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    Everything about it from watching a woman go outdoors to enjoying the sight smell and taste of her piss especially if she is chubby!
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    Every time I get to enjoy a woman peeing.... watching a BBW squat and piss....

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  1. What if someone wants a sniff tho you never know
  2. That would be incredible! Great story
  3. That actually makes her a 12-10 especially if it’s a good powerful one and A relieving piss
  4. That would be pretty hot and fun always thought about that happening too
  5. You were a naughty kid lol damn you got to witness some hot pees
  6. That’s a dream lol no wonder you have a pee fetish
  7. Your eyes must have been as big as saucers when they lifted their skirts up over their waist showing what’s under neath then lowering themselves onto the toilet
  8. That is hot! Especially knowing they probably had some good sized bushes too and the fart is a turn on too exactly wow! You were a lucky kid pee farts are usually pretty powerful too along with the powerful stream of pee
  9. That also goes with listening to women peeing lol you had to work with what ever you could get I think that makes it even better
  10. Yea that’s a dream I feel like it was so much more taboo back then to get a peek even seeing their bush peeking out from their bikini would have been such a rush thinking about what it would look like once they pulled them down for a pee or if you are lucky enough to catch a view of a full bush outdoors with pee spraying from it would have been heavenly especially before the internet when you couldn’t just look it up
  11. Damn you got a good eye full of hairy pussy that would have been hot seeing all that pussy hair once that girdle was pulled down
  12. The fact you did it in the garage makes it a 10/10 lol did you share with your husband what you did?
  13. That’s pretty hot I hope he actually enjoyed it!
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