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  1. What do your workers think about your pissing habits? Do they think it's fun and laugh about it? Do some follow suit and also piss on the unfinished houses?
  2. Haha nice! I can imagine stinky pissing is a fun way to joke with your buddies.
  3. Yeah I believe it takes some practice. And the smell... Aren't you affected by it? I'd be hating the smell too but it would be worth it knowing I contributed to it lol.
  4. Love that you don't unzip until your inside lol. I wish more guys had your confidence. I've tried pissing while walking a couple times. I can do it if I focus.
  5. Wow! Love the story. This is how all men should piss.
  6. That was some really hot content. Loved it! And would love for you to post new stuff! Didn't save any of it though.
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