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    I am a guy who is into pretty much everything concerning pee, active as well as passive anywhere and anyway. Retrospectively I was always the first to propose peeing in nature etc but I fully realised it was my fetish at 16, by being exposed to it via pornography.

    I avoid the toilet a lot by peeing into containers, the sink or the bathtub, when I am at home. In nature I would never dream of doing anything but peeing freely, but when it comes to more naughty and vandalism pees I am conflicted.
    Naughty peeing instantly turns me on, but when I am sober and would just be doing it on my own, I mostly do not act on it.

    I feel like peeing is naughty and hot while retaining an extreme intimacy especially when done together.

    I really enjoy reading other people's stories on here and I using the as inspiration to make my life just as pee filled as some of yours already are.

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    My favourite fantasy is a girl sitting on my face and letting totally loose while I eat her out, spraying my face head and bed with her warm piss, while i try ro drink it all.
  • Hottest Pee Experience
    It was a golden shower in a bathtub. It may sound rather boring but for me it was awesome. It was far from my first pee experience with a partner of mine but it was intense.

    I do like it when girls have a powerful stream and a huge bladder but so far I had not been lucky enough to be at the receiving end of one like that.
    My partner was already squirming when we got home, telling me to jump into the bathtub as soon as possible. I abided and as soon as I sat down she stepped over me, giving me a short look at her beautiful pussy, before an absolute torrent hit me in the face.
    It forced back my head and I almost began caughing but soon I got over my shock and began drinking as much as I could. The force of her stream felt amazing and I was completely soaked in her piss within seconds. I got my face as close to her as possible smelling not only her piss but her other juices as well.

    When it was over I looked up and saw how she was grinning with pride. Seeing how happy she was about it as well, was one of the best parts.

    Obviously this was followed by sex.

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  1. Do you not mind your friends noticing or are you sure you are always that stealthy?
  2. No need to feel bad, I hope it isn't a bad memory after all you did pee in this quite naughty place with a valid excuse. So there is nothing to be ashamed about
  3. If theee are bridges, preferably over a river you and especially your boyfriend could lean against the railings while jetting your stream enter the stream below. Extra points if you do it in daylight. Another idea would be trying to find abandoned places or just an empty parking lot where you can leave a prominent puddle or even atempt at making some shapes with little limitations The train is quite naughty but in case there is no good good opportunity just one the seating in the stations. Another thing could be using cups or other containers so you don't have to place the pad prot
  4. Even if it were more broadly accepted to pee in bushes, on streets and similar places . I am sure you would easily find ways to do it naughily as well 😌.
  5. Do you think of risk as actually consequences or just being seen? I really like peeing of bridges into rivers at night. It is kinda of easy to conceal, but if someone actually takes, a second to look or listen it is so blatant and unapologetic. 😇 And there is absolutely no shame in that as well.......as long as no one swam underneath that bridge as you were doing it 😝
  6. I am sorry I have only now realised that this post should go into "Men Peeing: Pictures, Videos & Stories" Can a moderater move it there please?
  7. Wonderfully said. The thrill and hornyness sometimes doen not even lasts until the stream stops. Even when drunk the shame creeps in together with the hangover. I do still pee in quite naughty places, but I envy anyone that can do it with no shame.
  8. Hi everyone I just wanted to share this recent story of mine. I usually am not much into wetting and more into other stuff, like peeing in places you aren't supposed to, but I still like the short warm feeling after wetting. I saw the opportunity to combine both aspects when I got home from working out, late at night. I was desperate and decided if I wet myself I can play it off as an accident, if I would be caught. Logically I wanted to wet myself in the most inappropriate spot on my way home so I decided to hold it almost to my door. When I got halfway up the indoor sto
  9. I feel you. Often when people qre over I pee in the sink or bathtub und flush the empty toilet as a disguise. How do you do it at other people's? I try to refrain from going anywhere "abnormal" since I believe they would hate it if they knew 😞
  10. I thought so too, that would ve pretty bad even if they weren't used for piss.
  11. I usually do it before really starting to masturbate, since it's harder later on. But I really like to sit in a wet spot and have some on my hands as lube.
  12. For something naughty yet totally hidden use any and all containers such as glasses, kettles, mugs, decorative vases, ice containers. Additionally any towels you use or maybe designate some just for piss. You can also spray ant surface in the bathroom without fear fpr anything beyond you might get a charge but I still hope you try the pull out Couch. it is a lovely idea.
  13. U think no one has the right to junge what you do especially since it is just your own Stuff you enjoy pissing on/in. For me it has always world best to get a Partner normally and eventually Show the how much some things turn me on, since they might just enjoy it because it is so great to me. The other way arround I would also push my bouderies for the look of hornyness overcoming my partners eyes.
  14. Do you indulge in that only at home or do you sometimes make such a mess at public or friends places?
  15. I really enjoy when someone does not just go because they really need to or simply makes a huge puddle somewhere inappropriate, but rather enjoys the naughtiness and tries to cover as much with their pee as possible over one piss or preferably multiple. You could simply use your own room/house for this, an abandoned place, a hotel, a shopping center or a public toilet. That just depends on how risky you like it. As long as you get pleasure from piss marking as much as you can I think it will be a great video. Maybe you could also do a List of places to do in one day as a challenge.
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