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  1. A good example just got uploaded https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSig2q8I-20
  2. I called it such because of all the things I want men to do to an orifice that didn't exactly evolve for that. But yes, I do like it. I'm super sensitive, whenever i stick sth in my butt it burns for a second or so, but then I get this really nice tingly feeling, similar to what I get in my pp before cumming, just way stronger.
  3. Just fingering myself is not enough. I need a real man to properly abuse my hole or maybe two men at once, that always looks so hot in porn...
  4. I would say that it looks like the upper bound of realism, still mostly legit and any more would seem sus.... but just for the sake of getting sth nice to look at, I hereby claim that this is completely unrealistic and I need a better view with your pants pulled mostly down (and better lighting) to be able to believe you 😼
  5. The top text probably means "Sorry, father, for I am pissing" And the bottom (less sure about that one): "Let it rain, my child" ...... why tf do I suddenly understand french?
  6. I'm a fan of both sci-fi and fantasy, so I am mainly looking for games that have at least one, potentially both. The first game I really spent a lot of time on was Hawken, it wasn't anything too fancy, just basic mecha pvp, but had truly stunning visuals. Even now, ten years later, most comparable games look worse. It got shut down way too soon 😿. The next great thing I stumbled across was Warframe, which integrated fantasy elements into a sci-fi world with some Asian influences. The 'rigid' hero-based skill system was a bit of an issue, but everything else in terms of the actual gam
  7. Your xvideos account seems to have been deleted. Is there any other place where we can watch your content?
  8. (what I'm about to write will be slightly inaccurate because English just doesn't have the words to convey the 'proper' meanings) Daoism is all about the idea that there is an underlying 'path'/'course of action'/'flow' of everything in the world. Sinful people try to hold society's standards above that while those who have... lets call it 'achieved enlightenment' follow the flow all their actions are as 'the world wills it'. There are some disagreements about what exactly said 'way' is, but there is a general agreement on it being related to doing things in a natural manner. Now, th
  9. Thank you for showing off so much 💗 You even showed your butthole in the second vid 😻, which is sth not enough men do
  10. While I wouldn't ever say no to any guy's dick, I much prefer uncut ones. Not only can foreskin cause messier pee streams, but you can also do some fun thing with it (try to get your tongue under there without pulling it back, sharing it when docking, etc). Also, the whole 'health' thing seems rather nonsensical to me. My second (online) boyfriend never even thought about pulling his one back once in his life because it was super tight and his only previous attempt had been somewhat painful. Well, I always had somewhat of a dommy side, so I asked him to do it anyways (and document it
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