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    Naughty piss vandalism: e.g. public toilet floors, hotel rooms, vandalism, other people's belongings, making a big mess for others to clean ^_^
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    -The time I pissed in a soap dispenser in a campus restroom ;D muahaha
    -Soaking everything in public toilets with my piss and cum vandalism <3 with a little spit for good measure

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  1. FUCK that's hot 🥵 what a great opportunity. I've always wanted to soak a hotel mattress like that hehe
  2. Thanks for sharing! Your naughty pisses are so hot. Hotels are probably my favourite place to see marked hehe
  3. blushcolours is back. I was wondering if anyone knows any other Fansly creators who specifically make naughty pee videos
  4. all over the bathroom floors, on some equipment maybe?
  5. Guy is doing the world a service, knocking out one toilet at a time until we go back to the days of pissing anywhere and everywhere 😂
  6. I wish you the best of luck finding someone! I met up with someone to do a naughty piss all over a public bathroom this afternoon. Found him through a telegram piss and scat vandalism group. There are always ways, but I agree that relationships are harder
  7. So hot! I love when girls let the cum drip to the floor like that. Wish I knew French though
  8. Doing it under the drawers/bed/furniture seems like a good option for keeping it unobtrusive but still naughty
  9. Nice work man! I've always wanted to cum in someone's room or on their stuff. I'm sure it blended right in.
  10. My twitter the88mphartist has my videos. Sadly I don't have my hotel pisses anymore
  11. I'm curious if you and perhaps your partners have ever masturbated or had sex in public fitting rooms or hotel rooms and shot the cum all over, say, store clothes or the mirror? Or if in a hotel, maybe under or behind the furniture/bed? If any of you have stories about that or have admitted it to your partners I'd love to hear those 🙂
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