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  1. When I was a little child my mom would take me to the park every Sunday. One day I had an urge to pee while hunting bugs mom said "Those toilets are disgusting so let's water the bush!" and peed in the bush. Of course I did it too and it became our habit. Once a boy around my age caught us so mom said "We're just watering the plants" lol So now I can pee outdoor without hesitation and all the park or planted area around my house can be my secret toilets lol
  2. I usually pee on the root of the trees directly like when I water the plants.
  3. I have some potted plants/planters and sometimes uses them as my secret toilet too lol Fortunately they seems to love my extra watering and grow better😊
  4. I usually pee in the flowerbeds or bush. I just water the abandoned plants and flowers lol
  5. I prefer to hover when I use public toilet but I usually sit on toilet.
  6. 1. dressed 2. beach 3. parking lot 4. bottle 5. maybe lol 6. the thrill when I pee where I shouldn't
  7. The park near my house has no proper toilet so I use the park itself as my secret toilet.
  8. Actually I've peed in the flowerbed near my house many times haha Sometimes I pee with my friends and they even call the flowerbed "Rosie's toilet" lol
  9. What is the naughty place you have ever peed?

  10. I usually squat over the plants when I find an abandoned potted plant or planter. But sometimes I stand just in front of the flowerbeds and pee all over the plants and flowers there. I love the fact people enjoy the beauty of flowers that planted in my secret toilet lol
  11. I love peeing on plants or flowers especially they look thirsty lol
  12. I'd say behind the tree from others. I don't care what others think when I'm heavily drunk though haha

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