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  1. It definitely an interesting fetish to live with and it’s hard to explain! But I’m Bi so hopefully I’ll get the chance to suck a cock and pussy while they pee one day! since I’m kinda new to everything, I didn’t get into pee until I was an adult I feel so intrigued by everything I just wanna try it all!
  2. Wayyyy to many people in my neighborhood normally! I do have a detached basement, I’ve been meaning to pee in its been under heavy construction tho so it’s not the safest place to be but once I can I’m gonna definitely mark the walls 😈
  3. Sounds so amazing, I absolutely love the idea of people just peeing wherever and whenever they need!
  4. Of course!! Hi everyone! I did it I finally went in my backyard! since I’m kinda new to this fetish I’m still pee shy a little so I’m really working my way up! I have this tiny porch in the backyard that I was dying to piss on, I got myself really really horny with my hold and I snuck outside in a skirt! no panties for easy access of course! I sat my butt on the wooden planks and lifted the skirt so I could keep rubbing myself off (I get so so horny holding it in) and I let go! The cold air always feels so good on my pussy! I wish I could go out again
  5. That sounds delightful I’m getting a good hold in rn I really aM gonna have to go soon!
  6. Hi guys!! It’s been a while! I’ve been lurking more recently than anything else but I’ve missed talking to all of you! im moving soon into a shared bedroom so my pee play is gonna get even more sparse soooooo I’m filling up for a good one tonight it’s quite warm out might go pee in the backyard, or use a towel! I was finally able to do it! A few months ago I was home alone and had to go so bad and I remembered the towel idea and let me just say warm wet towels feel so good on your pussy! let me know if you guys have more suggestions for me! ❤️ much love as always
  7. I’ve been wanting to try that but I simply don’t have good balance for it 😂 to your original point tho, I love peeing on all fours, I love looking under me and watching it flow out of me. There’s something so dirty about it I’ve done it several times and I feel I enjoy it more and more each time
  8. I’ve been so curious to what it’s like to drink pee like that, I’ve tasted my own but not another’s yet
  9. I often get dreams of pissing naughtily and in places I shouldn’t be. In public, in my bed ( which I’ve never done) and mostly during sex. Those are super fun! I always end up pleasuring myself while I pee in my dreams and since it’s a dream I can really have a lot of fun! I was curious if anyone else seems to have such vivid dreams like that and what they are about! if anyone wants to hear full dreams cause some come with topics that are not for this platform you can feel free to dm!
  10. I like it messy so big fountain sounds more my style
  11. I cum very hard with a full bladder I just want the big finish at the same time ya know? But yes it’s a lot of fun either way I always have a good piss afterwards!
  12. I think it can work for girls, I leaked a little while I came last night so definitely progress!! I don’t think I was bursting enough will try again!
  13. I’ve been curious about this for awhile. I love to piss and masturbate at the same time but it seems like I’ll pee after I cum but I was curious if anyone knew a way to piss while cumming, as wet and messy as possible honestly. I’m starting my hold for the night and I’m gonna try to get desperate to help, maybe wet a old pair of panties I’m planning to get rid of to make it feel naughtier ( I like how warm they get). If anyone wants to talk or offer suggestions please do! cupcake 💕
  14. I would love to but it would be hard to get to one! Haha
  15. Hello everyone! It’s been awhile, I’ve been super busy but I thought I’d tell you about a recent experience of mine! So me and my bestie had spent the night drinking and I had to walk home in the dark, as I started my journey back I had to go so bad. I was holding it in and trying to get back home but then I realized I could go outside! So as I passed this school building I rounded the corner, and looked for a good place to go! Even better I was wearing pants so I had to pull them fully down and spread my legs. So that’s what I did, I leaned against a back wall, half naked an
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