPee they proudly present links to XHamster Premium with all the glimps-it clips they could find, that is why I truly think sneaky pee is the true successor of Glimps It 🙂
  3. Nope, It is as I mentioned, a dead production. But many famous Glimps-It Models were also SneakyPee first models, such as pandora, tiffany and rebecca dee
  4. My opinion on best dead website will be: 1. Wunschvideo: so much good quality pissing (and soft pooping for the one who likes it a bit like me). 2. Glimps-It: its current successor is SneakyPee so show them some love XD
  5. Dude I have been following you for a while! great stuff you got in your erome account 🙂
  6. I don't know if there is one already, but it seems there isn't. So I would like to suggest a pinned thread in the known theme of "Who is this pornstar?" but in attention to more of models and amateurs that are known for peeing videos. I think it would be a blessed thread to add, for all the pee fans who want to look for more peeing videos of a certain model afterward. I am gonna start a thread of it in the Image Forum section, then you can help me "officialize" it to pinned thread if the idea get approved 🙂 Hope to get lots of positive comments and upvotes so it can be exec
  7. Do you know any OnlyFans models that are constantly share their pissing experience? Like filming themselves pissing and such...
  8. Hi my dearest pervs! I am not a very good story teller, but I was recommended to upload an old real life piss experience. One year when I was in high-school grade, my class went on a field trip in the desert, and we got a sweet female guidance. At one point we stopped for a break, and I noticed the guidance evacuated to pee somewhere private, she must have hold her bladder the whole time to this point of the day. When she returned, I said I had to pee too. I went exactly the way she returned from, and after a while I found the puddle she left in the sand (we were in the desert so I w
  9. Hi, A few days ago I had very nice chat with 19yo girl who likes peeing, and I thought it is belong here 🙂 I had to blur several sentences, it won't affect the flow of the conversation. Enjoy
  10. is anyone know what Bound2Burst Membership gives you?
  11. Tumblr was indeed something very very unique
  12. hi guys! Can anyone tell me where there are peeing games, like computer games but with peeing...
  13. Look at tumblr. I am posting there many videos and pictures and give URLs to many file that makes me horny. Please follow me, you won't disapoint: http://justgirlspeeing.tumblr.com/
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