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    I’ve been into the kink for awhile, totally by accident too! Caught my then bf pissing all over the kitchen in a drunken rage and thought damn that’s kinda hot!

    Feel super deep in the rabbit hole since. Into a lot and some more things then just pee, DM if you want, but tbh I’m super forgetful and forget to reply! 🙏 I’ll respond as soon as I can tho! 💕

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    Public naughty piss, I love to wet and the sound of piss as it hits the floor
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    Once I pissed outside a church, my bare ass and push touching the white brick wall as I went hottest thing I ever did

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  1. I don’t have a man, but when my partner and I have sex and I have to pee it does turn me on! I love getting fucked while needing to go it makes the orgasm so so much better
  2. I would love to find someone to pee with, having met a partner into it yet! I do agree tho, I love rubbing my piss back into my pussy when I do! It’s soooo warm! I peed once in a pad and it was soo delightful, I’m thinking about doing it again soon!
  3. I’m definitely thinking thoughts, since I’ve been excited about it, it’s made this week super hard to get through without giving in to the excitement down there if you know what I mean 😉 I really wanna save myself for a bigger and wetter play so I’ve been holding back! As I wrote before holding makes me hornier tho! I’m scoping out the best places! Will report when I’m starting my hold tomorrow!
  4. Hello everyone! i finalllyyyyy have the house to myself this Friday, since I’ve moved I’ve been with roommates the whole time, but this weekend I’ll be all alone. im currently watching some fun piss vids and getting myself all excited to the fun I’m gonna have on Friday, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of things I should try? My current plan is to wet myself a few times, maybe play with my toys and go in places I haven’t before, maybe do a little taste test. If anyone wants to chat with me while I’m holding I’ll be on Friday night!
  5. This was so good!! I can’t wait for more!
  6. I wanted a place to write down all my feelings about piss, so I thought here would be the perfect place! I literally get so horny when I hold my pee. It doesn’t matter what im doing, if I notice that I have to pee and choose to hold it? Im almost instantly turned on. Tonight I was watching movies and I just kept drinking more and more lemonade and water and now im in my bathroom rubbing my clit as piss pushes out in bursts, it feels so so amazing I love the feel of holding it as my toy just plugs me in, I haven’t done a proper hold in awhile and I’m still chugging I’m
  7. Definitely! I already think I’m gonna have some piss fun tonight I’ve been thinking about it all day, I’m thinking either pissing on a towel again or maybe in my panties outside? would love suggestions ❤️❤️❤️
  8. OH MY GOD GUYS fun update!! I was out a few days ago with my friends having a good amusement park day. I am coming off my period and just to be safe was wearing a pad all day. Right as we were leaving it started to poor and clearly I got soaked. my pad inflated like a diaper it was crazy!! I figured I would pee and maybe get off when I got home cause the way the pad was now rubbing on me was driving me a little crazy, but after I dropped my friends off I knew I should just be naughty! I did my best to just let out a little at a time. It took a few tries but
  9. I was listening to Reddit stories on YouTube and found one about NSFW stuff that happened at summer camp, but so many were about people naughty pissing around the place! I was wondering if anyone here had any stories or experiences they could share? I’ve never been to summer camp now I feel like I was missing out!
  10. It definitely an interesting fetish to live with and it’s hard to explain! But I’m Bi so hopefully I’ll get the chance to suck a cock and pussy while they pee one day! since I’m kinda new to everything, I didn’t get into pee until I was an adult I feel so intrigued by everything I just wanna try it all!
  11. Wayyyy to many people in my neighborhood normally! I do have a detached basement, I’ve been meaning to pee in its been under heavy construction tho so it’s not the safest place to be but once I can I’m gonna definitely mark the walls 😈
  12. Sounds so amazing, I absolutely love the idea of people just peeing wherever and whenever they need!
  13. Of course!! Hi everyone! I did it I finally went in my backyard! since I’m kinda new to this fetish I’m still pee shy a little so I’m really working my way up! I have this tiny porch in the backyard that I was dying to piss on, I got myself really really horny with my hold and I snuck outside in a skirt! no panties for easy access of course! I sat my butt on the wooden planks and lifted the skirt so I could keep rubbing myself off (I get so so horny holding it in) and I let go! The cold air always feels so good on my pussy! I wish I could go out again
  14. That sounds delightful I’m getting a good hold in rn I really aM gonna have to go soon!
  15. Hi guys!! It’s been a while! I’ve been lurking more recently than anything else but I’ve missed talking to all of you! im moving soon into a shared bedroom so my pee play is gonna get even more sparse soooooo I’m filling up for a good one tonight it’s quite warm out might go pee in the backyard, or use a towel! I was finally able to do it! A few months ago I was home alone and had to go so bad and I remembered the towel idea and let me just say warm wet towels feel so good on your pussy! let me know if you guys have more suggestions for me! ❤️ much love as always
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