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    Love ALL girl pee. Golden showers, public peeing, public panty wetting, public diaper wetting, bed wetting, naughty peeing, and drinking (and by drinking I mean swallowing).

    I also indulge myself in my own pee via intentional bed wetting, intentional pants wetting, and (very) naughty peeing.

    I've played with a few girls willing to go along with my fetish in the past, including a very open minded stripper. But I'm hoping to meet my pee pee dream girl (who is truly into pee fun) someday soon.

    Also love small breasts, lesbians, oral (giving and getting), anal (giving), lactation, women's worn panties, and licking a pretty girl's ass and butthole.

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    Probably female public panty wetting. Difficult choice!
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    Drinking from a pretty stripper, licking the pissy pussy of a 20 year old AB I dated who wore diapers.

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  1. Peevert


    Well, first of all, I'm 100% convinced that no pee porn producer has the means or the money to " hire people to make them disappear ". As for pee produces suing, people who upload stuff generally have their asses covered very well, either by uploading via proxies or knowing that they are judgement proof.
  2. The way I heard it was "Italian Foreplay: 'Yo, Bitch!' <points to crotch>" :P
  3. Peevert

    Clubs you'd like to see...

    Hi How do I go about adding the extra category? Also, how would I go about starting the local club and the pee swallowing club (it would be nice if I could trace down some swallowing vids for that as well). Thanks
  4. Peevert

    Do you want to pee for me?

    I would have gotten back together with you if you did that. So is meeting in person an option now?
  5. Peevert

    Do you want to pee for me?

    I did this for the first time about 9 days ago. I talked about it here. Went back the next night and peed twice, once when I got there, once before the end of the movie. I loved it, but it would be no nice to do it with someone who would appreciate it as much as I do.
  6. Peevert

    Do you want to pee for me?

    If you're an attractive female and we could actually meet to do this, I'd be happy to be a taker.
  7. Peevert

    Where should I pee?

    Peeing on the plants they use for food... You gave me an idea for a former friend that I'm pissed off at.
  8. Peevert

    Where should I pee?

    LOVE that one. AS for the flower, it might help it grow!!
  9. Peevert

    Where should I pee?

    I'm okay with minimal damage to property. It's the ultimate naughty peeing. Elevators, side of a bar, floor of a restaurant, floor of a theater, in your seat in a theater...
  10. Peevert

    Clubs you'd like to see...

    Actually, there already is a Naughty Pee Club, but I would be interested in forming a more hardcore Naughty Pee Club. Reason being is that what we're currently defining as "naughty" is not always that naughty. For example, I would call peeing on your own tiled floor or carpeting "normal naughty", but peeing in an elevator or under your table in a restaurant or up against a bar as you sip your drink "hardcore naughty". I think there's more than enough of us here to support both styles. SO, I think what I'm really suggesting is: Hardcore Naughty Pee Club and SouthEastern US Pee Club For the latter, I'm thinking maybe Florida (where I am, cause all the nuts do indeed roll down to Florida), along with Georgia and Alabama. And One More Pee Swallowing Club Not Pee DRINKING because most "drinkers" are also spitters. Some of us take this most intimate act too seriously to spit.
  11. Peevert

    Clubs you'd like to see...

    How about: Club Naughty Pee and Club SouthEastern US (in the hope of encouraging meetups)
  12. I'd be able to pee when ever and where ever I want. Including in public and in my pants. And yes, peeing for a longer period of time and peeing with a boner would also be nice. Then I'd be able to give a woman a pee enema during anal, and pee my bed right after I cum when I jerk off.
  13. SillyMe, is that YOU in your profile thumbnail?"  If so, you are hot and adorable all in one pretty package.

    1. sillyme


      If that picture is of you on your profile then you are very hot, fun, and sexy!

    2. Peevert


      lmao - On another board, I posted my pic openly, hoping it would encourage others to do the same.  But it didn't work.

  14. Your Daddy is here. <3
  15. Guys, could you PLEASE get that notifications alert box to stop popping up on every page? Once per visit, on landing page or home page, is quite sufficient!!! Thank you