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    Naughty piss vandalism: e.g. public toilet floors, hotel rooms, vandalism, other people's belongings, making a big mess for others to clean ^_^
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    -The time I pissed in a soap dispenser in a campus restroom ;D muahaha
    -Soaking everything in public toilets with my piss and cum vandalism <3 with a little spit for good measure

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  1. That's a dream scenario for me. I really want to drench someone's interior but checking for unlocked doors is a risky gamble
  2. Welcome 💛 always great to meet new pee ppl
  3. I find being awful and engaging in piss vandalism like this beyond sexy 🥵🔥if I had the opportunity I would absolutely do this. My selfish pleasure would give me the biggest orgasm ever
  4. I love this story 😂, that was some quick thinking. You mentioned not peeing on the seat since it was clean. Do you prefer naughty peeing when it's already somewhat dirty? Personally I prefer clean places. I pissed in the restroom and all over toilet paper at the theater a few days ago and it had just been cleaned which was such a naughty rush. Hopefully you get more chances for naughty peeing on your roadtrip. I'd love to hear more stories of what you get up to💙 thanks for sharing
  5. that's definitely not right. Check my media tab, I have lots of new vids
  6. How many people delight in ruining toilet rolls that you put back in the dispenser for the next person? I recently had two naughty pee experiences that I also filmed for my X for those interested - involve peeing all over toilet paper rolls. Here in Scotland it's common for dispensers to be left unlocked so after dining at a restaurant I decided to unload my bladder and to my joy this one was unlocked too. The roll was huge since it's one of those dispensers where you pull from a hole in the middle and it gives you one sheet at a time. I tossed the entire roll in the toilet and gleefully watc
  7. https://fxtwitter.com/the88mphartist/status/1734369544968261930
  8. Under the couch cushions maybe? Or in some toiletries
  9. That's so exciting! Have fun fucking the place up >:3 hehehe
  10. I'd love to see you soak the bare mattress. I also agree with the others saying the talking is hot 🥰 thanks so much for sharing your hotel adventures with the community
  11. New Camilla Mush vid of making a mess in mall bathroom: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/4714452/I-go-into-the-bathroom-at-the-mall-and-do-a-mischief/
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