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    Naughty peeing enthusiast (public toilet floors, elevators, pee vandalism, etc.) Would love to share an experience with someone one day :)

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  1. Used to be every day, 3x a day, but lately I've been trying to do a dopamine detox, and I've decided to include porn, and masturbating, in that as well. Gonna try and limit it to once or twice a week now, on the weekends. I've noticed when I go for a few days without a coffee, the next cup of coffee I have is very strong and amazing. I'm hoping it'll be the same with orgasms. 🤔 Same principle.
  2. From personal experience, I like peeing all over public toilets and changing rooms. Other public places are more risky, but those are my two go-tos, so I'd recommend making a fun mess there 👅💦
  3. I second this! I'd love to see this video 😁💦
  4. Your best bet is to find local fetish communities, or online communities with members from your city, and try and cultivate genuine friendships and connections with them. People will naturally be hesitant to meet up IRL with strangers from the internet, so over time you can grow trust and show that you're no threat. I'm sure you'll find like-minded people with a little effort. Best of luck!
  5. Hey, I sent you a message on thisvid. You seem to have private messages turned off here. 🙂

  6. would love an add on thisvid i have vids to share hope to hear from ya!

  7. Do you know if any of these girls would be willing to do naughty public pee videos, like in dressing rooms, public toilet floors, etc? Or is it a roll of the dice what you get for your money?
  8. One of my favourite pastimes is naughty peeing, as I'm sure everyone who's seen me around the forums can guess lol. I definitely fit into the category of 'Men who piss wherever they want'. Here are a few screenshots from videos I've uploaded here: Let me know your thoughts, my fellow naughty pee loving guys and gals 🤗
  9. I prefer intentional wetting, personally. Provided the girl is into it. Knowing that she deliberately engages in naughty peeing and it turns her on, turns me on - especially if the naughty place is somewhere like a movie theatre or fitting room where I can add my own 🤗
  10. She has some vids of squirting/peeing all over train seats and floors, and spits on the windows too, and has one peeing on new jeans in a dressing room. I'll send a PM with more info to anyone interested 😁
  11. Nice. Is the car keying video clearly a strangers' car? and is the video good quality? She has some older blurry videos on there, which are great too, but her new HD stuff is even better. Thanks 😁😈
  12. When you say not much is off limits, how far to the limit does she go and what stuff has she sent you when you tipped her? You can private message me the details, but will she do other kinds of messes/vandalism/denting people's cars? Please let me know in a PM 🥰
  13. It's all done through OnlyFans. You can leave tips and pay to unlock videos in the private messages. I thought the payment methods could vary but it looks like they don't support super private payment methods. It doesn't show up as an "OnlyFans purchase" on your account statement, to anyone concerned. A mix of both. I mostly just ask if they have certain kinds of vids available and pay to unlock them. Requests are taken into consideration
  14. Catie_lee and dianasexcam99
  15. I think you can pay by other methods, like PayPal or bitcoin, or maybe I'm thinking of other sites. The hesitation is understandable. There's lots of big sites out there that give video previews and have ratings so you can know what you're buying. I lucked out on finding a few good OnlyFans creators who send private pee content in private messages.

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