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  1. Wow! Was away on a camping trip for a few days looks like we got a lot more great stories!
  2. Title says it all. Mine has to be that one class where the teacher was being very annoying and racist so I excused myself to use the washroom. I then with his hall pass went to the washroom and pissed all over it and left it sitting in a urinal. Also with buddies multiple times would pee on the floors, walls even sometimes the ceiling in an attempt to take out light bulbs. Any stories?
  3. wow! for me it was around 14 at school, a teacher pissed me off enough when I asked to leave their class, I took the hall pass and pissed on it in the urinal and left it there. Never returned to class that day.
  4. Men and Ladies, How old were you when you first did your public piss marking? (Ex. Public washroom, street, car etc) and where was it? What was the story?
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