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    Naughty piss vandalism: e.g. public toilet floors, hotel rooms, vandalism, other people's belongings, making a big mess for others to clean ^_^
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    -The time I pissed in a soap dispenser in a campus restroom ;D muahaha
    -Soaking everything in public toilets with my piss and cum vandalism <3 with a little spit for good measure

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  1. I love it, personally. It's so wrong, which makes it even hotter imo. The recent video of the girl emptying the glass of pickles of juice and refilling it with her piss before putting it back on the store shelf is amazing. Likewise, the video of the guy pissing in apple juice. I really wanna try it someday. I know it's an unpopular opinion - I hope people won't judge me too much, but it's my honest opinion. I find naughty pissing like that so fucking hot
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/FreestylePeeing/
  3. Thanks for the link. The video's pretty hot 😈 Shame he was dumb and got caught. Goes to show why it's important to be careful when naughty peeing. I piss in soap dispensers all the time but would never post it to my public Snapchat. Sucks that he got fired too. If I was his boss I'd wanna promote him 😁
  4. Thanks! I love your stories 🙂 I also found out that I already followed you here.
  5. I've always wanted to do this! I need to find an opportunity to piss in a cinema sometime. It's kinda risky though. Maybe when I'm in a different city somewhere I can get away with it. Facemasks help a lot too hehe
  6. Congrats! I'm so glad you got the opportunity 😁❤
  7. I hope so too! it made me so horny doing that. It was my first hotel pee. Next time when I have a bigger room I'm gonna be even messier haha. It was a strong morning piss too, so it definitely left stains!
  8. I'm glad 😉 I'll have to share that one too
  9. Glad you like it! 😉 ❤️ It was nice strong pee too. Does washing with diluted pee still carry germs? I kinda hope so. Imagining someone get sick from my piss kinda turns me on. I'm bad, I know 😅
  10. Very hot! I recently pissed in a hotel too, under the drawers, in the cushions, and in the kettle! It gets me so fucking horny being bad. I'm glad you got the chance to spread your piss all over the room 🙂
  11. Good resource for finding public toilets to vandalise lmao
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