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  1. I've peed in the cat's litter box and the potted plants in the friends room several times. I prefer pee in their garden though haha
  2. Thanks for your reply😄 But I'm afraid that I wouldn't pee on the plants or flowers if I know my pee is harmful for them. If I take a revenge on someone, I might pee on them haha Conversely if I know my pee is great fertilizer, I would pee on literary every plants I see. I would pee in the flowerbeds more openly and even the farmers would be willing to make me pee in their farm lol I prefer the latter fantasy than the former. That would be great if everyone admire my pee 😂
  3. When I see the lines for bathroom, I usually go somewhere else. I don't say "the other bathroom" though...lol
  4. The reasons why I pee on the plants are 1, 2 and 4. And why I believe peeing on them is a good thing is I never kill them with my pee. I've never seen the plants withered even though I've peed on the plants outdoor and indoor many times . I'm not sure my pee is good for the plants but at least I can say my pee is harmless to them.
  5. That happens to me many times when I go party. One or two toilet is not enough for drunk girls anyway. Under such circumstances I have to pee somewhere else like sink, cats litter box, potted plants, garden and so on. Sometimes I even say like "Is there a potted plant or something?" when I have to pee lol Now I'm notorious for giving someone's plants extra watering haha
  6. I love to pee on sand or soil because I can dig a hole with my stream 😁
  7. I would rather pee in pubic because it's much more fun for me. If no bathroom is available something must be surved as my toilet anyway.
  8. Fortunately my plants are alright. They never mind a bit of extra watering lol
  9. Sitting is the most comfortable for me. Standing is more fun to try though haha.
  10. Sometimes I pee in the sink especially the toilet is occupied. I just sit on the sink and let it go...not a big deal for me.
  11. And now I wonder if all women can pee standing up they can pee anywhere like men...
  12. I tend to pee in the bushes or planted area. Recycling beer and watering the plants at the same time😂
  13. I pee in my backyard all the time and sometimes I pee in my friends backyard too lol
  14. I usually pee in my backyard in the morning.
  15. I love to pee on plants or flowers so I would say "I'm just watering the plant." haha
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