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    I love women who are able to hold their pee. A lot of pee. :-)

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  1. Isn't it easier when the bladder is a bit full? 🙂
  2. Yes, it's sad when many people sharing the same things don't find each other... and there are many of us in this situation.
  3. I am a guy, so I don't know how the girls see this. But I wouldn't like her to be incontinent, since I love girls who can hold themselves a lot. Incontinence somehow contradicts with my wish, so it is mostly a turn-off. Sorry for this. 😞
  4. Yes, I like to use the sink much better than the toilet. I really got used to it, and it's more convenient. Also more eco, because we save the flushing water.
  5. Thanks again, guys!
  6. Thank you, guys! 🙂
  7. Greetings to Malika, my neighbor! 🙂 waiting for more great stories. 😉
  8. That's great! What more could you ask for if you're a guy who loves desperation? Maybe hearing that pee sound too... 🙂
  9. Oh, come on! I don't think she could teach anything you, a guy, while she was a woman. I guess she used the excuse that you wanted to pee in order to allow herself a most-needed relief. 😄
  10. I am wondering if she's good at holding it in... 🙂
  11. I could never focus on what I have to do if I heard such a thing. I would be with all eyes on her. 😄
  12. I totally agree. I would have loved to see you desperate. I just wonder if that would be so obvious or not. 😉
  13. Actually, as much as I love peeing, but I don't like snow turning yellow. 😁
  14. Not new here either, but a huge fan of women who can hold a lot. Born in Eastern Europe. M, 37.
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