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    Just a guy who loves pissing outdoors, and watching people pee outdoors. Love to chat as well!

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  1. I typically take my morning pee in the back yard, so here you go lol https://www.erome.com/a/gGyIHJ1a
  2. Pulled over to change into my boots and needed to take a piss really bad. Didnt realize i peed on my shoe when i turned to look behind me haha i was on the side of a highway parking lot and Someone pulled in https://www.erome.com/a/cRUcaijU
  3. Went into a park bathroom and found a urinal trough, i guess you can say that i missed a little lol tbh im lucky someone didnt walk in as i was going https://www.erome.com/a/9WcS9pBP
  4. Thanks, i will try to make some later depending on how desperate i get lol
  5. Ya it really is, the relief and excitment of it are the best
  6. Its just so much easier and fun to just pull over and piss instead of finding a toilet lol and it never seems to fail that when im most desperate, i cannot get to a toielt
  7. Yea i was pretty full at that point and didnt realize there would be so much traffic passing so i figured to show it lol
  8. Thanks! And ya it wasnt my longest ever but fairly long and i waa extremely desperate
  9. Not often, but recently i was with a friend who ive had a couple "moments" that make me wonder, and noticed he rushed into this single person bathroom and noticed he didnt lock the door so i got kinda curious and followed him in while he was going i walked up to the sink and started peeing into it. It didnt do much for me i just did it to have a reason to be there while he took a massive piss lol he had perfect view of my dick which i think i seen him take a second look at my dick which had about half an erection due to the circumstance
  10. So, today i had some errands to go run and as usual was drinking a bunch of water and feeling a Legitimate need to pee as im about to finish my last stop. So as im just almost done, i get locked into a situation where im waiting in this long line thats taking waaaay longer then expected and at this point im full on desperate! To the point someone is trying to have a conversation and i could barely pay enough attention to what he was saying. Im just about done and at this point cant stop moving and almost grabbing my crotch to hold on. I finished up and rushed to the Nearest
  11. On my way home knowing full well i was about to get caught up in major traffic i decided to take a fairly desperate piss, so i pulled into the parking lot of a hotel and faced the road and started peeing before i even hit record. There was some bushes covering me but if they looked hard enough people passing by had full view. https://www.erome.com/a/IlzADrwS
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