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  1. That video was absolutely perfect. It has everything, anal, DP, group sex, gagging, pissing....And the girl is hot af. Too bad her pretty asshole got destroyed. Poor thing
  2. A lot of us here love those things and more. Welcome to the site!
  3. I see what you mean lol. Would be cool if someone could give you a lift to help you out and then after you finish he adds his piss too lol. 😄
  4. I saw a video a couple of years ago where someone did that exact thing. I think it was deleted since I can't find it but that gave me a whole crazy new fetish. Pissing in hotels rooms is one thing but inside someones actual car? Thats 10 times hotter. Firstly because it just happens to be there and you might just have a full bladder at the time. If its in a dark alley with no cameras and nobody around near. Why not piss mark the insides all over the seats, steering wheel, dashboard, probably destoying the radio in the process, and might also pee in the air vents because why the hell not. I ha
  5. My niche: Peeing on Couches/Sofas and any type of soft furniture Makes it Enjoyable: Spraying all over making it dirty and destroying it with my piss being absorbed deeply into the fabric, piss marking someones furniture is my biggest sexual fantasy Makes it less enjoyable: cleaning it would be quite difficult and there are not many girls that would let me destroy their furniture lol, although I know some girls would absolutely love it 😛
  6. I definitely would. But not too much because of the smell. If I had a gf who was turned on by piss marking I would probably have one room set up just for that.
  7. Why does this meme turn me on so fucking much?!
  8. I still haven't peed on mine but im so temped to piss all over each time i watch some pissing porn haha
  9. Hell yeah dude i want you to soak the place. Don't hold back at all. Bring some friends too. Lets let loose 😋
  10. I would love for someone to piss all over my furniture. I have a big corner sofa that would take a huge amount of piss to cover it. Hell i might even let someone ruin my TV with piss just for the fuck of it. Everything except for my new laptop and playstation is free to piss on. Any wall carpet, piece of furniture etc. with the exception for the kitchen for obvious reasons. Cumshots are allowed and encouraged, especially on the sofa. I would just have a rule that you must drink a lot of water because clear piss wont smell as much. Other than that just spray away. Both men and women are welcome
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