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    Everything about it from watching a woman go outdoors to enjoying the sight smell and taste of her piss especially if she is chubby!
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    Every time I get to enjoy a woman peeing.... watching a BBW squat and piss....

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  1. Tman27


    Thanks for sharing! Such a turn on
  2. Done this before too thinking about my woman doing the same thing! Thanks for sharing , cheers
  3. Especially if the tissue them self and fresh too
  4. 💯 I am the same way scent of piss is such a turn on especially like this! Always do this too lol
  5. This would be great to enjoy if you had a full bladder aswell!
  6. Really enjoyed reading this thanks for the great details of your memories 😉
  7. Always enjoyed cumming outdoors while being able to watch a girl squatting and having a pee outdoors never got a view like that though thanks for sharing I hope you shook your bum up and down for him too! Lucky guy
  8. I don’t think it matters it was your sister to me it’s still erotic you got to watch her do it in such a naughty place and pretty much in front of you, definitely not judging if you would have seen her piss stream as she squated either. Great experience!
  9. Nothing sexier than a girl with a hairy pussy popping a squat outdoors and having a pee for anyone to see 😉 was great to hear about your female roomie shaking her bum up and down when she was done! Such a turn on hope she is hairy too
  10. That’s a nice image to think about 😜
  11. The least you could do for her posing and having a pee is self help to show appreciation 😂 her pee looks amazing aswell
  12. What a erotic experience Personally there is nothing hotter than a woman pulling her pants and panties down outdoors and her pussy and ass being out as she squats for a pee biggest turn on! That is the best view to enjoy it all aswell nice pussy and pee shot got me so worked up
  13. Exhibition and cock sniffing outdoors would be interesting especially if someone pissed like a horse lol guy or girl
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