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    Love ALL girl pee. Golden showers, public peeing, public panty wetting, public diaper wetting, bed wetting, naughty peeing, and drinking (and by drinking I mean swallowing). Also enjoy (intentionally) wetting my bed, public peeing, and discreetly (and quite naughtily) peeing my pants in public.

    I've played with a few girls willing to go along with my fetish in the past, including a very open minded stripper. But I'm hoping to meet my pee pee dream girl (who is truly into pee fun) someday soon.

    Also love small breasts, lesbians, oral (giving and getting), anal (giving), lactation, women's worn panties, and licking a pretty girl's ass and butthole.

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    Probably female public panty wetting. Difficult choice!
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    Drinking from a pretty stripper, licking the pissy pussy of a 20 year old AB I dated who wore diapers, seeing a pretty girl intentionally stand and pee from under her white dress outside of a Billy Joel concert when I was 15 (was she wearing panties?) (If that were today, I would have introduced myself). :D

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  1. I agree that the open approach to various topics is a good thing. I’m very much into naughty peeing, and I love women who pee in pull ups / diapers, both of which are controversial for some people. But, since this is a pee forum, we should all feel free to discuss our preferences as long as it’s nothing abusive.
  2. My first pee story was in Penthouse Forum's "Variations" magazine. I think the first I saw was in Nugget magazine. Maybe "Suzie". Looking back, she may have been a guy. Definitely had man hands and never peed naked.
  3. THAT seems like the best solution. Peeing in a pullup and just leaking a little is not the same feeling as a true bed wetting. Just tell her you came. A LOT. ☺️ I cum a lot, I wonder if I could pull that off? :P
  4. He got caught once putting water hoses in his model's panties to fake wetting. I hope he's finished.
  5. When I was a teenager, my family had just moved into a new neighborhood with a lot of houses under construction. Once the cinder blocks went up, providing minimal privacy, me and my friends would pee in the unfinished houses. I remember one house where I particularly loved peeing in the bathroom, where the bathtub would eventually be. I can't believe all my male friends were pee pervs, I guess just teenage boys being boys. It was quite fun for us to pee together on a wall or on the floor. :)
  6. Being peed on is the best. To misquote an old expression, It is better to receive them to give. 😛
  7. I don’t think I’ve stained anything I own, because I wash things like pants and sheets before they dry. As long as you wash while the item is still wet, staining seems very very unlikely. Now I have probably done some naughty peeing that may have left a stain.
  8. I left a stain on the carpeting at a stripper bar, long story short, after they overcharged me. With a drink in one hand and my cock in the other, I Peed and Peed and Peed while leaning against the bar.
  9. I may have to try that. 😁 maybe be distracted for a moment before handing the pretty girl in the window my debit card. And then say “I’m sorry, I was peeing my pants“. I’m not sure I’d be able to take it quite that far, but it would be fun.
  10. It’s hard to provide too much information here. My first wetting experiences were in my bathing suit at the pool or beach as a child. I would guess around my early teens, maybe 12 or 13, I started doing what you did: sitting on the toilet and peeing in my underwear. So congrats on discovering this new experience. Maybe someday you’ll get as peeverted as I am. Intentionally peeing your pants in public and hoping a pretty girl sees you. 🤤
  11. I’m curious as to whether anyone else here is into this. A female friend in another pee discussion suggested that I try it. I had an accident once in my pants in my car, many years ago, but now it’s strictly intentional. ☺️ I’m curious as to whether anyone else here is into this. I keep a sheet of plastic over my seat, just an empty garbage bag. And then two thick towels over the plastic to absorb my pee. I can do it while driving, but I prefer peeing my pants at a stoplight, so I can focus on the wonderful feeling. Anyone else have car peeing sto
  12. I would also include the seat of an airplane. They are all hot.
  13. The sandbox would be quite tempting, sand just seems like a natural toilet. But since kids may play there, I would avoid it.
  14. That's me. :-) I would whip it out and pee anywhere where there is the slightest bit of privacy. And hope a pretty girl sees me do it. :D
  15. What we really need is no bathrooms at concerts and football games. The places would get flooded like the old Beatles concerts. :D
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