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  1. Just another day soaking my favorite place. My big shed with old wooden floors.
  2. Love everything about this. Laundry baskets are always a good mess free target for peeing inside!
  3. Honestly wasn’t positive I was going to make it home today! The most relief I’ve ever felt in my life! So turned on at the same time though!
  4. Welcome! This is a great community!
  5. Definitely this morning in the driveway before leaving for work. Nice relaxing arc in the gravel.
  6. Definitely pee outside every chance I get. Most mornings I have a nice long pee in the driveway before I leave for work. I just posted in the men’s forum about a glass bottle pee (with pictures).
  7. I found a cool antique bottle and decided I would just work on filling it since I’m bursting. Enjoy!
  8. @Bacardi I did but had to finish on break. My towel was super full haha. Drinking trying to stay awake!
  9. @Bacardi for teasing her about my meeting
  10. Who wants to be under my stream today?!
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