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  1. Love all of this. Very sexy pictures! Keep up the good work!
  2. Back after a long hiatus. Super full and a little excited tonight. Took a 1:30 video of a strong toilet piss. Enjoy! 100x100https://t1.erome.com/645/0Jop5LK1/thumbs/MIDPRj54.jpg[/img]
  3. Who needs some fresh warm gold this morning?! Attempting to fill this old bottle!
  4. Just out here doing my part to help the community!
  5. I was doing some work in the Mid-West and came upon a lot of abandoned mobile homes. Who can resist with a full bladder! The hardest part was finding a good “spot” with carpet and furniture. I wish I could have stayed all day! What a place for a pee party!
  6. Just feeling the need to post. Nothing special but Happy New Year!
  7. Apparently I drank way too much coffee this morning. I'm glad I have tinted windows because I was literally about to wet my pants before I found a bottle rolling around on the floor. Thankfully traffic stopped long enough to take the edge off. Unfortunately the angle of the bottle wouldn't let me fill it all the way so I had to pull over and piss out of the door later! Of course now I have another problem!
  8. Just got a random urge before hoping in the shower. Wandered naked into the back yard and took a nice long pee wherever I felt like! It was very freeing to be honest! Sorry for the terrible tan lines lol! Enjoy!
  9. Apparently my Erome account is messed up so I can't post a video. Have a screenshot or two instead!
  10. Just got the urge while bursting. It was a little...chilly in the restroom lol. I'll be back later with better shots!
  11. This thread might re-energize me to post some more videos. Always hard knowing what you women are looking for!
  12. Love this. Glad you're into some "naughty" peeing. My favorite!
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