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  1. Ok...who's going to come and fill up the rest of my window?! Taking applications!
  2. Long commute home this morning with too much coffee. Made a bee line for the shed and left a respectable puddle!
  3. Jjones5285

    Bursting on the way home!

    Well that was fun. Guess I got a little excited in the end!
  4. Bursting on the way home but trying to wait! Just a preview of what's to come! Suggestions on where to pee?
  5. Thought this would be a fun spot. Nice splattering on the concrete! Hopefully somebody finds it!
  6. I left work this morning completely full and decided to hold for the entire ride home. Pictures don't do it justice unfortunately. Hard to snap and pee!
  7. I'm not a very good aim! Anybody want to help?!
  8. Jjones5285

    Back to the shed

    Glad I can entertain! Hopefully I'll have some more in the next few days. Any requests?
  9. Jjones5285

    Back to the shed

    Just couldn't fight the urge again this morning!
  10. Jjones5285

    Back to the shed

    What are you into Curvy? I take requests on occasion if you ask nicely!
  11. If anybody finds themselves in my neck of the woods, the shed is always unlocked!
  12. Jjones5285

    Outdoor pee on my shed wall

    Thanks. Usually I like to go in and make a puddle on the floor but I need to clean it out and make space. Maybe an upcoming photo session...
  13. Was bursting this morning so I thought I would head outside and wet down the wall of my shed. I feel much better now!
  14. Jjones5285

    New here but not to peeing

    Hey guys...new to the site but definitely not to peeing. Love peeing outdoors or in naughty places. Love to chat and share stories or maybe even get told where to go. Enjoy sharing pictures as well