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    I am a guy who is into pretty much everything concerning pee, active as well as passive anywhere and anyway. Retrospectively I was always the first to propose peeing in nature etc but I fully realised it was my fetish at 16, by being exposed to it via pornography.

    I avoid the toilet a lot by peeing into containers, the sink or the bathtub, when I am at home. In nature I would never dream of doing anything but peeing freely, but when it comes to more naughty and vandalism pees I am conflicted.
    Naughty peeing instantly turns me on, but when I am sober and would just be doing it on my own, I mostly do not act on it.

    I feel like peeing is naughty and hot while retaining an extreme intimacy especially when done together.

    I really enjoy reading other people's stories on here and I using the as inspiration to make my life just as pee filled as some of yours already are.

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    My favourite fantasy is a girl sitting on my face and letting totally loose while I eat her out, spraying my face head and bed with her warm piss, while i try ro drink it all.
  • Hottest Pee Experience
    It was a golden shower in a bathtub. It may sound rather boring but for me it was awesome. It was far from my first pee experience with a partner of mine but it was intense.

    I do like it when girls have a powerful stream and a huge bladder but so far I had not been lucky enough to be at the receiving end of one like that.
    My partner was already squirming when we got home, telling me to jump into the bathtub as soon as possible. I abided and as soon as I sat down she stepped over me, giving me a short look at her beautiful pussy, before an absolute torrent hit me in the face.
    It forced back my head and I almost began caughing but soon I got over my shock and began drinking as much as I could. The force of her stream felt amazing and I was completely soaked in her piss within seconds. I got my face as close to her as possible smelling not only her piss but her other juices as well.

    When it was over I looked up and saw how she was grinning with pride. Seeing how happy she was about it as well, was one of the best parts.

    Obviously this was followed by sex.

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  1. I totally agree. I usually watch solo woman doing naughty pees, or just being into pee in general. For me it is a lot hotter than just watching sex or masturbation. If I am in the mood for that, my imagination does a better job than porn. I guess it is since I have just want to see people actually sharing my fetish for me to believe that the imagination is not absurd.
  2. Usually I stand a normal distance away from the urinal with my tip just above the urinal, but when I am sure no one will come, I try to walk back while peeing and hit it from far away. On toilets I always hover, but if they are clean and I get some on the seat I wipe it up.
  3. I would like the contrast of making a mess in a fancy room, but due to lower risks in shitty hotels and personal finances I have stuck to rather cheap ones so far.
  4. Noone questions if you go on a side path or a bit into a bush with your dog. He likes to smell the area while you add your scent to it😉.
  5. Sounds like a lot of fun especially in such a large group! As you soaked it completetly through, how ling did you have to wait for it to dry fully before checking out?
  6. Have you never underestimated your bladder volume while using the towels? At least when I try it at home, i usually have quite some drips to clean up. This would obviously be fine, but when you put the towel down your pant I would be worried.
  7. Hi, you seem like you could answer an old question of mine: When using piss for degradation/dominance and the person is really into piss and piss drinking, is the roleplayed forcing hotter or the drinking? It is not my porn genre but the ones I have seen seem to emphasize the forcing/dominance angle, but that doesnt need to mean much.
  8. Well I still wanna see the mess, so I will stand guard for the spot, peeing in my pants and letting it spray on a spot in eyesight. A furniture store would be so much fun.
  9. It all sounds very hot. How was the first pee on the new mattress? I bet it felt real special🥰.
  10. There was a small forrested area in the back towards the fence of the kindergarten and a depression deep enough to not be seen, even in winter. On the playground we had our favourite bush with a pretty hollow inside. Obviously there were more spots, but I remeber those, since they were the only regular ones, otherwise it just was the closest bush/tree/corner.
  11. Haven't had sich a place in a long time but in childhood I had one in the kindergarten as well ss my favourity playground. I went there with a friend of mine. I do habe ome close to my flat where I can pee over a wall into a small river, I use that anytime I come home late.
  12. At some level i do enjoy the destruction but, I dont want to single a person out. I would not pee on kids stuff, clothing dishware, beds etc so anything are person would intimately contact. I do think it is less bad if it is a larger establishment and not personal private properties or things where people can expect pee to be, like swimming pools, public toilets, carparks, cars, stairwells etc. The closest to personal beef was when I and a friend got kicked put of a club. We devided that the one car right in front of it surely was the bouncers one(with no reasoning) so we peed all over it
  13. That is great! Although many people üee in showers doing it when your not alone is already less common. You can use that when your ready to talk about the fetish. Like for example ypu could tell him you liked it that he was watching standing closeby or smth to ease him into it. He might even have waited for such a moment, because he shares the fetish seeing how he immediatly told you to go.
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