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    Always had a thing about pissing over things and myself.Not sure why its so hot and sexy.My thing is really pissing in and on my car just driving for hours in just tighty whities until i can hold it no longer and slowly letting go!

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    hot and cold and so wet
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    peeing in my new car ruining the seats :)))

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  1. Hi and feel free to msg me your pee fantasies.I would love a hot young lady pee in my car 🙂
  2. Yeah i like a clean nice car which is why i find it so hot to me to do it sometimes.Not really had too much bother cleaning up at a later date,which sometimes i do quite soon and other times i enjoy leaving it and looking at and smelling the mess:)I like the idea of someone hot joining in or filming me but in reality that may be a step too far.
  3. https://www.erome.com/a/JIrgJVeV I was slowly pissing my pants all day at work nobody noticed.As soon as i got home i took my wet trousers off and finished the job off.
  4. Yesss,got a long journey cuming up sure i can do it all in just my pants peeing them continually :)))
  5. Oh by the way i have pissed in every car ive ever had nearly all have had cloth seats which is much more satisfying :))))
  6. Bollocks to it,just piss the seat and enjoy.I do.My car allready sells of my piss and i couldnt give a fuck.There are plenty of ways of giving it a good clean when you want to sell it on.Not least a good valeter.
  7. Just worked it out and done it.Video link is in men pissing 🙂
  8. So does anyone else enjoy pissing in or on cars?In their own car or a strangers?My passion is to drive in just underpants or nude and piss as much as i can all over the seats.Any pics or videos of anyone else doing this,male or female?
  9. I took an awesome video of me pissing in my car all over the seat but no matter how short i crop it it says its too large to upload.I used my rather old iphone11 but cant see how to video in lower quality.
  10. I pissed all over my car seat again today 🙂 sat driving around in the nude again.Next up i really want to crash the car into a tree at about 15 mph just enough to dent the bonnet and break the bumper and grill but still be drivable.I will then just screw a new number plate on the dented bonnet and drive around in it in my pants or nude pissing and cuming all over it and leave the front of the car all dented and smashed for ever,never getting it fixed.Proper sexy:))))
  11. Just a extra fantasy of mine,is to deliberately crash my car while peeing all over the seat.What would it be best to crash into and i guess just low speed enoigh to smash the front of the car up but still be able to get the fuck out of there and home:)Couldnt give a fuck about the car just so i am not hurt only turned on,wet and sexy:))))
  12. I find i need to lift my bum slightly off the seat while still driving and relax then force pressure.It sometimes takes a few goes until it a lovely warm wetness starts 🙂 Keep a few more goes a bit more comes out a bit at a time.Edventually the seat is totally soaked in lovelly pee.My seat now really atinks of my pee pee :)))))
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