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  1. I would love to have the privilege of peeing anywhere I like...
  2. Maybe you should have a potted plant or cats litter box in your room haha
  3. I often pee in my backyard especially while gardening. When we have a garden party, I pee with my friends there and I sometimes pee in their backyard too lol
  4. I peed in the flowerbed right next to our classroom with my friends in high school days.
  5. I often go the park near my house but there is no proper toilet. So when I have to pee I just go into the bushes or water the plants in flowerbed. If the park has no bathroom, I can use the park itself as my secret toilet lol Where would you pee if you're in the park like that?
  6. My mother would make me pee in the bushes or planted areas when I was little.
  7. It's not a big deal for me at all. My friends know I often fart when I pee and they think it's funny.
  8. Just stand in the middle of the pond and pee into the water like Manneken Pis. Whenever I go the large park with pond, I feel like trying to it in front of everyone haha.
  9. If there is a line for the toilet, I don't to go to the toilet and pee somewhere else. Luckily I have a lot of personal toilets on the way home lol
  10. I've peed with my female friends many times. When we're drunk and can't find the bathroom, we just pee in the alley, parking lots or flowerbeds together. Sometimes I even fart just in front of their faces lol
  11. Indoor potted plants and cat litter box for me.
  12. Yeah they seem to love my pee lol If I'd ever killed my plants with my pee, I wouldn't pee on the plants and flowers outdoor haha
  13. I have many potted plants and planters in my house and actually I use all of them as my secret toilet...lol
  14. My mom encouraged me to pee on garden or park. She even peed with me several times.
  15. Other than toilet or shower, I would say my backyard. Off course there are many plants and flowers love to be watered with my pee haha
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