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  1. Literally anywhere lol Like planted area in the park, into the river, on the beach...
  2. When I was younger, my mom sometimes have a house party like my cousin's birthday party or something. She often peed in the backyard because the toilet was occupied.
  3. I've peed with my brothers when we were younger but they pee in public much less than I do.
  4. When I was younger, I would pee with my brothers many times. I was proud of peeing further than them haha
  5. I love peeing in the park near my house. There are no bathroom so I have to pee in the flowerbed haha
  6. The park near my house has no proper bathroom so I can use elsewhere as my secret toilet then there is a flowerbed in the corner haha... Conveniently it looked abandoned so the plants needed watering and I needed peeing anyway lol People doesn't seem to know there is my secret toilet in the park.
  7. Just like sudden thunder rain in the rain forests...Don't forget we sometimes make fart sounds too lol
  8. But we never kill the plants or flowers with our pee. They seem to love our extra watering lol
  9. I love wearing jeans so I have to expose my butt completely but I don't care about it so much. When I wear lowrise jeans I often expose my buttcrack anyway lol
  10. We don't flow the flowers but we can dig a hole on the ground with our pee haha
  11. It depends but usually there are three to seven of us. Seven girls desperate for pee stop by the park with no bathroom but there is a abandoned flowerbed in the corner...Do you know whatever happens next, don't you?
  12. I love peeing in backyard while gardening. Plants and flowers there need special watering sometimes...
  13. I don't pee in there in the daytime or when the people around. After we go for a drink, the park can be our secret toilet lol
  14. Exactly! Actually I've peed in the flowerbed in the park so many times that my friends call the flowerbed "Rosie's toilet" haha
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