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  1. I have taken a mouthful of my partners out of a bucket and a couple out of curiosity it was hot to taste here pee idk if I’d drink the whole bucket but a mouthful mixed with the aroma was pretty erotic prob for that again
  2. Absolutely amazing thanks for sharing
  3. I mean she probably has if she could piss that hard and fast when desperate I believe she did have frequent urination tho by the way she pees lol she would get desperate lots I’m sure you got to hear your mom go lots too then lol I never felt like there was anything wrong with that
  4. Yea she is thicker I had seen her running to the bathroom a couple times obviously was desperate by the sounds of it lol I don’t remember if she had many steady hissing pees just know she had some big gushers the time I caught her peeing or heard it. I’m not attracted to her but I did listen on purpose a couple times lol she has a thick stream kinda sprays a bit
  5. Super embarrassed but that’s literally how my mom used to piss every time lol it was hard not to hear her going
  6. Yea that’s my favourite kind of body type of woman to see or hear have a piss they are amazing she sounds like a great pisser I guess I don’t blame you for listening to her lol she must get caught short and desperate lots
  7. Just your cousin who pisses like that? I remember listening to a woman pee I was pretty young still knew what was going on tho I didn’t realize women could piss like that
  8. That’s crazy how hard and fast she pisses it’s definitely not common I do recall hearing a woman piss like that it’s hard not to get turned on by it no matter who it is lol
  9. Wow that’s incredible how could you not be turned on by hearing that sounds like she enjoyed it too always been a fan of pee farts too lucky you got to hear her get relief something very erotic about it
  10. I agree I have heard this happen too I found it hard not to get turned on hearing this finding out that is how she pees even if it is a relative I never looked at them any different but was still turned on by the huge piss they had lol sounds like you have some relatives who can really piss when they gotta go amazing you got to enjoy that even some moans
  11. I honestly have done the same lol and I feel the same way but I have gotten extremely turned in listening to female relatives have a pee I always found it fascinating too hearing her stream finding out how they peed. At the end of the day they are just having a pee like everyone does and if they are great pisser enjoy it for what it is
  12. Thanks for sharing could you imagine finding out how much of a wet spot she actually had in her panties by the time she got them down….. hot to think she actually held it and leaked while working too
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