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    I'm a cam model and pee kink fanatic πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅
    I'm looking for places to work online that allow my most favorite risky fetish.. peeing in naughty ways and places.
    I've very much enjoyed this site now that I've Stumbled across it. It has been my go to for masturbation material at as of late And I thank you all very much. I definitely plan to participate in many discussions in the future now that I am a member 😊
    My OF is free if youd like a look. I just got back to creating content after taking a much needed mental health break :)

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    Going In naughty places

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  1. Has anyone ever successfully met someone online that they were able to do irl pee fun with? There's so many like minded and seemingly laid back kinksters here, but not many have had exactly the experience they expect. I'm also a little worried I won't be able to find someone who wants something platonic and NOT a relationship bc im really busy on my healing myself journey. 😁 Is this mostly because pee isn't as openly embraced yet?? I know being in the midwest has dramatically made my sexual experiences more vanilla... I've had a few times I've asked but sometimes people think im joking?
  2. Another I didn't see in the forums I searched! Thank you I hear UK has all the fun 😭😭
  3. I'm so excited, this kind of content makes me insanely turned on. I cant imagine the rush of partaking in such naughty play and being able to show genuine emotion. I've signed up a couple places but now I gotta shut down the nerves and turn on the camera. 😬😬😬😬 I've don't regular porn....this just seems so... personal lul
  4. I've been checking out all the small print for that one and it looks fun. I've had such a fantasy of sharing a room.as a toilet with someone πŸ₯΅ ill get rugs with plastic bottoms and use them sometimes when I watch tv
  5. I will check her out, id love to hear The performers perspective. Terms and conditions haha the bane of my existence.. Sexually at leastπŸ˜…
  6. I dont have any of those. I started out on sites that didn't allow it so I didn't use my time making pee content. It's just what personally gets me going and I feel like I'd enjoy filming more if I'm super horny and not just acting 1😁😁😁
  7. I enjoy caming and live streams but very few allow peeing without having to call it squirting. I want to start making pee videos instead of just Enjoying it on my own but I'm only just now bold enough to do so. I could use some help on trying to figure out whether it would be more more beneficial and enjoyable to join a cam site and be able to do it live ive or to just make videos custom style. There is no doubt that I would absolutely love to indulge for possibly hours playing in that type of scenario as opposed to a made up up one that I'm not quite as into quite as into personally. I kno
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