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  1. That must have still be hot to even have heard her piss so close to everyone out on the trails obviously her husband didnt seem to mind everyone knew what was going on sounds like it was a good piss too! Sometimes these can be the hottest pees to experience without seeing anything
  2. I think it be pretty hot to do this while you are sunbathing in the back yard or even while taking a relaxing bath just walk up and give a nice warm shower, think it be more enjoyable not fully clothed lol
  3. @AWN_84That definitely was a raw time in history when it came to pissing outdoors for all walks of life
  4. What about pissing doggystyle with your partner? Could you imagine both of you somewhere pissing like that btw @HitEmAll amazing videos bud thanks for sharing! That’s a hot way to watch anyone piss
  5. I agree! Well said there is a lot of truth to this
  6. I think this is a big thing too why piss is such a turn on is everyone’s does have a scent that reflects their habits, something about the smell of someone’s piss has always been hot to me ontop of taste or watching them, I guess I’m a animal for pee too lol 😂
  7. It gave me a twitch in my pants aswell lol 😂 she definitely knew to say just enough
  8. That’s an amazing story that your wife shared or her in the cubicle I imagine you enjoyed hearing her telling the story first hand imagining it all unfold! Thanks for sharing bet it was a great puddle too
  9. Do you remember her age and how she looked? Even if you didn’t get to watch her have a leak I’m sure it’s still nice looking back knowing what she was hiding off the road doing, pretty daring of her to do knowing you could probably have peeked or heard as she went
  10. I think she has an amazing gift and it’s super cool of you to share!
  11. That’s nice he is understanding I feel like that’s pretty common one partner having a pee fetish and one. Thanks for sharing with us tho what happened! That dildo is very lucky lol such a kinky thing to do somewhere that isn’t the bathroom or bedroom
  12. This is actually the perfect amount of pee leaked in your panties before actually making it! So hot! Thanks for sharing 😝 they would have been amazing to enjoy
  13. That’s is absolutely soo sexy and intimate! Thanks for sharing and thanks to K for providing those very hot pics of her pissed pants and panties I bet they smelt absolutely wonderful too! Being a fly on the wall while she let herself go on you would have been unbelievable to watch lol Cheers all the best to you and K
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