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    Truck driver
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    Very outdoorsy and I have a beard 😊
    I also love seeing outdoor pees

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    The sight, scent and sound of a woman having a pee 😁
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    A very sexy BBW in dire need of a piss asking me to come help her into the bushes where no one could see her so she could go pee. We got out of sight and she finally pulled her pants and already damp thong down to her ankles and lowered herself into a low squat and started immediately spraying a messy pee onto the ground

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  1. Catching MIL having a piss is hot as fuck! Thanks for sharing, I'd say your pretty lucky.
  2. That's great! I feel like that's how it should be anyways, you have a great mentality with your family
  3. Best of luck to you! It's probably alot easier than you think by the sounds of her personality. Thanks for the great artwork!
  4. I agree I had similar experiences growing up and always wondered the same myself! Cheers
  5. Depends how messy of a spray i want to have, toilet pull back, outdoors natural. Thanks for sharing
  6. Those are some hot pictures of those older girls with nice big hairy pussies! Thanks for the great story too, Cheers
  7. Extra points for a high squat! There must have been a nice amount of yellow snow!
  8. Thanks for sharing about you and your sister having a pee outdoors! Did your mom happen to go at all during the picnic?
  9. Hopefully we can hear about your ex hovering over that hole in the outhouse next!
  10. Definitely more of a fan of the thicker lips and larger clitoris especially when it comes to see or hearing her pee. Thanks for the details! Very lucky man
  11. I think an emergency pee in a coffee cup would be pretty hot, being at the point of desperation to the point a coffee cup becomes an option and having to over over it
  12. That is the best part of having a bush! Especially if they let you enjoy the smell afterwards.
  13. Awesome! Nice pic with her panties too that woulda been hot! Hope you get to share more
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