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  1. nice dick, I like how you spit on it at the end
  2. Thats a pornstar called Katie Cummings and she sure is hot
  3. Anybody with a bellybutton fetish? Ladies wanna show us your belly pics?
  4. Thats hot. I love it how she peed all over her sisters stuff lol
  5. Your videos are sexy as fuck and your dick looks amazing too. I love it when you pee on furniture
  6. It's disgusting but...then in a way it kinda turns me on
  7. His username is Naughty Piss The best male pissing videos I ever seen Too bad I can't see it anymore I was kinda addicted to his videos tbh
  8. That was really sexy. If I may give a suggestion for next time, it would be even more sexy seeing you cum on an object, for example on a couch or a table.
  9. I am aware of that but I'm asking for the sake of decency, one should not smear feces on a public toilet seat.
  10. The last 2 videos in the album are absolutely disgusting, don't leave shit in public places anymore
  11. while sitting in a car, home or public doesn't make a difference
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