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  1. I was wondering if girls aim when peeing at all Have you ever had to aim for any reason? what do you do to aim as accurate as possible? How god is your aim?
  2. Not me but this guy actually did Also, HitEmAll definitely can as probed in one of his oldest videos
  3. Do you have a clean stream or spray around? How fast can you fill this cup?
  4. Have you tried to pee standing up? Can you aim your stream?
  5. Im sorry, what i meant is that there were no decent restrooms. My sister could pee standing on the same trees and stuff we did. She was actually second place in distance, we would measure puddle marks on the ground to determine the winner.
  6. Yes, i have seen streams like this, is entirely possible Dont you know annie?
  7. I have never liked a yellow stream, i prefer the healthy and hydrated white stream or light yellow, a yellow stream indicates dehydration, also, a smaller evacuation due to the lack of liquids in the body. Just drink some water before filming is not that hard.
  8. Yes i would actually pee with my sister outside when we went camping or our grandparents ranch, we were still in elementary but im older than my sister, i remember mom asked me to take my sister to the ranch toilet which is a simple hole in a room made of wood walls, it was not that far, i agreed and we walked there, i fel like peeing and decided to relieve myself before getting there, so i peed in a tree near us and continued as usual, a while later i was asked to take my sister again, so we set off and midway she said she had to go now and proceeded to pull her shorts down and pee standing i
  9. I believe that Digitaldreams is the king in this category, he used to have so many good videos in xtube here is one of the few remain in erome https://www.erome.com/a/PqP9mrL2
  10. I really like this angle where you can se the stream completely, really good stream thanks for sharing
  11. I remember a lot of camping trips with my parents my aunt my sister and my cousin, convince stores were at least 2 hours away, my sister was one of us lol
  12. Like how far in front of do you pee when squatting? Have you tried to aim further or higher your stream?
  13. Would you pee upwards if your desperate enough and spread your lips apart and aim up?
  14. Your pee stream is so cool, i like it when it goes from normal stream to super stream!
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