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    I like pissing since I was a child. I enjoy doing it and watching others, especially women, because their pissing is more varied and it's tied to childhood experiences, but I like pissing men too.

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    Peeping and eavesdropping on people peeing.
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    One time, I pissed next to my friend in the woods, grabbing some of her pee in my hand and drinking it (it was very tasteless).

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  1. This is a short story from yesterday. I was at the beach by the lake when I wanted to pee. I know there are no contraindications for peeing in the water, but I go to the toilet to listen to other people's pissing. While I was in the cabin, someone entered the adjoining cabin. I didn't know if it was a woman or a man because the toilet was unisex. After a while I heard someone peeing very hard. You could hear the stream hitting the water and it took quite a long time. When I heard that the door in the neighboring cabin opened, I also stepped out of mine to see this person. It turned out to be a
  2. Keri

    Hi! I'm Keri

    Thank you. You are very nice. I also read your entries and look at your photos. I am impressed with your standing pissing skills. I can't do that.
  3. Nobody encouraged me to pee outside, nor forbade me to do so. If I'm at home or at work and the toilet is free, I pee in the toilet. For example, if I'm on a field trip where there are no toilets, I pee behind a bush. That's what all my friends do. Of course, when I pee outside, I try to do it so that others cannot see me (unless someone close to me).
  4. What is beautiful about this forum is that we come from all walks of life and we can exchange our thoughts on pissing habits. In my environment, women are more ashamed of pissing in public, but they talk about pissing, also in front of men. I remember when on school trips the coach stopped in the woods and the boys were going to pee on one side of the road, and the girls on the other. We all pissed outdoors. No one in our place teaches anyone that you only pee in the toilet. Sometimes with a vagina it's easier to find a place to pee because you can hide behind a bush or behind a car. Plus, if
  5. I see that there are more people here whose interest in pissing started in childhood, I think that's when we experience everything more strongly and that is why it leaves a mark on us. At first, other people's pissing was bad for me, and it reminded me of an unpleasant first-class incident. When someone hurt me, I imagined that I was a giantess, I pissed at him in a large stream from above and masturbated. As I started puberty (around age 11), the pissing started to turn me on. I liked to listen and watch someone pee hard. They were usually women, because men didn't piss in front of me. When I
  6. I have had many such situations and they were nicer than the one I described. I will try to share them.
  7. Keri

    Hi! I'm Keri

    It's not bad so far. I was surprised by my popularity.
  8. Maybe she already had such a fetish then, but mine didn't show up until a few years later. It was a dramatic experience for me at that time. There was no point in challenging me then. She was twice my size and my bladder was probably twice as big. Back then, her pissing felt very strong to me, but that's because I was very little. Today, maybe I would consider she peeing like the average adult woman. Now this situation is exciting for me and I would love to pee along with her.
  9. Thank you. You are very nice. I also like my toes, I like to peek at other people's feet.
  10. Rather, she could not demonstrate the full bladder capacity because she could not prepare herself. She certainly didn't have a full bladder, because she wouldn't be looking in the mirror, she just walked into the cabin.
  11. Let me start with the story that started my fetish. Even though it was a long time ago, I remembered it well because it made a great impression on me. It was still at the beginning of primary school (7 years old). In my school, younger children entered through a different entrance than the older ones and had separate toilets, but it was possible to walk from one part to the other inside the building. One day I wanted to pee a lot, and there was a line to the women's toilet (in my childhood I couldn't hold back peeing for a long time), and I wouldn't have entered the men's room. So I ran quickl
  12. Keri

    Hi! I'm Keri

    Thank you for your kind welcome. I have read a lot of the posts in this forum and haven't really seen anyone laughing at the spelling. In fact, I am more concerned about being misunderstood. My English is only as good as the translator I use 😉
  13. I wanted to say hi to everyone. I am new here, although I have been reading various threads from this forum for a long time, but due to my shyness, I did not create an account. I am happy to share my experiences. Don't laugh when I make linguistic mistakes. I don't know English well - I use an interpreter.
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