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  1. Does a double stream makes a double chain shape?
  2. https://www.xvideos.com/video63360043/848896494496#show-related at the beginning of the video this girl says she will show us how her pee fly, cause she noticed that her stream would always come frontwards and fly out in front of her, even when standing in the shower, she asked her friends too find out if she was the only one, but none of them had a “flying stream”, so she thinks of this as her special ability. (Sorry if there are mistakes, nor English or Japanese are my first language) i think is pretty rare, but there are girls with frontward streams, i personality think this
  3. Have you ever had trouble aiming when hard in the morning or messy double stream?
  4. How do you switch from single stream to double stream? Looks fun
  5. Not really into wetting but the fact that you managed to drench your jeans and still had enough to pee for about 30 seconds out of them is impressive
  6. Thats a lot of pee, do you have a time record? i think it would be fun to pee outdoors with you, have you had experiences peeing outdoors?
  7. I happen to have a better stream when peeing hard, anyone else?
  8. What are the results? How high you think you got? also, do you have aftermaths pictures? Guess you also got quite the distance as far as I can see
  9. Yes i definitely have many good memories of camping, we used to go camping when i was younger we would use any near bush or tree, my sister would hang with me and our cousin.
  10. Looking forward to see some evidence, i can always appreciate a strong stream
  11. On a car trip my neighbor had to pee but my dad wouldn’t stop, so i was told to hand my big empty mcdonals cup to her. she went to the last seat and all i heard was a 10 seconds gush, then abruptly stopped. She put the lid back in the cup, even the straw and placed it on the cup holder in the van, the cup was clearly full, and when we arrived at a stop her dad emptied it on the ground. What amazed me was how fast she filled that cup, and i know she wasn’t done peeing, i can just imagine how much she can pee.
  12. My sister and i would pee on the shower wall and clean it with sponges and soap afterwards
  13. I was wondering if girls aim when peeing at all Have you ever had to aim for any reason? what do you do to aim as accurate as possible? How god is your aim?
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