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  1. Ty for posting again, I really love guys exposing their dicks in public 💗
  2. Too bad youre straight, otherwise I'd ask to drink directly from the tap 😼
  3. Yeah, you definitely need to work on your aim... so that even less goes into the urinal next time 😼
  4. Im checking the gay peeing, gay voyeur, peeing and voyeur sections (cuz some ppl post their videos in the wrong sections) of thisvid every day and stumbled across this months ago https://thisvid.com/videos/helping-hand-piss3/
  5. I like every part of a guy Dick, balls, butthole... i wanna lick it all 💗
  6. That pic really shows off your balls well 😋
  7. Technically, おもらし / "Omorashi" refers mainly to wetting and is often used in the context of desperation. If youre looking for pee in general, おしっこ usually yields better results. Btw: Omorashi can also be written as お漏らし and the 漏 part means "leak" or "spillage" - hence the desperation context. Tho I dunno what the らし part is for, I've only ever seen it in a context where it could be translated as "appearing", so (just a guess tho) this might mean "appear to be leaking" - which could fit with the whole cross-legged pee-pee-dance that omorashi is sometimes used as a description for. ..
  8. messy pisses are some of the best 💗
  9. Tried it from time to time, but there are usually two main issues: I tend to get hard while peeing and my foreskin then no longer covers the tip If I'm even the slightest bit desperate, my pee comes out with so much force that I simply cannot hold my foreskin shut anymore But when it worked, it felt... good enough, I guess. When it comes to feeling pee around my dick, I still prefer either wetting myself or peeing in a shallow container tho.
  10. takes a sip of "temple of heaven" I mean, it's not the only thing that makes me happy, but some good tea definitely helps. Even more so if it has already passed through another guy's body once
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