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  1. Earlier i was playing with myself while holding. I used a pink toy and a bullet vibrator on my clit. I drank at least 2 water bottles and haven’t used the bathroom in hours. It feels so good to touch myself or use my toys when my bladder is very full. I took one picture while in the act which i put below 😉 As I was about to finish I got the strong urge to pee. I thought I was going to loose control but it felt so good so i reached my climax and came. While I was cumming I accidentally let a little spurt of pee out. Immediately after i jumped up and went to the bathroom so I didn’t make a mess
  2. This encounter includes desperation, partial wetting, and naughty peeing. Enjoy, xoxo. (2 parts!) True Desperation (Pt. 1) Last evening my best friend and I were having a few drinks at her house…maybe more than a few. We usually only have a couple but tonight we got a little carried away. We were sitting at the bar in her basement, chatting away, showing each other things on our phones, listening to music, and occasionally laughing hysterically while sipping our drinks throughout the night. Around 12:30 I decided it was time to order an Uber. At this time, it was 20 minutes away
  3. Wow. I had a few more spurts and about 5 minutes ago i let loose into the bottle. I squatted over my tile floor and let go. It was a bliss. Except it felt so good i didn’t realize i had filled the whole bottle. I felt warmth start to pool around my feet but I honestly did not care it was getting everywhere. It felt way too good to stop even if i could pinch it off. I guess i’ll have to mop my floor…again. Since that was a chore I completed earlier. Definitely worth it though. I will have to try this again soon!
  4. Just had a little leak in my panties. I’m going to loose it really really soon. I want to at least try for 10 more minutes. My panties are wet which is not helping my case. It feels really good and warm and i’m getting so turned on. The pressure on my bladder is getting unbearable and all this excitement is making me feel so hot.
  5. Checking in again. It’s getting hard hold. I’m sitting at my desk now trying to focus on some school work but so can not. Oh well, it’s a Friday anyway. Earlier when I was washing the dishes I had to cross my legs. Towards the end I was dancing around a bit too and that sorta helped. One more hour to go if I can make it. I took my sweatpants off and am in my panties, just in case i loose it quicker than planned. I do not trust myself 😂 I have an empty bottle waiting to be filled.
  6. When i’m about to loose it I can try to go into a bottle (i’ll try my best since when I usually really have to go my stream goes two different ways at first). Then I can estimate how much!! I’ve never measured before but I’m super excited to try. I have been really curious how much exactly is it me
  7. I’m a little early on my check in but I did not realize how much those 2 water bottles would fill me up. Especially in such little time. I have my tea made and it’s very good…but i’m trying to pace myself slightly since the last chore I have to do is dishes. The sound of the sink and water gushing is going to make it hard. If anyone has any suggestions that they want me to do, I will most certainly attempt it! Just try to be a little easy on me here since I’m at about a 7 of desperation 🙂
  8. Well I usually can not hold for more than 3 hours with the amounts of water I consume. I want to push myself further with more time, more water/liquid intake, and my goal is to make it until 9. I also want to time myself when i can absolutely not hold it anymore…but that may not go as planned. I also will not be leaving my room this whole time
  9. Today has been a pretty busy day today but I haven’t forgotten to drink my water 😅 I have the urge to pee but I want to test my limits! I have a lot to accomplish over the next couple hours before I go see a movie with a friend. I last went to the bathroom around 4 (~3 hours ago) and have been drinking A LOT of water. I usually pee every couple hours so i’m surprised i’m not more desperate heading into hour 3! Im chugging 2 water bottles currently to speed up the process since I will be leaving around 9:30 I’ll check back in at 7:30 my time (~40 minutes from now) after i’ve fin
  10. Hey everyone! Im pupee.dog and i’m a college student. I’ve been viewing this app for years and it’s helped me explore my love for pee. I am so excited I decided to join and am looking forward to posting! Im 22 and I live in the city, so i’m constantly seeing other girls tightly cross their legs on the subway or a guy attempting to pee privately at the park. I am a very observant person, so I notice these things (I am interested in both men and women). Im blonde and Brazilian, i’m 5’7 and would consider myself curvy and athletic. I am currently single. My top three things
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