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    Love ALL girl pee. Golden showers, public peeing, public panty wetting, public diaper wetting, bed wetting, naughty peeing, and drinking (and by drinking I mean swallowing). Also enjoy (intentionally) wetting my bed, public peeing, and discreetly (and quite naughtily) peeing my pants in public.

    I've played with a few girls willing to go along with my fetish in the past, including a very open minded stripper. But I'm hoping to meet my pee pee dream girl (who is truly into pee fun) someday soon.

    Also love small breasts, lesbians, oral (giving and getting), anal (giving), lactation, women's worn panties, and licking a pretty girl's ass and butthole.

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    Probably female public panty wetting. Difficult choice!
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    Drinking from a pretty stripper, licking the pissy pussy of a 20 year old AB I dated who wore diapers, seeing a pretty girl intentionally stand and pee from under her white dress outside of a Billy Joel concert when I was 15 (was she wearing panties?) (If that were today, I would have introduced myself). :D

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  1. I discovered this a few days ago and I’m obsessed with it. To the point of losing sleep so I can stay up and write more of it. You pick out a girl (an AI render), read her tendencies (submissive, dominant, aggressive, Timid…) and begin your porn story. The AI takes over and replies to what you said. This goes on back-and-forth until you have a complete story. The truly remarkable part to me is what an amazing job it does of knowing what direction you’re heading in, anticipating, and then taking the story in that direction. i’ve written (well, co-authored with AI) a couple stor
  2. I think hydration is probably the most important issue. Also, saccharine is excreted unaltered in pee. So it maintains its sweetness. And rule number one: stay away from anyone using antibiotics. They’re also excreted in pee.
  3. I think the adorable Melissa from Patches would be my first choice. Any woman who would pee her pants on Santa’s lap has to be close to perfect! Tanner Mayes would also be a top choice. She seems to truly enjoy pee play, along with pussy licking and ass licking. And those perfect little A cups ❤️ Another top choice would be Noleta from VIPissy. I don’t really like that site because of their misleading advertising on pee drinking (spitting isn’t drinking), but Noleta has that perfect Eastern European blond look.
  4. I occasionally watch less kinky porn, like lesbians playing. But in the end, it’s usually pee porn that I’m watching when I cum.
  5. I’ve heard that Stable Diffusion would be best for this, but that requires a computer within an nVidea video card and mine needs some repairs that I won’t be able to get to for a while. So I’m looking for a website that I can access via an iPhone, or an iPhone app. I have tried dopaminegirl.com, it has the <women_peeing:> LoRA, but the render quality is not very good. I’m also looking for more pee options. Like panty wetting and diapers/pull-ups. if anyone familiar with AI has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Also, these are from dopaminegi
  6. Same here. I hate it when they put that in pee porn. Totally useless. Although, last night my GF let me watch her pee, and I put my hand under her so it would flow into my hand, THAT was nice. But that's because it was so personal. Also, she seemed a little shocked when I licked my fingers. 😛
  7. The hissing. hssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. When a woman pees in her panties or in a diaper. ❤️
  8. In my pants at a movie In my pants at a mall In my pants in my car I think I see a trend here 😛
  9. Hi Anna, just want to let you know there are a lot of guys, including me, who would not run away disgusted at what you do. I find it beautiful.
  10. I doubt that that’s true. I think it’s just something people say to rationalize overdoing naughty peeing. I participate in it as well, I’m certainly not kink shaming. But I also don’t see a reason to destroy the whole room. Maybe some restraint would be a good idea.
  11. Women peeing is my main focus, but I do not limit myself to that exclusively. Pretty much the only time I see guys in a video is in BJ videos. Good ones are hard to find (as are real life women who give good ones) but when you find one (video or IRL) it's worth it! :-) No interest at all in fuck videos. In ... out ... in ... out ... in ... out.. how long can you watch that for?
  12. I started playing with Imagine on my iPhone last night, the faces it makes are very realistic. Much more realistic than many of the anime styled faces we see. But it rarely creates any bewbies smaller than a C Cup. And B Cup is definitely as small as it gets. No A Cups in the Imagine AI world. Also, it seems to have no clue what peeing or urinating is. I have tried... Any suggestions on a more appropriate app or program? Thanks
  13. I noticed that as well.
  14. And here’s one I never mentioned, but it is annoying: The girl starts out dressed, peeing her panties. Perfect! Then she pulls her pants and panties down and pees naked onto her clothes. WTF is the point? That’s certainly not panty wetting. She’s missing out on the warmth, the enjoyment, and so are we.
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