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  1. Don't care who's around or where I'm at. If a girls gotta pee you gotta pee.
  2. In a new car at a Dealership, slid to edge of seat and peed on the floor.
  3. Under there mattress, in the closet over shoes and carpet. In a trash bin, over clean towels and put them back up. Find a spot in livingroom and pee on carpet several times.
  4. ILove, I wish it was my wine glass you was going into next.
  5. That's why I wear dresses all the time. Just let it flow where you want. And I have done that.
  6. It's been a while but I have a great story for you. My girlfriend and I was planning to go eat dinner. We decided to go to the Texas Roahouse, the only thing was. We had to wear dresses and no panties. She came and picked me up and we headed out. I already had drank 2 glasses of tea before she got there. She was dressed so hot black mini skirt and top and open toed sandals. I had on a short sundress and sandals also. When we got there we had a 15 minute wait. I could feel the pressure building in my bladder already. Now Amy doesn't know of my pee fetish. We were sitting there waiting and
  7. You can also message me any time if you would like.
  8. I would so be into seeing you pee on cam!! As for the custom videos do you have any for purchase, and what is your pricing? Thanks doll.
  9. I was at the eyedoctor with my wife today. Had made up my mind to be bad. As we both were sitting in front of doctor at her desk. I pulled my shorts to the side while talking. My cock fell out and I slowly started to pee. It was hitting the floor under her desk. I moved my cock to the side and peed on the desk leg making a good puddle. Looked at my wife and said I needed to go to the bathroom. Got up and went in and sprayed the wall down into the trash can. Got back to my wife and she smiled and gave me a thumbs up. As we got up to leave the doctor shook our hands and said thanks for the pleas
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