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  1. I don't think so other than in the water at the beach and I think in showers. but certainly not in the places she's encouraging me to.
  2. Mom has rather encouraged me to pee outside, like off the back deck and even once down in the cellar by the laundry drain. Peed a couple times on my bedroom wall, but it runs behind the baseboard and drips in the basement, not wetting the floor at all, so I'm not sure she'd care.
  3. Anybody ever notice or has anyone ever said you could pee there or like over drains or outside?
  4. O.M.G I just did it! So nervous. I went over by my window and not sure about the carpet, I peed a bit on the wall and then a bit more. I expected it would run down to the carpet, but it just diapered? Seeing no sign of it I started again, this time emptying everything and still no sign of it on the floor.. Got to thinking where it went, went down to basement and saw it just ran behind the baseboard and between the floor boards and rained down on the concrete floor, no big deal.
  5. I want to, why not anymore. What about other places around your house yard. I really love the idea I can pee outside, knowing mom approves.
  6. Maybe, don't really like the idea of sitting there wet, but I like the idea of just pissing under the desk or like this guy https://www.erome.com/a/CHOJIrzK you ever do something like this anywhere?
  7. I don't think that would be the same, I kinda like the idea of not thinking about it and just casually doing it somewhere without care. I'm certainly going to try it someplace next week when we're out of town, maybe when I'm alone, but I'm thinking now that even if mom's around she might not care.
  8. Probably a few times, it rather intrigues me, but I'm a bit of a clean freak myself and I'm not sure I'd want to do it often, I even have reservations sometimes about peeing in locker rooms, despite one of the custodians telling me it's okay.
  9. yeah, if I'm urgent, often I turn it on and pee while waiting for the water to warm.
  10. Not sure if she was okay with it at home, but she knew he had. She was def okay with it at the hotels, especially on spring break trips they took, telling me "oh who cares, boys will be boys a lot of guys did so." Right after that I inquired, "so you wouldn't freak out if I did so," to which she answered, "of course not."
  11. I'm curious, you say you've peed on the carpet and closet in you're bedroom? Do you clean in up in some way, if not does it smell enough anyone notices? Just curious as I've not done so, but mom made mention that my dad had a few times peed off their bed at night, but didn't seem too upset about it, saying my aunts stupid dogs pee all over her house.
  12. Well I've always peed in the shower, before or while showering, no big deal, I think everyone does that. Lately I've peed a couple times over the floor drain in the basement in front of the laundry machines. I don't think mom knows, but hearing how little she seemed to care about those places my dad used to pee, I doubt she'd care. Mom's a bit of a clean freak so I'm not sure about my bedroom, but I'm planning to do so next week at the hotel, since mom told that my dad did so all the time.
  13. Not yet, mostly because I'm rarely in the city without mom and never in a hotel, however, next week we are making a weekend trip to the city, so we'll see. I was thinking maybe my mom had some sort of fetish for this or was really abnormal, but she's brought other women into conversations around me and I learned that my aunt, grandmother, a couple of moms friends and even the old woman next door think the same as mom. I never realized that women were so open to boys doing so. You live at home, who with and have they ever suggested it's okay to pee in other places?
  14. It mostly started after a friend was teasing me for not pissing in the locker room like everyone else. Mom overheard and had a first ever chat with me later that evening where she confessed to knowing that her brothers always did so and no one ever cared even their mom. She understood I was afraid of consequences, but she kept assuring me it's always been normal and that I shouldn't be the only one not doing so. In the next few weeks she kept asking me about it until I'd confessed to her that I was doing so now. She also suggested that even though it's not as warranted as it was for her brothe
  15. I've peed outside and even at a friends back yard before, because I knew he did all the time and his family never cared. I was always afraid to do so at home, because I assumed my mom wouldn't allow it. In the last few months she overheard my friend teasing me for not doing as the rest of the guys do and it led to a few conversations in the following weeks, mostly mom telling about where her brothers and my dad used to pee and reassuring me that was quite normal, just boys being boys. Even though there's not so much a need for it, as it's just mom and I, whereas there were 6 in my moms family
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