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    Naughty piss vandalism: e.g. public toilet floors, hotel rooms, vandalism, other people's belongings, making a big mess for others to clean ^_^
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    -The time I pissed in a soap dispenser in a campus restroom ;D muahaha
    -Soaking everything in public toilets with my piss and cum vandalism <3 with a little spit for good measure

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  1. Thanks for sharing the story ❤️ I'm curious, you said you made a mess of the seat. Did you clean up after or leave the mess there? hehe
  2. Very hot! I love the disrespect. "The whole world is your toilet" is a great attitude to have
  3. Absolutely love this series! 😄 I want to applaud you for including a little something for everyone. Personally I also enjoy the littering and vomiting. Those scenes really stood out to me and elevated the story ❤️
  4. Depends on the person and how familiar we are. If it's someone new, I'll usually hold it for a while, but if I really have to go I'll find the politest way to ask. Then probably piss in their soap dispenser or something lol
  5. One of the hottest stories I've read in a while. You must have a lot of charisma to end up with girlfriends who are as into naughty pissing as you are. I always love hearing your stories and can't wait to read more 🔥😊
  6. Great work! That's how every public bathroom should be treated
  7. I would love to pee in a cinema. A house party is on my bucket list too! Hotel rooms too! So many wonderful places yet to be marked
  8. Can't wait to see how the story goes from here ❤️ Dana is incredible
  9. Hot!! wish she didn't attempt to clean up though
  10. FUCK that's hot 🥵 what a great opportunity. I've always wanted to soak a hotel mattress like that hehe
  11. Thanks for sharing! Your naughty pisses are so hot. Hotels are probably my favourite place to see marked hehe
  12. blushcolours is back. I was wondering if anyone knows any other Fansly creators who specifically make naughty pee videos
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