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    Naughty piss vandalism: e.g. public toilet floors, hotel rooms, vandalism, other people's belongings, making a big mess for others to clean ^_^
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    -The time I pissed in a soap dispenser in a campus restroom ;D muahaha
    -Soaking everything in public toilets with my piss and cum vandalism <3 with a little spit for good measure

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  1. Under the couch cushions maybe? Or in some toiletries
  2. That's so exciting! Have fun fucking the place up >:3 hehehe
  3. I'd love to see you soak the bare mattress. I also agree with the others saying the talking is hot 🥰 thanks so much for sharing your hotel adventures with the community
  4. New Camilla Mush vid of making a mess in mall bathroom: https://www.manyvids.com/Video/4714452/I-go-into-the-bathroom-at-the-mall-and-do-a-mischief/
  5. I feel exactly the same way >:3 The naughtier and messier the piss vandalism is, the harder I get. Especially if it's in places like fitting rooms, hotels, public toilet floors, etc. I used to feel guilty when I started but now I get off on the nastiness. It's my main vice since I'm otherwise well-mannered in my day-to-day life. I'll piss anywhere though, no matter how good of friends we are, so watch out 😈lol 🤭
  6. So I live around Edinburgh/East Scotland and I've been wanting to fulfill my dream of properly peeing in a fitting room and was curious which stores might be the best to mark and get away with it? Some like Asda don't have fitting rooms at all, and ideally I'd want somewhere with some combination of long curtains, low security, carpet, and perhaps a stool/bench to piss mark. I'm not from the UK originally so I'm not familiar with the stores here. I do plan on doing a reconnaissance mission as well haha Thank you kind pee peeps 😊
  7. Peachpoppy on MV has two vids of messing up public bathrooms 🙂 https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1004271325/peachypoppy/Store/Videos/ she does customs too
  8. Thanks for sharing the story ❤️ I'm curious, you said you made a mess of the seat. Did you clean up after or leave the mess there? hehe
  9. Very hot! I love the disrespect. "The whole world is your toilet" is a great attitude to have
  10. Absolutely love this series! 😄 I want to applaud you for including a little something for everyone. Personally I also enjoy the littering and vomiting. Those scenes really stood out to me and elevated the story ❤️
  11. Depends on the person and how familiar we are. If it's someone new, I'll usually hold it for a while, but if I really have to go I'll find the politest way to ask. Then probably piss in their soap dispenser or something lol
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