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  1. I can only imagine how big the splash zone was! and how much pee you were holding... i was amazed how much you peed and then managed to release that huge stream at the end, you could mark a whole house if you wanted to! lol have you measured how much you can hold?
  2. The way your stream shape changes is awesome!, how do you control that? can you make a double stream or a spraying one if you feel like it? have you ever peed as high as to hit the ceiling?
  3. Anything controlling your stream to reach far in distance, height, with a nice view of the whole stream trajectory would be awesome, extra points if is a long pee. Aftermath shots are also a nice detail. Anyways, thanks for sharing quality content!
  4. Great control of your stream, how many towels in front of you? Was the space enough?
  5. Pretty sure i have peed further than 10ft, i used to have pee competitions with my cousin, and i wasnt even close to how far he could pee, he aimed the stream upwards to reach further, he could easily pee over any fence so im pretty sure he could do 14ft+
  6. Hi! Can you pee standing up? If so.. How did you learned? Thanks for sharing your experiences
  7. You were really having fun! Did you aim for that shampoo bottle?
  8. Can you aim your stream? Like when standing in the shower and aim in front Of you?
  9. Can you control the flow rate? Peeing a thick stream even if your just a little desperate or release a thin stream with a full bladder?
  10. My sister used to hold her pee for hours when she was a kid, she got some medical exams and the doctor said she should not hold it or it could damage something or so, the thing is, when we were out and she had to pee, it was a real emergency, so she ended up peeing in parking lots, alleys and such quite often, leaving like really huge puddles, i remember always looking at them if i had the chance. Also my cousin was really open about his peeing skills, this one time we were drinking at a family party, we used to go to the near park and use pyrotechnics, smoke, drink.. after several beers
  11. i like to pee just besides trees so i can pee on the ground and see how far im peeing, also watering the tree and nearby plants in the process
  12. I enjoy peeing while hard and jerking of a lot Does anyone also jerks while peeing hard? https://www.erome.com/a/kfWt6R2G
  13. I always pull my foreskin, i used to not pull my foreskin as a kid because of the splashback
  14. That sounds really hot, how much did you pee on the floor? Do you think you can pee in a urinal? that would be epic
  15. I enjoy peeing in the ground and see how far i can reach, this and peeing the wall sideways so i dont get splash back and i see the record of my stream is the way to go for me, i want to make an outside peeing video but im afraid of getting caught.
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