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    Love ALL girl pee. Golden showers, public peeing, public panty wetting, public diaper wetting, bed wetting, naughty peeing, and drinking (and by drinking I mean swallowing). Also enjoy (intentionally) wetting my bed, public peeing, and discreetly (and quite naughtily) peeing my pants in public.

    I've played with a few girls willing to go along with my fetish in the past, including a very open minded stripper. But I'm hoping to meet my pee pee dream girl (who is truly into pee fun) someday soon.

    Also love small breasts, lesbians, oral (giving and getting), anal (giving), lactation, women's worn panties, and licking a pretty girl's ass and butthole.

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    Probably female public panty wetting. Difficult choice!
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    Drinking from a pretty stripper, licking the pissy pussy of a 20 year old AB I dated who wore diapers, seeing a pretty girl intentionally stand and pee from under her white dress outside of a Billy Joel concert when I was 15 (was she wearing panties?) (If that were today, I would have introduced myself). :D

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  1. Women peeing is my main focus, but I do not limit myself to that exclusively. Pretty much the only time I see guys in a video is in BJ videos. Good ones are hard to find (as are real life women who give good ones) but when you find one (video or IRL) it's worth it! :-) No interest at all in fuck videos. In ... out ... in ... out ... in ... out.. how long can you watch that for?
  2. I started playing with Imagine on my iPhone last night, the faces it makes are very realistic. Much more realistic than many of the anime styled faces we see. But it rarely creates any bewbies smaller than a C Cup. And B Cup is definitely as small as it gets. No A Cups in the Imagine AI world. Also, it seems to have no clue what peeing or urinating is. I have tried... Any suggestions on a more appropriate app or program? Thanks
  3. And here’s one I never mentioned, but it is annoying: The girl starts out dressed, peeing her panties. Perfect! Then she pulls her pants and panties down and pees naked onto her clothes. WTF is the point? That’s certainly not panty wetting. She’s missing out on the warmth, the enjoyment, and so are we.
  4. This will, by no means, be complete! Just what pops into my head first. Plus, I'm still getting over a concussion. 😛 BTW they were all intentional. In my pants in my seat at a movie (I do try to avoid cushion seats) (and electric seats!), In my pants on a seat at a late night outdoor mall, In my car (sometimes after the mall, I have a little left over), 😛 In my bed, On the floor of a public restroom, usually near the drain, On the side of the bar at a stripper bar, drink in one hand, Mr. Happy in the other hand, In my pants every time I have
  5. I was kind of hoping that you were leaving a warm puddle behind. Now I know I'm not sleeping tonight. 😛 Thank you very much for sharing with us!
  6. Now I have to try to sleep tonight after reading that. 😛 Just one more curiosity: Do you shower after peeing in the private stalls, or just leave a warm pee pee puddle on the floor? If that's too personal for the forum you can reply with a private message. Thanks!
  7. Thank you for sharing that with us. I'm sure not what it is, but something about a woman peeing in a changing room at the beach is ... Well let's just say I find it quite exciting. Maybe it's the naughtiness factor. 🙂 I'm curious, do you pee naked, or in your bikini? Is there a shower in the changing room, or is it just for changing clothes? I live near the beach, I really should go there more often. 🙂
  8. We may not have that in the US, I’ve certainly never heard of it. But I think I’d enjoy seeing it. Tom Brady should’ve gone after her, she’s so much hotter than Gisele.
  9. Pretty sure I’ve peed in every pool or hot tub or lake or ocean I’ve ever been in!
  10. My ads have always been in the ABDL Personals or Pee Personals. Where do you place your ads? The ABDL/Pee crowd seems to be heavily slanted toward ghosting, both from my observations and other guys that post there as well. I have initiated contact on a few occasions. 1700 words?! I would guess I typically go about 300 words. What topics do you discuss to bring it to 1700 words? I normally just tell them age, city, and what I am looking for emotionally and sexually.
  11. Alternatively, increase size for just one person. Let @puddyls post up to 1 GB. 😛
  12. As I mentioned before, a dating forum. Also, increasing the file size limit on posts. 5 MB rules out a lot of videos. And it’s kind of an annoyance to have to go to another site, post a video, get the URL, come back here to a post the link… Maybe 25 MB would be a more reasonable limit. Storage is cheap, so this should not create any issues.
  13. I would not put any faith in Reddit. Every. Single. One. Of the women I’ve met there who supposedly share our interests turned out to be ghosters. One has actually responded to my ads three different times, using slightly different screen names. I didn’t realize what she was doing the second time. The third time, I knew it was her. They just use us for masturbation material, once they get off, POOF they’re gone.
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