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  1. Too bad we can't leave two reactions, because one is not sufficient for a monster of that size 😼
  2. Great stream, great body, great cock with some amazing foreskin... everything about this is just 😻 I especially like the first one, where you're peeing towards the camera
  3. Something to ease 'little pp' worries, but it's kinda messed up:
  4. I want to be able to actually see something, so if the bottom half is covered by clothing then I like anything super tight that pee can easily pass through, like swimwear, certain types of sports clothes or white underwear that turns transparent when wet.
  5. Good to see another guy who pees outside pretty much daily ❤️
  6. That unironically sounds like a hot sight in it's own way
  7. My pp is 20 cm (7.87 inches) when erect and 7 cm (2.76 inches) when flaccid. I have gotten a lot of comments about the flaccid size in locker rooms after school sport unfortunately 😿 Both my boyfriends have commented on my erect size multiple times (while my gf never mentioned it once), but it is not too important to me anyways. I don't plan on using it for penetration often, so while it is nice to fool around with, it doesn't matter in the end. While he never measured the exact size, my last boyfriend's cock was significantly smaller than mine, but I never made a big deal out o
  8. Idk how much I qualify as a man anymore, but here you go anyways (20cm btw, that probably counts as "big")
  9. - Back in school I had already stopped using the actual toilets when I had to go and just peed on the floor or walls in the bathroom - My first (and forever last) gf always peed pretty much everywhere, and we only did proper sexual stuff after quite a while, so the first few times I saw the someone else's genitals, it was pee-related. That 'relationship', despite being something exceptionally fucked in hindsight, might have opened me up to more stuff than just pee btw, since I occasionally tried on her underwear 😼 - On long drives with my family I was never allowed to pee outside, so
  10. I've always wanted to do that, too, but have been too scared so far. Any way I could hire you? 😂
  11. Not much to see here, just another little tinkle: https://www.redgifs.com/watch/worstothermongoose with the following result: i mean, i could have gone on the grass directly next to it... but if i cam leave a mark, i just have to 😼
  12. Quite possibly the healthiest drink that ever was in one of those cups.....
  13. You weren't the only one enjoying those jets, I had the pretty much the same experience
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