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  1. I have already shared this story here as well but, i peeped on my sister in a parking lot, i crouched to look beneath the car and saw her peeing like a hose a couple feet in front of her, she peed for several seconds. That really made me feel so intrigued about this.
  2. Here some vids I recorded, second video must be one of my longest pee ive ever taken, sadly camera angle was off. I really like long and powerful pees, feel free to share your longest one here ☺️ https://www.erome.com/a/RQErZykf
  3. Thats a really good stream, would love seeing a more recent one.
  4. " I like seeing how far she can pee when she sits on the toilet in the bathroom" So, how far would you say she can? 😃
  5. I want to know your longest pee or if you have seen (maybe hear)some one take a long pee? For me, i peed for over two minutes once in a school bathroom floor, unfortunaley i was so desperate i forgot to record it :(
  6. Didn’t expect anything messed up, i asked you cause I remember having pee games with my sister and cousins like who could pee farthest or just pee all together in the same plant, that was fun
  7. I would like to know experiences and stories like this, not necessarily during sex or with your partner. I have a few to share tbh.
  8. What kind of pee games? Sounds interesting
  9. How far you can pee if you try to go for distance? Just curious
  10. How much she could pee? Did she ever missed the pan?
  11. If i push hard enough, my three streams become one, walls and floor get sprayed sometimes but i just wipe it clean after im done.
  12. I would drink a lot and ask my drunk female friends to pee outside, have some contests with guys and learn to pee standing, walk around with a vibrator inside my pussy and leak all my juices at work or school. Pee in inappropriate places and masturbate in the bathroom listening other girls pee. 😇
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