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    Love ALL girl pee. Golden showers, public peeing, public panty wetting, public diaper wetting, bed wetting, naughty peeing, and drinking (and by drinking I mean swallowing). Also enjoy (intentionally) wetting my bed, public peeing, and discreetly (and quite naughtily) peeing my pants in public.

    I've played with a few girls willing to go along with my fetish in the past, including a very open minded stripper. But I'm hoping to meet my pee pee dream girl (who is truly into pee fun) someday soon.

    Also love small breasts, lesbians, oral (giving and getting), anal (giving), lactation, women's worn panties, and licking a pretty girl's ass and butthole.

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    Probably female public panty wetting. Difficult choice!
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    Drinking from a pretty stripper, licking the pissy pussy of a 20 year old AB I dated who wore diapers, seeing a pretty girl intentionally stand and pee from under her white dress outside of a Billy Joel concert when I was 15 (was she wearing panties?) (If that were today, I would have introduced myself). :D

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  1. How did the other students react to you peeing on the floor? Every time the bus turned, pee must have been flowing everywhere.
  2. I think I can sum up my personal opinion of fetlife by saying this: 🤢
  3. Antibiotic pee. Smells awful, specially penicillin pee. 🤢
  4. I agree, I prefer cuter terms like kitty, muffin, pinkie (an ex's term) honey pot, sugar cookie, special place, etc...
  5. I agree, I prefer cuter terms like kitty, muffin, pinkie (an ex's term) honey pot, sugar cookie, special place, etc...
  6. Ewwwwww don't touch C++! You can never get that OOP off of your hands.
  7. Too bad it wasn't Jay Leno doing the interview, he would have enjoyed it more than Jimmy Kimmel. Although... didn't Jimmy Kimmel date Sarah Silverman?
  8. She has to be. People who are not into the wonderful warmth and naughtiness of peeing your pants don't pee their pants for convenience, in public, at work. That would never happen.
  9. Peevert


    I can't even get the freakin thing to open.
  10. You redecorated the entire bathroom. :P
  11. I find it far easier to believe that it's cake frosting in the glass than to believe it's her cum. That's A LOT of thick creamy cum from someone who doesn't have a prostate gland.
  12. I'm the first one to engage in naughty peeing, but still, I agree with you here. I was in a park one day, no one there, and I wanted to pee down the slide. Then it occurred to me that kids use the slide, and I decided not to pee on it. You have to draw a line somewhere.
  13. I think most of us here enjoy naughty peeing. Here's two of mine, a long pee in public, and a public pants wetting: https://peefans.com/topic/24302-peeing-my-pants-intentionally-in-public/
  14. Ok, I was suspicious that particular word might have been a problem, so I changed it to “social media”. But when that didn’t remove the hidden issue, I wasn’t sure what the problem was. Thank you very much for clarifying.
  15. I am the Great Bungholio! - Beavis (or was it Butthead)
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