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    I just love watching men pissing everywhere they want.

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    I love when men just carelessely piss everywhere they want, I love the disregard some men show when pissing on people's belonging.
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    One day there was a festival in my city and dozens of dudes went to piss right under my windows and on my front door, there was so much piss that it flowed under the door in my appartment.

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  1. Yeah no one gave any fuck cause the dude was actually a douchebag. He wanted peoples to bring their friends and for those friends to bring their friends just to have numbers and appear important. And yeah you're totally right, me and my buddies were the first ones cause we just didn't knew the dude and didn't care. Then more and more people came, mainly because they were drunk so les inhibitions. Man the room was fucked, like dudes were just standing in front of dressing and letting their piss stream shower the clothes, they didn't gave a fuck and we're just on their phones or
  2. Has this even happened that someone got in the way while you are pissing ? If yes do you make any attempt at diverting the stream or do you let it go on him ?
  3. Hey, I think this topic kinda fell behind the other so I think it doesn't have much visibility. But I recently had a cool experience so I'll share it and maybe more people will see this and share their own. I went to a party with a friend, most of the guest including me didn't knew the owner of the house since he encouraged people to come with friends and the friends to come with their friends. There was a long line for the toilets so my friends and I went upstairs to piss. The bedrooms were used by people to fuck so we used the dressing to piss, and we weren't the only ones as oth
  4. Yo this video is so cool ! You got more like these ?
  5. This video is so cool ! I love how they used the front door as urinal ! Do you know where to find more videos like this ?
  6. Yes please it would be neat !! I love to see bad aim videos. When you make a mess just because you're careless or lazy, not because you actually want to cover everything in piss. It's just so hot to see that, either when the pisser pretend he has bad aim like in this video or when it's a real careless pissing video like I saw on thisvid. I remember one day on a public toilet, a dude was pissing with the door opened so I watched discretely and he was on his phone so he has really bad aim. It was so hot !!
  7. That's so cool ! We're there any other places people used to relieve themselves ? Where did the men go ?
  8. I don't get why it's such a big deal for the cops in the US to see someone pissing outside.
  9. Always good to hear the noise of a piss stream splashing on the wall, you left a nice puddle there buddy ! It's always good to see pics of your piss.
  10. Wow so cool ! Did it smelled ?
  11. Nice ! Love how large the spot is !!
  12. Yeah, I love that they don't give a fuck, they don't have any remorse for ruining the place. And they don't do it out of malice, they just do 't have any respect, it's just convenient for them.
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