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  1. Had a few minutes this morning to check out a second house! Didn’t have to go quite as bad but I took advantage as best I could. I’ll have to be better prepared for the next adventure!
  2. Not too bad. Just dumpy as hell. It was great though! Looking forward to going back. Maybe I’ll explore another house!
  3. Is it wrong to hope that some other people come in and want to have sex on that very chair after it dries not having a clue what I did? The thought of that gets me going!
  4. For quite some time I’ve wanted to find an abandoned house to have my way with. I do some real estate investing on the side and have a friend that owns a few houses that he’s selling. All are in various states of repair and should be knocked down probably. They are, however, full of old personal items, furniture, etc. I got full access to go look at any house I wanted any time. Let’s just say I couldn’t help myself!
  5. Just found it in the woods behind the house. Seemed like it was the perfect spot!
  6. Sorry...no rides today. The wagon is full! (Also this may be my new favorite spot!)
  7. Anybody interested in a little challenge for today? Let’s see your best pee hearts on any surface you choose today! I’ll add mine in a little while!
  8. Just couldn’t hold it today and was feeling a little adverse to the toilet
  9. Ran out to the shed really quick to make a nice puddle in the shed!
  10. It’s been painfully cold with snow and ice the last few days. Needless to say my small utility trailer is full of ice. Thought I would go out and help the melting process some today! Let me know what you think! Enjoy! (edited to add two additional pictures had to go again so I christened the new deck!)
  11. Just decided I wasn't going to use the toilet today. Got tied up on a phone call so I just peed out of the open door. Enjoy!
  12. Just taking advantage of our 12"+ snow storm
  13. Well I'd be happy to have you along provided that you don't plan on using the toilet at all!
  14. I was literally bursting on the way home this morning. Too many coffees to keep me awake I suppose. I ended up having to take off my belt and unbutton my jeans due to being stuck in traffic. Luckily I made it home and escaped outside to my partially finished barn. I'm the only one who ever goes out there so nobody should suspect a little wet carpet from time to time! I apologize for it being slightly "chilly" this morning!
  15. The other day. Outside is my favorite place to pee! I posted a few pictures peeing on an old stump and some scrap carpet. In fact I think I'm going to head outside soon and empty my bursting bladder!
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