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    Very outdoorsy and I have a beard 😊
    I also like to pee outdoors!

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    Everything about it from watching a woman go outdoors to enjoying the sight smell and taste of her piss
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    Every time I get to enjoy a watching or being part of a women peeing.... watching a very sexy BBW squat and piss outdoors

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  1. Still sounds great to listen to her pissing! Thanks for sharing, that would still be a huge turn on.
  2. Do you mind sharing about listening to your wife pee even if it’s from outside of the door to the bathroom
  3. I would definitely encourage my partner to do this! Or just anything a little naughty in general I do enjoy going shopping with her tho and helping her pick stuff up to try on. It is definitely a turn on when she is in the changing room tho
  4. Honestly I feel like if she is your ex wife there was a time when you loved and respected each other. Maybe things have changed and you have changed as people but maybe sitting down talking to her hearing her side of what she wants and why she is doing it. Then finding some kind of common ground together. You both deserve to be happy but still being able to co parent and have a common understanding of the situation.
  5. Great sighting tho atleast ya did catch a glimpse of who made the fresh puddle! I’m surprised she actually left a tissue!
  6. Do you think there is a chance that some dr may do it on purpose especially knowing there is a chance you could leak or show how desperate you are and it is a turn on for them. I’m sure they have seen lots of pee dances and wet spots
  7. That’s incredible! Thanks for sharing, probably some of my biggest turn on too. Cheers.
  8. That actually sounds like a great experience just causal peeing for each other to see and enjoyed getting off watching each other. sounds like you got a great show glad you took advantage off actually following her to the janitor closet and watching! I bet it was hot to get off to her going from the view you got. thanks for sharing.
  9. @puddyls Thank you! 🙂
  10. What do you enjoy most about someone else peeing on your carpet or in your car. Is it the smell or just seeing the stain and puddle itself someone else made on your things
  11. That’s the challenge we all face lol thanks for sharing about your adventures tho! Hope to hear more, and best of luck finding another to join you in your adventures! Pee is amazing
  12. Very nice! The fact you squatted makes it that much better lol and I don’t blame you, bet it smells great!
  13. @Ilovepiss123 Have you ever squatted in the car had a pee or anywhere in a store squatting? That would be naughty!
  14. I bet that still made your day! Nice sighting thanks for sharing.
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