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    Young heterosexual guy who is into pretty much everything concerning pee, active as well as passive anywhere and anyway.
    My experiences with the fetish are limited but I have a lot of fantasies I would love to try if I ever meet someone who is also into it.

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    My favourite fantasy is a girl sitting on my face and letting totally loose while I eat her out, spraying my face head and bed with her warm piss.
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  1. I really enjoy when someone does not just go because they really need to or simply makes a huge puddle somewhere inappropriate, but rather enjoys the naughtiness and tries to cover as much with their pee as possible over one piss or preferably multiple. You could simply use your own room/house for this, an abandoned place, a hotel, a shopping center or a public toilet. That just depends on how risky you like it. As long as you get pleasure from piss marking as much as you can I think it will be a great video. Maybe you could also do a List of places to do in one day as a challenge.
  2. nenTyp


    Hi Becky; looking forward to hear more from you, what about pee turns you on? wetting, naughty pees, golden showerst etc.
  3. I am looking forward to here about all the places you have used.
  4. I would love to be Server by someone dringend that. 😉 You could set yourself the challenge to not use the drain until the pad can't absorb another drop.
  5. It seems like you never nee to user a Toilette again at work 😉 If you want to try something new you could maybe slip oit the back to pee next to the dumsters. That should not bother anyone. Idk Bout your attire but if you were Dark pants, give incontinence pads a try, so when you need to serve constantly you can riskieren a few naughty spurts at leas.
  6. Your guilt made it so much hotter.
  7. If there is no mouth available, what is your next favorite naughty thing to do with your champaign?
  8. Do you have a favourite naughty public place?
  9. Next time you do something like this you can at least make sure we see it here 🥰.
  10. Not a single fuck given, that is quite hot.
  11. Do you enjoy peeing other public places as well? Bathrooms aren't so bad since they are often filthy already and easy to clean, but what about seats in public transport or restaurants, changing rooms, store products, hotels. And if you do do you try that someone has to encounter your deed. Like peeing in front of someone else's door in a hotel hallway instead or just going anywhere in the hallway?
  12. Additionally to many great ideas already mentioned you might be able to introduce her to peeing on you by letting her sit on your lap on the toilet. This way she might be able to relax easily and can ignore that her pee will hit you before it ends up in the toilet. Once she has done that and experienced that it turns you on it will encourage her to continue to different positions etc. I would imagine.
  13. Update: Some success. We tried recently for her to pee directly into my mouth and it did work, kind of. It took her some time and it was not a lot, but a big improvement and definitely a lot of fun. She held a cup between her legs and closed her eyes to start, with a bit of running water in the background. When she had a stream going she just removed the cup. We did do it multiple times like that, because she would not be able to continue long after pulling away the cup. Next time we will try some music to help her relax. I am obviously still open for suggestions and I
  14. I don't know what your intentions are but maybe you should enable messaging in case you want to talk. ; P
  15. Well I do fit your age range, but I live in Europe.
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