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    I am a guy who is into pretty much everything concerning pee, active as well as passive anywhere and anyway. Retrospectively I was always the first to propose peeing in nature etc but I fully realised it was my fetish at 16, by being exposed to it via pornography.

    I avoid the toilet a lot by peeing into containers, the sink or the bathtub, when I am at home. In nature I would never dream of doing anything but peeing freely, but when it comes to more naughty and vandalism pees I am conflicted.
    Naughty peeing instantly turns me on, but when I am sober and would just be doing it on my own, I mostly do not act on it.

    I feel like peeing is naughty and hot while retaining an extreme intimacy especially when done together.

    I really enjoy reading other people's stories on here and I using the as inspiration to make my life just as pee filled as some of yours already are.

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    My favourite fantasy is a girl sitting on my face and letting totally loose while I eat her out, spraying my face head and bed with her warm piss, while i try ro drink it all.
  • Hottest Pee Experience
    It was a golden shower in a bathtub. It may sound rather boring but for me it was awesome. It was far from my first pee experience with a partner of mine but it was intense.

    I do like it when girls have a powerful stream and a huge bladder but so far I had not been lucky enough to be at the receiving end of one like that.
    My partner was already squirming when we got home, telling me to jump into the bathtub as soon as possible. I abided and as soon as I sat down she stepped over me, giving me a short look at her beautiful pussy, before an absolute torrent hit me in the face.
    It forced back my head and I almost began caughing but soon I got over my shock and began drinking as much as I could. The force of her stream felt amazing and I was completely soaked in her piss within seconds. I got my face as close to her as possible smelling not only her piss but her other juices as well.

    When it was over I looked up and saw how she was grinning with pride. Seeing how happy she was about it as well, was one of the best parts.

    Obviously this was followed by sex.

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  1. 1)Where are you from (country, maybe what state)? Bavaria, Germany 2)Whats your gender and age? Male, 24 3)What 5 words first come to your mind shen you think about peeing? Piss, Puddle, Fun, Naughty, Arrousing 4)What are all the places have you peed which aren‘t the toilett? Ocean, Rivers, Lakes, Swimming Pools, Bathtub, Sinks, Potted Plants, Nature, Bottles, my bed, chairs, washing mashine and dishwasher, basement, carpets at uni and in hotels, anywhere in public bathrooms, streets and underpasses, bridges, parks, in a bus, in a train bathroom, on park benc
  2. If bridges do count, i have peed from many buildings 😉, otherwise I have peed from two balconies, one window and three construction sites. It was mostly at night and never with any people below. I just like the feeling of such a free but forbidden piss.
  3. Early in the morning you could let loose some spurts on the different spots. That way so you can test how visible and fast drying the spots gonna be, wgile your holding it for a bigger piss😉.
  4. Yeah at least in some capacity. When they realise they can do you a favor or have it an instant turn on option.
  5. Sound quite young to me bit humping things is nothing unheared of, especially among girls, as far as I know. The peeing might be a lot rarer, but I imagine back then it seemed just the natural thing to do. At least I also liked peeing anywhere at a young age without really experiencing sexual arousal from it.
  6. That sounds like a hot story, maybe you should use this space as well, so you both find each others puddle there. I am pretty sure he would like the thaight that he isn't the only one who likes peeing outside in that neighbourhood.
  7. nenTyp


    Welcome, I am sure this comunity will make your fetish feel quite normal😉, at least it has done so for me.
  8. I do not think I would do it more than I currently am. It is fun to have a naughty piss, especially when I am sharing what I am doing. However I don’t want to damage anything or have to clean to much, so I prefer pissing in public places a lot more than in my home. I could imagine using it as foreplay if my partner would not judge me or be into it, but honestly I would rather invite them to piss anywhere and watch them be naughty arround my home.
  9. Yeah definitely! It would not have to be a urinal, but I think it is hot to give her control over where my piss goes. I wonderful if she would make me make a bit of a mess on purpose🤫. The only issue I could forsee would be that I would definitely get hard while doing that, making her job more difficult.
  10. I mean a lot of russian apartments are communal with shared toilets. Rural russia also still often relies on outhouses/pipes to pit toilets for like a 20% of the population. It is probably this lack of easy acess to toilets in those places that make "naughty" pees more attractive.
  11. Yeah I do. Sometimes it is hard to feel justified, when the horniness wears off. I try to pee smaller ammounts at some place, knowing that I will get a lot out of having done it at all. Also I do try to not cross some limits, but both of these guidelines are hard to keep in mind when drunk, desperate and horny.
  12. It is nice to do, but I am too lazy to plan so I only do this when I have been holding so I immediatly have a large, warm, fresh ammount.
  13. @sunny.puppy It is not easy to find something that is indoor, absorbant, barely cleaned and not supervised. Keep a look out for desolate buildings, maybe some still have furniture. Otherwise there might be some rooms with that old scruffy carpet flooring common in universities/puplic offices/libraries(like @gldenwetgoose mentioned) where some rooms might be pretty much unused. The absorbant part is the hardest so maybe bring an old towel/pillow etc with you to an underpass/parking garage/ basement. This would allow you to control the environment and get used to doint such pees.
  14. I feel it is only relaxing if you take turns/do it at the same time so you know no one could judge the other person, even if you don't know each other so well.
  15. I mean the reusable ones should quickly be worth it, amazon does have some quite cheap ones (like 10 bucks). I hope it opens new possibilities for you 😉
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