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    The sight, sound, taste and feel of hot fluids spraying from the human body outside and in other ‘naughty’ places. Maybe one day they might spray all over me.
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    Watching a lad pissing hands-free as he spun around on a playground roundabout in front of a crowd of people. I can still see the way his pale foreskin filled out like a fire hose before the end split open to release a golden torrent that arced out from his body as he spun around. I was shocked at the time, but couldn’t turn my eyes away. Thinking back that’s probably where it all started.

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  1. I’m not claiming I have 100% accuracy here 😂
  2. That a shame, it was nice to have someone to compare cum notes with. Good luck and I hope you have the opportunity for plenty more thick, creamy fun in the future.
  3. It’s too cold to go outside now so…
  4. Thanks. It’s nice to have people to share them with 😊
  5. Not much smell (I’m pretty well hydrated at the moment) but it did make an awful lot of noise as it splattered across the ground.
  6. Slipped behind a shed for a quick piss on my way home
  7. There might have been a bit 🤭 I had a pretty full bladder and rapidly got board of peeing in the same spot and began to wonder how far up the wall I could squirt.
  8. A quick splash and dash against a wall
  9. Wow, I’d have loved to have seen that!
  10. Sometimes the combination of a full bladder and horniness go to your head and what was supposed to be a bit of naughty sprinkling becomes a full on golden tsunami of unadulterated pleasure and not always in the most appropriate location. 10 minutes later you find yourself staring at the flood and the one solitary paper napkin to hand thinking how the **** am I supposed to clean that up?!
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