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  1. Thank you! hope you all had a great day aswell
  2. That puddle looks like a great place for a load of cum especially after seeing how it was made
  3. Like out camping and her needing to go and resorts to using a bucket and getting to watch and “help” but yea def agree on the smearing or eating is a nope
  4. I think you should try this again sometime at home for educational purposes 😂😉hope your feeling better from your hospital visit tho that’s never fun
  5. Hehe thanks for sharing 😁
  6. Is that something you have ever done infront of someone like husband or friend? Like in the car or out somewhere since you can do it so inconspicuous… I think that’s a incredibly kinky way to get off actually but I’m also a big fan of woman getting off humping and grinding objects to orgasm this would do the trick too lol
  7. What about being forced to pee somewhere like a coffee cup in the car or a garbage can/bucket infront of them lol
  8. Ohh lol never mind you answered it 😂 wow….. 😁 thanks
  9. I wouldn’t mind hearing the whole story of this now you have my attention lol
  10. That bush makes it all soo much better 🤤😉
  11. Do you find it harder as a mom and wife to have a pee fetish? Or is it part of the fun finding time and places to be alone long enough to hold or have a pee and enjoy it? Also I think your husband is a lucky man and he is missing out on soo much 😂 thanks for answering my question!
  12. That’s was a great story thanks for sharing! Hope there is more to cum 😂
  13. Great sighting! Bet she had a nice powerful pee atleast ya got a view of her from behind before she pulled her pants up nice she actually went outdoors, good for her lol
  14. Where did you get a picture of my unit lol 😂 this was always something I have been self conscious of tho really a lot of girls say they are weird looking and always questioned it like they never saw one before nice to know some actually prefer it 🙂
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