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    Everything about it from watching a woman go outdoors to enjoying the sight smell and taste of her piss especially if she is chubby!
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    Every time I get to enjoy a woman peeing.... watching a BBW squat and piss....

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  1. Tbh watching one of these massive pussies and big buttholes spread open as they bent over for a piss somewhere would be hot as fuck
  2. Someone obviously got a good view of her big bum spread open as she bent over and I can imagine a nice stream coming from her between her pussy lips what a view wow nice to know she has a big bright bum too how could you not wanna follow her out of curiosity of seeing her bend over to relieve herself
  3. That would be a hot sight thanks for sharing about her big bush!
  4. What a view of your wife bent over peeing thanks for describing her going hot experience! Happy to hear she wiped too leaving a tissue
  5. Would have been worth a sniff at least and to see how much she actually pee in them
  6. Poor girl especially being pregnant but wow what a find! I wonder how much actually made it to the ground
  7. That’s such a turn on you would actually admin how bad you had to go and say sorry be a bulge in my pants as I watched you finish at least
  8. Nice to see they left some big puddle and their tissues! Great find
  9. What a amazing experience thanks for sharing such a turn on!
  10. You are such a sexy squatter what a amazing view thanks for sharing
  11. What a erotic experience thanks for sharing nice to read about a BBW dying for a piss nothing sexier
  12. Wow that’s kind of erotic you peeking on her I’m sure back then it was exciting even seeing or hearing the bit you did I see no harm in that we were all curious kids back then it’s still a girl having a piss but nice to know you have passed it on nothing to be ashamed of
  13. Those are the type of panties I wanna put my nose in especially the last one nice bush and I bet it smells hot! Wow
  14. Very nice 😉😊 perfect body to watch have a nice big pee!
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